As long as I can remember I have always had a thing for a more mature woman. I think it stems from when I used have a crush on one of my mums friends. Anyway I have always taken the opportunity to be intimate with an older woman when ever I could and I have had some marvellous and exciting fun. One of which, sticks in my memory to this day, primarily because it was rather unique.

Several years ago when I was 30 and living in London I was lucky enough to have a relationship with a stunning American girl who was working in London for a year as part of a travelling adventure with her best friend. Her name was Caitlin and she was 24. She stood about 5ft 8, had really long jet black hair, big brown eyes, and a great body, which included, fantastic and very large 36E breasts. We had several months of fun and the relationship only finished because her and her friend went off to Europe for 6 months before returning to the U.S.

Both Caitlin and her friend Kerry told me if I ever came to the U.S I was more than welcome to visit and stay with them. Caitlin lived in a suburb of Boston and Kerry lived in Chicago, both cities I wanted to see. Now I had added incentive I started planning a tour around the eastern third of the U.S, which included those two destinations, for the following year when they would be back home. My first destination was New York and after 5 days there it was off to Boston to hook up with Caitlin.

She picked me up from the Amtrak station and took me home, she was living with her parents, which was a nice grand house. Caitlin told me she was really glad I had still decided to visit her even after she had told me she had rekindled her relationship with her boyfriend she had before coming to the UK. I told her I was fine about it and had no hidden agenda or expectations I was just looking forward to catching up and seeing Boston. I met her Mum and Dad that evening, Bill and Janice. They were really welcoming and wonderful to chat to, Janice was originally from Chicago so, knowing I planned to visit, she had lots of useful information on the city for me, even saying she would ask her sister if I could stay with her if I liked.

Janice was in her early fifties, and still stunning. I could see where Caitlin got her looks from, which incidentally included the marvellous breasts. I had started out calling her Mrs Gaffney but she soon told me I must call her Janice. Caitlin had taken some time off work as a private nurse, however one of the days I was there was her day to see a very ill patient and she knew he didn’t have long left so when she told me she really wanted to work that day I totally understood telling her I would be quite happy doing something by myself.

When Janice found out she told me she could work from home that day so if I needed dropping off anywhere or there was a particular sight I’d like to see she would take me. I thanked her for the offer and told her that I would be happy chilling on the deck in the sun and perhaps doing some planning for Chicago which was only a couple of days away.

Just before midday, I was sitting on the deck when Janice came out and asked me if I would like some ice tea or lemonade and a snack for lunch. I accepted, she commented on how nice it was in the sun before going inside telling me to relax, she would bring it out. She reappeared about 10 minutes later and all I can say is it was a good job she was carrying the tray. I would have dropped it along with my jaw. She was wearing a pair of shorts, which showed off her really nice legs, I had only seen her in long trousers, and a bikini top which pretty much showed off the rest of her. She set the tray down and asked if I minded her joining me.

We ate and drank and then she told me she had some books and maps of things to do in Chicago. She sat next to me and set them out on the table. Every time she pointed something out she leant forward and her huge breasts hung down, straining the fabric of her bikini top. I couldn’t help keep staring at them and I was sure she noticed. After maybe an hour of being outside Janice told me she needed to go in and asked me if I could help her by putting some after sun lotion on her shoulders and upper back.

Of course I told her that would be fine and I followed her inside to her bedroom. She picked a bottle of lotion off her dressing table and handed it to me. As I applied some lotionI could see our reflection in a full length mirror on the wall and her breasts swayed as I rubbed her shoulders. I deliberately rubbed more firmly to make them sway even more and suddenly I was aware that she was staring at our reflection almost as if she was staring into my eyes.

I saw her close her eyes and bite the corner of her bottom lip. She took a deep breath and pulled at the tie string of her bikini top. As the bow came undone her breasts spilled out of the cups and she said “there is that better, you have been looking at them for ages?”

I continued to look at Janice in the mirror while I cupped her huge breasts in my hands from behind her. She leant her head back on my shoulder and sighed then groaned as I gently squeezed her hard nipples. She rubbed at my groin and my cock was already hard. We turned to face each other and we kissed as we undid each others shorts, letting them fall to the ground before stepping out of them.

I steered her to the bed and she sat on the edge, she pulled down my underpants and took my cock into her mouth. I squeezed her breasts as she sucked me then after a minute or two I gently pushed her down onto the bed and pulled of her knickers then knelt with my head between her legs and began to gently lick her pussy.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was and when my tongue flicked her clitoris she nearly jumped off the bed as she gasped, it was so sensitive. I wrapped my lips over it and licked her hard whilst my hands squeezed her breasts, she gave out several loud gasps then a loud shriek as she came. As she jerked I felt her cum juice flow into my mouth and all down my chin.

After she stopped jerking I stood and eased her up the bed so I could kneel between her legs. I began to rub my cock between her pussy lips. After a few seconds she grabbed my cock and began to rub my bell end against her clitoris. I leant forward on my elbows and kisses her, she groaned and licked her juice from my chin. She asked if I could be gentle with her as she hadn’t had sex for about 5 years. I said “Don’t worry Janice I will be as gentle as you like”

She said “Could you do one more thing for me before you enter me?”

“What is it?”I asked..

She said “Call me Mrs Gaffney” and smiled.

I said “Oh Mrs Gaffney! You are so hot and wicked” then slowly slid my cock into her as she let out a long groan.

I paused for a moment and said “Is that ok Mrs Gaffney?”

She sighed and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I began to gently rock my pelvis so my cock was going in and out of her gently while my pubic bone was pressing against her clitoris. Her body felt so nice under me, her breasts trapped beneath my chest and her nipples pressing into me. I thrust just a little harder and quicker and she began to gasp. Then her pussy tightened around my cock and her nails dug into my back and as she came my cum flowed into her.

When our breathing had settled and my cock had slipped from her I rolled off and lay beside her. She got up and disappeared off into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out and looked magnificent as she walked towards the bed. I asked her if she was ok, she nodded and told me she just needed a little clean up but all was well. “So, what now Mrs Gaffney?” I said.

She smiled, knelt on the bed between my legs and began to stroke my thighs. She began to lean forward and her breasts hung down and rested on my legs as she wrapped her soft warm lips around my cock and began to gently suck me and massage my balls. I could feel my cock stiffening as she did, her technique was amazing and within about 5 minutes I was fully hard.

She knelt up and straddled me and guided my cock into her pussy before sinking down on it until her buttocks rested on my hips. She looked down at me and said “ This is what now!” and began to rise and fall on my cock. She began to groan and gasp as she started to ride me quicker and her breasts began to bounce against her chest. I reached up and squeezed them and pinched her big nipples making her wince in a joyful way.

She stopped riding me up and down and planted her hands on my chest, leant forward and began to grind back and forth rubbing her clitoris against me really hard. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her against me harder. She ground faster and her breasts bounced in my face, She gasped and her face went bright red and she shrieked as her orgasm surged through her. Her pussy tightened and she jerked and I thrust my hips upwards and felt my cum squirting deep into her.

Janice flopped forwards onto me once she had stopped jerking, her breathing still deep. “Oh my
god” she gasped as she laid her head on my shoulder. When we had both settled out breathing down she rolled off me and we lay on our sides facing each other.

“Well, thank you Mrs Gaffney” I said. We both laughed and shared a gentle embrace.

Two days later I came into the kitchen, all packed ready for Caitlin to take me to the Amtrak station. She told me her parents had gone to work but left a note for me.

The one from Janice read “So long Ted. It was a joy to have had you” xx I smiled. 

“Shall we go?” I asked. “Chicago here we come.”

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