Just a quick recap Jamie needed a room mate Ted needed a room after his divorce Jamie who was feminine in nature quickly took to Ted’s advances and soon was Ted.s lover.
After Ted got home from work and was filled in by Jill about Jamie”s feminization at Rhonda”s boutique and how Jamie loved being fucked by Marcus the black stud at the boutique. Ted was sure that this was the time for Jamie”s coming out party.
Jill was asked by Ted to get Jamie ready for a night that she would remember for years to come. Jill had Jamie take a bath in lavender to smell as a girl should. While in the tub Jill made sure that Jamie shaved in all the feminine areas. Jill then took Jamie to her room too get dressed for her coming out. What was laid out for Jamie was very little Jamie was to be dressed in a garter belt and sheer stockings no panties or bra a very short skirt that just covered Jamie”s little clit any wrong movement Jamie”s little clit was on full display for all to see.
Jill made sure Jamie took her cock tail which consisted of estrogen and two other female hormones after all Jamie wanted to have a rack and ass that Ted would find attractive. Ted decided we would head out to his favorite club for dinner and partying after. Ted , Jill and i were shown a table in the middle of the dinning room we were to be joined by both Rhonda and Marcus which made my little clit swell to its full erection only a meager four inches .
This was certainly going to be a night that I would not forget the fact that i had always imagined a three some with Ted and Marcus . Rhonda and Marcus joined us and Ted asked for the server to come and take our order Denise was our server she was stunning to say the least a blonde with a page boy hair do .Denise took a liking to me as she took my order her free hand was on my thigh going up under my skirt working it’s way up to my now hardening clit . Denise soon found out my secret as her hand wrapped around my hard clit she smiled and whispered for me to go to the ladies room after she finished taking the orders for the rest of the table.
I smiled at Jill and Rhonda and then whispered that Denise wanted to meet me in the ladies room they smiled and said go that they would follow a little later. As i walked through the ladies room door Denise had her hands under my skirt slowly stroking my little clit I was moaning as Rhonda and Jill walked in. Jill then raised Denis’s skirt up around her waist and Rhonda wasted no time exposing Denise’s ample breasts her hardening nipples on full display Rhonda ‘s tongue was slowly working on Denise’s nipples while Jill was fingering Denise’s moist Pussy making Denise moan and shudder to a mind blowing orgasm. While this only took minutes it seemed like an eternity to Ted and Marcus who were wondering what the ladies were doing in the ladies room .
After eating Jill and Rhonda said every one was going back to the boutique for a night cap and some play time . Once inside Ted and Marcus quickly set some cameras and mattresses were laid down in the back area . A few phone calls not only Denise but Peggy and Samantha the two transexuals who helped feminize Jamie . It was just a matter of time that both Ted and Marcus had striped Jamie of her skirt and blouse Jamie was on her knees sucking both Ted and Marcus their throbbing members were now totally erect. Ted then moved behind Jamie and proceeded to start playing with Jamie’s gurll pussy soon Jamie’s pussy was lubed and Ted was pushing his hard cock in Jamie’s pussy all the time Marcus had his cock deep in Jamie’s throat a born cock sucker Jamie eagerly sucked on Marcus making him groan and shudder. Ted now picked up the pace pushing his cock into Jamie like there was no tomorrow’
While Jamie was engaged in a three sum both Jill and Rhonda were being fucked by Samantha and Peggy while Denise was having her pussy eaten bu Rhonda the girls took turns on Denise as Denise was getting fucked by both a dildo and a small transexual cock Denise was in seventh heaven. Jamie had Ted at the brink of coming and Marcus had already shot his load Ted then groaned and blasted his seed deep into Jamie’s gurll pussy .
Marcus then mounted Jamie pushing his now rock hard cock deep into Jamie’s stretched pussy Jamie was loving it being fucked by both Ted and now Marcus she felt like the girl she always wanted to be . Denise now had her legs spread and Jamie while being fucked by Marcus was having a smooth pussy at her lips giving Denise the deep tonguing she craved from Jamie. Jill was being fucked by Ted who now had a hard cock thanks to both Peggy and Samantha while Ted was getting getting a blow job from Samantha Peggy was busy licking Ted’s ass and balls this was more than enough to make Ted hard again
After all parties experienced multiple orgasms they all were exhausted and vowed to do this again . Jamie had her pussy fucked by both Ted and Marcus two studs with huge cocks that could satisfy any one also found a new girl friend in Denise .

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