Fantasy nudist camp 1

We own a property on a nudist camp in the Netherlands, where we spend much time. It has all the creature comforts, living room, dining room, a large kitchen, three bedrooms and both indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi’s. Over time we have got to know the camp staff, who like to visit not only for the food and the warmth or air con but also our internet which was set up to watch TV from any country.
Or course the dress code of the house is naked, which my partner Fiona and I both greatly enjoy. We are able to get a good close up view of their young naked bodies. Fiona has a lovely body but it is so nice to see other women’s young pert breasts, firm buttocks and varied pubic hair style and labia sizes. She obviously liked to look at the males attributes especially when their balls were tight and their cocks were getting hard or even better fully erect. She would look at them up and down making the poor guys blush. However looking just getting horny was all that happened.
That was until Janice and her step daughter Charlotte rented the houses next door. Having heard he neighbours were British within a couple of hours Janice called round to ‘borrow a cup of sugar’ she had shoulder length blond hair, nicely large natural breasts, curvy in a good way in the middle, great hips and I’m guessing what could only be a very freshly waxed vulva. Fiona then joined me at the door and gave her the same look down as me, they both also noticed my penis starting to rise.
I went to the kitchen and returned with a full cup of sugar and a full erection!
Fiona informed me that Janice and Charlotte would be joining us for dinner. I said that would be great I’m fairly sure they must have seen the couple of beads of clear pre cum I was producing. Well I’m sure that Fiona must have as after the good bye she sat me down and slowly pulled my foreskin back put my cock in her mouth and gave me one of her fantastic blow jobs. She knows exactly when to suck hard, and did her favourite oral trick kissing me with her mouth full of my semen, I don’t really mind swallowing half each, it is mine after all.
Dinner time soon came round and our four best friends from the camp came round shortly followed by Janice and Charlotte to my delight Charlotte was an eighteen year old absolute work of beauty. It was a great diner and all of the males managed not to ejaculate (just)
After a bit of small talk we decided to meet up at the camp bar later.
It was always a little bit noisy there, but I could see that Janice was chatting to lots of young guys and Charlotte was being quiet but polite at all the guys trying to chat her up.
It was a great evening, but we went home quite early, Fiona and I really need to have a good long fuck. Nothing special just missionary while she rubbed her clitoris until we could both orgasm together.
The next day I woke up with the usual morning glory which she usually looks after but she was up and out of bed and making breakfast. I started to have a slow wank but the smell of bacon, coffee and the shout of it’s ready made me get up with smile and a hard on. We took our breakfast out side to eat on the ‘picnic table’ Only to see Janice with two of the guys from the bar.
She had their cocks in each hand and was rubbing them up and down in time. Charlotte was to one side watching I didn’t have great view of her but I could see her naked bottom and left breast and her right hand rubbing between her legs. Fiona and Janice did have a great view of my rock hard penis though. Fiona started to masturbate me in time with the guys that Janice was wanking and shouted, any bets on who is going to spunk first?
Charlotte turned around a bit so she was now watching three hard cocks being wanked off and I was having three women looking at my hard penis and the others.
All in all there wasn’t much in it I think I shot my load second. It was great fun and lead to so much more. Starting with the double cum shot betting. There are lots of women who like to wank off two guys at the same time. I like having two fingers in two girls at the same time. I would like to do that while fucking a third I can only hope or dream about that one though.

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