I was eighteen when I went on holiday with my mother to Spain. It was to be a bonding session like I had never experienced, she was more like a dirty friend than a sister, as she was just fifteen when I was born, my birth had made the tabloid news as mother was one of the youngest mothers that year.
As a girl my mother had been sexually abused and had lest her virginity as a her tenth birthday present from her daddy, my paternal grandfather, whom I never met.

I was taken into care and fostered out until old enough to start making my own decisions, like this one, meeting my biological mother, fifteen years older than me, but surprisingly, a successful and beautiful model. I was immediately attracted to her, and at s*******n I had stars in my eyes when I met her, and she reciprocated my love, we were an immediate hit and overnight I was drawn into the seedy world of fashion, sex, and d**gs.

Every daughter needs a mother’s guidance through those years of puberty and in my fostering I got it from women with the right qualifications, but my own biological mother, I needed something more than that, like her, I had her inherited sex gene that cried for attention, mother liked men, in groups, she liked to be the centre of attention and enjoyed men bickering over her, not to see who was going to bed her, no everyone of them got their shot, it was the order in which they took their turn, as mother always fucked ‘bareback’, and some men were reluctant to put their cocks into another man’s cum.

We were lazing on the beach and attracting local attention from older men, who were completely nude and openly touching themselves, mother liked to see men do that around her and strangely, I did too. Towards sunset we watched as the sun turned redder as it headed towards the horizon and the beaches emptied and the guys filtered away except for one determined man, who was hung like a donkey.

Mother beckoned him to come over and sit with us, which he hastily did and after sharing some wine started to neck with her, as I sat watching them.
“You old enough to watch this”, she challenged me? I must admit the thought of watching my own mother fuck a complete stranger made me want to pee myself and before I could answer her question, I watched as her hand and long fingers encircled his cock and begin tugging on it, her facial features were contorted as if in pain, her eyes were closed tightly, as her hand explored the total length of his magnificent shaft, her mind full of visual imagery of what she felt and could not see, I swear, the baby’s arm holding an apple, was an apt description, and my own hand dipped down the front of my bikini as I watched my mother slowly overpower this poor man and start to grind him down.

Suddenly she stopped and was watching me fingering myself. I stopped and felt embarrassed at being caught masturbating by my mother, but she just exhibited a wicked smile, that exuded sheer beauty and a naughtiness than made my nipples ache, “I want you to fuck my daughter first”, she told the startled old man, “I want you to fill her tiny virginal cunt with your old semen”, “God what dirty talk”, flashed through my mind, even I were excited at being described as a piece of ‘old man fuck meat to be inseminated’.

The old man slide across to where I sat and immediately started to kiss me on my open mouth. I felt his hand slide down my panties and finger my wet pussy as his tongue licked my tonsils.
One glance at mother I saw she was naked and sitting open legged with her knees drawn up under her chin, even in the reddened sky I could see her waxed taut pussy glisten, she was wetting as much as I was.

A sip of wine and then, “Fuck her, go on get your cock into her”, she said, and as he grunted in response, I watched as mother guided the wine bottle down and push it into pussy and slowly masturbate with it as I was pushed onto my back and mounted by the old man, following mother’s orders.

I know I have said cock size is not important as a girls sensitive bits are all at the entrance to her pussy, but fuck me, I was left dangling on the end of that monster cock like a rag doll, I swear I would have grabbed the wine bottle from my own mother’s pussy and hit him with it, had he cum too soon.

As he fucked I realised there was a new sensation happening down there, mother had joined us and was using her experienced tongue on his ass-hole, his balls, his shaft as it fucked me, and my clitoris, was lavished with her copious saliva and tonguing, I was ascending and descending on a roller coaster of sexual depravity, now this is what mothers should be teaching their daughter, how to fuck men and each other, as I orgasmed, gripping her beautiful blond locks and pressing her into my filled crotch.

I slowly pulled myself upwards off his massive cock until my pussy lay on his mouth and and felt him lick me and grown loudly.
I looked back to see my mother straddled on his cock and ride it like a filly right out of a rodeo. She was dirty in her mouth as she fucked him, her words were meant to extract maximum semen into her hungry cunt, as his mouth and tongue raked through my own labia and fuck hole, left gaping by the enormity of his size not reaming my mothers.

What music to a man’s ears in hearing a mother and daughter’s voices, merge into an aria of orgasmic bliss, I kind off like this inc*stuous saliva mixing with the sweetness of vaginal mucous, and the idea of a girl falling from a mother no further than a tongues length away.

2.) Let’s make a Porno

I watched my first porn as a young girl and as a result, inadvertently, kick started my own sexuality, through masturbation and little scenarios of showing myself through flashing, and teasing older men who would pay me to take my knickers down and watch them jacking off.

Sex for me was fun, because it gave me a sense of power and my orgasms were of the highest quality, because I was willing to get into it with these lonely men and give sexual pleasure.

There is a bus shelter we used to meet to catch the bus to school and it was there one early morning in the Winter when everything is dark at that time, I saw his light go on and he walked in front of the window and wanked himself as I sat watching, amongst other girls who were all sleeping or talking.
His window was across from the bus stop and it felt he was targeting just me and it made me feel warm and tingly that a man liked me that much.

One morning I arrived and there was just two girls sitting smoking when I went to the entrance side of the shelter and saw him again, both girls had their back to him so he was really doing it for me, and I did something that made me almost wet myself, I lifted my skirt and let him see me, standing with my body side on and half out of the shelter, and I saw the white spurts of cum on the glass, after which I waved in my own quiet way. I felt empowered by letting him know he was successful with at least one of the girls.

Our little clandestine shows were becoming daily morning routines and I found myself enthusiastically arriving earlier and earlier until I was able to show more of myself daringly, especially when I was ovulating, my need for sexual gratification was quite powerful, and on such a day, when I arrived, he was in the bus shelter, waiting for me.

There was a mixture of fear and sexual excitement, but when he spoke I felt strangely relaxed, he was offering me to go back to his house and have fun, and as he spoke he reached out and slipped his hand between my legs and worked it up to my crotch and touched me intimately, I almost cummed on his fingers, I felt like putty in his hands and the thought of us being naked together and just doing it was too much.
I was in bed with him for ten hours and just did not want to stop.

His son, who was at University and fifteen years older than me, became an item in my life so much so he never knew about me and his dad being lovers or that his dad was a p**o, not that it bothered me, as most men would find it hard to turn down a girl wanting sex, as much as girls do when our bodies are full of hormones and giving us dirty thought and urging us to fuck.

On the night we married, I had sex with his daddy first then him, I was marrying them both, one without the other did not appeal to me, I was 22 when I married his son, by then I had known him for nearly six years and his father, three years more than that.

3.) The night his friend came to stay.

“Look, if you want to bring someone back and do your own thing, watching us, I don’t mind”. My husband looked shocked at my candid observational remark, his face looked confused, probably more so at my knowledge of his cuckold tendencies, to be fucked by a man as he watched and pleasured himself. I had suspected correctly, and his dawning smile told me as much, so I added with a little more piquancy, “Just make sure he has a big cock and the staying power to satisfy me”.

That night he did not, but our openness made for some good sex as both our minds allowed our fantasies to indulge on what might have been.

I was six months pregnant and feeling not so great about myself physically, so when he went out to have a drink with his friends I stayed at home and eventually went to bed before he got back.
Because he snored when drinking he slept in the the other bedroom as not to disturb me, so in the morning when I got up I saw I had slept alone and got up to make some coffee.

There were a few dishes by the sink so I filled the basin t give them a hand wash and put on the coffee before doing that. As I stood by the sink my husband came into the kitchen and without word of warning, pressed himself against my body and I could surprisingly, feel his urgent need for me.

It had been a few months now since our last intimacy, and it felt nice, especially this early in the morning and so I pushed back against him, confirming my need for this urgency too.
He pushed my breasts free and began fondling them to the point I was lactating and it ran down my skin, then my pyjamas bottom were over my hips and mid-thigh when I felt his erection slid inside me and now, without as much as one syllable being uttered between us we were fucking like a couple of horny schoolk**s, I was audibly grunting like a sow in heat, begging to be fucked and calling my husband daddy, in reference to inc*stuous family delights, I knew my husbands weak points, so I was rewarding him as much as he was pleasing me.

Both our orgasms were audible on the Richter scale, my own being higher, it had been a long time coming, but it was a bit of a knee jerker just the same.

“Coffee”, I asked him as I stepped from my pyjamas bottom’s now at my ankles, and bunched on the floor? He walked into the living room, turned back and looking over his shoulder, saying, “Yes”, as he pushed through the swing door.

I was naked as I followed him in, feeling he had earned his cup, and then, as I went into the room, I stood absolutely frozen to the spot as his friend John, sat there, just exploring every inch of my naked pregnant body.

I put the cup down and went back into the kitchen feeling a strange flesh sweep over me. I pulled my pyjamas back on and went through to confront both men, who were making light of what had just transpired.

I tried to defend my honer, but my sexual libido had made that look pathetic, “Besides”, said my husband, “you have always agreed to another man in our relationship”. I looked at John and felt myself blush and then turn back and went into the kitchen to pour John a coffee.

My husband came into the kitchen and said he was taking a shower, that he and John were going down the club to watch the match.
I was past caring and if the truth be told, I had just experienced a fantasy I did not know was happening. I took John’s coffee back into him, hearing the shower running in the bathroom.
“Did you see us fucking”? I asked John and he nodded he had been watching us.
“Did you wank yourself”? I was looking him in the eyes, more self conscious of the noise of water running from the shower.
I think John was beginning to catch my drift, he answered me, “I would prefer to fuck you instead”.

Three minutes later as my husband showered I straddled John as he lay on his back on out living room carpet, riding his cock, licking the side of his face and telling him he could fuck me whenever he wanted me.

The shower stopped and my husband emerged, apologising for his naughty prank, I accepted his apology, feeling Johns semen run down my inner thighs, five minutes was all it took, no wonder they say, “Great things come in small packages”, not that John was small by any stretch of the imagination, I am talking on a time scale, in and out, ‘wham bang thank you maam’, sort of stuff.

4.) Pub pickups and being a slut

Most cuckold men like to dictate, I know my first experience was like that, but I eventually tired of my husbands constant demands of telling my lover what to do and what not to do, it was ruining my pleasure, and I think he forgot in his eagerness to express his new found power of offering my services at a whim.
I wanted to have my fuck the way I like to be fucked, and try out my own long forgotten techniques on an appreciative guy.
In the one week we got into it, I had two lovers and the first one was sort of clandestine, and had his fun before i got wind of it and fucked off early in the morning, so that weekend I demanded a second man, on my terms, which meant I could go into slutty mode and actually feel like a girl being used and discarded, such a fucking turn on, in my head.

But let me explain what happened with the first guy. It was getting late and I had been mulling over sex when my husband came back with a guy, not much to my taste, and no hint he brought him back for me to mess around with.
They settled down drinking and excused myself and went to bed, soon I was starting to drift and dozed off. I had been smoking some weed and popped a pill and downed it with a glass of red.

I was having what I could only describe as an erotic dream, and I was drifting in and out of actually having some good sex, my husband riding me from behind, and I was making all the usual noises in such a liberated fashion, and thankfully, I had had sufficient satisfaction when he eventually cummed inside me.

I was out like a light when we finished and awoke feeling really fresh and a very satisfied girl. I got up and went to the spare bedroom where my husband slept when he had been drinking heavily and i was surprised to see the bed had not been slept in, so I went into the living room and there he was sound asleep on the sofa, snoring.

I made coffee as my peace offering for such a good fuck, when it suddenly dawned on my he was still fully dressed, even down to his shoes.

As I carried the coffee into him I realised the man he had brought back to the flat, was the man who had confidently stripped naked and slipped in behind me, penetrated me, and relieved himself, deep inside my pussy, encouraged with my dreamlike response, as any woman would, awakening to being fucked, and pushing back onto his cock and feeling his warm semen being ejaculated inside my willing body, and all this happening as my husband slept.

I stopped in my tracks and steadied myself, feeling the ghost like feeling of this strangers cock still moving deep in my crotch, flashes of momentary anger and overpowering feeling of submission, knowing I had enjoyed being fucked and had several orgasms on his cock, gripping it as my body responded helpless to his thrusting, and the shame on knowing there was a bond I accepted we had experienced, he knew my weakness and how I felt, and how easy I would be if he cornered me again.

I continued walking to my husband with his coffee, I felt like a slut, a slut with a warm glow that I did something I enjoyed, and yes, if I met his friend in the pub, it might be just another cock, but a cock I knew could give me something I liked, I think there is a bit of me in every woman, as she pretends to resist men pulling her legs apart, touch my pussy and see how wet I am, it’s as plain as a man’s erection and we all know the best place to hide a hard-on, is inside the wet pussy it got hard for in the first place.

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