First let me tell you a little about myself.
At 40 I ended up divorced with little left for myself. I picked myself up and worked as many hours a day as I could. I had a full time job in London with a very good salary and also started to work self employed buying, renovating and selling houses.
Over the first year I did well ending up keeping one of the houses and renting it out. This pattern continued over the following 10 years ending up with me owning a nice portfolio of houses for rent and in both England and the Canaries therefor quitting my full time job and retiring living off my savings and rental income of the properties.

I was happy in the first year living well and travelling but being on my own I started to get bored and realised I was paying people to cut grass, mend fences, paint my houses and all the other small jobs that had over the last 10 years become easy to me.

After some thought I decided that I was going to start doing these jobs myself and keep myself occupied and stop the oncoming boredom from driving me crazy or to drink.

So here I am now 52 years old driving a nice 4 x 4 mowing lawns, fixing fences and any other small job that tenants need doing.

All the tenants think is im the company handyman with a nice car for the job.

I like it that way.

Back to the present and last weeks 6 monthly house visits to check the tenants and properties.
On turning up to on of my nicer properties on the edge of a Village in Leicestershire.
Set just outside the village on an acre of land, sits a nice 4 bed with views over a beautiful lake from the rear decking. You can even sit in the hot tub in the corner of the decking watching the sun go down with no one able to see you.

There was supposed to be a couple in their mid 40´s in there, no k**s just the 2 of them.
For me perfect.
4 bed house 2 people less wear and tear.

On turning up I parked up on the edge of the front drive and got my clip board out with the standard check list.
The outside of the house looked well maintained with the front garden looking stunning.
(not my work)
I knocked on the front door but no response. Seeing only one of the tenants cars on the drive I rang again whilst checking the folder that I had dropped off the notice that I would be here today to do my checks. After finding the copy of the letter I had dropped off and confirming that it was the correct day and time I was happy, so proceded to walk to the side gate to check the perimitter fencing before ending up walking up the rear lawn towards the back of the house.
As I neared the rear of the property I could hear music playing along with some low voices.
As I got closer I could clearly make out not one voice but definitely 2 if not 3 voices. Thinking that they were sat on the decking enjoying the sunshine instead of the recent rains I thought nothing of it and just approached as normal.
I must have been only 20 feet away before I realised that there were 3 people in the hottub.
A few empty bottles of wine sat by the side of it and 1 open with half empty glasses on the ledge of the hottub.
Not wanting to startle them I coughed several times rather loudly thinking that It must be Jan and a couple of her friends just enjoying the day.

I was in for a bit of a shock when first the other woman then a man jumped up and ran in to the house naked with the woman making some very weird shrieking noises.
The guy was running with his cock swinging side to side swearing like a sailor.
Im not sure at this point if I was in shock or what but Jan just stood up naked as the others and asked what I was doing their.
Trying not to stare at her tits with hard nipples or clean shaven pussy with its pouting lips was hard and it must have taken me a few seconds to reply as she repeated herself to me once again.

Im sorry but I dropped a letter around the other week about the biannual inspection today, your husband rang to office to confirm that it would be ok.
I rang the door bell and knocked several times before continuing with the inspection.
All I got in reply was an Oh Oh.

now it must have been obvious that I was staring at her body with stunning tits and clearly aroused pussy, as she just asked if I liked what I was looking at.

Erm sorry was all I could muster.

I take it by the look of the front of your trousers you are came her response.

I will come back in a while, when your dressed. I will just be in my car having a coffee. Sorry again.

I swear she grinned or it was almost a smile.

But off I went.

I had bearly got in the car and poured my coffee when my phone bleeped.
A text message saying it was safe to come in now.
As I got to the front door it opened just enough to let me in.

She stood there in a gown tied loosely around the front.

Sorry about that she said. I can´t remember my husband saying the inspection was today and to be honest I was a little occupied as you saw.

Thats ok and sorry for ruining your day. I didn´t mean to interupt your little party. Was all I could think of.

With Jan in the lead she showed me around the house all looking great including what was walking infront of me.
As we approached the last of the bedrooms Jan asked me to be quiet and slowly opened the door.

As we wandered in there were her friends clearly too busy to be aware of us as she was sat on top of him, her tits in hand and his hands helping her up and down on his shaft.
Jan just looked at me again and asked if it looked good in there.

I didn´t answer just watched as her friends were fucking away slowly her moaning loudly and him raising and lowering her on his glistening shaft.

It was with a jolt when she shoved me that I came out of my trance.
Just in time to hear her repeat the question. Does it look good in there?

Well from the little I could see it looked great I reponded.

Good now shall we go back outside so we can complete this.

As we got near the hottub on the decking she just dropped the gown, bent down slowly to pick it up legs slightly spread looking over her shoulder as she did, before continuing to the tub and stepping slowly into the water.

I looked at her and couldn´t shake the image of her bending over legs spread just enough for me to see her sweet looking pussy with its lips pouting.

Again she asked if I was enjoying the view as it looked like I was trying to escape my trousers.

Then she said can I ask you something?

What would it take for you not to mention this to my husband?
With me now standing maybe one foot from the hot tub her hand found my cock rubbing it through my trousers. A smile forming on her face as she started to undo my belt and lower the zipper.
Well she asked. What would it take for you to keep this our little secret?

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