Now for Granny

I was exhausted after an exciting couple of days taming my mother, and decided to just kick back in the pub, on my own. But, as the first pint went down, I went over the events, and a question popped in to my head. My mother had knuckled down to my dominance quite quickly, but I was sure that my father (now long departed) had not treated her like that. So: where had the subservience come from?

This gave me pause; and after a few minutes I realised that the answer might lie with her mother – my mother-in-law – a woman well able to speak her mind and thus likely to spill the beans. No sooner thought than I was on my way – luckily Vi, my mother-in-law lived locally, and within half an hour I knocked on her door.

Now, let me describe Vi: she’s just into her fifties, a widow, about 5 foot 5 inches, with decent sized tits and bum. When she opened the door to me she had on a blouse of an amazing blue colour, and her standard skirt. She was surprised to see me, but pleasantly so. “Don, come in – what’s up?”

“Nothing’s up, Vi, just took a notion to pop round. Any coffee going?” Vi smiled and I followed her into the kitchen and sat at the table as she fussed with cups and things.

We chatted about family, my work, and I decided to take the bull by the horns. “Vi, did you know your daughter was a slut?” Vi’s mouth opened, closed, and then she said, somewhat tersely: “I don’t know what you mean, Don. That can’t be right!”

Inwardly I smiled – her denial was a little weak, considering I was slandering her daughter, my mother. “Oh come on, Vi, you know exactly what I mean. She goes along with anything you say, agrees just to please”.

Vi sat silently for a moment, her expression far away. “Hm, well maybe just a little. I mean, she was taught to please her man whenever possible. It’s….it’s how I was brought up.” She shifted in her chair, obviously uncomfortable with the thrust of this conversation. I pondered for a few seconds on her last statement, then put down my coffee mug and looked herv straight in the eye.

“Violet, stand up. Now!” I underlined the last word with a thump on the table. Vi hesitated, then slowly, far too slowly, stood up. “Too slow, Vi. Sit down again” I barked, and she subsided back into her chair. She was about to say something but I cut across with: “Stand up!” Vi scrambled to her feet and stood looking at the floor. “Hands on your head, woman!”

Again I was obeyed. Oh my! No wonder my mother hadn’t resisted for too long – it was bred into her.

“Come round here and stand next to me”. Violet came around the table and took up position at my right hand side, hands still on her head. To test the situation further I casually fondled her backside – no movement but a sharp intake of breath. I liked this. “Tell me, Vi, did your father or your late husband take charge of you like this?” I asked, really wanting to know the answer.

Vi, nodded, then murmured “Yes, daddy did. My mother and I were subject to strict discipline.”

Music to my ears.

“OK, Vi, take your blouse and skirt off, put them on the table, then put your hands back on your head.” She didn’t move for several seconds and I thought I’d moved too fast, but then, with a muted sigh, my mother-in-law began to undress. The blouse came off first, and I realised her tits were larger than her daughter’s.

I stopped her and told her: “Come here – kneel in front of me.”

I could see at once that she thought I wanted a blowjob, but in fact I wanted to fondle those titties, and as I grasped them, she looked surprised. The bra was large, concealing almost all the soft flesh, but this was only a taster for me; more would come later. After a couple of minutes I told her to stand up again and remove the skirt. Vi obeyed, and I got my next surprise – her panties were quite sheer and cut high on the leg so that her bum (plump like her daughter’s) was already quite exposed. I went straight for her pussy, the hair neatly trimmed but still pushing out around the side of her panties. As I ran my hand over the front of the panties – a delicate shade of grey – Vi suddenly said: ”Oh, Don, please, let me suck your cock. My husband loved that and it makes me so horny.” Then she looked amazed at her own words and stared at me. I was feeling my cock straining at my jeans, just like it had when her daughter was undressed.

“Bend over, Vi, show me how you had to pose for your husband.” Vi stepped away from me and hesitated.

“Daddy liked me dressed as a schoolgirl. He said it really really turned him on. Do you want me to do that for you?”

I thought quickly about this unexpected vision but decided I couldn’t wait. “Not now, Vi. I want to see your bum in those panties. I want to see your panties showing me how horny you are. When did you last have a man?”

Vi thought momentarily and smiled” “Three years ago. And it wasn’t good for me. He came too soon.”

Too much information!! I reached forward and unhooked her bra; her tits bounced out and jiggled as she stretched her hands down towards her toes. I admired the view; I loved the obedience. In my mind I already had a scenario working for both her and my mother to dress as schoolgirls and be sent to the headmaster for punishment, but for now I just needed to fuck her, to make sure that, like my mother, she was mine!

“Vi, take hold of the table and spread your legs.”

Almost eagerly Vi shifted her position, and when she spread her legs I could see, through the material of her panties that her cunt was wet. I grabbed a pair of scissors from the worktop, cut through the panties just above her cunt and let the material hang, displaying her cuntlips perfectly. With no further delay I took out my cock (with some difficulty) and entered her. Vi let out a gasp and gripped me hard with her cunt muscles. I nearly came straight away but just managed to control myself. Then I began thrusting, burying my cock deeply into her body and then easing it back until it was almost out. Vi squealed, Vi cried out unintelligibly and Vi came. Her orgasm was quite strong, and I saw her hands tighten on the table edge and watched her tits swing back and forth. I just kept going, pushing in until my balls slapped against her bum and pulling back till I only just stayed inside her. I had an orgasm, kept going and had another, Vi said nothing but panted to get her breath, and then I pushed again. As my sperm erupted for the third time she yelled out. I had achieved my goal – I’d fucked my grand-mother, I’d made her obey me and I’d bruised her cunt. It was because it hadn’t had a man for three years, but I had done it!

As I pulled out completely Vi fell to her knees.

“You bastard,” she managed to get out. “I haven’t been treated like that for many a long year. Is that what you did to your mother?”

My cock was wilting, and I tucked it away. “That’s for you to wonder, Vi. In the meantime I suggest you find your school uniform – next time I come over it’ll be time to visit the headmaster. Oh, and make sure you’re wearing knickers – proper schoolgirl knickers. I caned your daughter yesterday and it might just be your turn if you disobey me.”

Vi looked up at me and grimaced. “And to think I was past all that” she whispered.

I let myself out.

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