Amy said, “Yeah I remember now. You took your bra off before any other girl did.” “Yeah, I liked him. I wanted to show him everything, by that point!”

But, Amy, you were there, right?” ”I was right there in the room, next to you. You would have tripped over me if I had been in my human aspect.” “I got teased and put down so much for what happened that night. I was watching Bobby beat his meat, and I pulled my panty crotch over to the side so he could get a peek at my puss (and the red hair I was growing on it) while he was jacking off. I don’t remember if I was the only girl who was doing that or not…” ”You weren’t. Two other girls were masturbating and they were totally naked.” “Well, I was getting excited about watching Bobby. I’d never seen anything like this before, and now I was starting to be part of it. But I was just looking and playing with myself a little. There was a girl there named Karen.” “Yeah, Syl, she was one who was kind of behind you. She had her clothes all the way off and was wanking herself, but a lot more obvious than you were.” “She disappeared with one of the boys, I think his name was Dick, into a bedroom on the ground floor. She didn’t bother to close the door, or maybe the cat pushed it open. I looked in the room. Karen was butt-naked on her knees blowing Dick (it sounds funny, but that what she was doing.) I was excited, I was turned on, I was curious to see what they were doing, and to be honest, I thought if she could .suck a boy’s cock at this party, maybe I could, too. But you know what happened, Amy. I got out of my panties and bra. My heart was pounding. I stood next to her. It was so exciting for me to be in the room while this cock sucking was happening in front of me. The sexual feelings I had then were so intense, and this wasn’t a fantasy. I gaped at them and rubbed my cunt. Karen noticed, and without taking her mouth away from Dick’s dick, made a motion with her hand for me to kneel on the floor next to her. I thought we might both suck his cock, a fantasy that was so huge I could barely even create it in my imagination. Two girls sucking one boy’s dick? Sixth grade? 1960? Oh my fucking god! I had been reading D.H. Lawrence, and some of his writing was hot, but this was real! Before anything else could happen, Dick’s dick exploded, all over Karen and a glop of it on my cheek. As soon as it hit her mouth, she turned and gave me a big kiss with all the cum in her mouth. She didn’t ask me. She held my head firmly with her other hand and used her tongue to fill my mouth. She ran into the connected bathroom to get the cum off herself. As soon as she disappeared, the lights came on, and there I was, on my knees, with Dick’s jizz in my mouth and on my face, courtesy of my not-such-a -great-friend Karen and everybody at the party watching me. Now I was the slutty blow job girl from sixth grade that everybody tells jokes about. k**s were much more uptight about that kind of stuff in 1960 than they are now. Everyone wanted to suck a dick, to be able to wink and say they knew all about THAT, but nobody wanted to get caught! Karen came out of the bathroom, with her clothes on, her face clean. She didn’t say anything, but she looked at me as if I were the most disgusting little cum-pig she had ever seen. The cum taste was yucky, but I tried to swallow it because I didn’t want everybody to see me with a cum-load in my mouth. I had to spit it out on the floor, choking, retching, and gagging because I could not manage to swallow all of that nasty cum. Years later, boys I didn’t know would come up to me in the hallway in high school and say shit like: ” How did that dick taste Sylvia?” I got teased about that until I quit high school, a few years later. For the rest of sixth grade, I played every kind of dirty trick on Karen I could. In high school, I was still mad at her. I made a point of fucking her boyfriend as often as I could, and making sure everyone knew I could have him anytime I wiggled my finger. I dommed him. I made him blow another boy. I peed on him. I got him to wear my old panties and to let me fuck him up the ass with my new strap-on! I got him to tell her that he begged me to do it! I made sure she knew and everyone else did, too!”
”Amy, I really want to go back to the library with you tomorrow. The more I read about Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the more interested I’m getting… “
” That’s no problem, Sylvia, though I am staying over my time I supposed to be with you in this human form. Would you like it if your guardian angel spread your legs and went down on you a little? In my human form, red curly pubes just drive me nuts! But let me give you a tip. It was the coke and pizza that made his cum taste so bad.”

Sylvia: ”Amy, would you do something for me?” Sure baby, what is it?” ” I like my ass rimmed really good when I have , you know, sexy sex, not just some boy who gets on me and humps and pumps and rolls over and fucking goes to sleep. One of my mother’s brothers used to breed fancy rabbits, and after Mr. Bunny had his fun, he would fall off the female and sort of be u*********s for a few minutes. I like sex with boys and men, I guess you figured that out by now.” “Yeah Sylvia, I kind of did….” “Yeah, but girls are so much nastier when they get turned on, and they don’t have all this cum boiling in their nuts after we kiss for a few minutes…” ” Sylvia, I’ve been a lover for women in your family line for centuries, okay? All of you, going back seven great-grandmothers, are the horniest, nastiest little things. Well sure, I’ll do that….remember we got nastier than that? If you do your whoring thing, or I should say when, guys particularly rich or powerful guys, will ask you to do all kinds of gross shit to them, with the emphasis on “shit” . I want you to be prepared to do whatever it takes, Sylvia. Would you spread those ass cheeks for me, baby…PLEASE…”
Amy and I made love for two hours. That’s about ninety minutes longer than I get with guys. We were wrapped around each other in her bed, just all snuggles and warm “down there” feeling so good. There had been several moments since I had come to Berkeley where I had so much sex I didn’t need anymore ( for a while!) Amy said to me: ” Sylvia, why do you think it is you have such a hard time finding a boyfriend?” I was wide awake after she said that….”Amy what are you talking about? I have lots of boyfriends, always have…” “Yeah, I know, trust me, I’m there every time you give it up, baby. Do you have a boyfriend who really does you, totally, the way you like?”…..”Well, no, but what woman has that? Men and women are wired up differently, and If you want to be intimate, that is just how it is…” “Yeah, yeah, but not necessarily, Syl. I know you want a man with a nice fat boner…” ” Yeah, I like fatties..” “With a bend, right?”” “Yeah, Amy, that feels good..”” “” I know you like to fool around before he ever gets it out, right?” “Yeah, If we are at the place where I’m rubbing him through his pants, sometimes, I just want to do that, but boys think I want it out, in my face or mouth or something, but usually, I’m not in that place quite yet. I like to glide around and fool around a lot before that, with lots and lots of kissing.. Maybe, most of the time, I don’t even get that turned on until we are all sloppy kisses, and I’m on his boner, but it’s still in his pants. That can be so hot for me, Amy, if the boy doesn’t want to go faster, but usually, they do, and that makes it not as hot. I’m trying to connect with him on another level. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, and the I kind of give up on what I want, and just do what he wants, blow him, or whatever, but I would love, love love to find a man who would make love to me the way I like, without me seeming to be the controlling little bitch….””Syl, I have a male aspect, too. Because of the guardian angel rules. I just can’t flip from male to female and back like that, but we will meet up again, sometime, when things aren’t going so well for you, and when I do, I’ll be the sweet guy with the fattie with a bend that you like, the guy who will slide his dick in you, not slam it like he’s in a fucking football game, okay?”” I don’t know what else she said, I fell asleep in the arms of my personal guardian angel

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