Coach L stood up from the golf cart. “That was a good round, fellas,” he smiled.
“Sure was, Coach,” remarked his former player and retired NBA forward Taj Howard.
“Enjoyed it,” the coach’s younger son, Brian, added.
“Yeah! Thanks for having us, Taj,” the older brother, Jack, said.
“Anytime,” the towering, dark-skinned man nodded. “Quick drink at the clubhouse.”
“Of course,” the senior citizen agreed quickly.

The four men headed up the sidewalk. Taj flashed his pearly whites at the hostess and they were shown to a corner table.

“Here you go, Mr. Howard,” the young blonde with large titties gestured. “Katie will be right with you.”

The waitress took their orders.

Coach L, who was really Dave Lewandowski, got an Irish Car Bomb – lethal combination of Irish cream & Irish whiskey put into a shot glass and dropped into a pint glass of Irish stout.

Taj chose an Old Fashioned – a concoction of bourbon, bitters, & a hint of sugar water.

Jack ordered a Bloody Bull – a tasty mixture of vodka, beef bouillon, & lemon splashed with tabasco & worcestershire sauces.

Brian selected a Whiskey Sour – refreshingly mixed with lemon and a touch of sugar.

They foursome toasted.

“It’s been a great weekend,” noted Taj. “I really think the camp is getting off the ground.”
“It certainly is,” Dave concurred. “There was some real good talent out there.”
“Thanks, Coach!”

Dave was now retired, but he was still legendary. He had spent 30 years coaching high school basketball in Michigan. His resume boasted six state championship titles and 13 state final four four appearances. He’d sent multiple players to the various colleges in the ACC, the Big Ten, Big 12, & the Pac-12 conferences. Even four of his former proteges made it to the NBA.

Dave’s performance had once commanded a six-figure salary paid for by the boosters of St. Dunstan’s Episcopal School making him one of the highest paid high school coaches in the country.

Dave’s sons grew up playing ball as well. Jack remained tied to the game as the head coach at a community college. Brian worked in sports marketing.

Dave had been a surrogate father to many of his players over the years. Several of them became pharmacists, educators, politicians, and businessmen. Most revered the role Coach L played in their lives.

Taj was no different. He was raised by a single mother and Coach L gave him discipline & structure. He was one of the few that stayed in constant touch with Coach L.

The guys shared their goodbyes. Taj headed off to his matte gray 2017 Mercedes Benz S-Class coupe. The Lewandowskis piled into Jack’s flame red 2016 Ram 1500 Quad Cab pickup with black leather seats and chrome clad wheel covers. Their luggage was in the 6.4-foot truck bed shielded by a black tear-resistant tri-fold cover.

They drove home.

Jack pulled into the driveway of the colonial house. He went inside and hugged his mother. His k**s were bounding about.

“C’mon, guys. Get ready. We gotta go,” yelled the six-foot-one, trim and lean man.

Jack collected his son and daughter. He had to get them back to their mother’s house by 6:30 p.m. according the custody agreement.

Jack asked, “You guys want something to eat?”
“Yeah,” screamed his eight year-old son.
“Me too,” his slightly older daughter looked up from her tablet.
“What do you guys want?”
“Chicken nuggets,” Gabe demanded.
Ella rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly. “Panera.”
“How about mac & cheese, bud,” Jack asked.

Jack stopped at an exit and pulled into the parking lot. He ushered his k**s into the establishment. He ordered a Mediterranean grain bowl with grilled chicken. Ella picked a bacon & tomato grilled cheese. Gabe told the cashier to give him mac & cheese. Jack had an apple for his side item. Ella got a fresh fruit cup. Gabe wanted chips, but Jack squashed that idea – it would be strawberry yogurt instead.

“How was the weekend with Gran-Gran,” the divorced father of two inquired.
“Good,” Gabe smiled with his eyes.
“Fun as usual,” Ella offered flatly.
“What did you guys do?”
“The normal,” she said in an annoyed tone.
“Played games. Went to a movie,” the younger brother shared.
“Nice,” Jack nodded. “Got any homework to finish when you get home?”

Ella shook her head no and so did Gabe.

“Yes you do, Gabe,” she chastised him.
“No I don’t,” he stuck out his tongue.
“Mom said…”

“Guys,” Jack interjected. “Chill out!”
“Fine,” blurted the incredible girls’ basketball player.

Jack imagined Ella might be a star if she wanted. Thus far she had shown the talent and desire. If she kept it up, she’d easily make it to Louisiana Tech, Tennessee, Notre Dame or UConn. But, Jack swore not to sway her. The continuance would be her choice alone.

They finished their food and got back in the vehicle. Jack made it to Lori’s house in plenty of time. The drop off went well. The two of them were way beyond bitterness and begrudging interactions.

Jack pulled back out on the highway and commenced the hour long drive to his home. He placed a call to his favorite friend.

“Hey, Jack,” the demure voice answered.
“What’s up, sexy,” he asked.
“Just sitting here reading.”
“Reading what?”
“Historical fiction romance novel.”
“Something real girly! I dig it!”
“You are soooooo corny.”
“What can I say? I’m a dad,” he chuckled. “But you like it, don’t you, Parris?”

“I do,” admitted the esthetician.
“I’m on my way back. Wanna hang?”
“My place or yours?”
“Here if you want?”
“Sure. 45 minutes cool?”
“Yes, sweetie. I’ll be ready.”

Jack pulled into the parking of skin care technician’s apartment complex. He parked next Parris’ light blue metallic 2015 Hyundai Sonata hybrid. He walked up the apartment and knocked. “Damn,” he grinned broadly when the door opened.

Jack took in the vision before him. He liked the new golden honey colored weave that fell down to the middle of the back. He approved of the red sequined halter top and daisy duke shorts. His cock jumped at the sight of the pink stilettos. The heavily made up face with fake eyelashes, purple lipstick, & glittery finish gave him chills.

“You like,” inquired Parris.
“Oh yeah,” Jack rushed inside grabbing the tart. “And this thick Black booty!”
“You like that too?”
“You know I love your sexy Black ass!”

Jack kissed Parris.

“Daddy missed his pussyboi,” the coach confessed.
“Pussyboi missed you too,” Parris said.

Parris led Jack down the hall.

Jack studied the femboi’s body as it swayed. He took in the slender 29-inch waist and the 34½-inch booty. “You’re built just like a woman,” he remarked.

“Thank you,” cooed the sepia-toned sissy.
“I’m just so amazed by your ass!”
“Why is that?”
“It’s so juicy and tender.”
“Thanks, Daddy!”

Parris shook that donkey tail harder on purpose.

“You swear that’s all natural,” inquired Jack.
“Yeah! It is. It just happened as I grew up.”
“Damn! I believe you. I know dudes are always hitting you up.”
“It’s cool. You look good. It’s a compliment!”

“Shut up,” Parris swirled around and stretched up to kiss him.

“I should’ve married you instead of that bitch,” Jack announced.
“You didn’t even know me back then,” the vixen reminded him.
“But if I had,” Jack smirked.
“I know that’s right.”

“Real quick. When’s your birthday again,” Jack asked.
“What day?”
“The 12th.”
“I’m putting it in my phone. I suck at dates.”
“Okay,” giggled Parris.

Jack undid his belt and pulled down his navy slim-fit golf pants. He flicked off his shoes and hopped onto the bed. He removed the dark green polo.

Parris observed him looking like a chiseled statue in his white athletic boxers. “You are so handsome!”

“Thanks, sexy! Come here,” Jack patted the mattress.

Parris joined him.

Jack moved Parris around so that they were in a 69 position.

Parris sucked Jack’s engorged nice 7¾-inch dick while Jack licked Parris’ tight, clenched, brown hole.

Jack stroked Parris long 9-inch member as he munched.

Parris cooed and writhed.

Jack mounted Parris.

Their heads were at the foot of the bed. They gazed into one another’s souls.

Jack felt Parris’ dark brown, soulful, gentle eyes.

Parris relaxed as Jack peered into him with his steady, yearning, gray eyes.

“Oh, baby! You’re beautiful,” the man stroked the sissy’s cheeks.
“Thank you, handsome!”

Parris ran his slender fingers through Jack’s spiked sandy brown hair.

“Damn! I love how your fingernails feel on my scalp,” Jack groaned.
“Yeah! Real girly and faggot like!”

Parris dug his sparkly painted nails into Jack’s backside as the man pushed his cock inside. “Owwwwww,” the African-American booty boi yelped.

“Yeah, baby! Let Daddy get that boipussy!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”
“Oh yeah! Your ass is so tight! I love it!”
“I love this dick!”
“Do you?”
“I love this big White dick, Daddy!”
“And Daddy loves fucking this juicy Black ass.”

Jack lifted Parris legs onto his shoulders and dug deeper.

“Fuck me, Jack! Oh my god!”
“Yeah, sexy! Give Daddy this faggit ass!”

Jack was grinding slowly with deliberate intense strokes. “You’re my sexy ass sissy boi! This is what Daddy likes!”

“It’s yours, Jack! Fuck my Black faggot ass!”
“Yeah, baby,” he looked at bottom bitch lovingly. “I want you on top.”

Jack lifted Parris and got on his back.

Parris fondled Jack’s armored, splendid chest.

Jack squeezed Parris’ pliable, delicate, round ass.

“Oh, Daddy,” whined Parris.
“Yeah, sissy! Ride that cock!”
“Oh, Jack! I love your big White cock!”
“Get it baby!”

The bed creaked and squealed as the mattress gave way to their weight and movement.

“Take all this White dick, you sexy Black faggit!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”
“You’re the best goddamn bitch I ever fucked,” huffed Jack.
“Oh, baby!”

Jack scooted to the edge of the bed. He placed his feet on the floor. He raised his torso. He kissed Parris as the punk fag rode him.

They were sweating.

Parris’ stomach felt strange.

Jack had bounded upwards. He moved towards the wall.

“Oh shit, Daddy,” wailed Parris.
“Yeah! Take all this big White cock! It’s yours, faggit!”
“Yes, sir!”

Jack pounded as Parris screamed.

The muscular basketball coach piston fucked the dainty sissy boi with every bit of his might. “You like this big Polish dick, Black pussyboi?”

“Yes, sir! I love it!”
“Your pussy is so good!”
“Fuck me against this wall.”
“Oh, bitch! Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!”

Jack shot a substantial load and collapsed onto the bed with Parris.

They heaved together while staring into one another’s eyes.

“I want you to be with me,” Jack confessed.
“I am,” replied Parris.
“No. Marry me!”
“Yeah. Be my gay wife.”
“I love you, Jack. We’ll figure it out.”
“Love you too, baby gurl!”

Parris cleaned Jack off. They spent the night snuggled next to each other.

The next morning, Jack arose early. “I’m serious. I want you to be mine.”
“I want that too,” yawned Parris. “Give me that White dick.”

Jack stuck it in Parris’ mouth, It got hard. He placed the bottom bitch on his stomach and entered from behind.

“Oh my god, Jack! Fuck me!”
“Take this morning wood.”

Jack pumped furiously until his balls erupted.

Parris was filled with more ooey-gooey cum.

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