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Working in a hospital as a duty nurse is one of the toughest jobs for a female. Doctors, ward boys, administrators, patients, fellow nurses, by standers, public, police and all of them think it is their job to harass the nurse. I am sambavi, 23 and my experience was worse. I did my graduation in nursing and specialisation in treating diabetic and cardialogical patients.

I could have gone to any of the foreign countries for a job and they would have welcomed me because I have all qualifications they ask for. But because of my domestic problems I cannot leave my home town. My meagre salary is the only source of income of my family and I have to educate two of my sisters. Though not made of film star material, I am beautiful with good features.

All my doctors and other colleagues are quite friendly with me. I would very much like some good well qualified, handsome doctor to fall in love with me and to get married to him. In most of the hospitals such young doctors do not last long. When they get a better job, they just go away. So it is always better to hook them at the earliest possible opportunity.

There will be keen competition among nurses to hook such doctors. Some do not mind to even get into physical relationship with the doctor so that he may be nicely trapped. But most of the doctors do not get involved emotionally with nurses. They may be friendly or more intimate or even physically. They will always keep a margin.

They would think with how many doctors this girl would have slept. Only in case of desparation one gets into physical intimacy. But nurses when they have to do night duty, they are highly vulnerable to doctors, patients, by standers, to own colleagues etc. Afterall sex is a natural urge like hunger, thirst etc.

Depending upon circumstances one may like to take advantage of provided no strings are attached. There was a young doctor, Dr.John, who did his MRCP and came to our hospital. Two or three of his cardiac patients were very sick and in the ICU and hence Dr.John stayed in night duty to attend to his patients in case of emergency. I happened to be in night duty in his ward.

I was asked to report to him every half hour about the condition of his patients. The rest room of the doctor was air conditioned with dim light. At 10 pm when I called on him he was watching TV. At 10.30 pm when I called on him he was in his night suit browsing his laptop. At 11.00 pm. I was shocked he was watching a porno site in his laptop.

Looking back when he saw me he closed the laptop and listened to me. At 11.30 he was watching the porno site, but did not close. while reporting to him I glanced at the scene he was looking at. It was a fucking scene. He asked me questions and made me to stay there and watch the monitor when he went through the file of the patient. OMG, I had never seen such a hot scene in my life.

I was leaking in my panty. He asked me to sit in a spare chair and went on scribbling something in the file. My breathing increased in speed and my heart beat also was fast, my mouth went dry. The girl in the monitor was riding the boy and fucking him gloriously, shouting all sorts of dirty words. Dr.John turned to me and noticed that I was watching the laptop.

He also turned his chair and started to watch the monitor of the laptop. Within three minutes the scene was over. He smiled and told me to attend to the patient first and come back. I went to the ICU to attend to the patient, but my panty was wet. Dr.John was a handsome young man, tall and well built. He was very reserved and kept a serious face. I saw him smiling for the first time.

There was a call through the intercom from Dr.John asking me to bring a file of another patient. I took and file and rushed to his room. He just took the file, smiled at me and asked me to close the door and bolt it from inside. I was wondering why he called me. He said the patient is sleeping sound and you dont have to bother and asked me whether I have any clothes to change.

I said no, since I am staying close by soon after my duty I go to my room. He asked me to undress and lie down in the bed. I looked at his smiling face. I got the message. I undressed and was shy to remove my bra and panty. He himself unhooked my bra and pulled down my panty. He saw the dampness and was smiling. He asked me to lie down in the bed and watch.

He put on another video in the laptop. It was a hot porn video and he also started to undress slowly. The a/c was on. His cock was semi erect and he pulled the chair near me and sat in the chair. I was watching the scenes in the monitor. Dr.John took my hand and put it on his cock. His cock was very large.

I touched his cock which was just getting hard and I got down and kneeling on the ground I took his cock in both of my hands and started to play with them. He asked to sit by the side so that I can watch the laptop when I play with his cock. He bent low and was squeezing my abundant boobs. The scene in the laptop was getting interesting.

The man and the girl were getting into a 69 posture so that both can suck. Just as I opened my mouth and put his cock in my mouth he asked me to rise and he sucked my nipples and licked them. He embraced me tight so that my boobs pressed and flattened against his chest. We both got into the bed and he started to kiss me, sucking my tongue and lips.

I was hot and responded to his actions. My hand went in search of his cock. Rina, he said, I just wanted you to be in this room with me on the first day I saw you. I liked you, your work, your efficiency, your knowledge etc. I sais I too liked you doctor, from the very first day, but I could get into your ward only today. Doctor said let me first lick your pussy and see you taste there.

I opened my legs wide and doctor got between my legs and he buried his face in my crotch. His nose was pressed against my clitoris and his tongue was deep inside my vagina. Then he came to the clitoris and was licking it from down to up movement. I was moaning, twisting my body with pleasure. He then sucked it vigorously. His lips gripped it tight and he was sucking it.

Then he got up and took his cock and put it at the entrance of the cunt. He pushed it in and it was difficult to go in. I wriggled my pelvis so that he could make the entry easy. By a sudden push he entered inside. It gave me a lot of pain. But for the sake of modesty I bit my lips and tolerated. Dr.John started to fuck me first with slow strokes and then slowly he increased his speed.

He stopped and asked me to get into a doggy posture. He fucked me from behind. I was enjoying his strokes immensely. Then he stopped and asked me to ride him. I got onto him and moved my pelvis up and down vigorously. We both were moaning and he caught my boobs and was pressing them. Just as I was fucking I was getting my first orgasm.

It just rained all over my body in huge rush. But I was moving without stopping. He asked me to stop and lie down so that he may fuck me from above. He said his orgasm is close and he wanted to fuck me from above so that he may enjoy his orgasm well. He asked me to bring my orgasm together. He rammed for about five minutes and lo we had our orgasm together.

He gripped him with my legs and hands so that I could get maximum out of the fucking. Dr.John said that was something. Thank you Rina for the wonderful sex. He kissed me on my lips. We both went to the bath room and cleaned ourselves up. Huge bulk of his semen was flowing out of my cunt. He had some nice chocolates which he shared with me. Time was 12.30 am.

The couple in the laptop monitor were also concluding their fuck. Dr.John asked why not have one more fuck, Rina, how do you feel. I said as you please doctor. The second fuck took lot of time. We fucked without any inhibition. Dr.John was free and frank. We fucked two more times before we went to sleep.

In the early morning, I got up and put on my uniform and freshened and went to the ward. The patients were in deep sleep and nobody imagined where I was throughout the night. Because I did night duty I had off during the day time. I slept in my room and got ready in the night for the night duty. I took additional underwear in my bag. Dr.John was there.

He smiled at me and asked me whether I took sufficient rest in the day time. I said yes, and asked how about you, doctor. He said yes, I too took rest and ready for todays functioning. The night duty was full of sex, wild sex. Dr.John licked me for a long time and said I taste wonderful. I aslo sucked him and his cock was huge and sucking it pained my mouth muscles.

Thus we fucked for all the seven nights. It became a talk of the nurses in the hospital. They all teased me for being lucky to have roped Dr.John. Finally Dr.John proposed to me and I accepted happily. Now we are married and living happily.

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