We are all constantly looking for ways to intensify our orgasms and the taste of my own cum is one of those things that never comes up short. There’s just something about knowing you are, “tasting your own,” that brings out an entirely additional level of pleasure; at least it does for me.

Our brain is the biggest culprit of shutting us down when we are so horny that those thoughts come to us, urging us to drag our tongue across a cum-covered hand. While our brain is the machine that ultimately convinces us that it’s not desirable anymore, it’s our eyes that are the accomplice.

Before I overcame the mental block that held me back from enjoying my orgasms to the fullness, I would tell myself, from the beginning of a masturbation session, that “this time” I was going to take a nice big taste of my cum. This didn’t happen every time I wanted or needed to masturbate. But those times that something in particular had excited me beyond the norm, and drive me to masturbate, I would get the desire to eat my cum.

Sometimes the desire wasn’t there until I was in the midst of a stroke session that was feeling exceptionally good. All the way through the ejaculation stage I would be ready to lick that white cream. But as soon as the contractions ceased, and my focus came back to licking my own cum, I would hesitate. As I “looked” at my cum, all thick and gooey, my thoughts would get blocked with confusion and I would end up saying to myself, “next time!”

So, I decided to take the element of sight out of play. Now don’t misunderstand me here. I didn’t look the other way, or put on a blindfold, because part of my turn-on is seeing my own cum burst from the head of my cock and squirt and run where it may; the messier the better! What I did was to take the sense of sight away at the exact second that the desire to eat my own cum was at its peak, right as it exited my cock.

If you’ve ever sucked a cock, and took a load in your mouth, you know that sometimes that warm frosting hits your tongue with no warning. Your eyes don’t have a chance to tell your brain that it’s going to be yucky; at least the first time you do it. It all happens before you have time to think about it. Later on you may be able to make your partner cum and let him enjoy the sight of his cock exploding before you lap up his cream.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my body is not now, or has ever been, limber enough to get my own cock into my mouth; or even in the right position to shoot my cum into my mouth. So I devised a method to simulate taking a load, with that split second timing, without taking away the pleasure of watching myself cum or giving my brain time to think. It’s a really simple method and is facilitated by something we all keep in our kitchen, a Ziploc sandwich baggy.

First step is to have a baggy next to you while masturbating. When you feel your semen rising up and filling your penis with pleasure, put your cock in the baggy and capture your cum. Now in order to experience the sensation you have been dying for, probably for years, you need to cum in the baggy multiple times. So, this is not an “instant” fix. However, you won’t believe how the anticipation begins to feed your desire to taste your own until you know you have it available but you can’t have it. It’s akin to being dominated and told you are not allowed to cum! I suggest you cum into the baggy at least four times before moving on to the next step.

Now don’t worry about storing your cum, or it getting toxic or moldy, just keep the baggy in the refrigerator between your masturbation sessions and you will be fine. However, if it’s going to take you more than a week to cum four times, I suggest freezing it. I’ll even give you some uses for frozen cum at the end of this tutorial. But I doubt seriously, if YOU are serious about this, that it will take you that long to cum four times. I had MY four loads in there within 24 hours. I was pumped to jump the hurdle.

So, moving on to the next step. This might take place within the same day, or four days later. There’s no rush on the prep. The fact is, “the longer the better,” because your brain will begin to desire the same thing as your will and emotion.

When the time finally comes, take the baggy out of the refrigerator and let it soak in some warm water for a few minutes so it will reach a temperature more closely to body temperature. If for some reason, like not having the time to masturbate, and you had to freeze your cum, it may take a while before it thaws and warms up. Just a little side note here, if you do need to freeze your cum, you can dump new loads right on top of the frozen ones. Maybe you want to have 20 loads in your baggy for the first time. Whatever your pleasure is, go for it!

Now, sit down with your baggy of lukewarm cum next to you, put on whatever form of entertainment you use as a stimulus to masturbate, and start stroking your cock. Lube up, strap up, tie up, vibrate, or use a toy; whatever makes you feel the best. When you feel yourself getting close to orgasm pick up the baggy and hold it at an angle so your stash of cum sinks to the bottom corner of the baggy. Be careful here! Not that you’re going to bust the baggy, but because you might accidentally bust your nut from all the sexual tension that’s been building up the last few days.

The baggy will have a little air inside of it so if you grab the opposite corner from the one at the bottom, where your semen is, it will puff out and look like a miniature baker’s frosting bag. Move your grip down the bag until the air pressure is almost at that point of explosion. Put the tip of the baggy in your mouth and tempt yourself, and your brain, as you continue to stroke your bulging cock. Now, the next part is only going to be successful if you act on instinct and not think about it. It won’t be as hard as you think.

Keep your eyes trained on your cock, or your stimulus. Maybe you like to watch that video of a monster load squirting halfway across the room, or perhaps, your partner is supporting your efforts by masturbating for you. Just don’t focus on the baggy.

So now the moment of truth has arrived! Don’t hesitate! If you normally edge a few times before you cum, don’t do it this time. You need to power through, giving your brain “no time” to convince you otherwise. The same instant your cum splits that tiny mouth open at the top of your cock you’re going to tear the baggy with your teeth and squeeze down hard on the baggy, busting it open inside of your mouth. It will happen at that magical moment, the moment when your pleasure is at its peak. You will be focused on how good your cock feels and you won’t even know your cum is in your mouth until you feel it’s warmth pouring over your tongue. My guess is, you will have one of your “most intense” orgasms to date. Possibly squirting further than ever before, so make sure your thousand-dollar sofa is covered!!

Once you are aware of the semen in your mouth, you may end up switching your focus to that and not even remember the rest of your orgasm. But, even if your brain tells you, “That’s disgusting,” or the texture of your cum is not what you thought, you’ve been successful in stage one: getting your cum into your mouth. Spit it out, swallow it, or do as I did, put your big girl panties on and give it a swish. Use your tongue and play with it while you let it cover all of your taste buds.

There is one thing that I wish I had done different. I wish I would have set up a video camera on a tripod and recorded myself doing this the first time. It not only would have been a great clip to upload to xHamster, but I know I would be having some great orgasms while watching myself eating my own cum; while at the same time, savoring a fresh load from my hand and fingers!!

That was the trick that broke the barrier for me. I went through that routine a couple of more times and then I was able to dispense with the baggy and start licking my own cum up from wherever I let it fall.

Sometimes, I cum on a cookie or brownie, or mix it up in a plate of spaghetti; I can get a little disgusting when I get super horny. But it’s really paid off in the long run. I’m now able to swap cum with my wife, my lover (who is my wife’s best friend – wife in unaware), and have even taught my young stepdaughter to enjoy it. Whenever I visit an adult sex matinee, usually once or twice a month, I will shoot my load and then wipe it up and lick it from my fingers. Guys will pop their nuts all around me at the sight of my tongue lapping up that glorious white cream. Having this new “device” to heighten your pleasure will open doors that you “never thought of” going through before!

Early, I mentioned uses for frozen cum. I have one of those mini fridges out in my garage. I keep a steady supply of little cum-cubes. I use one of those silicone ice trays that make little shapes to be used with cocktails. Every few times I masturbate, I will take out a partially filled tray and squirt my load into one of the little empty spaces, top it off with a little water, and pop it back into the freezer until next time.

In the summer, when my stepdaughter’s girlfriends come over to swim in our pool, I will make a pitcher of lemonade, chilled by a tray of those cubes, and serve it to them. Then I stand by the kitchen window with my pants around my ankles, and watch them, all in their bikinis, drinking down my baby seed. My orgasms are already intense enough, from drooling over those teenagers as they bask in the sun with their tops untied, but I get some of my longest squirts while watching them tasting my seed.

We are also friends with a couple of other couples, and both the wives are super hot. I’ll mix cocktails and always spike the ladies’ drinks with a cum-cube or two. One of the couples has a really cute thirteen year-old who always wants a vanilla coke. She gets a cube too! I can only sit for so long before I have to excuse myself and go into the bathroom, or garage, and masturbate.

Homemade popsicles are another treat to serve to neighbors and friends. I find those especially tempting whenever my stepdaughter’s friends are over for a sleepover. Combining those short gowns, or baggy sleep shorts and tee shirts with those teenage bare nipples poking at them while sucking a Cumsicle in their mouth like a colorful cock, always makes for an aggressive fuck with my wife (who BTW is twenty years younger than me.) She knows the teenagers turn me on and she’ll come over to me and pull me out of my trance by whispering, “You better come with me daddy and let me take care of that teenage hard-on you’re sporting.”

Hope this helps you overcome!

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