The anticipation was always so delicious.

Waiting to hear the front door open always brought butterflies to my stomach. Our houseguest would be here soon. He’d visited many times and his eagerness to return was always so enthusiastic. As I lay in my lovers arms we talked excitedly about what was in store. This particular trainee had no limits that we’d found yet, and trust me we had looked for them. He adored his pain and humiliation, and literally begged for more every time. He’d leave us with a heavy heart and a sore, marked body. Sometimes the faint bruising would still be visible on his return guiding us exactly where to start his painful lessons again. Friday was always our warm up, escalating until he left us Sunday evening.

We heard the door click as he let himself in and the rustle of clothing as he stripped. He would stay naked until it became time to leave. In fact he looked quite odd to me when he was fully clothed.
Crawling into the room, head hung down he took his place kneeling on a tray of stones laid out for him. As he presented himself to us, legs spread the stones dug into the bony flesh of his knees, causing lack of feeling and discomfort that would come rushing back in painful throbs when he was instructed to move.

“Good evening Master, good evening Mistress.” He said a little feebly, head still hung down.
“Well if it isn’t our little plaything. You’re looking suitably disgusting as usual slut.” I knew he loved the tone in his Masters voice as he taunted him.
“I don’t know why we keep you really. You’re only good for one thing after all. What is it you’re good for again worm?” I loved hearing him degrade himself as he answered me
“I am only good enough to be punished by you and the Master. To be your painslut and cum dump Mistress. Anything you choose to do is my honour to receive”

Standing up, I place the sole of my boot onto the end of his flaccid penis, grinding down as I ask, “Pain like this you worthless worm?”
He knew to stay still, hands behind his back as I stood my full weight on him. Only the pitch of his voice gave away the pain. Looking over to my lover I began to twist my foot from left to right, grinding his reddening shaft onto the coconut matting left out especially for him. The harsh needle like material would now be grazing his cock like sandpaper

Standing Master grabbed my face and began to kiss me deeply, out tongues sliding over each other as he grasped my breast and mauled it in his huge hand. All the time my foot was stamping and grinding our whores pathetic shrivelling cock into the mat. He was openly whimpering now, his hands fluttered from behind his back as he battled not to push my boot away. Both of us looked down at the quivering slut and smiled

“Are you enjoying your Mistresses massage you piece of shit?” I could hear the excitement in his Masters voice, we both knew the games was on
“Yes Mmmaster, thank you Misstresss” stammering he knew there was no right answer. Either way he’d loose the game.
With that I landed a beautifully placed kick between his legs, doubling him over in agony. With that his Master grabbed him by the hair pulling him back up. “Who told you to move? Who fucking told you you could move?” The ice in his voice terrorised the whore who garbled out an apology. Pulled to his feet by his hair he let out another groan as the blood flowed back to his knees.
His Master held his hair with one hand and grabbed him by the throat with the other. “Spread your legs, NOW”
Unsteadily he shuffled his feet until the were as wide as he could get them, held firm in place by his Masters grip.

Leaning my face right up to his I stared straight in his eyes, caressing his cheek with the back of my hand I purred, “what do you want my little dog slut? Tell your Mistress what you need?” As I spoke my other hand gently dragged across the grazes on his shaft. Despite his discomfort and anticipation for what was to come he couldn’t help himself, “Please Mistress, hurt me.”

My eyes never leaving his, and my hand beginning to jerk his cock into life, I moved my lips to within a millimetre of his, “You need it don’t you? You need this from your Master and Mistress don’t you?” I could feel his rapid breathing against face as he confirmed “yes I do”

Before he barely finished the last word my knee smashed into his balls. The pain on his face was delightful to watch. Eyes wide, teeth grinding together to stifle his scream, but not an utterance of no, or stop, anywhere from his mouth. His Master tightened his grip, keeping him upright as I landed blow after blow to his sensitive balls. The sound of flesh against leather was so satisfying. I believe I stopped at about 30, when his eyes began to roll back and his moans had ceased. With any pain the body will eventually become numb, the brain cleverly stalling the pain receptors a little and there was no fun in our sadism if he wasn’t feeling it. His Master released his grip and our plaything dropped to the floor, rolling into the foetal position at our feet.

“You nasty bitch” he whispered to me as our hungry mouths met again. Pressing my hips into his groin I could feel he was already hard. He loved to watch my enjoyment at inflicting pain on others, just as he enjoyed inflicting it on me. I maybe a Mistress tonight, but at his feet I am always his slave.

A moan and a movement from the floor brought us back to reality. Settling back on the sofa our plaything got his next instruction, “My foot aches because of you! Get over here and kiss it all better.”
Raising himself, obviously still in discomfort he crawled to me and began to kiss and lick my boot attentively. “Your slut is so sorry Mistress to have caused you any discomfort” his mouth licking every inch of the leather as if it was the best taste in the world.
Reaching over his Master grabbed the flogger he had laid out. The numerous tough leather strands had been knotted at the end for a little extra stimulation. Standing he brought the tails back over his shoulder and then slammed them down on the Lilly white flash of my shoe shine slut.

“Well you fucking did cause your Mistress discomfort boy. Now you’re going to feel it too”
Over and over the knotted laces flayed across his skin. His Master breaking into a sweat with the effort he was taking. Grunting as he landed every swing, as if he was possessed by a surge of strength he didn’t know he had. Soon the entire area of his back was Scarlett, like painful sunburn on a summers day. Then the strokes moved to the tender flash at the back of his thighs. Each one raising a howl of pain, as the whores head jerked back away from my boots. And finally to his feet. Bastinado punishment was to inflict the maximum pain and to stop a slave running away. But despite the blistering pain we didn’t want to go anywhere.

Eventually his Master stopped, breathing heavily, and throwing the flogger down on the floor by his well beaten slave.
“Thank you for giving me what I deserved Master” our trained little visitor replied. The amusing thing was there was actual gratitude in his voice.

Slumping back beside me, his Master unzipped his jeans, exposing his swollen cock and balls.
I reached over and grabbed the slave by his ear, twisting it hard and pulling him down until his face was buried in his Masters pubic hair. I ground him down, rubbing his face in the creases of Masters body, the warm sweaty groin area that he was about to administer to. His Master slowly stroked his engorged cock, occasionally slapping it against the boys face.

“Wide open, no sucking. Understand?” I instructed. He started to nod in affirmation when I pushed his face straight down on the waiting cock until it hit the back of his throat. Engaging his gag reflex I pulled him back, the straight down again. He barely got a breath between each thrust and silvery treads of drool began to trickle from his mouth.
His Master then replaced my hand and set the pace he needed. Three our four thrusts and then holding him still. Impaling his long thick cock deep into his cum dumps throat, Enjoying the sounds of his choking for another mans pleasure.

I loved the way our bitch’s body jerked, gagging and trying to push his Masters flesh from out of his wind pipe.
Keeping this relentless rhythm going, Masters head lolled back, eyes half shut as he began to growl in pleasure, “Take it you dirty slut, choke on it until you pass out you nasty cunt. You’re my fucking cum dump, that’s all you are”

Over and over he recited these familiar words to our captive. So familiar to me that my own body began to respond. My nipples tightened and my pussy began to swell and ache as I listened to every moan and word that filled the air. At this very moment I hated that piece of shit for getting all the pleasure. Looking round I spotted the anal pump, grabbing it I immediately shoved a finger into the whores ass hole. His squeal of surprise made the Master look up and his lips curled into a beautiful smile.

Pulling the fuck pigs face up he spat down into his gasping mouth. “Take a deep breath then stay on your knees and don’t you move! You keep your legs spread and don’t move, your cunts going to get some action too!”

With that he forced him down and held him in place with both hands. Quickly I gave the dildo a few pumps and spat on the tip. Pressing it against his tight hole I worked it in, little by little. This hole had been well used so it caved within seconds and the whole 10 inches disappeared. Pulling his head back, Master began to stroke his cock, letting go of his grip, knowing the slag wouldn’t dare moved.

Every time Masters hand slid to the base of his saliva covered shaft, I squeezed the pump. The inflating dildo was completely inside, increasing both the length and the girth of its size with every squeeze. We began slowly at first, toying with him.
Master pleasuring himself with long leisurely strokes, each one met with a small amount of pressure inside our toys hole.

“I want to cum boy. But you see I need some hard rapid strokes to get me there. And that means hard pumps on that toy shoved up your arse. You do want me to have pleasure don’t you? You do want me to shoot all my spunk into your hungry mouth?”
“Yes Master I do” his voice was like a whimper of a beaten dog. He was rewarded with a thick globule of spit on his defeated face and a “Good boy” from his owner.

And so it began, rapid jerking of Masters cock, aimed at the whores waiting mouth, as I filled him with that hard, inflating agonising toy. The opening of his ass hole was stretched out too now, as his rectal cavity could barely contain much more. The nasty little piece of meat, spit roasted between us was writhing in pain with each growing movement, “ Please Master cum, please feed me your seed, pleeeaaaase” knowing that was the only way to stop his Mistress destroying him internally, his words were genuinely pleading and also a necessity.

I knew Master was on the edge and with one last movement his hips thrust forward shooting ropes of hot cum into the whores waiting mouth. Each pulse of spunk was met with a final push on the pump, until I couldn’t physically squeeze it anymore.

The whore was cum gargling as I inflicted the last little bit of agony that I could. He knew better than to swallow without permission. When his Master had finally got his breath back, he reached for an empty cup from the table.
“Show me” he ordered, and his cum dump opened his mouth to show he had swallowed none of the precious deposit. “Out”, to which the whore dripped his delicious reward into the cup. Spitting out the every last drop he looked up for some type of approval

“Your breakfast whore” Master said with great please
Then looking up to me I informed him, “Totally inserted Master. The ten inch dildo is inflated to its maximum tension”
I swear the sluts face went white as I lifted the air pipe and tugged on it hard as a demonstration of my work.

“You will keep that in until the morning. Now stand up and display yourself”
Struggling to his feet, our play thing went and stood on the tray of stones. We both watched in amusement as he put his hands above his head and attempted to stand straight. The pressure inside him must have been immense and I noticed he bit his lip to stifle his whimpers. His limp excuse for a cock had lovely little droplets of blood on it from the harsh matting and his whole groin was beginning to bruise.


Inch by inch his bruised feet shifted on the pointy stones until he had turned 180*. His back was still bloomed red by the flogger and that carried right down to the back of his knees.
Most pleasing however was the black tube and hand pump hanging out of his boy cunt.

“Turn!” His feet must have felt like he was standing on broken glass as he finally faced us again.
“You will sleep in the cage tonight as your Mistress and I fuck, thinking of how pathetic you are. You’re not a man, you’re not even a dog! Now get out of my fucking sight before I puke”

We watched with delight as our toy crawled on his bruised knees to the patio door, out into the garden and crawled into the wire cage he knew as home. Good job we had no neighbours i suppose
Standing, My Master pulled me to the bedroom and flung me down on the bed, “Now my little fuck toy. What am I to do with you?”

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