Sharing a French kiss with someone is so sweet and wonderful. French kissing someone’s anal area can be hot and sexy too. But there are certain ingredients that lead to wanting to get into oral to anal contact. For me, and most women, we have to be wild about the guy or girl we’re going to rim. And even then it is only tempting with those who have a super nice ass with a jewel of a rectum.

There are guys I’ve jerked off that I would not fuck. There are guys I have fucked that I would not want to rim. A rim job is a very intimate thing. And the giver runs the bacteria gauntlet. Then again, when a girl is crazy about a guy, she does not think in terms of bacteria or other negatives. The guy is desirable and that is the end of the story leading to the desire to tongue his nether region. When we look at a nice ass, we admire it. And most of us can admire an asshole if it belongs to someone we luv and desire.

Of course, one does not begin making out with an anal kiss. The situation is already steamy when a mouth moves to the ass and pulls those cheeks further apart. I remember one of the early sessions I had with a young stud and I was…A. turned on … and… B. wanting to show him I was no shy sister when it came to the more exotic sexual activities. With a pillow under his tummy I straddled his shoulders and put my face down to his ass. I pulled his butt cheeks apart and looked over the territory. I could view his asshole and the back of his ball sack. It all looked good so I spread his cheeks a bit further and began licking and kissing his asshole. I decided the other pillow on the bed also needed to be under him so I got him raised further. This way I didn’t have to keep spreading him as the new position had him quite accessible. I put my face to his ass again. Here was a sight: his rectum, perineum, and scrotum were just inches from my eyes. His glut muscles flanked my mouth as I kissed his fleshy, sexy, and tender asshole. Soon, the kissing and licking were joined by pushing my tongue into his asshole and getting some real penetration. I would slip a finger up there too to alternate with the tongue penetration. The anal scene eventually produces some earthy tastes and aromas. But when you’re crazy about a butt the questionable becomes all the more erotic and sexy. It was romantic to French kiss my lover’s asshole and I was into this romance.

Once, I had less-than-romantic feelings about a girl but we were in a lusty state and I was turned-on and excited about her body. I gave her a great rim job and later went to a further exotic activity. I recycled some of the processed food from her lower tract. Yes, I ate the product of that long intestinal route and did so on camera. It was not my only instance of eating from a beautiful ass but it was never a common activity for me. I have a grand total of four individuals I have been so involved with. If this shocks you then ask yourself, what would you do with the most desirous person you’ve ever known? The honest answer is probably: “just about any non-felony” if they wanted it.

Rim jobs are raw and intimate and….FUN. Rim jobs are not for squares. Show your true love your true lust by giving a good rim job. A good rim job is more than just some timid licking around the hole. You’ve got to really get into it and love doing it.

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