Part I – The Plan
My husband and I have been together almost 4 decades. We love each other very much and have always had a great sex life…. but, in all honesty, the past couple of years things have been a bit out of sync. It’s frustrating for both of us, but most especially for my husband. I’m shy when it comes to sex and struggle with self-esteem when it comes to my rounded body. Safe to say, he’s at the other end of the spectrum. Finding a middle ground has been our goal, but hard to achieve. With this in mind, and mad at myself for being so nervous with the need to be more adventurous, I decided to jump squarely out of my box and surprise my hubs with a date night right up his alley.

My plan all mapped out; I booked a room at a very nice hotel in downtown. One we’d been to before years before when he surprised me for a date night, and we had one Hell of a night. Leaving the house pretty early and giving him only vague responses as to what I had going on for the day, I slipped into my already packed car, excited to see where this might go. I kept myself busy with errands all day until time for check in. My bag was full of our toys and lube…. lots of lube. He had no idea what I was up to. Once I had it all set up, I started getting ready for the evening. Long shower (made use of the shower head and relaxed with a nice little orgasm), sexy “slutty” make up just for him, short skirt and no panties. Next up, liquid courage.

I made my way to the hotel bar downstairs. Not many people, but there were a few singles at the bar. Got some champagne and joined in the banter with the bar tender and bar mates. Next step snapped a pic of my drink with a very strategically placed napkin bearing the hotel’s name and texted it to him with very simple instructions. “Cum find me. We will not be going home tonight, so pack a bag. Cock ring optional.” Within seconds the return text hit my phone. I’m not quite sure he believed what was happening, but after a few short texts trying to figure out what I was up to (I gave no further comments), he replied, “On it!”

Hotel bars can be quite interesting. Mostly out of towners, usually at least one or two looking for a good time in a strange city. I didn’t recognize anyone and so felt safe getting cozy with my good-looking neighbor on the bar stool next to me. Tall and well-built black gentleman with a nice smile. My short skirt kept riding up to the top of my thighs, and me being me, I kept tugging it back down. He noticed immediately, and after the 10th tug, he grinned, “Don’t bother on my account. I’m a leg man and very much enjoy the view.” I laughed, “You might get more than you bargained for the way this damn thing creeps up!” He grinned even bigger, “Again… let it alone. I’m more than okay with that.” Surprised and a tiny bit nervous, I thought what the Hell, this is exactly what I’m here for.

I took an even bigger step and told him a bit about us and my idea for the evening. He never blinked and listened intently to my plan. Leaning much closer to me, he asked me, “So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re looking to surprise your man and spice things up a bit. Sounds like a lot of spice from what you normally do. Right”? “Right”, I replied, a bit ruefully. “I can help you out if you’re interested. I am seriously attracted to you and I’m pretty turned on by your story.”

I wasn’t sure what to think. He just sat there smiling at me while I tried to process this was happening. To drive home the point, he slowly put his hand on my leg, mid-thigh and started a lazy caress, back and forth. I twitched and immediately felt my pussy spasm, which also surprised me. I always thought I’d shy away from a stranger’s touch, but the goosebumps rising all over my body strongly disagreed. “Alright, if you’ll let me take it slow so I’m comfortable and then see how my husband reacts when he gets here, then let’s try it.” “I suspect he’ll take it just fine, based on what you told me, and if it makes you feel better then let’s have the ever-famous safe word.” “Okay, I feel good with that. What should we pick?” “Huge Cock”, was his immediate reply. I laughed and choked on a mouthful of champagne. “That’s more like a safe phrase, but agreed.”

We moved over to a table in the corner away from the bar bunch. He scooted his chair around so that we both faced the rest of the room, the tablecloth blocking everything from curious eyes. Nobody paid any attention to us, probably thinking we were on a date. His leg pressed right up against mine, his hand landing right back on my thigh but this time sliding up further, taking the short black skirt with it. My clit pulsed and began to ache as I could feel actual excitement start to flow through me. I wondered what my husband would think when he got there and how to even begin playing this out. Distracting me from my apparently obvious nerves, my new friend began chatting about his hometown and asking me about our city.

That did help, but his wondering hand never stopped. One pass brought his wandering fingers right against my bare pussy lips. He stopped mid-sentence and looked me right in the eyes as he pushed further, distracted by the no panties vibe I was rocking. He slowly leaned towards me and softly kissed my lips. It was so good, I closed my eyes and leaned into him, opening my mouth for his tongue. The man could kiss. His tongue explored my entire mouth, sucking and licking my tongue. I was out of breath when he leaned back, his fingers still softly sliding in and out, up and down my slippery pussy lips. I was trembling and felt electrified, no nerves in sight.

“So uh, what’s going on here?” Shocked into awareness, I looked up into my husband’s face. He wasn’t smiling, but he did have that look in his eyes. The one that says “I like what I see. Don’t stop.” I quickly introduced them, and he pulled a chair around to my other side, also pressing up against my now spread thighs. His hand went straight up and found other fingers already playing. He didn’t seem surprised, nor did he move his hand. He joined in, their fingers sliding around each other as together they rubbed my pussy, stroking and pinching my clit. I slid down in the chair, so fucking turned on I couldn’t join the strangely funny conversation the two were sharing. It was as if two business partners were simply chatting and laughing with no one the wiser that both their hands were all up my skirt and about to make me orgasm in front of the whole room. My husband knows me so well, he could tell I was seconds away. He leaned close and whispered, “Let’s knock this one out so you can relax and have fun the rest of the night.” Driving his tongue straight into my mouth, he pulled his hand away and let our table mate take over.

Strong fingers circled my clit fast and faster, stopping to pinch it firmly every few seconds and driving me wild. All I could think about was his tongue doing the same thing and that drove me closer to the edge. I was low enough in the chair that my ass was right at the edge of the seat, leaving me wide open. My legs were up and over each of theirs, the cool air making me shiver. His long black fingers slid down and straight into my soaked pussy. I gasped into my husband’s mouth. His fingers slid down and took up the clit play, while the other guy began pumping thick fingers in and out faster and faster. I could feel juices sliding out of me and onto their hands, pooling down on the carpet below us.

I was so caught up, I never even thought to see if anyone was watching. Sliding his mouth down to my neck, my husband began sucking and licking right being my ear, one of my most sensitive spots. His fingers moved so fast on my clit; I could feel an actual scream rising. I am not a quiet girl when I fuck. It was all I could do to lock my lips shut. Our friend stuck a third finger in my drenched pussy, fucking hard and fast. Turning his hand slightly, his fingers found my sweet spot. My jerking body told him he hit gold, so he stopped there and rubbed back and forth on the sensitive skin.

The two hands working me into a frenzy, I started to buck and shove against his hand. Orgasm hit me like a freight train, my legs stiffened and then trembled. It went on and on, my clit so swollen that it triggered a second orgasm before the first even slowed down. Coming down from high several seconds later, I realized I was completely leaning into my husband with my head on his shoulder. The two men were quietly chatting as if nothing had happened. I looked around and the few people in the bar were all loud and laughing, nobody looking our way. Well… except for one creepy old dude in the far corner. He tipped his glass to me as our eyes met.

They exchanged phone numbers as my husband told him that he was going to take me out to dinner for a few hours, but he’d like to text him later to join us after. He agreed and looked excited at the prospect. My husband asked him, “So, how experimental are you? Girls only, or does a full threesome sound good?” He replied, “I’m all in… literally. And I want to taste that pussy this time.”

A few hours later, after a decadent meal and several glasses of wine, we walked hand in hand back to the hotel. Still talking about what happened in the bar, we were both horny as Hell and excited at this new development. Especially the change in my comfort level. As we went up in the elevator, he pushed me against the wall and stuck his fingers up and straight into my still wet pussy. “I want to fuck you on the balcony, hard and fast. Then we are going to call our buddy to meet us at our favorite Jazz club. This time, I want to lick his cum right out of you, while he’s fucking me with that black cock”, and handed me the phone. “Only if we take turns”

Part II – The Jazz Club
So of course yes was my answer! Chase texted back immediately. So fast, we both laughed and decided he must have been just waiting to hear from us. I could already feel light spasms deep in my pussy at thoughts of taking this venture further down the road tonight.

We decided to meet up at a popular local jazz club located in the basement of a building downtown, right off the main square. Always a great time, but for tonight, the big attraction was the dark moody interior with tables hidden away in the music filled corners of the large room. Juices slid down my inner thigh at the thought of both Chad’s and my husbands fingers wandering up each leg to my hot center.

We arrived first and immediately zeroed in on a nice covered table back in a very dark corner to the left of the low stage. A jazz quartet was lazily setting up, ribald jokes flying back and forth much to the delight of the quickly fillings room. I was a bit nervous all over again so we got drinks on order real quick. I decided I could probably indulge in voyeurism…. as long as nobody could actually see ME. I realize that’s not necessarily how that works but hey, it as long as that’s what’s happening in my mind….. My husbands likes to push our boundaries just a wee bit, so this evening’s Round Two was likely to push my limits.

Chase arrived hot on the heels of the first round of drinks, sliding in on my left. A long opulent red velvet covered couch ran the length of the wall with small tables every few feet. We all three sat side by side along the couch for a great view of the band. Chase was very cool, not immediately latching onto me and making me nervous all over again. Which made me feel a bit silly, considering where his fingers had been just a few hours earlier. We had our first drink and easy, laughter filed conversation for several minutes.

The bar began to fill, the buzz of low conversations around the room and clink of glasses adding to the vibe in the low light. As people moved in to the right of us, we all three scooted closer together. My body covered with hard male bodies on both sides from shoulder to ankle. Almost simultaneously, each slid a hand onto my thighs. Nerves slowly melted, giving way to tingles of excitement. I slide both my hands into each lap, two hard cocks greeting my wandering fingers. My pussy clenched immediately in need. My husband’s hand slid up and through my juices, and then pulled out and up to his mouth. Giving me a sexy smile, he stuck a wet finger in his mouth and sucked it all up. Chase laughed and immediately followed suit. This turned me on beyond belief.

Thighs once again sliding open and my body further down on the couch, I squeezed both dicks, massaging up and down. Chase groaned low and turned into me to give me a long delicious kiss. Tongues tangling, I almost missed my husband sliding his fingers back up my thigh but the minute he touched my clit I was immediately on point and paying attention to detail! Chase’s tongue dipped in and around, licking and suckling my hungry tongue. I squirmed against that teasing hand, trying to push it up and inside.

Drum beat began to filled the air and for a second I truly thought it was the thudding of my heart. I had no idea what the people next to us were doing or whether or not they were even noticing what was going on in front of them. We didn’t even pretend to listen to the band. Already horny as Hell from our happy hour, it wasn’t taking much to put us right where we left off.

Turning my head back to my husband, his mouth immediately sought mine. Chase’s hand slid under my top and straight to my bare nipple. Rubbing lightly for a moment than a sharp pinch before soothing the sting with his fingers. Spasms were beginning to lightly flit up and down inside. Hands fumbled to unbutton, unbuckle and free both straining cocks. All I could think was to get at least one inside of me. The now loud music covering any noise we made in our hot little corner. Chase hooked my thigh over his and somehow scooted over under me, leaving me suddenly sitting in his lap, facing the crowded room. My husband laughed and nodded at his questioning look. Clearly he knew where this was heading. He even reached under the table and grabbed the bottom of my skirt and began pushing it up my hips to my waist for Chase.

Completely naked from belly button to high heels…. the slightly rough table cloth barely d****d over my lap. Chase’s long pulsing cock was now hard against my ass and we both immediately began rubbing against each other. Now my husband’s hand was up under my top playing my rock hard nipples and leaving me flushed and shaking. Sliding his hands under my ass and lifting my body, Chase slid down a bit and the swollen head of his cock suddenly pushed against my aching pussy. Standing up just enough on my toes to open up for him, we both groaned pretty loudly as I sat down, sliding the entire length of that thick pole until he was firmly all the way in.

We sat still in that position for some seconds, letting my body adjust around his as it clenched and squeezed him. I lay back against his chest and lifted my mouth around to his. One hot quick kiss and he pushed me forward until elbows were leaning on our little table. He began pushing my hips back and forth in a smooth rhythm in time to the music. Feeling that cock moving and rubbing back and forth inside me, I ground my drenched pussy harder onto his lap. The hubs was leaned back, turned toward us with his hand locked around his very swollen cock. I could see his wet pulsing head as it pushed up and down in his hand, peaking out at each downstroke. Seeing me watching, he ran a finger over the glistening bulb, then leaned closer and rubbed it all over my bottom lip.

Sitting forward with his hands back on my ass, Chase started lifting me up and down his shaft, faster and faster, forcing me to rely on his arms. That thick cock now slamming up and down as I stared at the stage was the hottest fuck I could ever imagine. Riding his lap, it was startling to feel his still jean clad legs under all my bare body but that just drove me closer to the edge. All the sensations, excitement, nerves and shock at being full on fucked by a stranger in public sent me into hard spasms that arched my back, my head landing hard against his shoulder. Pussy juices flowed down, soaking him as he swelled bigger… harder. He locked an arm around my waist as he pushed my body down and his hips slammed up into mine. Feeling the hot spurt of his cum drove me further into one of the longest orgasms I’ve ever experienced. It seemed a lifetime before the intensity began to fade away. Panting, breasts heaving, I melted into him as his head fell forward against the side of mine.

After who knows how long, I suddenly sat up a little and looked toward my husband. Probably looking a bit red faced and worried, I searched his eyes. His jeans all zipped and buckled with drink in hand, clearly watching his own little floor show. Smiling, he reached for my hand and turned it over and kissed my palm. “We’ve only made it through maybe two songs, and I’ve already waived the waitress away a few times. How about we move this date back to the hotel, if you two think you can make it, cause the next orgasms is mine and I don’t care which one gives it to me….”

Part III – The Room
The three of us left the jazz club, our sole purpose to get across the 3 blocks to our hotel room and get naked as quickly as possible. So far tonight, I’d had a couple of orgasms with a stranger and the evening ahead promised more. Our two encounters with Chase had me finally feeling I could step outside the normal lines of our sex life and enjoy something new and exciting with my husband. The out-of-this-world fuck we’d just shared in the club, bent over that table, had my legs trembling still. Anticipating another round quickened my pace.
Tipsy and excited, I thought maybe we could push the boundaries a little further and let my husband and Chase enjoy each other this time. I didn’t say that out loud, afraid to scare him off, but I knew my husband would be all on board. In the past, he has indulged in play with other men, all with my knowledge. Hopefully, Chase would be open to this as well.
We got to the hotel in record time and went straight to the elevator and up to our room. The second the elevator doors closed my husband pushed me up against the wall and his hand went straight up my skirt, fingers pushing into my still soaked pussy. Chase leaned against the other wall, just watching the intense finger fucking I was receiving and enjoying the sight of me moaning and grinding down on that hand. Ten floors later, the doors opened and out we stumbled, his hand still under my skirt. Our door was only a few short steps away, thank God. He fumbled the key card a bit, but after a few tries we were in and ready to roll.
Chase immediately kicked off his shoes and began stripping his clothes off. It was only a matter of a few seconds before I had my skirt pushed down and off, my top flying toward a chair in the corner. I didn’t even look to see where my husband was after he slid his fingers out of me. My eyes were on Chase’s huge cock. Seeing it in full for the first time left me gasping and my lower body aching for more. So thick and full, it was straining towards me, a few small drops around the tip. I dropped to my knees and he pushed his fingers into my thick hair, pulling my lips forward and straight to his cock. Sliding in until the tip hit the back of my throat, he groaned and began thrusting back in forth. He was so big I could barely keep from gagging, but he tasted so good!
My husband reappeared on his knees beside me, leaning in to kiss my face and nuzzle my throat and breasts as that thick cock moved like a piston in and out of my hungry mouth. Pinching my nipples, he lifted his head and his tongue began flitting along Chase’s length as it flew back and forth on it’s journey past my lips. Both guys were moaning now and already breathing heavily. I reached my hand down to my husband’s fat cock and massaged my hand up and down in his favorite rhythm. Chase certainly didn’t seem to mind my husband joining in on the dick action.
After a couple of minutes of sucking and stroking to their moans and hip thrusts, Chase pulled out of my mouth, took my hand in his and raised me to my feet. He then picked me up into his arms and turned and tossed me onto the plush king-sized bed. I’d never been lifted like this before, but I definitely liked it! He followed me down onto the bed, covering me with his much bigger and beautifully muscled body. As he lie between my parted thighs, his lowered his lips to mine, kissing me long and deep. I felt so sensuous and so naughty with this man I didn’t even know and it was so very unnerving yet satisfying knowing my husband stood just inches away at the side of the bed with his eyes glued to the scene before him. Cock in hand, he murmured encouragement to ease my slight nervousness.
Several minutes passed with the sounds of wet kisses and full body caresses until my husband couldn’t stand still any longer and climbed onto the bed to join in. Chase slid over to the side and my back arched up off the bed as two sets of hands and lips worked their way up and down my highly sensitized curves. Pinching and squeezing the tight buds of my nipples until I cried out, then laving the sting away with gentle sucking and licking. My mind whirled from all the sensations as both of them worked my entire body together. Massaging my toes, my soles, my calves, my thighs…. Parting my swollen lips to swipe a long, slow lick inside. Rougher nips and tugs on my sensitive nipples just as warm lips latched onto my clit to flick and suck me into an incredible orgasm. Their strong hands held me in place as I moaned and thrashed on the bed, completely out of control and out of my mind with pleasure and lust.
I only had a couple of minutes to come back to earth and catch my breath before Chase lifted my hips and slid his massive cock straight to the hilt inside my steaming pussy. My orgasmic display must’ve taken him straight into overdrive because he immediately pounded me hard, in and out like a piston, fucking me until the bed was slamming against the wall with every frenzied stroke. My husband caught my face in his hands and turned me to look at him. His fully engorged cock was presented to my lips, tapping for entrance. I opened right up and swallowed him whole, taking him deeper into my throat than ever before. After several long minutes he pulled out long enough to straddle my chest. Grabbing the headboard, he thrust back into my mouth, fucking as hard and fast as my tongue and throat could take it.
I orgasmed again before I even realized it was happening, the feeling of that huge cock driving straight over the edge within minutes. The tip of his cock was so swollen and huge, it rubbed right against my G-spot with every single slide in and out. I could feel the cum dripping out of me to pool underneath us. Chase hadn’t come yet, but pulled out. I assumed it was to give me a bit of a break with my mouth full of pumping cock, but he climbed up my body and slid in right behind my husband.
My eyes widened as I watched two hands come around his chest and pinch both nipples. My husband’s head fell back onto his shoulder as he moaned. He slowed his thrusting as Chase maneuvered behind him and they both moved and shifted on top of me. I quickly realized what was happening and renewed my sucking and licking while massaging the both sets swollen balls swinging over me. I could tell the very second the head of Chase’s cock worked its way into my husband’s tight ass. He stiffened and jerked as his eyes shut and he groaned deep in his chest. Still hanging onto the headboard, he lowered his body as much as he could while keeping his cock inside my hungry mouth. Their frenzied movement on top of me caused their bodies to rub back and forth across my upper body, my nipples getting a workout in the process and bringing me back to a boiling level.
Chase’s shallow thrusts became deeper and deeper inside my husband’s ass, causing him to pull out of my mouth so he could fall forward with his hands landing on either side of my face, eyes tightly shut as he let Chase fuck him harder and harder, inches from my fascinated gaze. I’ve never been so turned on and in love than at that moment of vulnerability coupled with the hottest thing I’d ever seen so up close and personal. Their hips slammed harder and harder into each other as their joint orgasm hit at the exact same moment. I stroked his cock swiftly as cum shot out and all over my chest, both men shouting their pleasure as their bodies shook. The incredible exhibition threw me into another deep orgasm beneath them.
Afterward, all three of us lay there in a tangle of arms and legs for several minutes as we caught our breath. Finally, laughing, Chase sat up and said this was by far the best night out he’d ever had and planned on making Fort Worth a regular stop. He took his clothes into the bathroom to clean up before heading out. My husband and lay there side by side looking at each other, smiling. He rolled over and kissed me gently, his hands traveling down between my thighs to find my still swollen and overly sensitive clit. I gasped, thinking there’s no way but after a few seconds I tugged him on top of me, making it clear what I wanted. This time was slow and easy, but the orgasm was no less intense as he whispered, “You’re still mine”.
We never heard Chase slip out, but he left a business card on the dresser with his cell number written on the back. We decided to give him a call down the road to plan another get together next time he came through town.
I’d say experimental date night was a spectacular, orgasmic success

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