I still don’t know how this happened exactly. I’ve been straight my entire life but somehow, because of one crazy night, I’ve become the bottom bitch for all my friends. Let me explain how.

My name is Drew. About a month ago I was at my friend Mark’s house, we’re both in high school. I’m 18 and Mark just turned 19, he’s about to graduate. Mark is one of those super masculine jock/ woodsman/ hunter guys. He’s only 19 but he already looks a lot like the Brawny man. He’s tall, dark, hairy, and covered in muscles. He’s a big deal on the football team, goes through cheerleaders like candy bars. Me on the other hand, I’m more slim. I’m very toned, mostly shaved cause of the swim team, shaggy blond hair, great ass I’ve been told, also a track star. I’m not like Mark but I did well lady wise, at least before.

We were supposed to go to an awesome secret rave in this burnt out old factory but some asshole who wasn’t invited must of told the cops cause we get there and there are pigs in their cop cars shoeing everyone away. So its late May, Saturday night, hot as fuck, and instead of grinding against some hot pieces of tail we’re both stuck in Mark’s parents’ basement watching movies, at least he had a shit ton of weed.

I get kind of horny when I smoke-up but I can usually hide it. Anyway we’re both straight as arrows so I’m not worried about Mark attacking my junk. We also had two “Mystery Pills,” we’d gotten from this guy outside the drug store, all he said was that the pills would make us party all night. So we’re watching some awful movie high off our asses, waiting for the pills to kick in so we could shake off our depression, when Mark gets his “brilliant,” idea.

“Hey Drew, let’s fuck with my sister.” Mark and his sister Amy hated each other, and Amy was hot as fuck but stuck up, I hated her to. So I say sure and we leave the basement and head to her room. We’re quiet cause his parent’s are asleep. Her room is empty, she’s at a friend’s house. “We put on a a pair of her panties each, sweat in them all night, put them back before she comes home, then next time she opens her top drawer she’s slapped in the face by the smell of our junk!”

“Put on panties? No fucking way dude!” But Mark has a way of convincing me to do things that sound crazy. He says we’re both SO straight it would be hilarious just to have them on, and the look on her face when she smells our junk is gonna be priceless. So I’m high as kite, I laugh and take a red thong into the bathroom and put it on, he says he’s wearing a silk pair of panties and we head back down stairs.

We smoke more weed and Mark decides to pop in a porno. I’m feeling kind of uncomfortable, but what kind of guy says no to a big tit porno? So we watch, it is so fucking hot down there. Mark takes his shirt off. God damn he’s built, and he’s so hairy, so masculine, ugh I’m too high. Its ten minutes latter we’ve both got our shirts off. Mark takes his and pants off and like always I follow his lead. Just two straight guys chilling on hot day, and I notice Mark’s massive bulge through his jockstrap, god damn that thing must be huge, wait… he’s wearing a jock strap!

“What the fuck!?” I point at his underwear.

“HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, I’m not gonna put on panties you queer! Gotcha!”

I am so mad and humiliated. I turn back to the movie. This blond with huge tits is taking it doggy style right up the ass with the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Oh god I’m so horny. “Look at that huge cock!” I blurt out, I’m too high.

“Shit man, that’s nothing.” Mark drops his jock strap while I take another huge rip from the bong. He’s got a monster. 9 inches only semi hard, uncut, and so thick, the head is like this massive bell. He shakes it tauntingly at me, it’s getting bigger! I just turn and look at the movie, got to get Mark’s massive wang out of my head.

Mark is stroking his cock, getting it full and hard. Oh my god its thick. Fuck it, under the thong I start stroking my 6 six inches. Guys do this kind of thing all the time, nothing weird here. A half hour passes and neither of us can get off. Its so frustrating we’re going crazy. I’m realizing those were hard-on pills. The porn, the weed, the pills, we’re not thinking clearly. My dick is so hard it hurts and I can’t cum. I get up to get more hand cream and I catch Mark staring at my thonged ass.

“God damn it man, you’re ass is hotter then your mom’s.”

“Fuck, you.”

“I’m serious man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jacked off to her smack-able ass, its so smooth and round. We’re both straight, why don’t you help me out? Its no big deal.”

“I’m not gay, I’m not grabbing your cock,” I thought he wanted me to jack him off, I was so wrong. Oh that massive rippling cock, its so big, I can’t stop thinking about it, not in a gay way, it’s just impressive. What does it feel like? shit I’m high.

“You wouldn’t have to touch it, just sit on it, come on!” I was so fucking hot and bothered, and Mike made a good point. I’d just sit in his lap so he could enjoy the heat, no big deal, I’m way too high. I wonder what it feels like.

“Just sit in my lap, it’s no big deal. Like when we used have to share a seat in the van on the way to soccer practice, when we were kids.”

“We wore pants back then.”

“You’re not queer are you? If your straight this should be no big deal, just helping a friend. I wouldn’t let some pervert fag sit on me.”

He’s calling me a fag? I’m too high right now. I figure I’ll pretend like I’m gonna do it then make fun of him for asking. I do little dance, teasing him, I wiggle my ass in front of dick like a lap dancer. Then out of no where he grabs my hips and pulls me on it. I’m sitting down on his massive poll, squishing it between his stomach and my ass cheeks. Its so huge and powerful under me.

“There you go, slut.” He groans.

“This was your idea, don’t call me a slut.”

“I’m just kidding, god. Your a sensitive little slut aren’t are. Just watch the porno.”

While I watch massive tits rock back and forth on the TV I start rocking back and forth on his cock. Mark is groaning. As my slick sweaty ass slides up and down his cock I start to enjoy the feeling, his pre-cum greasing up my hole, he’s like a leaky faucet, I need to stop this. Mark says “Sit up a little,” he’s pulls down my thong and places his greased pole right square at my ass hole.

“Mark.. huh?” He starts to pull me down, the massive dick head straining to get inside my tight virgin hole. “Mark, no!” And the head pops in. Mark let’s out a massive groan.

“I’m sorry, I need this Drew. Just relax.”

“Take it out, Mark! Ugh, its big, take it out.”

“Just a minute, I just need to feel it in there. We’re not fucking or anything, ugh, ooh god that feels good. You little slut.”

My knees holding me up start to buckle and slowly his dick is sliding inside me as I slide down it.

“Oh god no! OW, gross! Oh I can feel it all the way up my ass, take it out Mark. Take your dick out of my ass, I don’t want this!”

“Fuck you faggot, I need this! Oh man!”

Suddenly I am sitting in his lap, my sweaty balls are on top of his, and he is all the way inside me, we just sit there for a while, Mark suddenly realizing what he’s done. He’s raping his best friend.

“Um, let’s just watch the movie, this is no big deal.” He’s says casually, as he didn’t just force his cock up my ass. As if it wasn’t still there!

“Ugh, you’re so big.” I’m getting used to having his dick inside me. We keep watching the the woman get pounded, I realize I’ve become that woman, oh god. Mark lays on his back while I stay impaled on his cock, too afraid to move.

Mark starts thrusting his hips upward, slowly at first.

“Stop it, oh jesus, that feels weird.” He starts thrusting faster and faster. Its so weird, I beg him to stop and he smacks my ass, leaving a big red hand print. He pushes me into a kneeling position with his dick still inside me and starts thrusting like a mad man, like a wild animal. My dick starts to swell as he hits something deep inside me, its like he’s jacking me but no hands are on my dick. It’s better, getting much better. With this weird new feeling I watch the porn on the screen and I start to get into it. I am broken, humiliated, but this feels so good.

“You fucking whore!”

“Mark!?” He’s never talked to me like this. He’s talking to me like I’m some piece of tale and not his best friend. I look back at him as he heaves into me, my scared expression seems to excite him more.

“Take my cock you fucking whore. ” He slows down and slowly slides his dick out of my ass till just the head is in. It feels so good but I have to stop this.

“Just don’t cum in me Mark. Ugh, oh god. Just down cum in me.”

“Sure Drew, whatever you say!” He smacks my ass, grabs my cheeks rough with both hands pulls me all the way to his balls. If he just doesn’t cum in me it will be alright. He thrusts once more and despite myself I shoot my load all over the floor. Its the craziest feeling ever. Then Mark shoots in my ass and I try to pull away.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no!”

“YES! Take it all you cum whore! You love this, you’re my bitch now, I own you!” Mark holds me in place with his strong hands. He keeps filling my ass with his hot cum, thrusting with each massive squirt, I can feel it warm and gushing deep inside me. He keeps shooting cum and shooting cum and it doesn’t seem possible. Cum is dripping out of my ass onto my balls, Mark’s cum. Finally he collapses on top of me, asleep. Pinning me to the ground, his still hard dick inside me, for the entire night. I know everything has changed.

In the morning he would apologize, promise not to tell anyone. He looked at me like property though, made me uneasy. He said it was my fault, but he wouldn’t tell anyone, he was lying. The rest is another story.

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