Cherry and I were at home one Sunday morning just having a lazy day when there was a knock at our door. We weren’t expecting anyone and I thought it was probably a salesman or someone like that so asked Cherry if she could see who it was. She must have been gone for a good 5 minutes before I realised she hadn’t come back inside so I went to see who it was. She was chatting away to a middle aged woman and a young man who were both well dressed and Cherry introduced them to me as members of a church group who were out visiting homes in he area. My ears pricked up as soon as I heard the name of the group as it was the same church that Cherry had grown up in. She clearly hadn’t mentioned this to them as they were still talking to her about the leaflet that they had given her and the holy message it contained. Cherry being the extrovert that she is invited them both inside for a cup of coffee which the woman gratefully accepted. We sat at our kitchen table with our drinks and chatted small talk for a little while. The young man was the son of the woman and didn’t talk much but his mom talked a lot and before long we knew all about them and their family. Her husband and their daughter were also door knocking a few houses down the street and this was a monthly occasion for them. Her sons name was Michael and he was almost nineteen years old. He was a slightly built lad who was clearly uncomfortable in the company of others and was happy to let his mom do all the talking. 
    I did however notice that he was taking every opportunity he could to observe Cherry as she moved around the kitchen making coffee and putting a plate of biscuits on the table. She was wearing a grey track suit and was completely covered up but she still had her night shirt on underneath and it was clear that her big breasts were not constrained by a bra as they wobbled around. Obviously not something that this lad had seen before given his sheltered life. Of course my mind went straight to the thought of him getting to see his first set of tits and how I could help him achieve this goal. He was so socially inept that I couldn’t actually imagine him ever being confident enough to ask a girl out let alone fuck one.
      I typed out a message on my phone and sent it Cherry expressing my thoughts and gave her a little wink when she read it and looked at me with a frown on her face.
     A short time later the woman said that they had better go and find the others and asked if she could use the bathroom before they left. Cherry pointed her in the right direction and as soon as he left started to clear the table. Michael was watching her again, fixated on her chest and then her ass as she moved from the table to the sink.
As Cherry picked up the plate of biscuits she “accidently” let a few slide of the plate onto the floor at the end of the table. She cursed and immediately bent to pick them up. As she got to her knees she unzipped her track suit top took it off and put it on the table. Michael had offered to help her but she said she was fine with it so he just sat on his chair and watched her. Her nightshirt was a satin singlet that had quite a high neck line but did nothing to hide the shape of her D Cup tits.
   I was well aware of what she was doing and had picked up my phone pretending to be occupied so that Michael could feast his eyes without having to worry about anyone seeing him gawking at Cherry. I looked over and saw that Cherry was now on her hands and knees right beside Michael picking up pieces of biscuit. While her singlet didn’t have a plunging neckline it sure made up for it by having huge arm holes that extended more than half way down her waist in the standing position. I a kneeling position it was just a massive hole that her jiggling hanging boob could clearly been seen through and Michael was not letting the opportunity pass. He was absolutely fixated on the view and Cherry made sure she positioned herself so he got maximum benefit. By now his mom was re-entering the room and Cherry reached for her top and put it back on before she stood back up.
       They thanked us for our hospitality and as we walked them to the door the woman asked us if would like them to come back for a bible study some time. I quickly said that I thought it was a good idea and while Michael was out of earshot suggested to his mom that it would probably help him open up a bit more if he were to conduct it without anyone else with him to do the talking. She thought that this was a great idea, thanked us both and agreed to drop him at our place on the following Wednesday night at 7pm. 
       Cherry knew what I was hoping to happen and I convinced her that she could help this shy young man open up and gain some self confidence. She had a blank canvas to work with and provided Michael took his chances I would get to see it unfold from in high definition on the computer screen in the office.
     Wednesday night came and at seven there was a knock on the door. Cherry let Michael in and explained that I had to work late so it would just be him and her.  was in our office with the door closed and could see them via the HD cameras that I had positioned around the house for occasions like this.
    She sat with him on our sofa and they talked chit chat for a while. Cherry asked him if he had a girlfriend and he shook his head and said he had never had one. He was opening up to Cherry’s friendly manner  and seemed more comfortable confiding in her. He explained that he had never even kissed a girl. He told her that due to his inexperience and shyness he was reluctant to even ask girls out for fear of being ridiculed.  I could see that Cherry was genuinely touched by this lads lack of confidence and she placed her hand on his forearm and assured him that he was perfectly normal and that t would all come naturally when the time came. He replied that he wouldn’t even know how to take the first step to which Cherry said she would be happy to help him if he wanted to.
      Michael was back pedalling a little now out of pure fright. He was stammering about not knowing what she could do to help etc and Cherry said why no start with just kissing me. She sat back against the back of the sofa and told him to lean in and kiss her lips. To his credit he must of realised what was on offer and pecked her on the lips. Cherry encouraged him and said to do it again but now more slowly. His peck lingered longer this time and she told him that it was a perfect kiss. Asked to try again but for longer he went back and this time Cherry held his head and opened her mouth to engage him fully in the kiss. Michael responded well and they were soon full on pashing like new lovers.
   He was obviously enjoying this very much and remained locked as Cherry took his hand and placed it on her waist and guided it up and down over her hips as they continued kissing. She removed her hand from his and he continued his movement from her waist to hip and back again until it was clear that he wasn’t going to venture any further of his own accord. She told him that girls love to have their neck kissed and he should try that for a while. He obliged and she encouraged him every time he did it in the right spots. While he was practicing on the neck she took his hand again and slid it slowly upwards over her clothed boob and onto her neck as well. As he kept kissing she took his hand downwards to the top button of her shirt and told him to undo them all slowly while he kissed her. He fumbled a little on the first two and became a little distracted as her cleavage came into view but kept going as instructed until they were all undone. She had him kiss her chest and belly and let him fondle her tits through her bra for a while before sitting up and asking if he knew how a bra worked. He admitted that he didn’t  so se turned her back to him and told him to practice undoing it and then doing it up again. He was learning fast and soon had the technique perfected at which point she faced him again and told him to  reach around and try it with one hand. He managed this after a couple of attempts and was mesmerised by the sight of Cherry’s as she slid her bra off completely. Cherry then taught him how to handle a set of tits like an expert. He was stroking, kissing and sucking nipples like a pro in no time and was enjoying every minute of it. She had by now removed his shirt as well and when they were both naked from the waist up she asked if he was ok and did he want to stop now or learn some more.  He said he would like to keep going if it was ok with her. She told him he was doing really well and that there was too much to learn in one night but she would show him some more before he had to leave tonight. Cherry put him back to work on her tits and told him to remove her pants and knickers slowly at the same time. A bit more fumbling but eventually he succeeded in having her completely naked.
   Once again Cherry took control of Michaels hand and fingers and manipulated them onto and around her pussy she laid back and let him continue his practise on her firm titties with his lips and tongue. She guided hid finger inside her when she was wet enough and controlled the tempo herself  until she felt he had grasped the concept and then left him to continue. He had lifted his head, keen to have a look at what this warm tight hole he was fingering looked like.
Cherry let him survey the landscape and while he was doing this she reached for his trouser belt and fly and had his cock in her hand before he even knew what she was doing. She told him to remove them and then told him to kneel on the floor between her legs and continue kissing her.
    Michael did not possess a huge cock but it was rock hard and I knew Cherry would be very keen to have it inside her by now. I had seen how wet Michaels finger had been and knew she was not going to delay proceedings much longer.
      He kissed her mouth, he kissed her tits and he fingered her wet cunt some more but he had absolutely no idea what to do next. Cherry moved her ass to the edge of the sofa and asked Michael to straighten up. When he was upright she told him to watch what she did with his cock and let her guide him.
    Michael was on his knees between my wife’s legs looking down as she too hold of his cock. She pulled him gently forward and he shuffled his knees to get closer. I had switched view to the camera above them in the fire alarm and could see her hand around his shaft as she moved it between her flaps wetting it with her pussy juices. Michael was watching what she was doing. She had lined his cock up with her open hole and pulled him forward gently so he could see the head of his cock enter her. Nature kicked in and Michael was now doing the pushing and she let him manage the pace until he was balls deep inside her. She let him fuck her for a minute and then asked him to take his cock out.
   Michael was a bit hesitant but obeyed her and slid his stiff prick out of her pussy. Cherry then told him to practice putting it in to which he obliged as she lay back and allowed him to enter her several times until he could hold off no longer and he shoved it deep one last time and bucked like a bull inside her as he dumped his young seed into her well used pussy.
     Michael withdrew his cock and laid on top of Cherry while he recovered. After they cleaned up and got dressed Cherry told him what a wonderful lover he was and made him promise to tell no one what had happened. Of course he agreed and also asked if she could show him some of the other things she had mentioned. She had enjoyed being the mentor and agreed to another bible study next week.
     This continued for a few more weeks until there was not much else she could show him. She has shown him how to lick a pussy, fuck in multiple positions, cum in her mouth and on her tits and undress her with his eyes closed.
     Michael became an new man in a very short period and walked and talked with confidence. His mom had visited us and made mention of the progress he had made spending time at our house.

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