Let me just start by saying that before my junior year in college, I had never even really thought about being with guys before this whole thing happened. I mean, I might have thought about it, who doesn’t, but just like something that might have gone through my head, not something I really considered doing, and definitely not in the way this whole thing panned out. I was doing just fine with chicks, they dug me and my body.

I’m about 5’11, with sandy dirty-blond hair, deep blue eyes, a square jaw…oh yeah, I’m really toned too, have nice muscles, nothing big, but good enough from jogging and hitting the gym a few times a week, which I’ve been doing since high school. I’ve got a nice six-pack, and it’s sort of vain, but I do use the tanning salon enough to have a nice golden bronze hue to my skin…my school’s up north, and I would have turned pale white in winter otherwise.

So anyway, I was scoring enough the first two years in college; then I dumped my girl the summer before my junior year, ’cause she was boring me and getting on my case all the time. So I actually moved out of the dorms…I didn’t want to live in a frat, so I rented an apartment close to campus. Thing is, I needed a roommate, since it was a two-bedroom, and I didn’t want to foot the cost on my own; so one thing led to another and through some jock friends I was introduced to Jon.

Jon seemed to be a cool guy at first. He was a wide receiver on the football team, and was known on campus as an all-around stud. He was about 6’2, and I would guess maybe 190 pounds of toned muscle, which I could see all the time because he walked around shirtless inside. The really distinctive thing about him I guess was his hair, which I knew from a number of stories how much girls liked this…it was sort of wavy, and longer in the front than the back, but not long; but it was light brown with natural auburn-reddish highlights, so he really stood out.

The thing that struck me about his body was not just the muscle, which was normal for a football player, but how cut he was; I mean you could see all the muscles, and he had something like an eight-pack; on his really massive, meaty shoulders, there was a very fine sprinkling of freckles, but you wouldn’t really notice them. He had striking blue eyes, etc., the whole package…girls went crazy for him, and I saw him score a bunch just in the first few weeks of living together.

So like I said he was a good guy at first, but things started changing fast. It started changing with small things…Jon would just be rude at times, hardly grunt when I said hi and stuff like that, if he was busy, which was fine, but then also he would mess up the bathroom when taking a shower and not clean up for example. Or generally just make a mess, leave his shoes and socks and even boxers and so on in the common area. Or he would eat my food and not give it a second thought. One time, in the beginning, he even asked me to do his laundry for him, which I did, because I was expecting that he would do the same.

Well needless to say, I didn’t even get a “thank you” for doing his clothes, and of course he never offered to do mine when he went out. Also it really pissed me off that sometimes when I was with a girl he would walk around in boxers even then or come out of the shower and strut around in a towel, and this was distracting if me and the girl were out in the living room watching a movie or something. I was also a bit jealous I have to say, because in just the third week he had a threesome in his bedroom, and was fucking two girls’ brains out from what I could hear, and one of them was a cheerleader.

So he was acting like a prick, I thought. Then one long four-day weekend I had a bunch of work to finish and apparently so did he, because we both ended up staying when everyone else left. It was a Friday night and I was taking a break from my stuff looking online and having a beer when I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“Yeah?” I asked, and Jon walked in.

He was, as usual, wearing only some boxers. I looked for a second and took in the sight of his perfectly built body, and smooth, muscled thighs and calves…I mean, I wasn’t gay or anything, but he WAS a really good-looking guy even if he was a prick, and I sort of just instinctively looked.

“‘Sup dude?” he asked, and sort of looked around. “Hey Mike, you got any more paper, man?”

“Hm?” I asked, still sort of transfixed by his body, and the obvious bulge in his boxers…I knew he was hung from what I’d heard around, but I had never seen him naked.

“Paper?” He just stood there for a sec and gave me back a sly smile. He really was a handsome dude.

“Yeah, man, I’m out of printing paper,” he added. “Got any?” he asked again, and sort of grabbed his crotch while looking around for some on these shelves I hung close to the door.

I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it, he always did this, but now I was confused, ’cause I was getting boned big-time…it was sort of embarrassing, I mean here I was getting hard from watching my football roomie in his boxers. Seeing a stack of papers on the upper shelf, Jon just helped himself to some, and turned around.

“Yeah…so…thanks,” he added, and almost turned, but before he did so, he spoke, almost as a second thought, “Oh so, hey, Mike? I’ve got this problem with my psych paper? You wanna, uhm…come to my room and help me figure it out?”

He was sort of reclining his shoulder blades on my door and facing me as he spoke, which really made his abs show; his chiseled chest was shining from the lamp. I didn’t want to be a prick…I mean, yeah, I was going to help him, BUT…if I got up now, he could see I was way hard…I was having a tough time hiding my hard dick even as it was.

“Sure Jon,” I said, almost blushing. “Let me finish here, and I’ll be in your room in a sec, k?”

Jon agreed and left. I watched his slow, almost strutting walk, and all the muscles in his back and calves contract and expand as he walked away. I quickly snapped out of the whole thing, though, and drank a glass of water. I decided that was all too weird, and I would go help him out, and then come back and jack off to some hot Jenna Jameson or Sylvia Saint or something…I hadn’t had any in about a week, and I knew it was the same for Jon, it was crunch time for mid-terms.

But when I got to Jon’s room, my plans for self-control flew out the window. My dick almost instantly started getting hard…he was sort of splayed out on a chair in front of his computer, one foot up on the desk, showing the amazing musculature of his thighs and hamstrings, and sort of lying back, with one hand on the mouse, and the other sort of in the top of his boxers.

“Hey ‘sup Mike, take a seat,” he said. I sat next to his chair, on his bed, so that my growing bulge would be out of his sight.

I could feel the heat coming from his body even this far away. He looked for maybe another half a minute at his computer, after which he did something that sort of threw me off guard. In one move he wheeled around on his revolving chair until he was facing me, and then placed one foot on the floor, and one on the side of the bed, right between my legs. He smiled.

“So Mike bro…you horny or something?” he asked, still smiling. His smirk was not entirely mean. I sort of blushed.

“Uhhmmm…I don’t know, I mean, you know…”

“Fuck yeah, you’re horny, dude,” Jon said back to me, grinning now, and pressed his foot against my hard dick through my boxers.

His move sort of sent me overboard and I backed up, as if I’d been electric shocked.

“Yo Jon, what the fuck man?” Jon was still shooting me that grin. He lay back in his chair, with his legs sort of splayed out.

“Cut the bullshit, Mike,” he said, but in a sort of friendly way. “I know you’re hot for me. I see you checking me out all the time; you even fucking threw a boner when I came into your room earlier…tell me…you jack off when you hear me fuck my bitches?”

I stuttered for a second…I had masturbated many times hearing Jon pound into all these hot girls. Shit…he had me.

I said what came to mind first.

“I’m not gay Jon, if that’s what you’re saying…”

Jon chuckled, “No one said anyone’s gay, man. I just said you’re hot for me. I know it’s true. So…” he said, sort of arching his brows and cupping his crotch. “Want some, Mike? I’ll make your day for you, dude…”

I looked at him. Was he joking? Was this a trap…I mean…if I said yes would he beat me up?

“Ever sucked cock, Mike?”

I freaked out at this. I sat up and was ready to get off his bed, but Jon placed his foot right on my taut stomach, and lightly pushed me back. I looked straight at him.

“Plenty of guys wanna suck my cock, dude…I’m giving you a chance here…” he smirked at me. I sort of sat back down, and looked slowly past his ridged abdomen, to the top of his boxers, where his hand was just teasing the elastic band.

“Yeah…I thought so, Mike. Why don’t you get over here.”

Jon pushed his wheeled chair back by tapping the bed with his foot. This put some space between him and the bed. Reluctantly, but almost hypnotized, I crawled off the bed and found myself on my knees in front of this jock stud. What the fuck was I doing? Was I just on my knees in front of my asshole roomie? I mean, I thought this guy was a prick, yet here I was…

“What you waiting for, faggot, take my boxers off,” Jon’s sudden command cut through everything I was thinking.

Even forgetting that he had called me a faggot, I was so turned on by this guy’s body and his cocky attitude, that I immediately started doing what he asked me to. I slowly took down the elastic band of his boxers, feeling underneath the hard muscles of his lower abs. He had a line of muscle running around his hips…this guy was just totally jacked. Pretty soon, he raised up off a bit and I had his boxers around the middle of his thighs. Holy shit! I thought…this guy was hung…I mean, I’d heard of it, but he wasn’t even totally hard yet, and he still had me beat.

As soon as I got the CK boxers around his knees, he sort of used his legs to get them around his ankles and then kicked them off to the side. Grabbing my wrist, he led my right hand to his growing cock.

“Jack me, stud,” he said, sort of in jest. “You’ve jacked yourself off plenty of times, you know how to do it, right?”

I smiled back and grabbed his thick tool…I was surprised at how thick and hot it was, it wasn’t even all hard yet. Pretty soon though it grew…must have been at least eight or nine inches and fucking thick totally hard I thought, as I watched in awe.

“Lick the head,” Jon quickly cut my daydream short. Almost in a trance, I did as he asked. Then I looked back at him for instructions. He had a commanding, almost mean look in his eye now.

“Again, dumbass,” he said.

I started licking his head. Pretty soon Jon told me to lick the underside of his now vertical cock up and down, and then the sides. Throughout all this he said nothing, just watched me clean his cock with my tongue. It tasted hard and soft at the same time…it was warm, but it had this strength…I mean, I was totally in heat by now, and salivating like crazy. His cock was glistening with my spit.

“Good,” Jon added. “Now…suck my dick, dude,” he said and put his hands behind his head, sort of resting on the doors of a closet.

I jumped on it, and the head slid into my mouth. I was in heaven and couldn’t get enough of this tough jock’s hot cock. That’s what really got me off…I almost came in my boxers without touching myself…the fact that he was so tough, I mean, I was pretty fit myself, but this guy could have made my face into a punching bag if he felt like it. It really turned me on to think I was under his power like that…I took more and more of his dick into my wet mouth, but it was hard. I mean this guy was huge! My jaws really had to spread now…I had moved up, and my forehead was almost touching his ripped abs, but I could hardly get his dick in my mouth.

“That’s it…fuck yeah dude, you my fuckin’ cocksucker now,” he said.

It drove a chill down my spine to hear him say that. Then Jon put his hands on the back of my neck and pushed my head down his cock. My jaws stretched impossibly, and then the head rammed up against my throat. I choked and pushed off against his massive thighs, but it was like trying to push a wall. My eyes were soon in his pubes as I started getting desperate for air. Then he sort of released me, and I pushed back up and breathed in.

“Keep sucking, bitch,” Jon said. “ogh fuck yeah…” I heard him moan. “Didn’t know you had such a fuckin’ slutty mouth Mike, or I’d have turned you into my personal cocksucking little whore long ago…”

I just continued sucking on the head of his dick, waiting to see what Jon would do next. It didn’t take long before he rammed his cock way up my throat, choking me again…this time pulling me down by the ears.

“Shit yeah! Fuckin’ love hearing a cocksucker choke on my meat…choke on it, dumbass! Shit, Mike, I knew you wanted to suck me, dude, all those times you’re fuckin’ checkin’ me out…keep at it, boy, you’re doing great…fuuuckk…fuckin’ better than any cocksucker I’ve had, Mike; thanks a lot faggot…you’re doing just fuckin’ great…”

Jon kept talking….I couldn’t object to anything he said. Then I got an idea. I slowly looked past his chiseled abdominal muscles, past his massive muscled chest and into his piercing blue eyes. He looked at me with a mixture of lust, contempt, and power…shit, I nearly came when I saw that. I sort of smiled back at him with his cock stretching my lips impossible.

“Watch your teeth cocksucker and bob that dumb little head up and down my meat…you’ll fuckin’ get your prize soon, girlyboy.” He gave me a light slap.

That just about did it for me. I started sucking up and down his monster cock as much as I could; the only sounds in the room were my slurping and Jon’s occasional grunts. Pretty soon, he had me by the hair, and dipped my head all the way down to his pubes…I was just about out of air, but I felt his body tense up and his cock expand in my mouth.

“FUCK YEAH! Eat my fuckin’ cum, you sick homo!” Jon barked at me.

I had no choice…with his cock stretching out my throat, he was the boss…and soon he came once, twice, three times…

“Right into your fuckin’ cocksucker throat, faggot! Take it!” Then Jon pulled out and came once in my mouth and then twice on my face.

I never felt so degraded, but at the same time hot…Jon wiped his cock off on my chin and pushed me away with his knee. He looked for a second at me, his magnificent chest expanding and contracting, a light sheen of sweat over his muscles. He took a rag next to his chair and threw it in my face.

“Wipe your face, dicklicker, you’re covered in cum like a whore,” Jon said.

I did so, then watched him get up off the chair, showing all the definition in his cut abs and shoulders. I was really surprised that he was still mostly hard. Almost without thinking I reached into my boxers and started jacking off…but Jon kicked my hand away and told me to follow him. I was embarassed as hell–I mean, this bigger jock had just come in my mouth! But…I was still really turned on, especially by his dominant attitude…what the hell was wrong with me?

Seeing his muscled back and ass, all thoughts of resistance flew out, and I was totally in heat. He walked out to the living room and poured himself a glass of Pepsi, and I did the same. The drink was refreshing, and I was even starting to calm down. Then Jon walked to the couch and called me over. I went there and stood right in front of him.

“You like my cock, boy?” he asked staring right through my eyes. I had to look down, past his armored chest and amazing abs…my gaze rested on his cock, now jutting fiercely past his navel.

“Mhmm…” I responded quietly. Suddenly I felt his hand on my chin and he raised until I had to look him in the eye. He was sort of smiling.

“So you do?”

“Yeah Jon, I do,” I answered meekly, but sort of smiling myself now. “Can I…uhm…”

“You wanna suck me again?” he asked.

I looked at his amazing arms, with a vein running down his biceps, and his meaty veined forearms…I was about to burst! I mean, shit…this guy was like a posterboy for total masculinity…I answered.

“Yeah…Jon…can I suck your dick again? Please?”

He chuckled. “Sure fag…your girly mouth will get plenty of cock-time this weekend,” Jon answered.

I got a rush hearing him talk to me like that with his totally manly voice…like I said…I didn’t really know what to think!

“But now it looks like you’ve got a prob yourself…why don’t you take those panties off, suckboy?”

He didn’t need to finish…I shucked my boxers around my ankles and threw them off in seconds. Jon snapped the head of my dick with two fingers and I gasped. I looked up and was lost in his handsome face. Jon smiled as he grabbed me by the balls and pulled me closer; then he took my dick and started jacking me, slowly. With his right hand he started to do the same to his own throbbing eight inches. I moaned…pretty soon Jon switched gears. First he rubbed the head of his bigger cock against mine, but then he started slowly tapping his cock, from above on the head of my own…then he actually starting slapping my cock with his own, and slapping his dickhead on mine…pretty hard!

“Slappin’ your faggot dick, boy…oh yeah! You fuckin’ get off on this big time, don’t you Mike?”

I was moaning like crazy, and didn’t know what to do…I might have passed out, but instead I rested my hands for support on Jon’s massive shoulders, feeling his power there. Soon, however, Jon stopped, and I involuntarily made a moan of disappointment. Jon paid no attention. He backed off about a foot, and still held the base of my cock, sort of massaging it there, and sometimes running his fingers over my balls. I felt totally under his control.

He looked me right in the eye, and said something that shocked me,

“I wanna fuck you now,” sort of matter of fact. “You’ve got a nice ass, and I wanna fuck it. You got a problem with that?”

I just stood there for a few seconds, saying nothing. He wanted what? I looked down and gasped as he squeezed the base of my dick again…I saw the muscles play in his big toned biceps, and his forearm as he held me. I wanted to protest, but it came out sounding very weak.

“Uhm…no…no way, Jon, I don’t do that…” I sort of half-whispered, meekly.

Jon ignored me. He let go of me and sort of just stood there, resting his weight on his left hip, looking SO sexy.

“Show me how hot you are for my cock, Mike. Put your arms on this couch and stick that fine girly ass of yours in the air.” I looked back at him. “Do it!” he commanded.

I lost all will power and did as he said. I turned, bent over, rested my arms on the couch, and stuck my ass up. I’d never felt so vulnerable and exposed. Soon I felt Jon move behind me.

“Stay still, slut. Don’t move too much.” I felt his massive thighs brush against my hamstrings, and then sort of push my legs apart, exposing me even more.

He placed his left hand on the small of my back, and then lightly slapped my ass with his right, making me buck back a bit.

“Damn…no tan lines, Mike. Nice. You’ve got a better ass than most girls I’ve fucked…” Jon said this sort of smirking, and it made me feel really great to hear him compliment me like that.

I had a nice toned body…but still, I was scared, and embarrassed…I was starting to get second thoughts. I mean, I had never planned on getting fucked by another guy. Jon’s commanding jock voice dispelled all those thoughts…

“K…don’t move a lot, like I said. Just take it. Don’t make me snap your fucking back in half,” he said.

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