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Black band returns
So this past Saturday night at the Banquet hall where I work the black band from PA was back and of course they saw I was working and we chatted between songs and they already invited me back to party at there suite and said there was several different guys playing with them tonight who would love to meet me which really meant love to fuck me, they said they had their masks ( see other story)only better for Halloween I was like we will see, it took me several days to recover the last time, they said to bring some friends too, I said I don’t know I am working with a new girl Cindy who I don’t know very well on a personal level, they said well please try, I said OK, so Cindy saw me talking with them and she said they are really good are they here a lot ?I told her several times a year so I know them pretty good, I said I hung out with them after their last show at the Hilton and they are fun people, she said wow very cool, Cindy is about 45 and a nice cute figure she works out a bit, with a cute ass and nice boobs ,kinda short red hair that’s longer on one side and covers one eye a bit very sexy look, I said they invited me again for a drink and anyone else is welcome, she said she would like to go too and hang out for awhile, I told her look it gets a little raunchy sometimes and they wear these masks and music playing and stuff happens , she said she likes having fun and she was up for it if I was going, I said ok so I told the guys we would be over after we were done after the event, they said great and were very excited, I told Cindy that there may be some uncomfortable things happening and to be prepared ,she said she was ok with mostly anything,I said ok then its a plan, so after we wrapped up and we changed , we jumped in my car and drove around back of the hilton, I told her I like to go in the back way because the hotel people know me from the hall, she was like ok no problem, so we went p and knocked on the door and we went in and music was playing and most of them already had their masks on , two of the guys I knew came over and walked us into the living room to the couch and handed us drinks , Cindy and I sat down and we chatted for a few minutes and a guy sat on my right and he put his arm around me and started feeling my left boob, I had on jeans and a tee shirt and he pushed up my tee shirt and let out my boobs , Cindy was on my left and I couldn’t watch her reaction because the guy took his cock out and pushed my head down and put it in my mouth, I started sucking his cock and felt it growing he removed my shirt and bra and pushed me down on my knees and another guy sat where was and had his cock out and I shifted back and forth on both cocks , someone was behind me and started to undo my pants and when I glanced to my right I saw Cindy still sitting but sucking on a big black cock so I figured she was ok with it, one guy started coming in my mouth and the other guy stood me up and pulled my jeans off and had me kneel on the couch in the room full of people, he then started fucking me doggy on the couch and came inside me after a good pounding, then some one walked me into the bedroom and before I knew it I was on my back with my legs in the air and several guys were having me ,one in me, one on the bed with his cock in my mouth and some one was feeling my boobs I think they all kept switching around positions,after awhile they turned me over and started doing me from behind one big cock after another they kept me up on all fours so they could hold onto my boos while fucking me , I then realized Cindy was now on the bed right next to me getting fucked doggy and I remember a joker mask on one guy and Cindy turned to me and kissed me while we were both getting fucked, a guy came in front of us and we both took turns sucking his cock and kissing and tonguing each other it was very arousing to tongue her and suck a cock in between, the guy came on our faces and we licked the cum off each others face, then I remember her moving up and her pussy was in my face, shaved and smooth I started eating her as guys put their cocks in her mouth while still doing me doggy, they love my round ass and big boobs and I don’t know how many fucked me but it was a lot, at some point Cindy and I fell asleep and in the morning the band quietly packed up and left , we woke up naked and covered in cum, we woke up around 11 and were like holy shit we have to get out of here we cleaned up best we could and found our clothes and left out the back .I drove Cindy to her car she said that was amazing I cant believe what happened last night I never did anything like that before, I said well I hate to admit it but I have many times , she said it was exciting and made her feel young again and sexy I told her you still are, we kissed and she said I am so happy we met and hope we work together again I told her I feel the same way.
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