I started going to the gym, after my sweet Anita insisted so much.
My wife said I needed to get fit for the summer.

Since the first day I went there, I noticed that Shawn stared at me from time to time. He was a huge black muscled man in his late thirties and the most handsome guy in the gym.
Soon we became good friends, starting to talk as we trained.

One Saturday morning he did not come and I found it strange.
So, after finishing my usual work out there, I sent him a message.
“I missed you today at the gym…”

Some moments later my phone received his answer.
“I’m fine, just laying still in bed…” Shawn wrote back.
Without even think about it, I wrote again to him:
“Wish I was there next to you in; or even better you on top of me”
Seconds later he answered: “Okay…”

I then was not sure about what to do. But I replied I would be there with him in less than half an hour.
I got home, finding a note from my sweet Ana. She was going to spend the day with her girlfriend Camilla at her home.
I took a quick shower and got ready to visit Shawn’s house.

A bit excited I drove into his neighborhood. I parked at his driveway and ran the bell door. His deep voice in the intercom told me it was open. I pushed the door and entered the living room. The door of his bedroom was ajar. I knocked up and Shawn’s voice called me.

In the dim light of the bedroom I saw him lying onto a king size bed.
He was fully naked, with his huge erection standing just upright. He smiled broadly and slapped with his hand on the empty space next to him. Without any word I stripped off and crawled next to him.

I waited; then Shawn took control and he pulled me towards him. He kissed me deeply and I could feel his tongue on mine.
I caressed his ample chest and pinched his nipples. He moaned…

I could not wait any longer. Very carefully I touched his magnificent black cock and pulled the foreskin back. Then I took the thick mushroom head in my mouth. Patiently I sank with my head over his cock. I wanted to feel him inside me. I pushed his huge cock down my throat. I gagged, longing for some breath.
He pulled my head back, making me take a break.

But I insisted, swallowing this thing again, slowly until my larynx was used to the invasion. I pushed my head harder, until this black cock disappeared completely in my throat. The feeling was great.
I heard Shawn was moaning in pleasure. He started fucking my mouth with his hips. He made long strokes. I felt his cock getting even thicker in my mouth.

All of a sudden I felt the first stream of semen in my throat.
He just grabbed my head and made me swallow all his salty cum.

I let his huge dick fall out of my mouth. It was still very rigid.
Shawn made me lay on my stomach close to him. I closed my eyes and buried my head into a soft pillow. I felt he was going between my spread thighs. His tongue ploughed through my buttocks, licking around my tight rosebud.

I relaxed and soon I felt him pushing the cockhead in…
It went in with no effort. I felt him pushing against my sphincter.
Then I screamed in both pain and pleasure, as he hit my bottom.

“I love your tight white ass…” He whispered in my ear.
He started fucking me with long strokes; then short ones and finally fast and deep ones. His thick cock stretched me far from beyond and it gently rubbed against my prostate.

He pulled himself all the way out of me and then pumped his cock back into me with no mercy; increasing the rhythm more and more.
Shawn grunted onto my ear and I knew he was close to come.

Then he fell down on me and I felt the spasms of his ejaculating hard thick cock against my prostate. That was too much for me. Without having even touched myself, I came onto the bed sheets.

Shawn licked my neck, whispering he had never fucked a guy’s white ass so tight as mine. And I said that I had never been butt fucked like this before.

“You need to come here more often, Victor…” He said softly.
I would come back for more; he could be sure…

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