She hoped that her mom didn’t expect her to call this asshole daddy. After all, she was 18 and she already had a dad, even if he wasn’t around much. She hated the marriage and hated her mom even more. Since her parents’ divorce, Suchita and her mom never got along. She blamed her mom for her dad leaving and she hated her for it. Her mom worked long hours at her job, sometimes not coming home till way after midnight. When she would come home she would bitch at her for hiding in her room and not making sham, her stepdad, feel at home. “You want me to make him feel at home, do you?” Suchita thought to herself. If that is what mom wants than that is what mom will get, she thought.

“Hey sham.” Suchita said as she entered her “parents” bedroom. “Hey k**, nice of you to stop by. I was starting to think you hated me.” He said. “I don’t hate you sham, I hate my mom.” He looked upset by this and said “You should not hate your mom Suchita. She loves you.” “Or really? Then why is she never here? She totally ignores me. She ignores you too you know. She’s always at her stupid job and I bet you haven’t been fucked in a really long time.” This made sham blush deeply. “That is none of your business.” He said. “Why should she be allowed to make both of us suffer?” Suchita asked him angrily. “I’m neglected. You’re neglected. Let’s change that right now.” She said. sham simply sat there gaping at his step daughter. “No way.” He said. “You’re crazy and I could not do that to your mother.”

Suchita simply smiled and began undressing in front of him. He wanted to protest but he could not get the words to come out because deep down, he wanted to fuck her. His mind drifted back to the first time he had met his step daughter. She was lying by the pool wearing a barely there bathing suit. He soaked in every inch of her, looking away quickly with guilt in his heart. This was the daughter of the woman he was marrying; the woman he loved. At least he though he loved her. Once they got married she began neglecting him; Suchita was right about that. It had been almost a month since she last fucked him and with Suchita under his nose all day long he stayed horny. He imagined how it would feel to have his cock in her mouth.

He pictured himself bending her over and fucking her from behind. He pictured everything anyone could imagine. Of course he felt sick and guilty after his fantasies that he often jacked off too. Once he passed by the bathroom, the door cracked open, and watched her as she stepped out of the shower, her naked body dripping wet and sexy as fuck. Once he even spied on her as she pleasured herself. As he secretly stood outside her bedroom door watching her fingers slip inside her young pussy, he pulled out his cock and jacked off.

These memories both sickened and pleased him. And now, here she was, the object of this fantasies, standing in front of him naked and asking to fuck him. “I can see how nervous you are about this sham. How about we just start out slowly?” she said. “What are you talking about?” he said. “Well, how about you just pull your dick out and jack off looking at me. I can see that it’s about to bust out of your pants,” she said. He seemed to think this over and finally decided that there was no harm in letting her watch him jack off.

It wasn’t like they were touching each other or anything. So he unleashed his monster erection and, with his eyes fixed on her naked body, he began pumping his hand up and down. He came quickly and she put her clothes on and slipped out of the room without saying a word. Later that night when her mother got home they all watched a movie together as if nothing happened. When they all went up to bed, Suchita could hear sham begging her mother to fuck him. “I’m tired and it’s late.” She replied. She soon heard her mother’s soft snoring and then the creak of the floor in the hallway. She knew that sham was coming to visit her and she loved the power she was gaining over him. “Fuck my mother.” She thought to herself. “I’m really doing her a favor. He won’t need to go to some whore to get what he needs.” Soon she saw her door open and sham was standing there in his robe. “Can I help you?” she asked sweetly.

“I suppose you heard what happened in there.” He said. “All I want to do is have you jack me off. That’s it and this will be the last time anything like this happens.” “Whatever you say sham,” she purred. He sat down on her bed and opened his robe, waiting to feel her little hands on his already hard cock. When she touched him for the first time he thought he would explode then and there. “Like this?” she asked “Yes,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper, “Just like that.” It took less than two minutes for him to spurt hot cum all over her hand. And just like earlier in the day, he got up and left the room without saying a word. The next morning at breakfast it was just Suchita and sham. Suchita’s mom went to the office before either of them woke up. “So, what’s on today’s agenda sham?” Suchita asked innocently. “Nothing,” he said. “This has got to stop. It’s wrong and I won’t allow it to continue on.”

She just stared at him across the table. “I mean it Suchita. No more of this-whatever it is!” he said in a firm, or what he hoped sounded firm. She just smiled at him and dropped her napkin on the floor. “Oops”, she said, “Guess I’ll have to pick that up.” She lowered herself to the floor and instead of retrieving the napkin, she crawled under the table, right up to where her face met sham’s lap. She felt his body stiffen, but yet he said not a word. He was wearing his robe with boxers underneath. She undid his robe and his erection poked prominently out of the hole in his boxers. God how he wanted to stop her but he just couldn’t find the strength. After all, he was only a man and how could he refuse a free blowjob from a beautiful young girl, even if she was his step daughter.

So, he let it happen even though he knew that he shouldn’t. She leaned forward and felt the tip of her tongue flick over the tip of his penis and he felt himself take in a quick, deep and ragged breath. She then began to work her magic, sliding her mouth up and down over his hardness, stopping only to flick away the little beads of cum that were forming at the tip. This girl was a professional, he thought to himself. Once again, it only took a short period of time before he exploded, this time it was in her mouth. She lapped up all of his juices and crawled back to her chair, sitting back down to finish her eggs and bacon. He just sat there stunned as she finished her meal, got up and left the kitchen.

Later that day, Suchita went to sham once again. He was sitting in the recliner when she came over to sit in his lap. He sighed deeply and looked at her intently. “I said no more and I mean it now Suchita. Get off my lap and go amuse yourself some other way.” Instead of heeding his words, she lifted her shirt over her head and positioned herself to where her breasts were in his face. For a moment she thought he was actually going to push her off his lap. But instead, he closed his eyes and sucked her nipple into his mouth, running his tongue slowly around it until it was rock hard in his mouth.

She began to softly moan and reached for the buckle on his jeans. But, before she could get it undone he pushed her back and shot up out of the chair. He walked away not looking back. “This is going to be more difficult than I thought,” she said to herself. However, she knew one thing that he could not resist. One thing that no man could resist. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed. “Shankar? I need your help. Can you come over?” She hung up the phone, a smile of satisfaction spreading across her lips.
That evening, Suchita’s mom was working late –again. The doorbell rang about 8m and as she went to answer it she could feel sham watching her. “Hi Tiff! Ready for our slumber party?” she asked as she opened the door. “sham, I have some company tonight, I hope that’s alright with you,” she said to him. “Sure, I don’t mind.” He said, going back to staring at the television. Suchita and Shankar went back to Suchita’s room where they plotted their evening. About an hour later Suchita called to sham. “Hey sham! The DVD player in my room isn’t working and we want to watch a movie!” A minute later sham walked into the bedroom only to find Suchita and Shankar naked lying on Suchita’s big bed.

He turned to leave but Suchita was too quick for him and had slammed and locked her door before he could make a move. “This shit has got to stop Suchita! Now you’re bringing your friend into this sick shit?!?!” he screamed. “sham, I just want to make you feel good. We owe it to each other to do this and I knew that if I asked Shankar to join us that you would not be able to say no. Men are weak creatures and you cannot say no to two hot, naked teenagers can you?” she cooed. sham wanted so badly to resist. He wanted to be able to go out that door and not look back. He thought of all the times his wife had denied him and of all the times he fantasized about fucking Suchita. Now there were two of them and he was going to leave? Was he crazy? So, he finally gave in and decided to take this opportunity that other men only dream of.

Suchita started towards him slowly and he put up his hand. He had fantasized about this for so long that this was going to happen his way or no way and this is what he told the girls. They sat back down on the bed and waited for his instructions like obedient puppies. He told Suchita to lie back on the bed while he took his clothes off. He told Suchita to bend down and lick Shankar’s pussy while Shankar watched him fuck Suchita from behind.

Shankar looked scared at first but the fright quickly turned into pleasure as she felt Suchita’s tongue wash over her. He kneeled behind Suchita’s ass and slid his hard cock into her dripping hole. He looked up at Shankar as she watched his every move. He went slowly at first but sped up as he watched Suchita work her tongue over her friend’s wet snatch. Shankar began pinching and pulling at her nipples as he continued to fuck her friend. After a few more minutes, Shankar’s back arched and she screamed as she came all over Suchita’s face. After that he decided it was time to switch places. “Now I want to watch you eat Suchita’s pussy,” he said. “Come on and do it Shankar, eat my pussy,” Suchita said.

So they all switched position and Shankar bent over Suchita and began licking and sucking on her clit. Suchita began to moan as sham bent behind Shankar and gave her pussy a few licks before spreading her open and sliding himself inside of her. He grabbed her hips and pounded her as hard as he could. He was going to make the most of this. How often does a 40 year old man get to fuck two teenagers at the same time? Between watching the pussy licking and feeling his dick being clenched by that tight pussy, it took no time at all for him to cum.

They all lay there panting. The first one to break the silence was Shankar.
“You have a great cock Mr. sham,” she said as she scooted over to him and began sucking and licking it clean. His erection appeared all over again as Suchita came to join them, allowing him to lick her pussy clean of both his and her cum. They ending up fucking till nearly dawn. Suchita’s mother arrived by then, apologizing for being at work so late.

As Suchita lay awake in her bed, she could hear her mother telling sham how sorry she was for neglecting him lately. She asked if he wanted to fuck her now. A smile spread across Suchita’s face as she heard him answer “No thanks. I’m too tired tonight.” “Fuck her,” Suchita thought to herself. “My mother’s loss has certainly been my gain.” This was not the last time her and sham had fun together. Sometimes Shankar was there and sometimes not. All Suchita cared about was that she was “fucking” her bitch of a mother. And all sham cared about was that he was getting fucked. What would he do when Suchita went to college next summer?sex with my step dadsex with my step dad 2sex with my step dad 3

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