Roasting Both Siblings

BY: Londebaaz Chohan

Tyron James and Brent Meshi not only were the next door neighbors but also the best of the best friends. Now seniors at their school, were the class mates from KG class, then in elementary school and middle school. Both of the Brent’s parents worked and were never home before 6:30 PM, and his sister already out to college, the house was usually for him alone most of the days. Just innocent enough that Tyron after dropping his book bag at his home, will show up mostly at Brent’s door and they would play TV games together; mostly until Brent’s parents were home. As Brent made sure that everything was left as spic and span and the house looked as clean and arranged as it was left by his mom, his mom never had a reason to object Tyron’s Omni presence.

Slowly the things had progressed and like being very natural, the game shows were replaced or added with the porn videos, shown on certain channels or they got it from the video rental shops. Today was the last day of school before the summer break and the school was closed after the mid-day recess. Brent’s mom had informed him at the breakfast table, this morning about a late meeting and the dinner; cautioning him to be careful because she and dad were not coming home before 10:00 PM at least and she said that she had misplaced her key and he had to open the door when they arrived.

All in routine, Tyron had the videos when he came over and they were watching them sitting at the sofa. This one video show came on. It was about 2 friends getting together to watch the porno film. As Tyrone and Brent were busy watching and trying to avoid their getting hard cocks from one another, the camera showed; one of the friend’s sister in the movie walking out of her room to the family room and took a seat on the chair placed opposite the sofa and started watching with them. The camera kept focusing on her and showing, she was enjoying the movie because the camera repeatedly focused to show her hand reaching between her legs and into her panties, moving, rubbing there; slowly and then much faster to get a relief by getting off.

Tyron was watching the film with intent, watching the sweet girl doing this and also looking at Brent from the side of his eye. He swallowed the saliva and muttered softly that he would not mind if his sister walked out here to watch the movie with them and Brent agreed with Tyron. Brent said that he had fantasized fucking his sister since the day, he could appreciate her large breasts for a girl of 18 years old.

Soon, the heat of the scene had made both friends extremely hard and each imagined that it was him playing with the girl’s pussy in the movie sitting next to her and his friend while jerking off. Tyron had totally lost it. He had pulled his big thick uncut cock out of his shorts and had begun masturbating while Brent sat on the sofa hardly 4’ away from him, trying to keep a control on himself but losing, he got up and fast paced towards the bathroom. His pacing was obviously telling Tyron that he was trying to contain his hard erection between his thighs.

Brent had not even locked the bathroom from inside, when Tyron got stunned to see Brent’s sister walk out from the hallway between the family room and bedrooms. She must have come back from her college and Brent was unaware of her. She came and sat next to Tyron on the sofa exactly where Brent was seated to see the movie. Soon she got very horny and started fingering herself exactly like shown in the film. Now she was pulling Tyron’s strings. Tyron had stuffed his erection very quickly and oddly in his jeans and now it was hurting bad confined in the fabric prison. He was shocked to see her leaking sex juice and getting very wet. This left Tyron with no choice, so he struggled but took out his very young, hard as metal and thick as pipe cock and moved closer to her quietly whispering if she would mind a very good fucking right there on the sofa. Looking greedily at the huge meat package, Tyron had; not only that she did not mind, she quickly took a position on the sofa and she was licking and sucking Tyron and Tyron was lapping her juices out of her pussy with his long tongue drawn out like a dog in 69 position.

Soon she was ejaculating her pussy nectar, full force in Tyron’s mouth. With his cock throbbing and looking for his relief; Tyron turned her over and climbed on her for fucking her pussy from behind in the doggie style; realizing that she was loose like 10 dollars in change. He was truly surprised to believe that someone could get fucked so much to let her cunt totally destroyed but also being thankful that his dick was fat enough, not to feel her tight but at least producing decent friction to his cock length, gripping him if not grasping. He did not mind at all and got into a faster deeper rhythm fucking her with all of his 8 plus inches of beef bone. Tyron’s eyes were loosely shut, his head was tilted back and his body was arched a bit, so he could see the pink of her pussy pulled out of her as it wrapped on his fat shaft. Suddenly, he thought, he was not in senses when the small sight through his lightly shut eyes, showed him Brent, shoving his cock into his sister’s mouth at the other end. Ahh! Fuck, this was first for him but it definitely made Tyron very hot. Even she was very horny and loving it as Tyron felt her buck around his big hot and long dick.

Brent must have jerked off and spent his load in the bathroom as Tyron could see him all limp but still having nice sized manly cock; when Brent pulled out of her mouth and came down to kiss his sister’s lips. No doubt, Brent wanted to fuck his sister. Just the thought of that made Tyron cum inside her with repeated forceful squirts of his balls juices making him a bit scared that he might make his friend’s sister pregnant but he was relieved to think that Brent was going to fuck his own sister in her pussy also. These thoughts cooking in Tyron’s mind were confusing him as he saw Brent move behind his sister between her legs with his young cock decently stiffened and erected by now but he did something, Tyron must have never believed.

Brent waited till Tyron got fully drained in his sister’s cunt and asked him to stand facing him next to the sofa and took his cock, sloppy with her cooze’s viscous liquid and Tyron’s cum; in his mouth to lick it all clean. O’ fuck, Tyron’s best friend was sucking his cock. It was the first time that Tyron was having his cock sucked by a male but he did not give it a fuck because the joy was the same when Brent’s sister had sucked him. His pleasure was rather doubled to see Brent fucking in his sister’s cunt already filled with his balls brew. Every solid thrust by Brent’s thick cock in his sister’s cooch, was producing wet and very musical sounds. As Brent’s sister looked at Tyron in confusion but all was fine and they both smiled to remove any shock or confusion. Next she did even more bizarre move. With a really naughty looks on her face, she dislodged herself from her brother’s dick and let him carry on sucking Tyron’s dong clean of all the traces of his and her life giving nectar. His very expert mouth was too exhilarating and soon, Tyron was thrusting in his mouth and finally shot his endorphin, pheromones, vitamins, minerals and the large volume of silky liquid in his mouth and on his face. Tyron was sure, Brent loved the taste because he swallowed it all and used his tongue and fingers to gather all he could from his face and lips.

Tyron was still breathing hard and enjoying the elation of his orgasm when she whispered in his ear that she wanted to see her brother Brent being fucked in his ass by Tyron’s big cock. In order to avoid her, Tyron sharply refused to fuck Brent without the condom but she agreed and went to her bedroom to return in less than a minute with a condom and a sachet of KY warming gel in her hands. Tyron was surprised to learn that she had condoms in her room but then he did not give a fuck but asked her to roll the condom with her lovely hands on his solid as steel cock.

She agreed and rolled the condom onto Tyron’s cock and then started to jerk him, making sure he was hard as possible. Then she asked him to fuck her brother, Brent. On the other side, Brent was all ready for Tyron. He had lubed himself with his own leaking pre cum and the KY, brought by his sister. Tyron told Brent to get on his fours’ and got behind his ass with his dick hard and sticking out like a flag pole and started to push into his ass hole. Tyron was sure that Brent enjoyed getting fucked in his ass because he did not make much noise or complained of pain when all of the 8 plus inches slipped into his hole slowly, inch by inch. Tyron was now fucking Brent as blatantly as he was fucking his sister a while back going in and out, in and out fucking him extremely hard. This continued for about 10 minutes and eventually he came deep in Brent’s ass in response to Brent’s orgasm massaging Tyron’s cock with his convulsing, spasms of his ass muscles. Tyron carefully pulled back to remove the condom full of his precious seed. She took it from Tyron and spilled it all on his brother’s ass globes and even between his ass crack and then licked it all clean with her tongue and consumed it.

She was not only after Tyron’s cum but his big and thick cock too, because she took him in her mouth making believe that she was licking him clean but kept licking and sucking Tyron, till he busted once more in her sweet mouth. She made sure that she got every last drop pulled out of his balls. Now Tyron was really feeling his balls aching because he had cum plenty of times in a short while fucking both; his friend Brent and Brent’s sister. Too bad another rendezvous could not be arranged soon because of the non-availability of the safe place. Everybody had enjoyed the fun party that happened unarranged.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Nov. 1/2019.

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