She’s back. My oldest step daughter that is.
After living with us rent free for two years and doing nothing to get a place of her own,
I kicked her out. She lived with an aunt for a while until they upped the rent on her and
instead of getting a job for forty hours a week she moved in with her grandmother and
kept her 24 hour a week job. I should mention that she is 32 years old with no
After I kicked her out, we had the wife’s son and his mental midget of a girlfriend
staying with us. That lasted two weeks before the welfare rat bragged how he didn’t have
to work and got so much money from the government.
Then after just a couple of weeks of just the wife and I, her other daughter moved in with
our adorable granddaughter. At two years of age she got all of the adorable gene, since
her mother is a piece of work. She was an entertainer in Vegas for a few years, and yes
by entertainer I do mean “hooker.” But I digress.
Wife and I went on a weekend trip and the oldest asked to stay at our apartment for the
weekend. I was against it and told the wife about my misgivings and she pouted for the
rest of the day, Anyway, we come home from our trip and she is there sitting on the
couch. Wife and I went and had a beer (or three or four) and when we got back, she was
still there sitting on the couch. Not sure if she even moved or not.
Woke up the next day and she was still there. No, not on the couch but in the spare
bedroom. She was there the next day too. So, taking the wife to work the next day, I
asked when she was going back to her granny’s house. I got a shrug of the shoulders and
told, she didn’t know. I said, “I do, she has until Friday.” Went on to
explain that we were not going through the crap of having one of her k**s staying with
us, causing problems in our stable relationship.
When I got to work, I texted the daughter and told her that she had until Friday and then
she had to go. Two hours later, she texted me back saying she had talked to her mom and
was told she could stay for a little while. Wife had not said anything to me about that
and I made a mental note to discuss it with her. I put a big negative on her moving in
and told her that her mom had not discussed it with me and having her there was not only
inconvenient but stressful on our marriage. Her reply to that was to ask if we could
discuss the matter. I told her we could discuss it but she would be wasting her breath
unless she could come up with a pretty damn compelling reason for me to let her stay and
one that benefited me in some way. She texted that she had planned to pay rent.
That night I picked up the wife at work and asked if she had talked to her daughter about
staying at the house, at first, she denied it and then tried to play it off like she
didn’t remember because of the beers she had. I voiced my displeasure and when we got
home and after she changed, I told her to go in the kitchen and take her pants off. She
did so reluctantly and bent over the back of a chair. I explained that I didn’t believe
her when she said she forgot about telling her daughter she could stay, and did not
appreciate her making that decision without asking me first. I then pulled down her
panties, which ironically were decorated with smiley faces and proceeded to give her
fifteen smacks with my open hand and another fifteen with a leather paddle. I then put
her in time out for five minutes before allowing her to pull her panties up and put her
pants back on.
When the five minutes were up and she had gotten dressed I listed the conditions that I
would purpose to her daughter if she wanted to stay. This include a $100 deposit, $100
rent each month, she had to contribute to the grocery bill, find either a second part
time job or a full-time job, and she would have not only a curfew but would be required
to let us know where she was going and what time she would be back. The wife pushed back
a little saying that it sounded like rules you would invoke on a teenager and that she
would never agree to the rules. I just smiled, and explained that if the daughter wanted
to live like a teenager then she would be treated like a teenager.
When the daughter came home from her job, we sat down and I laid it all out for her. I
also explained that she would be expected to abide by the same rules as her mother, about
keeping the house clean, etc. She was expected to come up with a plan on moving out
because I was going to allow her six months. I told her that rent was due no later then
the end of the first full week of a month and failure to pay would get her evicted and she
would lose her deposit.
She said she would think about all of it. I told her she had until 5:00 pm the next day
and if she didn’t bring it up, I would assume that she decided not to accept the
conditions and the deal would be off the table and she would be expected to be gone by
the time I got home Friday afternoon.
The next day she texted me to ask if any of the conditions were negotiable and if there
could be some other consequence if she was late on the rent. I queried what she might
have in mind that would be suitable. A half hour later she came back with,
“Remember what happened when I brought pot into the apartment?” I said,
“Yes, I spanked you, but your mom wasn’t really happy with me about that.” She
suggested that she would talk to her mom and she would get permission from her for me to
spank her if she was late on the rent or broke any other rules. I told her that if her
mom came to me about it we would discuss it and decide then. But until the decision was
made the original deal was still in place.
The next day was Thursday and I was pretty confident that the daughter would reject the
conditions of the lease and there was no way that the wife would approve of me spanking
her daughter. I was wrong on both accounts. That day I got a text from the daughter
stating that she had talked to her mom. I texted back and said her mom had to bring it
up with me.
That afternoon I picked up the wife and as we were pulling away from her work, she asked
if I wanted to spank her daughter. I said no, what gave her that idea and she told me
she had spoken to the daughter about me spanking her for breaking the rules and she made
it sounds like it was my idea.
I pulled over and got my phone out, showed the wife the text stream and when she was done
all she could say was, “That little bitch, lied to me and tried to get you in
trouble.” I immediately told her I think we should rescind the offer of letting her
stay and tell her to be gone by the next afternoon. Wife vetoed that idea and said,
“I think we should spank her for lying and trying to get you in trouble.”
Sounded good to me so I pulled back into traffic and we went home.
When her daughter got home the wife confronted her and gave her the choice of moving out
or being spanked, first for lying and secondly for trying to get her mother and I to
fight. She started to argue and the wife just said, pack your stuff, you are gone
tomorrow. The daughter started to cry and her mother told her to stop the fake tears it
wasn’t going to work and she should go into her room and start packing. The tears
stopped immediately and she stomped off to her room.
She came out a few minutes later and said, “OK, I’ll take the spanking, but you can’t hit me more than ten times.” Wife looked at her and told her, you’re in no position to set conditions go finish packing. Ten minutes later she came back out and agreed to the spanking. Wife led her into the kitchen and told her to pull down her pants. When she did, she was told to bend over the back of the chair and then was told that both her and I were going to spank her. Her mother would go first because she lied to her and then I would go because she tried to cause problems between us.
The wife gave her ten good ones with her open hand and then another five with the leather
paddle. Then in a surprise move she then pulled the daughter’s panties up, giving her a
wedgie and exposing her bright red cheeks. She then turned to me, handing me the paddle
and saying, “She is all yours.” We could both hear soft sobs coming from her
daughter. I gave her five good blows with the paddle and as I was raising it up for a
sixth one, the wife stopped me and had me exchange the paddle for a wooden spoon. I
looked at her and mouthed “how many?” and she raised both hands, fingers
spread, indicating “10.” I gave her ten solid smacks with the spoon each
impact soliciting a sound from the naughty girl’s mouth, with each one louder than the
last. When I was done, she was openly sobbing. I walked away as her mother told her to
stay as she was and then snapped a picture of her glowing red ass. Then she told her to
stand up. When she did, she must have started to adjust her panties because I heard,
“no leave them like that.” and then she was led into the living room and told
to stand in the corner until the timer went off.
When the timer went off, the wife put a pillow in the middle of the floor and told her to
kneel on it. Still crying she was lectured on her actions and was told that if she lied
again, it would be worse. When asked if she had anything to say, she apologized the her
mother and then to me, saying, “I am sorry dad.” Then she added that she had
never been spanked like that and that she felt humiliated. Before I could reply her
mother said, “Next time, your panties will come off and then imagine how you will
I was surprised that her mother took the lead like she did, but very happy that she had
done so. When I asked about it, she simply stated, “my daughter, my problem,”
then added, ” maybe if she had been disciplined when she was younger, she would do
things differently.”
That night the wife and I made love and it was some of the best love making we had in a
while. Next day, I got a group text from the daughter, addressed to both the wife and I,
which just said, “I love you both.” I also got a text that said, for your enjoyment and included a picture of her daughter’s bright red ass.

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