just for some fun for all you who wanted another orc story.

Tiffany didn’t believe in wizards, castles, or orcs. She did believed in yoga pants, half calf vanilla lattes, and videos of kittens on the internet. Which is why, even after three days of being held captive by a wizard in a castle surrounded by orcs, Tiffany was having a hard time coping. “But I’m from California, I don’t even belong here,” she pleaded with the man in the flowing dark robes. Tiffany may not have believed in wizards, but if they did exist this guy surely looked the part. The wizard made a gesture with his hands towards Tiffany, and she again found herself unable to speak. She sighed heavily.
Prior experience over the last three days taught her the silencing spell would wear offin about an hour. She sat down on the floor of her iron cage and glared. The thick wooden doors to the wizard’s chamber opened and in walked the Duke. He also looked the part. Tall, handsome, and impeccably dressed. The only down side was his complete indifference to Tiffany’s plight. In fact, k**napping her had apparently been his idea in the first place. “Is the sacrifice ready?” the Duke asked the wizard. “Yes, m’lord. Does this mean the orcs have agreed to the terms?” the wizard asked.
“Indeed. We give them the princess to take as their bride and they leave our countryside,” said the Duke. He looked over at Tiffany in her cage. “It’s a good thing they have no idea what our princess really looks like, this one will be a suitable substitute. Where did you summon her from?” “Some faraway land called California, apparently. Truth be told, m’lord, the spell is unpredictable.” “As long as it worked,” the Duke said before turning his back on the wizard and striding out of the room. His soldiers closed the doors behind him as they escorted the Duke away. Tiffany wasn’t going to panic. She’d seen these two have similar conversations before in the last few days, always ignoring her presence. They spoke about a lot of things regarding the war. She didn’t believe they were really going to sacrifice her to orcs.
Orcs didn’t even exist.
Tiffany panicked. Orcs existed. There wasn’t a single cosmopolitan in sight to help her cope. At least the language spell the wizard had cast on her worked with the humans and the orcs both. A rough hand tugged the hood from her face. Tiffany’s eyes struggled to adjust to the lighting as hands untied the gag in her mouth. A large, green-skinned monster came into focus. Tiffany stared at the figure.
“I am Warlord Garick,” the orc in front of her said. Tiffany continued to stare. She guess he was easily six or maybe seven feet tall. He wore crude a****l skins, and had a variety of swords and knives either stuck in his belt or hanging from his side. His heavily muscled arms crossed over a broad chest. The orc looked every inch a warrior, standing on thick, powerful looking legs. Long black hair trailed down his chest. He appraised her with yellow eyes. Tiffany’s mind concluded, if it hadn’t been for his green skin and yellow eyes, he might actually be a hottie. Well, the blunt forehead and slightly pointed ears didn’t help much either. He really needed a shower, his stench would kill the flowers back in her condo.
Many of his crooked teeth were broken as well. Okay, so maybe his ripped physique wasn’t nearly enough to make him a hottie at all. Tiffany desperately wanted to go home. She didn’t know if anyone was feeding her cat. The orc snapped his finger’s, drawing Tiffany’s attention back to her present circumstances. “Princess, you are here to be the orc bride,” Garick said. “I’m not the princess,” she replied. “Don’t lie. The humans said you’d try to lie. In a way you are right, though. You are no longer a princess. You are to be an orc bride.” His voice brooked no argument. Tiffany realized it didn’t really matter anyways. She had been transferred into the custody of this orc warlord. She’d gone from a cage to a cave. Tiffany inexplicably started to miss the traffic in downtown Los Angeles. At least then she’d be in her Miata.
“It is time for you to make your choice,” he said. “My choice? What do you mean? Is it a good choice or a bad choice?” “You are an orc bride. Our customs are different from the pink-skins.” The orc snorted derisively. “You’ve been given to my tribe and now you must choose what kind of bride you will be. This is your choice. Either you will be my bride, and come only to my bed every night for the rest of your life. Or you will be the bride of the entire orc tribe, but only come to their beds for this single night. Then you would be granted freedom and be allowed to leave with your life.” A wicked grin slowly spread across his green lips. Tiffany wanted to smack the smile off his face, but wasn’t sure she could reach that high. Instead she considered her choice. The rest of her life submitting to this single orc every night, or one night of submitting to the entire orc tribe. She really regretted the hood that she’d been forced to wear while marching through the orc encampment.
“Choose,” Garick said. “I choose the orc tribe,” she whispered in a shaking voice.
Garick led her to the front of the cave. He grabbed her Tiffany’s arm and turned her to face him. He regarded her for a moment. “Brave,” he said simply. Then he drew a long, curved dagger from his belt. “Not really,” Tiffany replied as she stared at the wicked looking blade. “Be still,” he commanded her. Garick gathered up the white clothing the humans in the castle had dressed her in. With several efficient slashes, Garick had destroyed the flimsy material. It gathered uselessly in a pile on the floor of the cave. Tiffany stood nude before the orc chieftain. Her long, red hair trailed down her slender body. Her breasts, neither too bid nor too small, hung pertly on her lithe frame. Her sky blue eyes held a mixture of fear and determination. Her hips bore enough of a curve which the orc appeared to admire. Her pubic mound sported light, downy fuzz. “Are you sure you choose the tribe?” he asked. Tiffany wondered if he would honor her choice, or insist on keeping her as his own private bride forever. “I chose the tribe,” she replied as calmly as she could. “Afterwards, I would speak with you again before taking my freedom.”
“It shall be done,” he agreed. “Assuming you survive, of course.” Garick reached over to the a****l hide covering the cave entrance. He pulled it back and escorted Tiffany out of the cave. She found herself high up on a mountain, looking down on a valley filled with hundreds of orcs. Their voices rose in unison when they saw her on the ledge, chanting and bellowing their recognition of the orc bride. Tiffany’s face paled. “There’s hundreds of them,” she whispered. “Maybe thousands?” “Of course, we couldn’t siege a castle with just a dozen orcs, no matter how fierce we are!” He chuckled deeply as he rose his arms above his head. The crowd of orcs cheered their victorious warlord. Tiffany looked around the ledge. There was no where to run. The ledge had no path down, there must be other entrances to the system of caves. Here she saw a rough hewn narrow stone altar and a dozen fierce orc warriors. Each warrior looked meaner than the one before. They all bore several weapons and scars, testament to their prowess and victory in battles. Each came uglier than the last. Many bore necklaces of teeth and bones, bones too small to be orcish. Tiffany shivered when she realized they must be bones from humans.
“These are my war-chiefs. The horde below is a dozen individual tribes, and each of these orcs is a leader of his own tribe. They will take you as a bride on behalf of each of their own tribes,” Garick explained. “So it’s not really hundreds, but these twelve?” she asked. A grin spread across Garick’s inhuman face. “Yes, these twelve, with the thousands witnessing below.” He gestured to one of the war-chiefs. Tiffany noticed he wore an eye patch. She watched as One-eye grabbed a handful on thick a****l furs and spread them on the rough stone altar. “Wouldn’t want you to break,” he said unapologetically. Garick made another gesture and two more orcs came up to her. They took her by the arms and picked her up. They carried Tiffany to the sacrificial altar and laid her on top of the furs. While Tiffany appreciated the furs, the stone surface was still unforgiving. She was still trying to find some sense of comfortableness when a shadow blocked out
the overhead sun. She glanced up and saw Garick towering over her head. He raised his head and bellowed over the mass of orcs below, “It has begun!” Tiffany watched his green hand reach into her hair and pull her face forward. His other hand pulled his loincloth aside and revealed a massive, hard green cock pointing directly at her face. Garick pressed the tip of his cock firmly against Tiffany’s mouth. She parted her lips and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Tiffany heard the roar of a thousand orcs cheering below. She opened her mouth wide as Garick pushed his cock further into her mouth. His girth pressed Tiffany’s tongue against the bottom of her mouth as she tried to relax her throat. Instinctively Tiffany knew that this orc never did anything by half measures. As Garick sank the length of his cock into her mouth, Tiffany felt rough hands grabbing her ankles. She focused on Garick and his rigid shaft, trying to ignore the green skinned hands pulling her legs apart and exposing her sex for the benefit of the gang of
orcs. Garick is the one she had to please, the others could use her body however they saw fit. As long as they don’t break me, she thought. Tiffany slowly bobbed her head up and down Garick’s shaft. He seemed a little surprised that she took the initiative. She felt his rough grip in her hair relax slightly as she willingly moved her mouth along the length of his cock. Tiffany heard a deep rumble of approval from the orc chief leaning over her. A deep weight pressed her body down hard into the furs. She didn’t need to look away from Garick’s cock to know one of his chieftains had lain on top of her. Already she could feel the blunt head of a rigid cock probing her folds. She refocused her attention on moving her tongue over Garick’s cock as her pussy slowly relented to the force of a cock pushing up into her. She heard the orc above her laugh in triumph as he sank his weapon fully into her body. He pumped savagely against her inner walls.
Tiffany’s body shifted up and down on the furs, making it hard to control her mouth over Garick’s cock. She reached up and grabbed the base of his shaft and pumped her mouth over him in time to the fucking she was getting below. Garick moaned loudly as Tiffany’s mouth worked her own kind of magic on his manhood. She knew she was having her desired affect on the orc chief. The other brides they had captured had most likely never proven so willing, or skilled, before. She was determined to leave her mark on this gang of orc war-chiefs. She felt the orc on top of her stiffen. Tiffany raised her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper into her pussy. She clenched tightly around his cock, coaxing his seed from his body. The orc bellowed a shout as he came deeply inside of Tiffany’s body. She barely had time to revel in her success when a different orc pulled the one on top of her free from her body. Within moments the new orc thrust his cock up into her now slick folds. Tiffany darted a quick glance down and saw it was One-eye. He quickly built up his own rhythm and fucked her hard. Tiffany gripped the furs in an attempt to steady her body, as the other still held Garick’s cock in place for her mouth. She pumped her mouth savagely over Garick’s cock. Tiffany quickly realized these orcs could take a lot more punishment than any human male could withstand. Their cocks were iron hard and forged for rough fucking. She sc****d the edges of her teeth along his shaft with each downward push of her mouth. Deep laughter escaped Garick as he was obviously enjoying his wedding night.
With her attention so firmly on Garick, Tiffany was surprised to feel more hot semen shooting up into her aching pussy. One-eye continued thrusting as his cock pumped his seed up into Tiffany’s womb. The orc winked at her with his one good eye, and pulled his dripping cock from her body. He slid off the altar and Tiffany felt another orc taking his place. Yet another orc stepped up on the other side of the narrow altar. Tiffany felt his rough hands palm her breasts. He massage her soft flesh with his thick hands. Tiffany’s nipples grew firm from the stimulation. The orc pinched her erect little buds, driving a sensation of half pain, half pleasure into her body. Tiffany started noticing other sensations in her body. She had grown wet from the rough fucking her pussy was taking. And the primal sounds of approval from the orc with his cock in her mouth pushed certain buttons in her psyche. Tiffany felt the stirrings of an orgasm for herself begin to form deep below the surface. With renewed purpose, she sucked hard on Garick’s cock. She moved her mouth up and down with determination, lathing the head of his cock with her tongue as part of her oral magic. She was rewarded with the feeling of his cock throbbing against her cheeks. She squeezed his shaft hard as his throbbing increased. Tiffany opened her throat wide as the orc pushed his cock past her mouth on final time. Garick moaned loudly as he shot his load of come down the back of Tiffany’s throat. She hungrily swallowed the milky liquid, draining his cock of every last drop. She moaned a sense of loss when Garick finally pulled his cock free from her lips.
Tiffany was barely aware that yet another orc had emptied his cock deep in her pussy and was replaced by yet another war-chief. She managed to raise her head slightly to look at this new orc. He grinned at her with yellowing teeth, his beady yellow eyes filled with pleasure as he thrust his cock up into her abused walls. He pumped into her with no artistry, and yet his large cock filled her with an undeniable sense of pleasure. With orc hands squeezing her nipples and orc cock rubbing up against her clit, Tiffany’s orgasm was slowly building. She simply couldn’t take this much orc cock without it having a profound impact on her young body. She ached for release. The orc on top of her unloaded his come into her body and unceremoniously slid off her. Exhausted, yet still unfulfilled herself, she lifted her head and looked around. The entire warband of orcs appeared to have had their turns and were no longer hard for their bride.
Garick came into view at her feet. She raised her head weakly, summoning the strength to speak to him. Before she could form words, Garick pulled on her ankles until she was half off the altar. He rolled her over onto her stomach, her ass up in the air before the orc chief. Tiffany twisted her head and looked behind her. Garick was again gloriously hard. He kicked Tiffany’s legs a little further apart and stepped up between them. Tiffany leaned her stomach heavily into the furs and gripped the sides of the narrow altar, bracing herself.
Garick did not disappoint. With a single, savage thrust he mounted her from behind. Garick threw his cock into her repeatedly. The rough use of her pussy for his base pleasure triggered a response deep in Tiffany’s body. The orgasm that had been slowly building now exploded into fiery pleasure outwards from her core. Nerve-endings fired in unison as she writhed between the stone altar and his strong hips, pinning her in place. His rough hands grabbed her ass, holding her still, so he could continue fucking her through her orgasm. Tiffany lost all sense of thought as her body took over and shook with delight.
Her brain razor focused on the sensation inside her pussy. Garick’s cock throbbed mightily against her inner walls. The muscles on his thighs pounded up against the backs of her legs. He buried his shaft hilt deep into her time and time again. Tiffany nearly cried in relief as his hot semen finally flooded into her womb. Each thrust sprayed more of his seed into her channel. His come mixed with her own as he fucked her a final time. He raised his voice and bellowed triumph to the mass of orcs watching from below. They cheered the wedding night of the orc bride, as per the tradition of the green-skinned monsters.
Garick pulled himself free from Tiffany’s body. She felt his strong hands pull her back from the altar and lift her up into the air. The orcs below cheered louder as he displayed her well-used body to their envious eyes.
The sound receded as Garick carried her back into the cave and the chamber where he first removed her hood. The orc chief laid her in a huge piles of furs. Tiffany sank into the softness and allowed her body to simply go numb from the over stimulation. “Rest, now, bride. You have done well,” he said. “No, wait, Garick,” Tiffany forced herself to say around catching her breath. “I’m free now, yes?” “Yes,” he said simply. “When you can walk, we will take you where you wish.” “I want to go back to the castle,” she said. “Why go there? They sacrificed you to this experience to save their own cowardly lives.”
“It’s worse than that, they k**napped me from my own home. And the wizard who summoned me here is probably the only one who can send me back to California,” she said.
“And why do you think they’ll be of any help to you now? They probably won’t even let you in the castle,” Garick said. “The Duke and the wizard had a lot of conversations while I was stuck in a cage in the corner. They spoke about the siege quite a bit, even their escape tunnel if it came to that.”
“An escape tunnel?” the orc asked. “Yeah, and I know where the exit is. I want you and your orcs to come with me. No siege this time. I’ll lead the raid myself, under one condition. And then the rest of the castle is all yours for the plundering.” “What’s your condition?” “The wizard lives. At least until you convince him to send me home. After that,” Tiffany shrugged her soldiers. A smile spread across Garick’s green lips. “Agreed, I’ll assemble the warchiefs.
We leave at dawn.” “Ugh, maybe the day after,” Tiffany said rubbing her sore legs. Garick’s deep rumbling laughter filled the chamber. “The day after it is,” he agreed. He strode from the room as Tiffany fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

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