“Welcome home, Akiriya,” smiled Antoine Richards.
“We’re happy to have you,” added Jason McGee.
“Thanks,” the pregnant teen fidgeted with a ring on her finger.
“It’s okay,” said the social worker. “Antoine and Jason are kind.”
“Okay,” the 15 year-old replied.

“Thanks, Shavon,” Jason gestured towards the door.

“Come with me, Akiriya! I’ll show you to your room,” Antoine said. “You can leave your suitcase there. Jason will bring it.”

The apprehensive minor mother-to-be followed behind the five-nine, pudgy, brown-skinned effeminate man. He showed her to a nicely decorated room containing a full-size bed, desk, chair, bookcase, dresser with mirror, & drawer chest. “It’s nice,” she finally cracked a smile.

“Glad you like it! It’s all yours reiterated,” the recruitment specialist.
“Fro real,” he eyes widened.
“For real,” the dumpy gut nodded. “Through here is your bathroom. You’ll share it with our other foster daughter.”

Antoine knocked on the closed door.

“Yeah,” yelled a delicate voice.
“Can I come in,” he asked.
“Hey, Jarrika! This is Akiriya. She’ll be joining us for a while. Akiriya meet Jarrika.”

The girl who inhabited this bedroom looked Akiriya up and down. “Nice to meet you! How far along are you?”
“Five months,” Akiriya sighed.
“Cool I’ve been there,” Jarrika threw back her quilt. “I’m 30 weeks myself. Are you seeing Miss Janeen?”
“She’s really good. You’ll like it here. They’re good cooks and they’re smart. Really helped me with my homework.”
“That’s great!”

“Well,” Antoine interjected. “I’ll let you two get acquainted. I’ll have Jason put your suitcase in your room. We’ll help you unpack if you need it. Dinner will be ready in an hour. Jarrika can you take care of her for a bit?”

“I got it,” beamed the 17 year-old.
“Thank you,” he disappeared.

Jason McGee and Antoine Richards had recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. Though they’d been a mostly committed couple that entire time, they’d only been legally married for 2-½ years. They owned the four-bedroom, 3.5-bath home together. Jarrika was their fourth foster c***d and first to be pregnant. They enjoyed her so much, they requested to specialize with this demographic.


Across town LaRonn Clarke was just waking up. The ex-con grabbed his phone and placed a call.

“Hey, daddy,” answered Akiriya.
“Hey, baby! Did you make it to the new foster family yet?”
“Oh yeah! They’re nice! I got my own my room and everything.”
“That’s good, sweetheart. I promise I’m workin’ on gettin’ us a place so you can come live wit’ me.”
“I know you are. I know it ain’t easy. But, you’re trying.”
“I am, baby! I’ma try to get your brother too. That gon’ be a li’l harder, but we gon’ figure it out.”

“Well I gotta get up and get ready for work. Can’t wait to see you Saturday.”
“I can’t wait either. Have a good night!”
“You too, princess. I love you.”
“Love you too, daddy!”

LaRonn had to close his eyes and count to 10. He paid close attention to his breathing. He felt bad for having gotten locked up and being out of Akiriya’s life for the past seven years. He blamed himself for her ending up like him and her mom – a teenage parent.

As a felon, there were not a lot of options available, but he had found work at a household plastics plant as a packer. He worked 12-hour shifts – 7:00 p.m. till 7:00 a.m. Four days on, three days off, three days on, four days off. The pay wasn’t too bad either for what he was doing. Still, it would be a stretch to fully support two people much less a third. He also picked up some maintenance type jobs on his off days when he could.

The five-foot-eight, 165-pound, light-skinned dude had a slender frame, but a buff chest and slight love handles.

He got up from the twin-bed in the room he shared with another former inmate. He went into the hall bathroom and hopped in the shower. He lived in 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit with three other guys total. All four were felons. He got ready for work, packed a ham sandwich & some chips, and locked the door. He walked down to the bus stop and waited.


Erich Hill was looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this evening. It had been relatively busy at his salon for a weekday. He was ready to sip on some vodka and cranberry. He remembered the call one of his tenants put in about bathroom tiles coming up.

“Shit,” he cursed out loud. He spoke to his Android Auto saying, “Google, call L-C-B-D.”

“Dialing L-C-B-D,” the system confirmed.

“Hello,” the gruff voice said.
“Hey, LaRonn it’s Erich Hill. How are ya?”
“I’m good, mane! You?”
“Not bad. I was wondering if you’re off any this week. One of my tenants said some tiles are coming up in her bathroom. I thought you might want the work.”
“Hell yeah! I’m not off till Friday. But I can come by when I get off work in the mornin’.”
“Let me check with her. How late can I let you know about in the morning?”
“Shiiid! Just text me. I’ll be checkin’ my phone on my breaks and lunch. But if you say yeah, I’m comin’.”
“You’re a lifesaver! I’ll let you know.

Erich contacted Ms. Dinah Reese who rented the one-bedroom unit that was on the daylight basement level of the triplex he owned. He asked if he could have someone work on the bathroom floor tomorrow morning. She said it was fine. He reminded her to have her little poodle blocked off for the maintenance guy.

“Sure thing, hun,” Dinah said.

Erich turned his 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid onto the street where he lived. He parked inside the one-car garage. He opened the door to his three-level unit that contained a 12×12 TV room & a half bath with combo laundry. He walked up to the main floor where there was a living room, a dining area and a galley kitchen plus another half bath. Above him, on the top level, there were three bedrooms and one full bath.

Erich pulled a frozen lasagna from the freezer and turned on the over. Then, he fixed a beverage.


At the McGee-Richards house, Jason, Antoine, Jarrika, and Akiriya had just sat down for dinner. In the middle of the table sat a dish of tater tot casserole made with ground chicken, taco seasoning, and cheese. There were also three small bowls containing guacamole, sour cream or salsa for toppings.

Antoine prepared it and swore he’d never heard of it before meeting the biracial Jason. But, he’d made it his own. And with the six-foot-two, big-boned, beige brotha being a meat & potatoes, it was always a hit.

Jason held out his hands. Antoine and Jarrika did the same. Akiryia emulated them. “Would you like to say the blessing, Jarrika?”

“Sure, Jason! Let us bow our heads. Dear Lord, we thank you for this meal and for all of us at this table. Please bless it for the nourishment of our minds’ bodies, and souls. Amen.”

“Amen,” the other rang out in unison.

“That was a nice prayer,” Akiriya said spooning out a helping of the main dish.
“Thanks,” said Jarrika. “I never really blessed food till I came here.”

“We don’t force religion or faith on anyone. We just want to give thanks to our Higher Power for the blessings we have,” explained Antoine. “So, please don’t feel like you have to do it the same way as Jarrika.”
“It’s cool,” she replied. “This is good! What is it?”
“Tater tot casserole,” Jason chuckled. “Antoine got the recipe from my mama.”
“Tell your mama I love it,” the new resident smiled.
“Will do,” Jason confirmed finally getting the dish.


On his first break, LaRonn saw the text from Erich saying he could do it in the morning. He replied asking if the guy could pick him up from the bus stop around 8:13 a.m. He was pretty sure the hairdresser would do it. He also did some light maintenance at Erich’s salon which wasn’t too far from the halfway house where he was staying.


The next morning, Antoine was up and at it. Today he toasted bagels and scrambled eggs. He handed Jason a lunch cooler filled with two turkey ham & turkey salami sandwiches, two apples, a container of carrot & celery slices, a pack of peanut butter crackers, and a frozen ice pack. He kissed his husband goodbye. Antoine worked remotely every day. And, Jason telecommuted two to three times a week so he was going into this office today.

Antoine and the young women ate breakfast. Akiriya gave the blessing. After eating, Jarrika cleared the table.

Antoine helped Akiriya get logged into the all-in-one desktop computer in her bedroom. He reviewed the schedule with her. She acknowledged understanding.

Both Jarrika and Akiriya had elected to take classes through the school system’s virtual program. This worked out well at the McGee-Richards household since one or both of them were there during the day.

Erich woke up and looked at his phone. He sent a message back to LaRonn saying to let him know when he was close to the bus stop. He then saw the text from Tawanna Harrison, the wife and mother of the family that lived in the third unit. She was letting him know that her husband had put a check for the first half of the rent in the mailbox this morning.

Erich allowed the Akmad & Tawanna to pay their rent on a bi-monthly basis to match their pay schedule. He didn’t charge them anything extra for it other than an additional $250 he’d tacked onto the deposit when they signed the lease. He’d even allowed them to spread that out over four payments.

The couple with three c***dren were good tenants. And often, Akmad would do maintenance work if she asked. The Harrions’ dwelling was had two floors with three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and a living room & dining room separated by a kitchen.

He heard the phone vibrate and saw that LaRonn expected to arrive in ten minutes. He washed his face real quick and hit the hot spots with the soapy rag too. He threw on bright yellow sweat pants and black fleece. He rushed out the door.


LaRonn waited patiently until he saw the graphite blue pearlcoat sedan. He walked over and got inside. “Sup, E,” he smiled.

“Not much, LaRonn! Thanks so much for doing this. You hungry?”
“A li’l,” he said.
“I got some eggs and hot links at home. I can whip you up a little something before you get started.”
“Good lookin’ fah real!”

Erich pulled into the garage and led the way up the stairs. LaRonn went into the restroom. Erich pulled out the ingredients – eggs, diced onion & bell pepper, shredded cheese, and the sausages. He fried the links and scrambled the eggs adding salt and black pepper. He put it on a paper plate and set it on the bar in front of where LaRonn was now sitting. “Something to drink?”


LaRonn ate quickly. Force of habit from prison Erich supposed.

“How are things going,” the landlord inquired.
“It’s goin’. Just tryna make it, ya know.”
“I hear that.”
“I admire you, mane! You got yo’ head on straight, you own yo’ businesses. I need to get like you.”
“You’ll get there. You’re doing all the right things. I didn’t get this overnight.”
“I feel you. I just feel a lotta pressure right now.”

“What’s going on,” the five-foot-six, plump booty guy asked taking a seat next to his guest.

“I told you I got a daughter. She 15 right. Well, she pregnant. She was livin’ wit’ her moms, but she got busted on some d**g shit wit’ her sorry ass nigga. My daughter and her other k** got put in foster care. I can see my baby girl on visitation, but I want her outta the system. But, I can’t get her ‘cause I’m in a halfway house.”

“Yeah. That is a lot. It’d be tough for anybody,” the cosmetologist empathized. “Don’t beat yourself up. You’ll figure it out.”
“Yeah! Can I get another water?”
“You know them cakes lookin’ right!”
“Dat booty!”

“I thought you didn’t really get down,” Erich teased.
“I don’t,” LaRonn told the truth. “I ain’t done nuttin’ wit’ nobody since we fucked the last time.”
“You want some?”
“Hell yeah!”

LaRonn hopped up. He bounded up the stairs behind the effeminate man who measured 33-30-35.

Erich took out the engorged dick. It was already stiff like metal. Fully nine inches long with nice thickness too. He began sucking it.

LaRonn massaged the soft, pliable cheeks. He smacked them too for good measure.

Erich tooted his juicy ass in the air and spread it open. LaRonn stuck his dick inside.

“Damn, nigga,” whined Erich. “Be gentle!”
“You can take it, baby,” the packer barked.
“Oh fuck, LaRonn!”
“Look at this big ass jigglin’ on mah dick!”
“Oh yeah, Daddy! Give me that big dick!”
“You like how I fuck dis pussy!”
“Yes sir! Oh my god!”
“You gon’ let me make dis my pussy?”
“Yes, Daddy! It’s yours.”

“I don’t jus’ fuck around wit’ anybody! You got me deep in yo’ fag pussy!”
“Oh, LaRonn! Fuck meeeeeee!”

They changed positions. Now Eric lay on his back with one leg extended out flat and the other raised in the air, but bent at the knee. LaRonn straddled the sissy’s extended leg, while holding onto her other to control penetration. The guilt-ridden father went deep.

“Ah fuck, nigga,” wailed Erich.
“You like this dick, dontcha?”
“God yes!”
“Yo’ pussy hella good,” the 32 year-old remarked.
“Fuck me.”
“Ride me, baby! Get on top.”

Erich climbed aboard going reverse cowgirl.

LaRonn admired the rotund booty. He spanked it. “Look at dat ass! Look jus’ like a woman!”
“Oh, Daddy! Fuck me!”

LaRonn couldn’t take it any more. He howled and shot a humongous load in Erich’s boipussy.

They cleaned up and Erich ushered the maintenance guy to Dinah’s unit.

LaRonn had half of the job finished when Erich came in saying they had to get ready to go.

On the drive across town, LaRonn decided to shoot his shot. “You know we could do this on da regular,”

“Yeah. you let me move in. I’ll kick in on rent and grocery and shit. Do your maintenance. Fuck dat pussy right.”
“You can’t be serious,” Erich brushed it off. “You’re mostly straight.”
“I mean I done fucked you a couple times. I did it a few times when I was in da pen. I’m down for it obviously.”
“I don’t want you doing something you don’t wanna do.”

“I really just wanna get custody of my daughter. Not trying to live with you forever if dat’s too much, but it’d be great if you could help me out by letting me stay for six months. I’ll get my own place I swear. It just kill me she in foster care,” LaRonn laid it all on the line.

“So, you’re willing to go gay to get custody of your c***d.”
“I’d feel terrible like I was holding you hostage.”
“It ain’t like dat. Like I said I enjoy yo’ ass. I won’t disrespect you. I’ll pay my share.”
“That’s a lot to think about. I wanna help, I’m just afraid this may be too much.”
“Don’t you want a husband and a family.”

“I do,” Erich admitted. “But I didn’t think it’d be like this.”
“Most things in life don’t be what we thought they was gon’ be. But they can still work out great if we make the best.”
“But would either of us be happy?”
“We’d be happy if we choose to be happy.”
“Let me see if I have any friends with openings in the rental units.”
“Jus’ think about it. I really could be witchu.”

Erich pulled up to the curb of the fourplex that contained the apartment where LaRonn was living. “I promise I’ll give it some real thought. Okay?”

“Okay, baby! I ain’t gon’ pressure you. But think about it. Think about dis,” he grabbed Erich’s arm and put the driver’s hand on his crotch. “See ya later.” LaRonn opened the door and got out.


Erich drove away. He had much to consider…

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