After leaving high school I did some triathlons and the leg that scared me the most was swimming.  I was an OK swimmer but not great and not confident at the kind of distances required in the longer triathlons.  So I spent a fair bit of time swim training at the local aquatic center.

Punished for Jerking Off
The pool was a city run center with a fifty meter outdoor olympic sized pool, grand stand area and huge change rooms.  I had some naughty experiences in the change rooms with some random hookups and I would often jerk off in the showers.  I have a pretty serious speedo fetish (I own and write the Aussie Speedo Guy blog) and swimming in my skimpy little speedos would turn me on, so I’d finish my laps, go up to the change rooms and jerk off.  It was a turn on jerking off thinking I could be caught.

It turns out that I did get caught a few times, sometimes on purpose when I had organized for a guy to ‘accidentally on purpose’ interrupt me and a couple of times I was caught when it wasn’t ‘on purpose’.  This experience which I had nearly fifteen years ago was one of the latter.

I’ve already explained how I would get horny swimming in my speedos.  This day that I’m reminiscing about was just like that.  The pool was really quiet so I headed up to the change rooms after swimming two kilometers in about forty minutes.  I threw my bag on one of the benches and headed to the big open area shower.  There were individual shower cubicles but I would use the open/group showers, making me more turned on at the thought of getting caught.

There I was, eighteen years old, smooth, just under six foot, short dark hair, slim, wearing a pair of black speedos that were a size or two too small.  My, average sized, cut cock was straining against the black lycra as if it was trying to escape.

I was rubbing my arse with my left hand and with my right I pulled the front of my speedo down releasing my engorged eighteen year old cock.  My hand started pumping my cock up and down, not too quickly because I wanted to enjoy it and I wasn’t in any rush.  I closed my eyes imaging that the entire shower room was filled with other young guys showering in their speedos and jerking off.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

The deep bellowing voice shocked me out of my fantasy.  I physically jumped and might have let out a little bit of a scream.

Standing there with hands on his hips was Gary, the manager of the pool.

Gary and his wife manage the pool.  They are in their late forties or early fifties, I would guess.  They are nice enough and we say hello each time I go to the pool but I’ve never really had a conversation with them.  I had seen Gary get pissed off at people not obeying the pool rules and I wouldn’t want to argue with him.  He was a big guy, six foot easy, huge barrel chest, beard and overall just a big guy.  I had seen him swimming laps wearing a red lifeguard speedo which I thought was cool but didn’t think much more about.

There I was, cock still in my hand and, Gary standing there with his hands on his hips.

“Turn the shower off and stand right where you are.  Don’t you dare move a muscle Dave.”

As I turned off the shower Gary disappeared towards the entry to the change rooms.  I tucked my cock back into my tiny speedo and stood there.  Terrified.

I heard metal on metal which sounded like Gary was closing and locking the steel doors that closed the change rooms when the pool was shut.  It felt like it was taking ages and my mind was going a million miles an hour.  What kind of trouble was I in?  Would Gary call the police?  Would I be banned from the pool?  Was he going to hit me?  If he wanted to I was probably less than half Gary’s weight so couldn’t put up much of a fight.

Finally Gary came back into the shower area, wearing nothing but his red lifeguard speedo.

For such a huge guy I couldn’t believe how quickly Gary covered the distance across the shower area to me and all of a sudden he had me by the throat and my back against the shower wall.

“I know you come in here sucking and fucking your little swimming buddies.  Now you are going to suck and fuck a real man.  And if you don’t like it, I’m calling the police and telling them what you’ve been up to in my change rooms.”

I’m pretty sure I had tears in my eyes but I managed to nod my head and grunt that I understood.

Gary loosened his grip around my throat, took a step back and told me to get on my knees.  I got down on my knees and watched as Gary undid the white drawstring of his red speedo.  He then pulled the waist band out and tucked it under his balls.  His cock was fat, hairy and huge.  I had never seen a cock that fat and while I stared at it aghast, Gary grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards his groin.  I had no choice but to open my mouth wider and take him in my mouth.  It was fair dinkum twice as thick as any cock I had sucked before.

I like sucking cock, and once the shock of the whole scenario wore off, I got down to business and started savoring the monster that was in my mouth.  Gary was getting in to it as well as he started moaning and his fat cock started getting hard.  OMG his cock was HUGE!!!

As quickly as it started, Gary pulled his cock out of my mouth and grabbed me by the throat again.  He pretty much lifted me by my throat on to my feet and spun me around so I was facing the shower wall.  With one of his gorilla hands pining my chest against the wall, his other hand yanked the arse of my speedo down.  I mentioned that I wore speedos a size or two too small and I still had the drawstring tied which explains why I heard something rip.

Gary reached over me to the shampoo dispenser and squirted two loads onto his hand.  I’m guessing he used it on his cock which, in no time, was at my back door.

“If you scream I’ll make it hurt more.  Just relax Dave.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d been fucked but, looking back I didn’t have very much experience and, this was the first time I had ever been barebacked (fucked without a condom).  Thankfully, Gary wasn’t too rough and took his time.  Just the tip to start and he gave me time to relax.  It was tough to relax knowing how huge his cock was and anticipating him fucking me hard.

When Gary felt my arsehole had stretched enough he started fucking me.  It hurt like hell but I was horny and wanted more.  Once he got going, I was like a rag doll and I was just along for the ride as Gary fucked my arse.  It didn’t take long until he buried his cock deep in my arse and exploded.  I could actually feel the cum hosing the inside of my arse.  After a minute Gary slipped his cock out of my cum filled hole.  It felt like a train had been in my arse and it was now an empty tunnel.

Gary turned me around and told me to get on my knees again.  I thought he was going to make me suck/clean his cock which had just been in my arse but he turned the shower on, grabbed some more shampoo and washed his cock.

“The reason I came in here was to take a piss.”

With that, Gary aimed his cock at me and started pissing on me.  It lasted for ever.  While he urinated on me Gary told me that if he ever saw me bring any of my little speedo friends in here that the next time I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.

When he was done pissing, on me, Gary left the showers.  I stayed there on my knees until I heard the metal gate unlock and then open as Gary left the change rooms.  My cock was achingly hard so I pulled my speedos down and jerked off there and then.  It didn’t take me long before my cum was splashing the shower floor.

Getting up post-orgasm I realized that Gary had in fact ripped the drawstring of my speedo.

I showered and got changed.  Walking out of the pool I could see Gary and his wife at the entry/shop area.  Not sure how I would react, I kept my eyes down and kind of grunted when Gary’s wife wished me a good day.  Then Gary yelled at me “Dave, don’t forget those new speedos you had me order for you?”  I took the package that Gary handed to me but didn’t look inside until I was back in my car.

It was a pair of red lifeguard speedos just like the ones he wore, size small.

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