21:00 pm, Hotel Four Seasons in Paris, France.
Ines: Good evening.
Receptionist: Good evening M’am, how may i be of service?
Ines: I would like a room.
Receptionist: For how long?
Ines: 2 weeks will suffice.
Receptionist: Very well, here you are. Room 34!
Ines: Thank you very much.
Receptionist: My pleasure!
Ines: ( I had almost forgotten how romantic my countrymen are. Once i unpack my luggage, i will take a cab and head to the house of tolerance known as ” Napoleon’s Carnality “. It is located in a bad neighbourhood but thanks to my mastery of Kung – Fu, i will be okay if there’s any trouble. )
Ines: Keep the change.
Taxi Driver: Are you sure? It’s too much money!
Ines: It’s okay. Now go before any shadowy figures appear.
Taxi Driver: Thanks!!!
Ines: ( It doesn’t look too bad from the outside. The man i’m looking for is called Remi Durand. 25 years old, 5’10 with average body type. According to the mail, he is a sex addict of the worst kind. He has isolated himself completely from society and he masturbates 5 times a day by watching various kinds of pornography. Every evening he visits this brothel and pays 100 € for the ” full package “. His parents are rich shipowners and Chen – Tzu’s business partners. They’ ve tried everything in their power to cure him but nothing worked. Talk about pressure. Okay, let’s take a deep breath…..and enter!
The inner part of the building looked even better and looked nothing like a red lighted house. There were 5 men sitting and waiting for their turn but one of them was acting kind of weird.
???: Hhh….gggrrr….nnnhhh! I can feel it! The hunger….is taking over! HURRY UP YOU TURTLE! I WANT TO TEST HER SOFT, FEMALE FLESH AS WELL!!!
Ines: ( At least i won’t have to bother searching for him. )
Client 1: Sit your ass down, punk!
Client 2: No one ever interrupted ” Big Louis ” and lived to regret his stupidity!
Client 3: We’ve had enough of your nonsense!
Client 4: Either you shut up or WE will shut you up!
Client 5: Why do you come here every night, anyway? Can’t you get any women of your own?
Remi: You don’t understand! This white liquid inside of me….BUURRRNNNSSSS!!!!! I have to get it off my system so i can be myself again!!!!
Ines: ( This is even worse than i thought. No wonder the masters were so strict with our training. )
Clients: THIS GUY!!!!
Prostitute: No, Louis! He has ….ARGH!
Ines: ( Time for me to step up. )
Big Louis: She was the appetizer. YOU will be the main course!!!
Remi: URGH!
Big Louis: If you like sex so much, then i’ll cum inside YOUR anus! Her, her, herrr!!!
Ines: Is this how your hide your weaknesses and insecurities? By assaulting physically inferior women and men?
Big Louis: What have we here? Fresh meat in the store! I’ll deal with you later, wimp.
Ines approached and stood before him with a determined and fearless look on her face. Louis gave her a wicked smile and unzipped his pants.
Big Louis: Here you go, busty slut! Prove to me that you can do something more than telling bad jokes.
Ines: If you don’t take your pants and your empty bravado and walk away from here right now, i’ll make sure that…..
Big Louis: SHUT UPPP!!!!
Louis attempted to punch Ines in the face but she suddenly stepped aside, grabbed his huge, bulking arm and threw him on the wall.
Remi: Pauline! Say something, PLEASE!
Pauline: Ooohhh….my head….
Ines: Call an ambulance and come with me at once!
Remi: Whatever you say, Karate – Lady.
Ines: Kung – Fu.
              Later at Four Seasons Hotel…
Remi: Even i don’t remember how many escorts i have brought here.
Ines: I’ll cut to the chase. My name is Ines Bouquet and i am here to help you.
Remi: Did my father sent you?
Ines: No, i belong to an…organization who helps misguided men and women. My goal is to turn you into the happy and normal man you once was.
Remi: Here it comes….the….HUNGER!!!
Ines: I wouldn’t attempt to **** me if i were you.
Remi: Then….FUCK WITH ME!!!!!!
Ines: Will you calm down if i do?
Remi: Yes…at least for an hour….
Ines: First, you will wear this.
Remi: But it takes away half of the fun!
Ines: Sex might be fun but life itself is even more. I guarantee you that you will have more fun than you can handle. Now put the condom on!
Once he did , Ines unzipped his pants and touched his thick and fully errect penis.
Ines: That’s a very well crafted penis. Your parents must have been quite the artists.
Remi: At least they did something right.
Ines procceeded to pet and gently kiss Remi’s manhood.
Ines: Tell me about themmm……
Remi: As a k**, i grew up with their cold blooded buttlerrrr….theyyy never haddd….time for meEEE!!!
Ines: Smack, smeck! Did you…ever have a….girlfriend?
Remi: Mmmmyyy…..only girlfriendsss….were the poRRRnnn films, hookers and escorrtttsss…….
Ines: Mmmm! Slurp, slluuuggg!!!!
Remi: My ffffaaatthhhheerrr ppprrrovvviiidddeeeeddd!!!!!
Ines was swallowing the whole genital and moving it around her mouth.
Ines: Slurp, glug, gluuuppp!
Remi: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ines: ( He filled the condom! Just a little more and it would have broken. )
Remi: Not…because….i’m afraid…or some shit like that….but because of my parent’s wealth.
Ines: You had doubts about wether they would love you or your inherritance.
Remi: With pornography and sex workers there was no need to worry about it. Over time though, my lust was twisted into a force beyond my control. I don’t even find pleasure in it anymore! Except for….what we just did. You suck even better than the pros. Where did you….
Ines: Look at me. You are a good looking and intelligent man. Your true enemy is your low self-confidence. I am your friend….
Remi: Come on! You’re friend-zoning me, already?
Ines: ….your partner and ally. This little blowjob i just gave you is nothing compared to the true knowledge i possess.
Remi: You have some secret moves or something?
Ines: Yes but you won’t be able to even assume a position in your current physical state. Together we will work on improving your health and self-restrain. Taming your ” hunger “.
Remi: No one has ever talked to me like this before.
Ines: Because nobody ever understood you like i do. Where do you live?
Remi: In a cheap appartment a few blocks away from ” Napoleon’s Carnality “. I have been living there ever since my parents disowned me and kicked me out of the house.
Ines: You can’t return there. Not after what happened. Big Louis will be looking for you.
Remi: I’m surprised he survived that impact.
Ines: Not me. I had calculated exactly the force i hit him with. Why didn’t that prostitute call the police?
Remi: The house had troubles with the law in the past and….
Ines: You will stay with me and together we will help you start a new life.
Remi: Will we sleep in the same bed?
Ines: Yes and one more thing.
Ines took off her clothes and walked around the room naked.
Remi: Why are you doing this?
Ines: You have to become more familiar with the female anatomy and not just in an erotic manner. At the end of the day we are all humans, we are all brothers and sisters and we have to learn to live in peace and harmony.
Remi: May i do the same?
Ines: Yes and i want you to know that this is how we will walk around in the room from now on.
Remi: That’s it. Ehm….you know that the room has cameras for security reasons, right?
Ines: We are not breaking any law, are we? On the contrary, they too can learn something from us and become better individuals.
Remi: I want to become like you Ines, i REALLY do!
Ines: Just a moment! Yes, reception? I’m Ines Bouquet from Room 34. Yes, i will stay here for a month. After that, we’ll see. Yes, good night to you too.
Remi: Would you like to take a shower with me?
Ines: I wouldn’t have it other way.
                   Remi couldn’t beleive how loving and caring Ines was with him. Not even his own mother had ever shown him such affection. All that mattered to her was her career.Ines was hugging, petting and kissing him in the lips.
Ines: Repeat after me, Remi: ” There is no hunger “.
Remi: Yes, there is!
Ines: There is NO hunger!
Remi: Yes, there is!!!!
Ines: There is NO hunger, ONLY true, unconditional, and universal love!!!!
Remi: …..
Ines: I love you but if you want me to continue to aid you and if you want your peers to TRULY love you, you must love yourself first!
Remi: There is no hunger.
Ines: There is NO hunger!
Remi: There is NO hunger!!!!!
Ines: And there NEVER was.
Once they finished their shower, they slept together. Remi was feeling like the luckiest man in the world. This woman came out of no where, just to love and help him. She was sexy, smart and powerful. A combination he thought it didn’t exist in real life. He spent the entire night looking at her and for the first time in years, there was no sign of the ” hunger “.
               As days and weeks were passing by, Ines was teaching the lustful male the ways of the Shaolin, she put him through a hard but effective training regimen which included jogging, push ups and lifting weights, Kung-Fu and eventually Yoga. She forbade him to masturbate and even locked his phone away. Once a week, they had sex because she knew that his addiction wouldn’t go away so easily and once she judged that he had made the proper progress, she took him out for shopping and bought him the most expensive and trendy clothes they could find.
Remi: Wow! I feel like a c***d again.
Ines: You are not a c***d but a fully grown and responsible adult with a bright future ahead of him.
Remi: I don’t want to do this.
Ines: Do what?
Remi: Return to my family and become like them. You have broadened my horizons and brought me to a world i had never known and for that i will be eternally grateful but…
Ines: Snifff…
Remi: Are you crying?
Ines: These are not tears of sorrow but pride and joy. As you know, i have taught you only a portion of my ways because the complete experience requires years.
Remi: I have one question though. How were you and your friends able to go through the lifestyle of a Buddhist Monk without fasting?
Ines: The masters were persistent on sustaining our forms as they were. Chen – Tzu hired the best diet doctors to make sure of that.
Remi: But why?
Ines: They never told us the reason.
Big Louis: Well, well. Long time no see!
Ines: You. Would you like a rematch?
Big Louis: I’m here for much more than a little payback. The dude’s family offers 10.000€ to ANYONE who brings him home. Sorry for trying to beat and **** you bro! Had i known about your ” royal status “, i would have simply k**napped you in order to extort money!
Remi: I am not the same man i was before. Lay a hand on me and i will defend myself.
Big Louis: You act all tough and mighty because your ” momma ” has some moves. Come right here and face me mano a mano!
Remi: I will but don’t say i didn’t warn you.
Remi faced Louis like Ines before him but would the outcome be the same?
Big Louis: He,he! It took me a month to learn your whereabouts but it was all worth it.
Remi took off his shirt and revealed his muscular, lean and athletic new body.
Big Louis: Oh. It looks like someone has been hitting the gym as of late. You even hooked up with ” Bruce Lee’s Sister “. This might be entertaining after all!
Remi: Not really. It’s not like you stand a chance.
Big Louis: YOU LITTLE…..
Remi responded with a high kick to his nose and broke it.
Big Louis: Youuu…will….PAYYYY!!!!!!!!
Remi answered with a jumping spinning kick and broke his jaw.
The petty criminal was spitting out his teeth and lots of blood.
Ines: We better retreat before the cops arrive.
They ran, mixed with the crowd and eventually made it back to the hotel.
Remi: I don’t think he is going to bother anyone for a long time.
Ines: You may have become powerful but you must always remember that it  is not the power of the fist or in today’s case kick that wins the fight but it is the power of the will behind it.
Remi: I should also use my power in response to a need and not a desire.
Ines: You have become strong and wise Remi and i have no doubt that will excel in any path you decide to follow.
Remi: I can’t beleive how fast this month ” flew “. You will return to China, right?
Ines: My mission is complete, thanks to you.
Remi: Doesn’t the Bloomed Lotus accept male members?
Ines: No but there is a temple in New Delhi, India which has a great number of European students.
Remi: Can you give me an address or something?
Ines: I will send a message to Chen – Tzu later but for now….
Remi: You want me to undress.
Ines: To think that you can read my mind with such little amount of training….
Remi: What can i say? It turns out i was a natural all along. Ha,ha!
Ines: You and Birgitta would have gotten along great!
They both undressed, clasped hands and exchanged a deep and passionate French kiss.
Remi: I hope you haven’t forgotten your promise…..” Mistress “!
Ines: No, my ” pupil”! You are ready for your first lesson on Kama Sutra. We will try something suitable for your level. The pristess in India will teach you the most advanced techniques.
Remi: Patience is a royal virtue.
Ines: We will start with the Amazon position and we will finish with you on top.
Remi: At long last, the TRUE sex!
To get into position, the new and improved Remi, lied on his back and slowly raised his knees.Ines then mounted his penis while bending her legs.Both of them could control the penetration and thrusting. However the majority of the pleasure was controlled by the ” Chosen One “. Because it was Ines who was in control, she also controled the speed and depth of the penetration.
Remi: Yesss….i LOVE it when you make me your BITCH!!!
Ines: Aaaah! Can you feel my power? Do you want….to see….how much i haveeee???
Remi: Yeeesss. I’m yourssss! I will ALWAYS BE YOURSSSS!!!!!!!!
Ines: Hiyaaaaaahhhhh, hiya, hiyaaa!
Ines: Gettt deeppperrr insssidddee meeeee!!!!!
This position was causing pain in her sides but she didn’t care. She had contributed to the rise of a brand new Yogi and she would do everything for him, his happiness and his future.
Ines: Aaaah, aaah, aaaahhhh!
Remi: Oh, ho,ohOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Ines: AaaaHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Remi: Regular….cowgirl has NOTHING on this! You were… literally… sitting on my butt while riding me!!!
Ines: And now…my final gift to you!
Remi: This sounds so good…..yet sad at the same time.
Ines: I will teach you the Brute position.
Remi: How ironic. It reminds me of my past self.
Ines: Just do as i say and show.
As Ines lied on her back with her legs raised against her chest, Remi squated over her lower parts. He then leant against her legs while facing away.The tricky part was to find the balance but once that was acheived, they found a great angle.
Remi: NNNIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!
Ines: PPPpppOOOuuuNNNddd MMee!
Remi: IIIttt WWWaaasss WWoorrrthh ittt! Alll Offff ITTTT!!!!!!!
Ines: UUUnnnhhhh!!!! UUUrrrGGGhh!
Remi: AAArrrGGGhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Remi: HHHaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ines: ….even your…..orgasm is…..graceful!
Remi: I….will….NEVER….forget you and the good you did to….me. The universe will….reward you in some way!
Ines: I’ll call Chen! Yes? Chen – Tzu? It’s me, Ines! I’m glad to hear you too!!! Can you do me a favor? Can you give me the location and address of the Kama Sutra temple in New Delhi?It’s not for me but for my….APPRENTICE. Yes? Thank you very much, i….YES, i DID accomplish my task. What? Tell Master Feng i’ll be back as soon as i can. Bye!
Remi: Are you writting down the information?
Ines: Yes, here you go!
Remi: It’s about that evaluation, right? I’m sure you will get the highest score or whatever it is that you do.
Ines: I don’t know. None of us do since we were the only ones who graduated. I’ll get us both two airplane tickets and we’ll fly tomorrow. Would you like to shower with me one last time?
Remi: Sorry but i’ll have to pass. If i hug and kiss you one more time, i may never…
Ines: SSShhh….
Remi: Don’t….
Ines: I just want to feel you as much as i can before we depart. We may never meet again but we will always be connected somehow.
Remi: Every time i’ll go for meditation, i’ll think of you and pray for your safety and bliss.
Ines: I’ll do the same and who knows? If it’s meant to be then our paths will cross again. Maybe next time i will be the one in need of YOUR teachings.
Remi: Everything is perfectly balanced.
Ines: As it should be.

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