Sometime you just get lucky and things fall into place…
We were over at a friend’s place this weekend who had a bunch of family visiting Jacksonville from southern Florida. My wife, daughter, grand-daughter and I loaded up the car and made our way down to the get-together. We got there to find the party in full swing as we had arrived fashionably late to the pool. My friend’s apartment complex had a communal recreational facility with a pool, hot tub, gym, games room and barbeques. Everyone was seated beside the barbeque waiting for us to show up and it had already been voted that I would have chef duties. There was a whole troop of his family that was in. There was an aunt and her hubby, a friend, a sister and her hubby but this story focuses around one particular couple. My friend’s brother-in-law and the brother-in-law’s wife were the reason I haven’t stop smiling in a couple of days. My friend’s wife is a very attractive Latino beauty so her brother followed the genetic gift and was a rather attractive fellow. Not quite in shape but still handsome to look at. His wife was a little firecracker with dyed blonde hair and these hypnotizing sultry eyes. She wore a bikini that covered her top very well but was skimpy at the waist giving a wonderful view of her thick thighs leading up to a lovely round bum that commanded a lot of my attention. They were both in their late thirties. I started to cook on the one barbeque and M (the brother-in-law) was helping me. The poor fellow was a mess at the grill covering himself in grease spatter from the burgers and garlic butter shrimp and then managed to spill barbeque sauce and some of the melted butter on himself. We were in hysterics watching him. We finished cooking most of the meat and still had a pack of ribs waiting. The troop decided that we had enough food and the ribs did not need to be cooked. A couple of the guys went into the pool and set up a volleyball net. The teams were divided and everyone poured a pre-game drink into their solo cups. M said he needs to go change as he didn’t want to get into the pool with his stained shorts. I offered to give him a ride in my car as the apartment was on the other side of the complex. I grabbed the ribs to put in the fridge and off we went.
We got to the apartment and started to laugh. The small one-bedroom apartment had a bunch of blow up mattresses and suitcases all over the floor. I began to laugh at the claustrophobia that they must be feeling and M chimed in saying that it feels just like back home in Cuba. He excused himself to go to the bedroom I assumed to change. I placed the ribs into the fridge and needed to use the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. M had come in from the other side of the bathroom that was adjoined to the bedroom. He was standing in all his naked glory washing his shorts in the sink. He was completely shaven from his ears down to his toes and I did a complete scan from top to bottom. His cock seemed to jump slightly as I began to study it intently. He was pretty average in all respects. He had a lovely cut head and it seems to be a perfect tube with no veins visible. I was obviously enjoying the view as it wasn’t until M cleared his throat that I looked up at the grin on his face. He politely said, “I don’t mind you looking but if you stare any harder you’re gonna burn a hole in it.”
“I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were in here.” I explained.
“No problem. Did you need to use the bathroom?” he asked.
“Actually yes.” I replied. To which he grabbed his shorts from the sink and winked at me as he went back into the bedroom. I regained my composure as I relieved myself. I had memorized the sight of the brown piece of meat and it was making my mouth water. I washed my hands and exited the bathroom and found M on the screened-in balcony looking into the apartment while leaning back on the rail looking very delicious. He had not put on his shorts and his lovely cock was at half-mast. As I took a couple steps towards him he stepped in from the balcony and put a hand on my shoulder and politely but firmly sat me down in the recliner. My face was now less than a foot away from the lovely tube. I tore away from the view of his now almost hard cock and looked up at him. He looked down at me and whispered a single word.
In one fluid motion I leaned forward and took his whole cock in my mouth till he hit the back of my throat. I quickly fell into a rhythm of head bobbing and sucking with a lot of spit. He locked his fingers behind his head and rocked his hips gently. He fucked my mouth quietly as I worked up and down his shaft. It tasted so good in my mouth and felt so silky smooth. I was just dizzy from the taste, smell and feeling of my tongue on the underside of his cock. He mumbled something in Spanish as he looked up at the ceiling with his hands still behind his head. I was in my element doing swirling things with my mouth and hands with spit flying all over the place. Then the “Where are you?” texts started to come. First on his phone and then mine and then again on his. He open his eyes and looked down at me.
“My friend we are going to have to speed this up.” I soon found out that he meant he was going put his hands on the side of my face and begin fucking my mouth. I held my mouth in place. I just put my hands on his knees and let him go to town. Thank god he wasn’t too big but damn did it feel good when he hit the back of my throat every few strokes. Suddenly his rhythm was a series of grunts and groans and suddenly he made some “oh oh” sounds that got louder and louder until I knew what was going to happen. Just as the first spurt was going to hit, I grabbed his cock tightly with my one hand and used it to stop him from ramming his cock all the way down my throat. I wanted his load on my tongue and not down my gullet. And suddenly through gritted teeth he was rambling incoherently in Spanish and I could feel the spurts of his cum like a pulse on my fingers as it made its way down the shaft into my greedy mouth. He was lost in his release and he kept trying to shove his cock as far down my throat as he could being stopped only because of my well placed fist. His cum was sugar sweet. When my mouth was full, I closed my eyes and swallowed it down. I then gripped his cock tightly and used my tongue on his slit to clean up the last drops. Satisfied (and a little disappointed) that there was no more cum to taste, I let my fist open and he quickly sank into the sofa across from me. He had a closed eyed grin of ecstasy. He took a moment then gave a theatrical sigh before he opened his eyes and said, “You sir have a talent!” He pulled up his shorts and we made our way back to the pool.
We arrived to angry greetings of “what the heck took you so long”. M replied that he couldn’t get the stains out of his shorts. The rest of the afternoon was a great “G-rated” event. As the day was winding out and the sun set, the group had decided that they wanted to visit a little Latin club in town.
We all went our separate ways and began to get ready for the evening. I was still in a bit of bliss over the afternoon. It had really been a long time since I got to take a cock in my mouth and an even longer time since I had someone cum in my mouth. It really is an ego-stroke.
Well met at the club at around 11:30pm. It was not overly packed. Then someone yelled “Tequila” and the night began. The music was awesome even though I didn’t understand a single word. The dance floor started to fill up with more than just our group. By about one the floor was packed and myself and M and his wife, T, ended up on the dance floor in a tight group over and over again. I was in a constant state of arousal with at least a half hard-on. A slow dance began and M made his way and grabbed my wife. Before I could make any decision T had grabbed my neck and pulled me in tight. She looked at me dead in the eyes and suddenly broke out in an all-knowing grin. I realized immediately that M must have told her. I grinned back at her and pushed my tongue into my cheek in and out giving the obvious illusion of an invisible cock in my mouth. T erupted in laughter. “My husband says you have a very talented mouth and are not shy about using it.”
“Your husband has a very nice cock and his cum tastes fabulous.”
She wrinkled her nose. “That is not my thing. I really don’t enjoy the taste. But my husband recommend that I test your tongue.” I was in heaven as she tilted her hips forward and ground her pelvis into my now hard cock. “And I promise not to leave you like my husband did. I told him it wasn’t fair that he didn’t return the favour.”
“Absolutely!” I’m not sure but I think I might have even screamed this with my outside voice instead of just in my head.
She had on a sideways grin and began to lead me to her husband and my wife. With one arm around me, she slipped another arm around her husband and said, “You don’t mind if I spoil myself by taking these two handsome men for a cigar do you?”
My wife laughed and replied, “By all means my feet need a break.”
We fought our way outside the club and T lead the way to their car. I looked at M unsure of how this was to proceed and he put his hands up infront of him and said, “Don’t look to me for help! This is all your fault so I hope your tongue isn’t too tired.”
I grinned and made my way into the back seat. I peeked into the back and found T had hiked up her dress and was twirling her G-string around her fingers. “Let’s see you work your magic!” I crawled in and made no pretense about what my focus was. I first tasted her lips and ran my tongue all around her puffy pussy lips. This was followed by me tasting her hunny pot and basically fucking her with my tongue. After a few moments I then found the true focus of my desire, her clit. I attacked it with my tongue. It was sucked and flicked with total abandon. She had a very small orgasm when I started but the second one rocked her making such a high pitched sound that M had to peek in to make sure she was ok.
“Eh! What the heck is happening?”
She interrupted her squealing by lashing out at him in Spanish. The way he reacted I think she might have said “go fuck yourself”. I didn’t let up though, I continued my assault until she had another high pitched orgasm. At this point I stopped my aggressive work and lulled in a slow circular motion with my tongue allowing T to calm down. I then placed two fingers in her pussy and used my favorite technique of finger fucking. I simply slam my fingers as hard and as fast as my arms would go. No warm up required as she was sloppy and wet from the last orgasm. In approximately a minute and a half she threw her head back and let out an evil growl and proceeded to spray the entire car seat, her dress, my face and shirt with her splashing ejaculate. This went on for about thirty seconds to a minute of a sprinkler system going off. She went completely limp with bliss. I removed my pants, and climbed on top of her and began to enter her. She resisted at first saying “No please” but then gave in and we began a rhythmic fucking. She gripped me tight and kissed me hard. She had another orgasm and again splashed. My cock, balls and groin were drenched. I was nowhere near close to cumming and I could tell my blue balls would mean that It would take a fair bit of enticing to get a cum out of me. So instead I simply pulled my pants up and helped her out of the car. Poor T was bit unsteady as she began to fix her dress and we walked back into the bar. Before we went back in I paid a confused young man to spill his beer on me. I hoped that would explain the dampness and maybe hide the smell. We had an awesome night and continued to dance. T didn’t step back on the dance floor and remained at the table with a glassy eyed look on her face.
I am always humbled when sometimes things like this just fall into place…

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