Chapter one Boarding School spankings.

I went to a boarding school where spankings, the hairbrush and to a lesser extent the cane were common.
Teachers would give conduct points, if you got three or more ‘bad’ conduct points in a week it meant you were spanked by the headmaster. It didn’t matter how many ‘good’ conduct points you got you were still spanked, although it did seem to mitigate how hard, with what and if it was on the bare bottom. Usually the pupil with the most bad conduct points was first. we were made to watch not knowing what we would get when it was our turn to bend over the arm of the chair.
The least punishment was six spanks with your trousers on, the next level would be the same but on the bare bottom. Neither of these were very painful.
The hairbrush was always served on the naked bottom and would range from six to twenty four whacks. Those could really hurt and leave bruises.
As you can imagine the cane was the painful, if you were very unlucky up to twenty four strokes after having been ‘warmed up’ with the hand and the hairbrush, I’m not to sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing but he was ambidextrous, think it probably helped even the tip end of the cane out.
That covers the part of having my bottom spanked I didn’t like. As you will learn I really started to enjoy receiving and later giving good bottom punishments

Chapter 2 Boarding School Bedtime
As I’ve said spankings were common at my old school
In addition to the weekly conduct punishments ad hoc spankings happened quite often this is one of my favourite memories.
One evening after pyjamas on and evening ablutions our small group of dorm members were on are way to our dormitory, as we turned the bend in the stairway much to our surprise we saw the headmaster’s wife shouting at Judith Perkins. I can’t remember what it was about but she was soon over the knee and being spanked soundly over her pyjamas at the top of the stairs. The headmistress didn’t notice us immediately, when she did, to my surprise she looked at us and smiled. Judith was facing away from us and told was to take off her pyjama bottoms and bend over with her elbows on the landing floor with her feet on the stairs with her legs slightly apart. That not only gave me a great view of her bare bottom being spanked but also my first good look at a girls vulva, I could clearly see both sets of labia though her sparse ginger pubic hair.
This combined with the pleasure of watching her being firmly spanked gave me an instant erection which somehow managed to make its way through the buttons on my flies. I saw the headmistress smile at us again and look around the landing, that’s when I heard the giggles. The girls from Judith’s dorm had not only been watching and enjoying her being spanked they had been looking down from the side of the stairs at our cocks getting hard too.
Needless to say when I went to bed I slowly and quietly masturbated thinking about Judith’s young pink vulva and hot red bottom. It probably took less than a minute before I had covered myself with cum! This is a true story and I often think of it when I masturbate, these days I last a lot longer!

Chapter 3 Miss McCully

On Tuesday afternoons after sports the school was allowed a couple of hours of ‘free time’ Many of us spent this trying to keep as far away from the teachers as possible. There were several places to hide and not feel your every move was being watched. For the most part a few would just sit and chat about TV shows. As we were all still in our PE kit it could get pretty cold in the winter, quite a few would hide in the out buildings and try smoking and get caught. Obviously the teachers knew were to look if they wanted too.
I can only assume that Miss Mc Cully saw Judy, Kate and I think it was Michelle go to the small woods with Nigel and I.
Although old enough we were still sexually pretty naïve. The girls started the dare of I show you mine if you show me yours. It was quite easy to have a good look at the girl’s bra less breasts down the top of their white PE shirts. My penis instantly sprang to life in my shorts. It was time for negotiation I wanted to see some vagina before I got mine out. Judy lifted her skirt and pulled her gusset aside showing some pubic hair and a bit of crack before the other had done the same Nigel left quickly. He had heard Miss Mc Cully creep up on us.
Miss Mc Cully was a PE teacher and junior live in matron and as such was dressed in her PE kit and promptly took us to her room.
We were asked what we were doing, all of us tried to mumble some lies but she knew, she had seen and heard what we up to . We were told that if what we had done was reported to the headmaster we would probably caned and expelled. Then we got quite a long talk that it was only natural to be interested in sex which she was happy to explain. All through this my penis was semi erect and so were her nipples.
She told us that if we agreed we should finish to I’ll show me mine game but we would also get a spanking.
Miss Mc Cully told me to take my PE shirt of and pull my shorts down to my knees. Now I had four girls who could see my pulsating cock. I think my embarrassment was short lived though, the girls wee told to remove their tops, take off their knickers and tuck their skirts into their waistbands. At this point my foreskin had pulled its self a quarter of the way back and filled with about four big drops of clear pre cum.
I can’t remember who was first to be spanked, just the great view.
I was second. It was a good warming spanking with my hardon rubbing over her thighs needless to say I came all over them. I was hard again within a minute or so watching the other two being spanked.
All in all the experience made me appreciate my bottom being spanked and I’m not ashamed or shy about other people seeing me naked in either a naturism way or sexy way

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