I went through a stage years ago of going to a local gym, more or less, every day, except Sunday, you know day of rest and all that shite. When I started, I was very overweight, and wanted to lose a couple of stone before the holidays so off I went and joined. Where I live in the East Midlands there are loads of gyms to choose from and not being to arsy about which was the best for your money I opted for the nearest with a pool, sauna and steam room. After a few weeks and me getting myself into a routine I always finished every session in the steam room and sauna where upon I got talking to a woman of the same age called Steph and her daughter Tara whom was around 17/18 and both were very pretty but had a few bumps in places they didn’t want hence them being at the gym.

After a few months I started to lose weight fairly quickly and soon I had shed nearly 3 stone and started to have a similar body to that of the younger me. I stuck to a diet religiously and it paid off and due to the weight loss, I started to get more attention from Steph and Tara each day. At first we only bumped into each other once or twice a week and now every day we were having the same time using the equipment and the pool facilities. One day I was in the pool doing some lengths and I clocked Tara coming into the pool. I carried on wanting to finish my amount for the day and got out and went into the steam room. There’s something about a steam room that gets me really relaxed and feeling somewhat naughty. Maybe it the heat or the steam and the fact that no one can see you all adds to the thrill it gave me. Anyway’ I was sitting in there and noticed another bloke enter and disappear in the steam and then the door open again and out of the steam heading towards me was Tara in a really short black swim costume. She looked amazing and had also lost loads of weight and toned her body to a level that made her the envy of a lot of other women whom went in the gym.

She sat next to me and we started to chat and giggle at a few funny remarks he made about how fat we looked when we started, and we carried on for quiet a while. Well one thing I learned from previous visits to the steam room was to take a bottle of water in with you as you do get thirsty. I had mine behind my head doubling it up as a temp pillow and I laid back and relaxed. All of a sudden, we heard a bloke say, “well that’s it for me this heat is unbearable” and a figure got up and left. I had forgot all about this bloke as the steam was very thick and I could hardly see Tara whom was sat next to me never mind anyone else. With the air filled with a menthol smell I turned to Tara and asked where her mum was. I heard Tara shuffle and as she spoke her face was right next to mine which startled me. “she’s not coming today as she is not well”. “I thought you pair only come together” sniggering “ I mean to the gym”. “We do but today I need to let off some tension” she said shuffling herself even close so that now her arm was resting on mine. “Well there’s nothing like a session in the steam room to get you chilling” I replied adjusting myself as Tara was now literally lying on me.

She was now lying more or less along side me and she propped her head up with her hand and faced me. I could see her nipples were rock hard through her skimpy top. Looking directly at them “ If you are not careful they are gonna have my eye out” and without thinking my hormones just overpowered me and I reached out and flicked her nipple with my finger. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me” I was so apologetic it was rather cheesy but I was honestly sorry. My male urges got the better of me. “Is this better” Tara said and pulled the tiny bit of cloth that was covering her tit down to reveal a very hard nipple. I leaned forward and licked it and before she could let out a moan I had my whole mouth over her nipple and was sucking like I was trying to extract milk. Her had made its way down to my shorts and inside to grab my now hard cock and wanked it slowly. Still enjoying her tit I thought why not and shoved my hand into her skimpy bottoms and found her slit which although we were in a steam room which as you know is hot, the heat from her pussy was unbelievable and the wetness was an addiction and I just could not stop rubbing.

There were no words just little whimpers and sighs and then it got too much for me. The heat and the action was making me boil and I had to get out. “Sorry Tara, but I need to get out the temperature is far too hot for me”. I got up and left the room to a pluge pool that was between the steam room and the sauna. I lept in and fucking hell it was freezing, too bloody cold but what a way to get rid of a hard on. It was like a turtles head and had disappeared out of site. On climbing out of the pool Tara was standing there. She grabbed my hand and led me into a changing room for families and dropped to her knees. She managed to coax my cock out which to be honest didn’t take much persuasion and sucked it right into her mouth and down her throat. All the way in to the point my balls were on her chin. God she was good and you could tell this wasn’t a first time for her. Her tongue worked its way up and down my shaft, around the bell end and down to my balls. The sensation of a smooth soft wet tongue drove me wild. She was at an angle where I could not reach her. I was at her mercy and all I could do was sit back and enjoy.

After a while Tara stopped and stood up. She dropped the bikini she was wearing and stood in front of me. She was clean shaven with a little tattoo of a unicorn just above her pussy which made it look so beautiful and again I couldn’t help myself and bent her over. I got behind her and licked her pussy from behind. The heat was still there and the aroma was intoxicating both encouraging me further and deeper into her pussy. I worked my tongue that day. Up and down her crack around her arsehole shoving my tongue in every hole possible. I had now 2 fingers in her pussy and her juices were dribbling down my arm. Her whimpers and sighs had now turned to moans which got me slightly worried that we will get caught. Tara realised she was getting loader and placed her hand over her mouth. My tongue was burning by now so after quickly getting to my feet I got behind her and lunged forward slipping into her with ease.
Because of her height being so small she was on tiptoes and while thrusting into her she was sliding o the tiled floor making her knee bang against the bench and after numerous continued changing we changed positions.

She laid on her back on the tiled floor, I got to my knees and again began fucking her. My god she did look so innocent and just gorgeous lying there playing with her nipple. I carried on going hard and fast for as long as I could manage which was a good job it was not long as her legs went rigid and her toes sticking out and she started to shake. This got me off and it was my turn to unload my spunk into her very hot and welcoming pussy. I pumped and pumped and pumped till I was exhausted. I laid on top of her and we kissed for the first time her tongue straight into my mouth and my tongue somewhat really sore didn’t put up a fight and just laid still. She leaned forward and said that it was amazing what had just happened and had done the trick.

“Glad to be of service” I replied and now that the adrenaline was starting to wear off my fucking knees were killing me. The ridges in the tiles had left deep indentations all over and they bloody hurt. Tara got off the floor and her back had the same imprint that was on my knees and she too was now complaining of a painful back. We both made our way to the showers, got dressed and went into the canteen area for a drink. While we sat I asked her what had got her so pissed off today that she had to come to the gym to get rid of ‘some tension ‘. Tara said that she had had an argument with her boyfriend as he wanted to commit to a serious relationship by having a k*d together. Fuck me I said. “ I take it from your recent actions that you don’t want a k*d then”. “Who says I don’t” she replied looking directly into my eyes. “ I’m just not sure who the father should be”…

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