His eyes were wide with terror and now a new feeling was coming over him… a feeling of excitement. The man was now pulling the full length out of him. Moments ago, he had been stuffed and stretched and filled with so much cock he thought his insides would burst. But they didn’t, and as the man held his massive cock in place, Jamie could feel his ass stretch to accommodate the intruder. Pain slowly turned to an odd pleasure.

He yelped uncontrollably when the man made the first painful thrust. The bastard didn’t hold back either. He slammed his crotch right into Jamie’s rear, his rock hard dick forcing its way inside. Now after what seemed like hours, but was really only a few minutes, he was pulling out slowly. Inch by glorious inch, Jamie could feel the cock being guided out of his ass.

“Oh,” was all that Jamie could manage to say.

“That’s right,” said the man. “Just let your muscles relax. It’s almost out.”

But he didn’t pull all the way out. Jamie could feel the man’s cock head resting at the rim of his ass. He looked up into the man’s face for some sense of what he was planning to do next. But his expression was of maddened lust. A smile spread across his face and his eyes were half closed in pure sexual bliss as he held his cock in place.

“Well?” Jamie asked.

“I’m just enjoying your tightness,” said the man as he reached over the front seats and into the glove compartment.

He pulled out a bottle of JoyLube and flicked the lid open. Jamie lay on his back, his legs spread as wide as a five-dollar whore despite the cramped backseat of the compact car. He watched the man squeeze gobs of the slick and gooey lube all over his crotch. Jamie wondered how much longer this would take. He also wondered how the hell he had let himself into this mess in the first place.

Rebecca, or Becca, was the hottest piece of ass Jamie ever laid eyes on. She was blond, tall and slim, had a tight ass, and the sexiest rack of 36DD fake tits. She was 22 years old and he had met her on one of those Internet dating sites. 36-22-34… those were the magic numbers that led him to pursue a date with her. He was amazed when she agreed to meet him.

He discovered that she was a very forward thinking kind of girl. When she found out that Jamie was a website designer, she saw an opportunity. She wanted to host her own website. One of those sites where a customer enters a credit card number and a girl strips and chats with them on a webcam. But she didn’t know how to set it up nor the money to pay someone to do it for her. Jamie knew how. She asked him to help, but when he seemed a little jittery about actually doing it, well, that’s when Becca had to do her thing.

She started fucking him like a mink. Hot, long, sweaty fucks. And blowjobs all the time. In the car. In the elevator. At the grocery store. Under the table in a restaurant. She was going to get this undersexed nerd totally addicted to sex. Addicted to her. And when he was… then she would have him. He would do anything and everything for her.

A few weeks later she had her website and was making money hand over fist. It just poured in and all she had to do was shake her tits or ride a long black dildo on a webcam for some stranger she couldn’t even see. Easy money.

The sex with Jamie slowed down. She’d give him a blowjob here or there when she needed an update or maintenance on the website, but the long sweaty fucks were a thing of the past. Jamie hung around anyway. He was completely entranced by her beauty and the prospect of sex. He’d do absolutely anything for her.

That’s why he found himself in the backseat of a small Japanese compact car in a used car lot… with a man. Becca needed a new car and asked Jamie to go car shopping with her. But, when she tried to offer the salesman a blowjob in exchange for a great deal on a car, his attention turned to Jamie. He eyed Jamie like a hungry wolf and offered to take $1000 off the sticker price if Jamie would polish his knob.

“No fucking way,” was Jamie’s initial response.

But the promise of wet shower sex with Becca and her Brazilian friend Claudia changed Jamie’s mind. He reluctantly, nervously, agreed. He had never touched another man’s dick in his life. This would be his first time – and last as far as he was concerned.

They walked to the far end of the lot with the salesman. His name was Rod Goodlong. He was in his forties, handsome, nice and tan, in amazing shape for a man his age. And he was well endowed.

When they reached the car, Mr. Goodlong pointed out that it was gently used. Becca fell in love with it immediately as Mr. Goodlong opened the door and motioned for Jamie to get in. “Well, hop on in, hot stuff,” he said, giving him a wink. He could already feel his cock thickening as he looked over his young, soon-to-be boy toy.

“Don’t call me that,” said Jamie as he was having second thoughts. He began to back away but Becca was there, blocking his path.

“Oh please, Jamie, do this for me,” she pouted. “Mr. Goodlong, can I just have a sec with Jamie alone?”

“Sure, babe,” he said as he held his hands up in a calming gesture and took a couple of steps back.

“Look, Jamie, this’ll go quick,” she assured Jamie. “The guy probably has a small dick and will cum in less than a minute. Just grip him at the base of his dick and suck the head hard while you pump. Maybe lick around the head a bit. He’ll cum quickest that way.”

“Okay,” he said, trying to calm himself down. “Lick around the head, pump at the base, suck hard. Got it.”

“Great! Go to it, Jamie. You can do this.” She pumped her fist in an aggressive manner to try and get him psyched for the blowjob.

“I can do this!” he said as he stepped past Mr. Goodlong and climbed into the backseat of the tiny car.

“Okay, sugar bomb,” Mr. Goodlong said to Becca as he glanced around the lot before climbing in after Jamie. “Just knock on the window if you see anyone coming our way.”

“Will do, Mr. Goodlong,” she said as she tried to call in to Jamie before Mr. Goodlong closed the door. “Go get ’em, Jamie! You can do it!” She jumped up and down while clapping her hands, making her big tits jiggle.

Inside the car, Jamie could smell Mr. Goodlong’s cheap cologne. He sat there stunned, not having a clue what to do next as Mr. Goodlong began unfastening his belt and pants. He quickly pulled them off, exposing a pair of heart-covered, silk boxers with a massive bulge at the crotch.

Jamie gulped hard. That can’t be his dick. Becca said it was small. It was supposed to be small. But Mr. Goodlong began pulling down his silky boxers and the massive, semi-hard slab of meat that made up his cock flopped out with a loud thud as it slapped against the car seat.

“Sweet Jezzuz!” exclaimed Jamie as his eyes bulged in terror.

“That’s why they call me Goodlong,” Mr. Goodlong said as he smiled and winked at Jamie. “Rod Goodlong.”

“I… I didn’t know you were going to be so large,” Jamie stammered as he gawked at the biggest dick he’d ever seen. Well, maybe except in a porn flick. But his dick looked to be at least 12 inches long and as thick as Jamie’s wrist. The head was already sopping wet with juice and the precum started to ooze. “I wouldn’t have agreed to this if I knew your… you know… your size.”

Becca was waiting outside impatiently. What the fuck was so hard about a BJ? Just wrap your lips around the guy’s dick and start sucking. For Christ’s sake, Jamie! She peered into the small window into the backseat. Her mouth dropped open and her chewing gum fell out onto the parking lot. Whoa! Mr. Goodlong’s dick was huge. Long and throbbing… what a beast. No wonder Jamie was hesitating.

Jamie made eye contact with her as she peered into the window.

“You can do it, sweetheart!” she called in as she waved.

“C’mon, Jamie, a cock this good won’t come your way often,” Mr. Goodlong said as he gripped the base of his shaft and gave it a few good shakes, pounding his thick and heavy cock head onto the upholstery with loud thuds.

Jamie gazed in awe at the long boner as it whacked against the car’s cheap upholstery. Thump! Thump! Thump! Almost in slow motion as the sound reverberated in the cramped car. The dick head was leaving a sloppy wet trail on the seat with every smack. Precum was spattering all over both of them. He felt weak. As if he was losing consciousness. He just wasn’t sure he could go through with this. His head was spinning, feeling dizzy. The dick was just so big, he thought to himself as things started to go black.

Jamie regained consciousness with the sound of Becca’s long fingernails tapping on the window and the faint sound of her voice from outside the car, “Jamie, baby, get up and suck this nice man’s dick already!”

“I think he passed out,” said Mr. Goodlong as the younger man’s face lay in his lap. When Jamie passed out he slumped forward, face first into Mr. Goodlong’s crotch. Now he felt something warm, long and hard pressed against the side of his face.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Goodlong,” said Becca. “Are you sure I couldn’t just blow you?” She was anxious not to lose the car deal.

But Mr. Goodlong was having none of it. “The deal is for him to suck my dick, honey.”

“I know, but this is his first time and he isn’t gay or anything.”

“Nonsense. When a man sees a dick this big, his sexual desire goes into overdrive, that’s all,” he said with confidence. “That’s what happened to your friend here. He’s drunk with lust for my cock just by looking at it.”

It was this confidence that stirred Jamie awake. “I… I’m not gay!” he slurred as he struggled to lift his head from Mr. Goodlong’s lap. The warm cock lifted with him, its head pressing against his mouth and chin, smearing precum all over his face. “I’m just doing this so Beccagllrrrphhhh…”

“That’s it. You just need a taste is all.” Mr. Goodlong gripped Jamie by the back of the head with one hand and guided his cock head into his open mouth with the other.

“Mmmmrrrphhh,” Jamie struggled. In his weakened state, there was nothing he could do for the moment except to let the cock glide in. If he didn’t, he was sure to choke. Maybe even suffocate. What an embarrassing death that would be—dying in the backseat of a car with a giant dick in his mouth. His mouth was stretched so wide it hurt. The only way to breathe was through his nose. Fuck why did he agree to this?

“Is… is he doing it?” asked Becca from outside. Her muffled voice barely made it through the car windows.

“Yeah… well, I’ve only got the head in his mouth and his eyes are already tearing up,” said Mr. Goodlong, looking back at her and giving her a thumbs-up with one hand while keeping the other pressed against the back of Jamie’s head. “But I think he’ll do fine. It’s the taste that gets ’em.”

“Oh that’s great!” she exclaimed while giving a return thumbs-up.

The taste. That’s what Jamie was sorting out at the moment. The thick and meaty cock head had a salty taste… or was that the precum that continued to spill out into Jamie’s mouth? It wasn’t bad, he thought. In fact it seemed to have an almost narcotic type effect by sending waves of… of… lust? Was that what he was feeling? He began sliding his tongue around the under side of Mr. Goodlong’s dick. He was trying to get a better taste of the cock’s juices. He needed to sort this out.

“Oh yeah, Jamie, there ya go… slide your tongue around just like that,” Mr. Goodlong encouraged as he gently pushed his hips upward while pressing Jamie’s head further into his crotch.

“Mrrrpphhhh!” Jamie protested. He was just trying to taste the juices. He wasn’t trying to encourage him. But it was too late. He felt another inch of cock slide through his lips. Then he felt two more inches… now three… four… five…six? Oh my god! he thought to himself. I’m actually deep-throating this guy’s dick.

“Ahhhhh,” Mr. Goodlong’s head fell back with a wide grin. He was clearly enjoying this now. That was a good thing, Becca thought, as she watched the car salesman’s reaction from outside. Maybe Jamie was going to pull this off after all.

“Glllck!” Jamie felt the head of Mr. Goodlong’s dick hit the back of his throat. He instinctively reached forward and grabbed the base of the fat shaft to try and pull it out. Mr. Goodlong held firm, letting Jamie’s mouth and throat adjust to his size.

“Glllck!” Jamie’s eyes were streaming tears now.

“Just breath through your nose,” said Mr. Goodlong. “You seem to have a great gag reflex for sucking dick.”


“How’s he doing, Mr. Goodlong?” asked Becca again.

“He’s doing just fine. I’ve got about half of my cock in his mouth but I think that’s all he can take.” His eyes were half closed as he spoke. He was enjoying this now. Becca was sure of it. He gave her the A-OK sign with his hand. The other hand was still holding Jamie at the back of the head, this time as he rotated his hips slowly.

“Oh yay!” she flashed an A-OK right back excitedly.

Mr. Goodlong’s cock rotated slowly inside of Jamie’s stuffed mouth. Jamie could feel the mix of saliva and cock juice filling up and spilling out the side of his mouth. When Mr. Goodlong saw this he began pulling out slowly. Thank goodness, Jamie thought. Maybe he came already? He wondered if the wetness in his mouth was cum. But Mr. Goodlong slid his cock right back in.


“Ooh… that’s it Jamie baby,” Mr. Goodlong said to Jamie as he began sawing in and out of his virgin mouth. “You’re deep-throating my cock now.”

“Gglllp!” The dick hit Jamie in the back of the throat with each thrust of Mr. Goodlong’s pelvis.

“Gglllp!” again.

“Gglllp!” and again.

Over and over it went like this. Each time the cock slid out, spit and juice would spill from Jamie’s mouth. The wetness was coating Mr. Goodlong’s crotch and slopping up the upholstery of Becca’s soon-to-be new car.

Jamie realized that he still had his hands wrapped around the base of Mr. Goodlong’s dick. He was inadvertently squeezing it. Stroke the base, he remembered. That was one of Becca’s instructions. So he started doing just that. He stroked up and down as Mr. Goodlong pumped in and out. The shaft was slick and wet.

“His balls, Jamie,” Becca said from outside of the car, “squeeze his balls. They like that.”

Jamie reached under the massive rod and gripped Mr. Goodlong’s ballsack. The balls spilled over his palm, too big to fit. Wow! he thought, his balls are practically the size of large lemons.

“Hey sweetheart,” Mr. Goodlong called out to Becca, “you keep your eyes on the lot. Make sure no one is coming.”

“Okay. Sorry, Mr. Goodlong.” She turned her gaze to the car lot. “Uh… Mr. Goodlong?” “What is…ooh that’s it, baby, just like that… what is it?” he asked as he felt his balls being juggled.

“There’s someone coming. It’s a tall woman.” She watched a tall brunette in an ugly black skirt and annoyingly bright red sports coat approach.

“Get rid… oh, oh, oh, like that… get rid of her please,” Mr. Goodlong demanded. “Ask her to show you a sports car.” He knew that the sports cars were on the opposite end of the lot. That would keep them away and give him time alone with Jamie. Oh, Jamie! Now he had a chance to get rid of his pesky girlfriend too.

“Oh okay, Mr. Goodlong,” she said compliantly. “But aren’t you almost done?”

“Just go… ooohhh… just go do it, please!”

“Okay, sorry sir,” she said as she hurried off to keep the saleswoman busy.

Now, The Rod had cute little Jamie all to himself. He looked down at the young stud and watched as his dick slid in and out of his stretched mouth. “You’re doing a great job, Jamie,” he encouraged as Jamie continued to pump the shaft and suck the head of his cock. “This really is a great blowjob.”

“Mrrphh?” Jamie was surprised that Mr. Goodlong was enjoying it so much. He’d never sucked a dick before this and thought he’d be horrible at it. But Mr. Goodlong really seemed to be turned on. The guy’s cock was hard as steel and dripping wet.

“Oh yeah, Jamie, you’re doing… ooh… ooh… yessss… you’re doing fantastic,” he managed to say as he continued enjoying the hot mouth fucking his long dong. “Better than that uptight girlfriend of yours could do.”


“Oh yeah. Guys give great blowjobs and you don’t have to be gay to do it. Hell, we’re just two guys enjoying some hot sex. Nothing wrong with that. Just relax and no one will ever have to find out. I’ve been married 20 years and my wife hasn’t… ooooooh… oh gawdyesss… my wife hasn’t a clue.”

Something about knowing Mr. Goodlong was married and straight, knowing that he was enjoying the blowjob he was giving and wasn’t at all uptight about it, made Jamie want to do a good job. It made him want to make Mr. Goodlong feel good. Maybe he’d even give Becca a bigger discount.

He began working the shaft rhythmically now. Up and down. He timed his hand strokes with his head bobbing. Everything was so wet and sloppy. The loud slurping sounds were so lewd but he couldn’t help making them. And there was no one here but the two of them anyway. He looked up and watched Mr. Goodlong smile and lick his lips. Mr. Goodlong knew that his only chance to take this further with him would be while Becca was away. He tried to look through the back window but it was fogged up. He wiped a small area and saw her with Nancy Anderson, his bitch of a rival at the car lot. They were way on the other side of the lot. Nancy never forgave him for banging her husband at last year’s New Year party. What a great fuck he was, 20 years younger than Nancy, he was a young stud waiting to be turned out. Just like Jamie here.

“That’s it. Work that dong, Jamie… ooooh man you’ve got a hot mouth.” he complemented.

“Mrrrpphhlp,” mumbled Jamie as he seemed to be lovingly working the cock.

Mr. Goodlong decided to make his move after glancing out the window again. This time, he saw Becca and Nancy even further out. He’d have plenty of time now. He eased Jamie’s head back. But the guy was literally suctioned to his dick. He pushed harder, watching as Jamie’s lips stretched forward. Then with a loud “Plop!” his dick was freed. It sprung upward and smacked violently against his belly with a loud slap. Precum and saliva spattered all over his stomach.

The look on Jamie’s face was of hurt and confusion. “What’s the matter, Mr. Goodlong?” Jamie asked as slobber continued dribbling from his mouth. “Was I doing something wrong?”

“Oh no, Jamie, that was wonderful,” said Mr. Goodlong. “Let’s try something else now.”

“What do you mean?” he asked as he wiped his mouth.

“I mean let’s go all the way.” He began crawling on top of Jamie, his body forcing the younger man onto his back. He gripped his shorts and briefs and tugged them off in one swift motion. Years of practice taught him how to do that.

Before Jamie even knew what was happening, his bottom half was completely exposed except for his gym shoes and socks. “What… wait a minute… I… I’m not,” he stammered as he tried to make sense of what was happening now. He watched Mr. Goodlong position himself over his body. He could feel the giant phallus sliding between their bodies, pressing against his own flaccid cock.

“I’m just going to slide it in for a moment,” said Mr. Goodlong as he leaned in closer, his lips now inches away from Jamie’s. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. The older, experienced man taking advantage of the naïve and much younger man. “Just for a moment.”

“What do you mean just for a moment? There’s no way I’m gonUNGHHH!” Jamie never felt pain like he just felt at that moment. Well, at least not in his ass. Mr. Goodlong just jammed his ramrod of a cock into his virgin ass in one long stroke. He saw stars as he yelped like a puppy while the anal intruder forced his ass open. He was shocked and embarrassed. How could he let this happen? Was he being raped by Mr. Goodlong? But it can’t be rape… he was giving this man a blowjob.

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