I started off with the intention that this be a one-off story with just a single chapter. Alas, as my loyal readers know by now, my characters sometimes take me on longer journeys than I originally intend. This is one such story. I have decided to break it into two chapters, with this offering being the first. Chapter 2 should follow shortly.

As I mention in my profile, if you are looking for stories with characters of average physical endowment, please stop reading now—you won’t find any of that in this story. This story describes the adventures of a busty mom and her well-hung son, both of them blessed with incredible sexual endurance. If that’s not your cup of tea, please look elsewhere—I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.


“Are you sure you guys are going to be okay?” Hal Preston asked his wife and son.

“Hal, relax. We’ll be fine,” Erica replied. She turned and looked at her young son, who was pushing one final box into the back of their SUV. “Besides, I’m in good hands. Right, Josh?”

Josh looked over at his mother, the mischievous gleam in her beautiful blue eyes sending an electric jolt right to his sizable prick. She’d had that look in her eye a lot lately, and he had no idea what to make of it, but it got to him every time. Shrugging it off as something he’d have to try and figure out later, he closed the back door on the vehicle and stepped towards his parents. “Don’t worry, Dad, I’ll take good care of her.”

“Okay. Well, good luck,” Hal said, handing Josh the keys.

For their cross-country trip, Josh had drawn first shift at the wheel. The 18-year old had managed to get a scholarship to Stanford, and he was about to leave home to start his new life as a university student. The problem was that Stanford, although a great school, was clear across the country from their home in the northeast.

His father, Hal, was a successful financial consultant, and was in the midst of a big corporate transaction that had him working day and night lately, as he had been for most of Josh’s adolescence. With Josh needing to get a lot of his personal stuff to California, and with Hal being needed at work, Erica had come up with the idea of she and her son taking a leisurely two-week road trip across the country. They’d take their time, visit a few national parks along the way, and “get to know each other all over again”, she’d said, that curious twinkle in her eye when she’d said that too.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Hal had said, happy that the duties of getting their son settled in at university had been taken off his shoulders. He could concentrate totally on business, just as he liked.

So here they were, the car loaded up with as much of Josh’s stuff as they could fit in, with mother and son ready to hit the open road.

“Thanks, Dad,” Josh said, taking the keys from his father and shaking his hand. His mother gave his father a quick peck on the cheek, which Josh found somewhat surprising, but which seemed to be typical of the lack of intimacy he’d seen in his parents for the last couple of years. His mother quickly circled the car and jumped into the passenger seat while Josh got behind the wheel and started the car.

“Okay, I’ll text you or call you when I can,” Erica said to Hal through the open window. She gave her son a nod, letting him know it was time to go. Josh put the car into gear and started to pull away.

“Bye, Dad,” he said, nodding to his old man as the car moved forward.

“Take care of each other,” Hal shouted after them as the car pulled away, Josh watching him wave through the rear-view mirror.

“Well, we’re on our way. I’m so excited,” Erica said, her face just beaming with happiness. “Aren’t you, sweetie?”

“Yeah, it should be great,” Josh replied, smiling once again at the pet name his mother called him all the time. He friends often kidded him when they’d been over and his mother would call him ‘sweetie’, or sometimes ‘baby’, but he actually liked it—especially since his friends were always telling him what a hot MILF his mother was. They ribbed him about it, but he knew they would have quickly traded spots with him to be so close to such a hot looking woman.

Josh’s mind still a swirl of emotions about what the next two weeks would bring. He wasn’t worried about university at all—it was this time that he was going to be spending in close proximity to his mother that he was nervous about. As mother and son, they got along fantastically, but that had always been in the context of home, where they had their own space if they wanted. But these next two weeks, he was going to be around her 24/7, and he had no idea what to expect. For one thing, what was he going to do about jacking off? That was something he did numerous times a day, usually in the comfort of his own room in front of his computer. But on the road, in one strange motel room after another, he had no idea how he’d relieve the internal pressure he knew he’d be feeling before too long. And as had been the case for the past number of years, his mother was the usual cause of that.

Erica Gibson was 42-years old, and had aged extremely well, if you could say that for someone who was still in their early 40’s. She’d had a nice life and was able to have the time to take good care of herself. She was always careful about what she ate, and got plenty of exercise, either in their home gym, or at the tennis club where she played regularly. She was tall, about 5′-9″, with a full curvy body that looked spectacular on her tall form. Her honey-blonde hair framed her pretty face, and her soft blue eyes had the ability to make any man melt when he looked deep into them. And right now, she was looking right at Josh, her only child.

“It’s going to be warming up pretty soon,” she said as Josh pulled out of the driveway onto the street. “I think I’ll take this off now before I put my seatbelt on.” She crossed her hands and lifted the loose sweatshirt she was wearing over her head, shaking out her long blonde hair once it came loose from the sweater. She tossed the sweatshirt into the backseat and reached beside her for the seatbelt, pulling it across her body and securing it with an audible “CLICK”.

Josh gulped as he looked over at his mother. When they’d come out this morning after breakfast, he was happy to see her in a little denim mini, the soft worn fabric forming nicely to her lush behind and full thighs, the hem ending enticingly at mid-thigh, deliciously putting her long tanned legs on display. She’d chosen a simple pair of white flat sandals, the little shoes looking perfect with her casual outfit. Josh was a little disappointed to see she’d chosen to wear a big loose sweatshirt—he’d hoped to have a better view of those mouth-watering tits of hers. They were spectacular, and from the number of times he’d raided her underwear drawer and laundry basket, he knew exactly what size they were: 38E. He’d made use of her bras and panties many times during his jerkoff sessions, his mother’s massive tits one of the main subjects of the lurid fantasies he had about her.

But now she’d taken off the sweatshirt already, almost before they’d even left the driveway. He looked over as she tossed it behind her, his eyes zeroing in on her full round tits, provocatively displayed by a tight white tank top. He could clearly see the outline of the heavily structured bra she was wearing beneath the tank top, intricate lace at the edges of the bra visible through the soft white fabric. He almost groaned out loud when she secured her seat belt, the shoulder strap cutting right across her body and separating her massive breasts into two large mounds.

“There, that’s better.” Erica reached up with her hands and fluffed out her hair, letting the lustrous blonde waves slip through her fingers. Josh gulped as his eyes kept flicking over to her lush curvy body. With her hands raised up as she ran her fingers through her hair, her heavy round tits lifted up as well, the buxom globes thrusting forward even more. He could see her huge nipples causing enticing shadows to fall on the front of the tight tank top already. They were barely underway and he already felt his sizable member start to lurch beneath his jeans.

“Jesus Christ, get ahold of yourself,” he chastised himself internally, forcing his eyes back on the road. “She’s your own mother, for Christ’s sake.”

He kept looking to the side as his mother rummaged around in her purse, his eyes immediately going to her voluptuous tits, the taut seat belt causing them to strain teasingly against the white fabric of her top. “Ah, there it is,” she said, pulling a tube of lipstick out of her purse. She flipped down the sun visor and slid open the cover to the little mirror on the back of it. Josh watched, totally enthralled, as she slowly applied the lipstick, running the waxy tube in a teasing circle all around her perfect lips. She pursed her lips at the mirror in a kissing motion, and then turned to him, puckering up for him as well. “I meant to put this on before we left. I want you to think I look nice for this trip. Do you like it, Josh?” Again, she kind of pursed her lips, tilting her head coquettishly as she looked at him. When he turned to look at her, she ran the tip of her tongue out, running it wetly over her red lips until they glistened.

“It looks great,” Josh replied, his cock giving a little surge as he looked at the brilliant red gash that was now his mother’s mouth. God, it looked sexy. He could almost picture how great it would be to have those perfect red lips of hers sliding up and down his hard cock, her lips locked tightly on his thrusting erection as she bobbed up and down, leaving a nasty red trail of lipstick on his rigid shaft.

“Oh, I meant to ask—what do you think of my new nail polish? I just did it last night so it would be nice and new for our trip.” Erica extended one hand towards her son, waving her slender fingers provocatively before his eyes. “I got a color to match this lipstick. Don’t you think it looks sexy?”

Josh glanced over, his eyes immediately drawn to the bright red color of his mother’s nail polish, her long colored nails looking sinfully erotic on her delicate fingers. “Y…yeah,” he muttered, his eyes flicking back and forth between his mother’s waving fingers and the road, “they look really nice.”

From his swimming days, Josh had kept his body shaved as much as possible, including his groin. At the end of swim season in the spring, he’d let the hair on his legs grow back, but kept the rest of his body well-groomed. As he looked at his mother’s sexy fingers waving teasingly before him, he immediately thought of how fantastic it would feel to have his mother’s fingers curled around his hard cock, one hand stroking slowly up and down while her other hand toyed with the taut skin at the base, those long red nails scratching teasingly over the smooth skin of his shaven groin. He loved the brilliant cherry-red tone she’d chosen for both the nail polish and the lipstick. That vivid color was definitely cock-hardening stuff, as far as he was concerned. He loved that look on the mature women he looked at on the internet, especially when they used it to accompany sexy business attire, or revealing lingerie. Of course, sexy high heels had to be part of the look too. A nice picture of an alluring MILF in sexy lingerie perched on sky-high heels, with bright red nails and lipstick—that never failed to make Josh take out his swelling cock and stroke off a batch. He felt a rush of excitement go through him again as he looked back over at his mother’s lips and then down to her long red nails, now lying teasingly on the smooth skin of her supple thighs just below the hem of her short skirt, which he noticed had ridden up as she’d shifted about on the seat while applying her lipstick. His eyes flicked back to the road and then back again, immediately taking in the view she was giving him of her soft inner thighs, her legs slightly parted.

Erica looked over at her son, seeing the flushed color on his face. She’d seen him watching her intently as she’d fastened her seat belt and fluffed out her hair, knowing his eyes were focused on her breasts. And then when she’d shown him her fingernails, with the vivid cherry-red color she’d chosen just for him, she’d seen him gulp uncomfortably, his eyes widening as she’d waved her slender fingers erotically in front of his face. She’d been noticing the way he’d been watching her more and more lately, and she found herself loving it. When she’d first noticed it quite some time ago, she thought it was just the natural curiosity of an adolescent boy, but as Josh had gotten older, he seemed to be surreptitiously observing her even more, and she was sure he was doing it for reasons most mothers wouldn’t have approved of.

He’d always been a shy boy, as he was even now, tender and caring. When he started to pay more and more attention to her, she’d revelled in it, especially as Josh had grown and filled out to become a handsome young man. She’d taken to wearing more alluring outfits that she hoped he liked—tight sweaters and short skirts instead of her usual blouses and pants. She’d also noticed his fondness for high heels, and added a number of pairs to her shoe collection. From the way he’d watch her intently as she moved around the house in revealing clothing, or tight tops that showed off her massive tits, and then suddenly disappear into his room for an extended length of time—she was sure her son was jerking off thinking about her. He’d appear flushed and agitated, and then excuse himself, only to come back later looking totally calm. On weekends, this seemed to happen numerous times a day, which always made her smile. She figured most moms would have been upset or angry if they knew their own son was masturbating thinking about them. But for Erica, it made her pussy cream just thinking about it.

Her life with her husband was fine—Hal was a good provider. But his ability as a lover had declined over the years. She was sure he found more pleasure in swinging a big deal at work than being with her. But she had a good life. Hal did well enough that she didn’t have to work, but she chose to. She was a real estate agent, specializing in high-end residential properties. It suited her perfectly. She could pretty much make her own hours, and work as much or as little as she wanted. She also liked getting dressed up when she had meetings with clients or had showings, especially now that Josh was taking such an interest in her clothing.

She had generally worn pant suits over the years, but about a year back, she’d noticed the approving look on Josh’s face when she’d bought a new black business skirt, the tight pencil skirt looking very flattering on her tall curvy figure, the trim hem ending a few inches above her dimpled knees. When her son had commented on how nice she looked, his eyes roaming up and down her long tanned legs, she’d decided it was time to make more of a change in her wardrobe. She’d gotten more of the skirts that he liked so much, and numerous pairs of new shoes, slingbacks and pumps with mostly 4″ heels, higher than she was used to wearing. But the shoes looked incredibly sexy and flattering with her new clothes, and Josh told her he liked them too.

She’d also tried some new tops, switching from some loose-fitting blouses to more form-fitting ones, as well as some new sweaters, like sleeveless turtlenecks. She loved the feel of the soft material of the sweaters fitting snugly over her sizable breasts, the vertical ribs of the turtlenecks swelling in and out sensually as they molded themselves to her heavy orbs. The first time she wore one in front of her son, she thought his eyes were going to bug right out of his head. She’d chosen a sky-blue one and combined it with a jet-black pencil skirt. She knew her huge breasts beneath the tight sky-blue top caused enticing shadows to fall on her midsection, the imposing shelf of her tits looking provocatively round and full. She’d left her legs bare, but applied a cream she had that made them glisten sensually. She finished off the look with a pair of black slingbacks with a wickedly pointy toe and a sleek 4″ heel. When she walked into the kitchen and did a pirouette in front of her husband and son, she thought Josh was going to fall right out of his chair. Hal had barely looked up from his paper, saying only “That looks nice,” before dropping his eyes back to the stock market listings.

Josh couldn’t stop staring at her, his face turning pink as he looked her up and down, his mouth gaping open. She saw him pull himself closer to the table, hiding his midsection beneath the edge. She was sure her new outfit had caused the desired effect, assuming her teenage son was hiding his erection from her. He’d excused himself and hurried to his room, only to return just few minutes later, a thin film of perspiration on his flushed but now relaxed face. When he came back, he offered to help her in the kitchen. As he stood near her, she could definitely detect the scent of baby powder, and knew it was from the big jar of Baby-Fresh Vaseline that her son kept in the drawer of his bedside table. She’d smiled to herself, happy that her son had just jerked off thinking about her. As he helped in the kitchen, she made it a point to show off her body teasingly as she moved about near him, stretching and bending to show off her curvy body in the tight outfit. Within fifteen minutes, he made an excuse about homework needing to be done and hurried back to his room, but not before Erica had noticed the sizable bulge in his jeans.

As Josh pulled onto the freeway for the first leg of their journey, Erica took a look over at her son from beneath her sunglasses, surreptitiously watching him. He was a handsome one alright—he’d definitely become a great husband to some lucky girl one day. Smart as a whip, and with a wonderful build. Her husband was a relatively small man, comparatively speaking, but Josh seemed to have taken after her side of the family, except for his coloring. With his dark wavy hair and features, he was more like his dad, but his build was definitely more like hers. He was 6′-1″ tall and weighed in at a solid 185 lbs. He’d been on the swim team all through school and had the nicely defined muscles that most competitive swimmers have. His smooth chest was well-defined, his V-shaped torso and flat abs drawing admiring glances from many girls at his school and at swim meets, including numerous older women. A few of Erica’s close friends had even commented admiringly on what a handsome young man her son was. But for all that Josh had going for him, he was still painfully shy. He was confident when it came to academics, but when it came to the ways of the world, he was incredibly naïve. Erica smiled bewitchingly as she looked at him, knowing that was something she definitely planned on helping him with during this trip.

And now they were on the open road, alone together for two weeks. When Josh had gotten the scholarship from Stanford, the family had been overjoyed. He’d worked hard all his life in school, and he deserved it. She’d come up with this idea of the two of them making this trip. The more she’d thought about it, the more it had appealed to her. Her mind had been swirling with various scenarios she had in mind. Finally, getting the wording for her proposal as convincing as possible in advance, she’d finally put the idea across to Hal. She figured with the way things were going at work for him that it wouldn’t be too hard to convince him. As she’d expected, he’d jumped at her suggestion that she’d take on the responsibility of getting their son relocated on the other side of the country. When Hal had quickly agreed, she’d felt her heart flutter with excitement, anxious to have those two weeks alone with her Josh. As she watched her son through her sunglasses, Erica smiled to herself, knowing the hidden agenda she had in mind, and praying that everything would work out just as she hoped.

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