A few weeks ago I was hired to do some temping work at a nearby office, I was dressed to impress with my low cut pinstripe suit showing my ample cleavage and my little short skirt just about covering my fishnet stocking tops.
The boss was quite a few years older than me, I would say he was in his mid to late sixties but a handsome guy, we hit it off straight away, he was very chatty and made me feel very welcome, he started to tell me all about his hobby which turned out to be amateur photographer and how he likes taking landscape and portrait pictures and would love the opportunity to take some sexy photo’s of younger women, so after a while, I let him into my little secret and told him all about me posting my naughty pictures onto Xhamster, which seemed to get him really excited, he asked me very politely if he could take a few shots of me and said he would double my money and as times were hard for us at the moment.
I thought ,Hey! what the heck.

He got his camera out of its case and started to take a few photo’s, it started off very innocent with me just posing, holding my glasses in my mouth, doing a couple of pouting looks to the camera, I also sat on the chair so he got a glimpse up my ever rising skirt, he seemed happy just clicking away with me doing a few other normal poses.
Then he asked me if I would play with my pussy for an extra £100. At this point I must admit I could feel myself getting wet down there so I didn’t have to think too long before I put my hand down my knickers and started to wank myself off and he started clicking away again, I could not believe I was exposing myself in front of a complete stranger, I think I was getting turned on more than him, I cum almost straight away but only gave out a little moan, as to not attract to much attention, by this time my pussy was soaking wet.
He ordered me to lie on the desk and pull my knickers to one side so he could take some pussy shots, his breathing was getting heavier and heavier as I moved my fingers all around my pussy lips, wanking myself so hard I came again but this time I didn’t hold back as a almighty orgasm shuddered through my whole body and I let out a loud scream, still clicking away I could see his massive bulge appearing in his trousers and he noticed me looking at it,
He told me he wanted me to suck him off for another £100 but by this time I was so turned on I would of done it for nothing, as he placed his camera down onto the desk I knelt in front of him and pulled his big cock out, I started teasing him first by kissing the tip of his knob and licking up and down his shaft, leaving my red lipstick marks all over his dick. I then tried to give my old boss deep throat but realised as I was gagging that his cock was just too fucking big. I wanked him off with one hand while softly running my nails around his ball sack with the other. He felt so nice and so big as I thrust my head back and forth along this old man’s cock, then without a warning he shot out a load of hot sticky spunk all the way down my throat which nearly chocked me, there was so much cum it was as if he hadn’t wanked himself off for years, I took his spurting cock from my mouth and aimed it so he shot the last remains over my tits.
To my amazement he hadn’t finished with me yet, he roughly turned me around, bent me over the desk then ripped my knickers off and entered me from behind, before I could say “I don’t let anyone else fuck me except my husband” he was fucking me like a man possessed, my old bosses cock was stretching my pussy like it had never been stretched before, I started wanking my pussy again as he was thrusting in and out of me, his cock felt so fucking good fucking me that I came a few times in a row but unfortunately he came straight away too! I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have another man’s cock in me. He pulled his dick out of me and his cum slowly trickled out my pussy and down my leg, I ran to the ladies room to clean myself off and when I entered the office again my boss was sitting at his desk with a bunch of letters in his hand that he said needed to be typed and sent out asap.
We didn’t get much work done that day but I have to admit it was one of the sexiest days I have ever had and the best ever pay day too!

But how was I going to explain my ripped knickers and where all the money came from to my husband?

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