Long time has passed since Olivia’s last visit in to her headmistress’ office. Time long enough for the young girl to forget herself, get cocky and careless again, and therefore enough to get herself into trouble big enoug for her to be called in for the second time this year. Olivia instantly recollected what the call and prompt appointment were going to mean for her. Shame, a lot of it. Humilating herself. Enduring spiralling pain. Fighting back all the uncomfortable, unforgivable feelings.  When she was waiting outside the headmistress’ office the girl was already feeling the knot in her stomach forming and twisting, the heat creeping to her cheeks. She knocked on the door and waited for the invite; after he entered the room she just stood near the entrance, her head low and eyes on the floor.

The headmistress looked at Olivia up and down, also remaining silent. She had her way of dealing with things. The first time Olivia got herself under her scrutiny she let the girl go fairly quickly after making sure she made the girl feel chastened like she had never been before. The second time a student got in trouble, however, they couldn’t count on their treatment being a mere warning.
From the second time on, whatever their offence had been, it was considered perpetual. It was the right time for them to take the consequences upon their bare ass if the teacher decided upon it. The girl standing before her, now all shy and doubtingly humble, seemed to know what was coming. Anyhow, the headmistress had her speech to give before they should continue.

Olivia knew being reprimanded was just a minor part of the procedure that had just begun. She couldn’t force herself to listen: she was too busy trying to calm down her pounding heart. She already felt a little dizzy. Part of her was thrilled. Part of her was regretting everything she has ever done against any rule ever stated. Part of her was already burning inside, aroused. Part of her just wanted to run and never look back.
The teacher measured the girl up and down with her stern gaze once more.
– I must admit I am not shocked, Olivia – the woman shook her head in pity. – Somehow I knew you’ll be sent here back again sooner or later. It is not my concern, though. It should be you who regrets it. Now… – she pointed at Olivia’s lower body half – get yourself prepared.
It was winter already and Olivia was weaing thick tights under her woolen skirt. Should she remove them completely? Had she to remove her underwear too? Olivia opened her mouth but couldn’t bring herself to ask any question.
– Come on now, I don’t have all day for your doubts! It is too late for that – teacher scolded. – Just roll your tights down already, it’ll be enough. For now.
The last part send shivers down the girl’s spine. Olivia did what she was told. Briefly after straightening her back, she jumped with surprise upon feeeling the headmistress’ hand grabbing her arm and the other one pulling her briefs up. Oh, so the teacher was making sure it’s her bare flesh that gets it? How damn delightful, Olivia thought. Her arm still in the woman’s grip, the girl was ordered to lie on the desk. At first Olivia didn’t get it. Lie? How on earth…? And when she again just stood there, confised, a pair of surprisingly strong hands quickly made it obvious to her. She had been flipped arround, pushed back and her legs went up in the air. Olivia was still in shock when she realised that she was lying on her back on cold, wooden countertop, holding her closed legs up, with rolled tights around her ankles, skirt falling back onto her lap. Why on earth, from all possible positions to get spanked, she had to end up like this…?
Olivia felt a knot tightening in her stomach and warmth getting to her cheeks. Here it goes again… She already knew how she could react to certain sensations… Yet, she didn’t know what exactly to expect  from the headmistress. It terrified her in all ways possible; she tried to empty her mind. She layed still, silent and posed in shame, while her teacher ostentibly strolled away to pick up a tool for the treatment at hand. Olivia was told to choose: leather paddle, looking like a belt folded in two, or this straight wooden paddle? The girl felt lump in her throat forming. It was coming, inevitably. It was comming so bad. She hesitated. She supposed a belt to an ass felt pretty bad; still leather seemed like something at least softer than wood. After stating her choice she immidiately looked away, feeling her cheeks burning. “Holy fucking damn”, she thought, “it’s comming”.

First hit came like a shock, with a loud clasp against Olivia’s already slightly sweaty skin. The next few she took in silence. The belt felt sharp on her skin, leaving a stinging line across both her buttcheeks, somewhere on the height of her asshole. Her underwear covered nothing more than her most private parts. in the middle. The force that landed down each leather stroke surprised her, making her uncomfortable position even harder to maintain. After a minute or two, Olivia started to feel the stinging sensation from her lower buttcheeks radiating up. Already? Every next slap of the belt resonated deeper. And deeper. And deeper. Damn that teacher, she really knew how to measure her hits. After yet another minute Olivia yelped after every single one of them.
She yelp yet again when she suddenly felt a grip on her ankles. Why was that? Olivia wasn’t wriggling that much though but the woman decided to keep her in place anyway, shifting herself up above the girl. Olivia didn’t see or understand fully what was that shuffle; it made her nervous but gave her a break she needed. When the leather came into very close contact with Olivia from that new angle, the poor girl tried her best to dodge but to no avail. The strokes moved dangerously up, coming in turns just where her ass met her tights. Right, left, right, left… It was agonoising, making the poor girl pant in pain and apprehension. “Please no, please no, not there-” she reapeated desperately in her mind.  Her inner tights, at their highest points, were Olivia’s tender place, far more sensitive for treatment like current one. As her ankles were already held, she involuntarily tried yanking them to the side. She knew it would lead her nowhere, making her teacher angry at best, but she just couldn’t help it – just like she couldn’t keep in her loud, desperate yelps anymore. It started with just “oomph!” and somtimes an “oww…”. As time mercilessly dragged on her, one or two might had sounded like “n-no–”, however at least she managed no “please” or “sorry”. Olivia prayed in her mind it would end soon, before she could start feeling weird and tingly again-

Wait, was she feeling all tingly already? The heat was spilling all over her lower tights and up her butt. The stinging was painful above all but… there was something. That something irritated Olivia to no end. Something made her feel her nipples stiffen underneath her shirt. Something make her stomach muscle tighten. Something made her feel like she needed to pee. And when Olivia was shaking her head to her own thoughts, grunting and hissing, the headmistress had noticed the change in her brassy student’s attitude.
– Keep your act together, girl! – she taunted. She glanced over Olivia’s sore, reddened butt and decided it needed a fast corrective round.  – Or do I need to smack you right where it would hurt the most?
– N- ngh-… o- oh- owww-aaaahhh-my gaawd! – Olivia cried out histerically but headmistress went on without mercy.
– Do I?! – she stopped and the girl’s exasperated panting was the only answer she got. – At least this time I can see it is getting through to you.
Olivia only whimpered, finally left to sober up. The break, however, didn’t last more than a minute or even a half.
– Is it?
– Owww….
Headmistress’ qualified wrist swung and this time she didn’t leave the middle out. The belt hit the girl right across her private parts. Olivia held her breath when she felt it again and again. “Holy fucking shit” was all she could think right now. How long it could have been already? Familiar tingling was growing every second. The girl cursed herself in her mind. Not again. Not in this position! She was trying to keep her breath steady, inhaling deeply, however Olivia felt it pretty clearly and intensely. Getting hopelessly, improperly wet and too agitated for her dignity to withhold. She tried her best for her whimpers not to become moans. She wasn’t that hopeless. She wasn’t that desperate. She really wasn’t. She just wanted it to stop. She wanted to…
– Ma’am–… it- really–… really- hurts…! – she forced out.
– That’s what it is supposed to do, Olivia!
The girl grunted. She felt so helpless at mercy of someone else. There was no way the hits would stop, even though now they were only sparsely falling as sore reminders. It wasn’t helping at all. The girl shut her eyes. Her vaginal muscles were quivering, so she clenched them, keeping her pussy shut. Maybe this way the teacher wouldn’t notice. It felt relieving, in a way. But she couldn’t keep it clamped for too long, and this way Olivia ended up clenching and loosening her inner muscles. First in th rythm of upcoming hits, then…
– …mph- mm! ghh… augh, ah– a-ah–!
Olivia came back to her senses upon hearing her own voice.
It worked to shift her focus from the pain but now her clit was throbbing so much she felt as if she would explode if she won’t touch herself. “Don’t even think about that!”, she scolded herself. The licks of the paddle became incredibly painful after a while but all too teasing right where she needed something – anything – to touch her right now. She felt so close to orgasming for the last few minutes, yet so far away from that. No way she could have a hands-free orgasm lying on her headmistress hard, unforgiving desk in this shameful position, squirming in pain. No way! No… way… ugh… aah…

– You’re getting on my nerves with your moaning. What the hell is wrong with you? – the girl heard her teacher’s sharp voice breaking the silence. She snapped out of her haze again.
– I…! I really need to go pee…  – Olivia blurted quickly. It was a stupid excuse but it was first what came to her mind. And in all honesty, the feeling between her legs felt a little like it.
– Huh, do you…
– Yes, ma’am…
– Stand up.
Olivia stood up on command. Her skirt fell down to cover her emarassment. The woman examined her face from far too close an Olivia chickened out, looking immediately away.
– Do you really need to go to the bathroom right now? – teacher mocked and Olivia couldn’t find any way to react. Surely, it  didn’t last a good impression. – Does the wet stain on your underwear really mean you need to pee? – headmistress coldly remarked. Olivia felt her heart sink, chill shiver going down her spine, her cheeks burning. Panic made her dizzy. She locked her gaze on her shoes, wanting to dissapear and preferably to be reborn. The woman snickered. – I’m not letting you go with your bullshit excuse just because you cannot take your punishemnt properly.

Olivia stayed silent. Could it get any worse? Her pain was dulling away; her mind was fogged from the mixture of humilation, anticipation and remaining undefined yearing. When the teacher reached to grab her arm to throw the girl back to her pitiful fate, Olivia’s body yielded like clay. She got repositioned on the desk, her frame folded nicely into 90 degrees: her forearms flat on the counter, her ass up in the air. The girl felt the knot in her stomach tighten even more when she felt her skirt flying all the way up. Not again. She’ll go crazy. She froze when her teacher yanked up her briefs. It was better than them being yanked down, but… but… She felt her nipples still standing erect. She didn’t know anymore.
– Now, missy, you will learn some patience.
Smack! Blood rushing.
– …and some respect. Understood?
– …
– When you’re sore enough, you’ll learn to answer when you should.
– Waah–
– Will you?!
– Ii– y-yesma’am…! – Olivia managed to squeak.
– Take it like you should. Count it out loud!
The teacher hit hard, retaining the belt against Olivia’s bottom after she jolted ever so sligtly, not proceeding until she heard the accurate number from her student. For Olivia even going up to ten already felt like forever. Weighting out her pauses, panting loudly, trying not to howl, Olivia counted up to twenty five. She could barely keep it together at the end, her voice cracking, getting quieter and quieter up to the last number. She felt hot inside. Her clit was still throbbing despite all odds.
– Now, now, that’s how it should be. You finally sound timid – the teacher’s pleased voice reached her ears.
– AH! t-twenty six… hn…! twenty seven! – Olivia swallowed when her voice cracked. – Tw… enty eight…! huaah…! twenty nine…! oof–! t-THIRTY…!
The teacher dwelled in her student’s unsettled anticipation.
– Do you think you had enough? – she taunted but didn’t wait for an answer. – I think we can assume that.
Olivia sighed in relief but it came out more like a feeble whimper.
– Put your tights back on.
– Thank you, ma’am… – the girl uttered, still on the verge of crying.
Olivia bent down to dress herself; after she zipped the side of her winter uniform and held her head up, she could see the woman briefly smiled at her.
– You’re dismissed now. Try not to turn yourself in for the third time.

Olivia nodded, uttered some generic apology and left the office as quickly as she could.
She knew she had yet two periods left to attend but she couldn’t bring herself to go anywhere else than to hide in the bathroom. How she could possibly go to class, with her flushed face, moving awkwardly for god knows how long? Just to sit down on a solid chair for almost two hours? With all peers’ eyes already on her? No way. Only imagining it made her knees weaker than they already were. No way! Even though skipping class would be added to her already bulky record, Olivia decided to worry about it some other time. She needed to change her underwear first.

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