My lover comes to me naked, his flaccid cock dangling deliciously between his legs, his strong, smooth body moving confidently. He drops to his knees and looks up at me expectantly as he begins to gently massage my upper legs and thighs, patiently working his hands toward my crotch where my erection steadily grows into a bulge beneath my jeans. Although the anticipation is overwhelming, he is deliberate in taking his time opening up my pants and pulling out my cock, exposing me to the cool air of the room and his warm, tender touch. I feel his fingers mingle over my shaft as he explores my hot, hard flesh, licking his lips in expectation of what’s to come. He’s eager to please and wants me to give him all I have, asking for nothing in return.

When he takes me into his mouth, I feel the warmth and wetness and it sends a rush of pleasure through me. He’s patient, gentle, and knows how to please a man. I make no effort to reciprocate, standing by with content, absorbing the delightful pleasure of being serviced by my willing and passionate lover. I watch his head bob as he strokes me with his mouth, feel his fingers holding my shaft and fondling my balls as his tongue licks at my cockhead and he leaves a glaze of saliva on my shaft that cools as it evaporates for an additional erotic sensation.

We move to a nearby lounge chair and I recline as my lover takes position between my legs. With my shirt removed, he lets his hands wander over my smooth chest, titillating my nipples as he continues to tease my cock with his lips, tongue, and teeth, nibbling ever so gently on my firm manhood standing proud for his expert caress. Again, I do not interfere, relaxed and watching myself receive this oral performance with a smile of satisfaction and a feeling of euphoria at experiencing this episode of lust-driven man-love, this taboo of once fantasy now turned reality.

His passion on my shaft increases as he builds me to a sustainable erection. It’s been said that only a man knows how to really take care of another man, and I believe that to now be true. He knows just how hold me, just how to stroke me, just how much pressure to apply, when to work me up and back me off, how to hit all the tender, sensitive spots…because he knows his own manhood and where those spots are. He doesn’t have to explore or experiment, he knows exactly where to go the first time, every time, and it keeps the arousal constant.

When I feel myself ready, I gently tap my lover’s shoulder and he moves to assume a new position, standing at the back of the chair, holding on, partially bent over to allow me access. He waits patiently as I coat my shaft with slippery lube, then step in behind and use the head of my cock to probe for that sweet spot. I’m anxious, but I don’t lose my erection as I tease his asshole, helping my lover relax as I now begin to gently push…. And then I penetrate another man for the first time, feeling my head slip past, then the sensation of warmth as I enter. I squeeze myself in slowly, allowing the lube to do the work, backing off and pushing forward until finally I feel myself being taken all the way in. I bury my shaft to the hilt, grinding my hips against his smooth, firm ass, feeling the warmth of his hole seeping into my already sizzling cock. I grip his hips and draw back for my first thrust, feeling my lover’s tightness as his muscles contract, eager to draw me back in. I fuck him slowly at first with long, deep strokes, watching myself, glistening with lube, as I draw back and drive forward. Each thrust sends a wave of pleasure through me as I savor the warm, snug burrow I’ve sunk myself into. My hands remain attached to my lover’s waist, holding him fast as my rhythm increases.

Sweat glistens on both of us now and our bodies become slippery as we fuck and grind together. I feel myself reaching climax and I struggle to hold on to my lover’s waist while my hips pound against his ass, now my strokes becoming deeper still and longer as blood rushes to my cockhead and I feel myself bulge and then….

My orgasm erupts with a ferocity I’ve never before experienced, my ejaculation so powerful I just know I’m blasting cum deep inside. I grunt and groan in relief as my hands grip and my hips press hard against his butt cheeks, clenched tight around my throbbing cock while my balls drain into him. The sensation is so intense for my lover that he cums, too, shooting rope-like strands of sticky semen across the back of the chair.

It’s over all too soon, but then I realize we still have time for play today and my lover is eager to please.

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