‘I am one lucky girl!’ Mel told me yesterday and maybe she is. I grab the pan handle and with one very well trained move I turn the pancake throwing it in the air and catching it back. Mel is studying for some exams and she passes her days in reading and making tests. During this time I took complete control over the household! I do the laundry, cleaning, dishes… and my usual occupation in the kitchen – cooking the food. I remove the pancake and sip the next dose. I form a beautifully round pancake by moving the pan in circle. Then I place it back on the stove. I put some Nutella on the hot pancake and roll it then on the serving plate. One more and I’ll take a little breakfast to Mel.

I enter the room where Mel is studying holding a serving plate with dozens of rolled pancakes with chocolate and two glasses with orange juice. She is there, wearing a tight black top with bikinis in the same color and is lying on her tummy on the bed reading something from a big book. Mel turns head the moment she hears me walking on the carpet.
‘Study break, babe!’ I say.
‘Mmmm.. Maybe it’s just what I needed right now!’ she replies and turns on her back with eyes fixed in my plate. ‘Pancakes?’
‘Yep! With Nutella!’
‘Give me! Give me! Give me!’
Typical Mel! She acts like a little girl in a confectionery! She grabs the plate not even noticing the second surprise I am having for her. I know well what she likes and I am wearing a very special outfit. In fact I am totally naked underneath the cooking apron. My hardening cock is starting to draw attention. Mel is eating a pancake when finally notices my look.
‘Wow! I am having a special delivery from the sexy chef today, am I?’
‘Yes! Little breakfast with the stress relief program included!’
I climb the bed on my four and begin to kiss Mel’s right leg moving towards her privy parts. My cock is now fully erect and I can feel its glans rubbing the rough fabric of the apron. I try to draw away my attention from this strong feeling or I am risking to explode in no time. My lips are now kissing Mel’s thigh. I can hear her moans while she is still chewing a pancake. My eyes are fixed on her growing clitty that is starting to form a well shaped bulge in her bikinis. I want to finally reach it and wrap my lips around the tip of this bulge. Then I want to suck… To suck until I feel Mel’s juices to fill my mouth with their salty taste.
‘Oh fuck yes…’ Mel throws this line like a porn star knowing she will hit me directly in my cock with these words. ‘Take me in your mouth. Do it!’
We both love when she is giving the orders. I pull down the bikinis and Mel’s clitty pops out pointing straight. A second later it is sliding in my mouth. I can feel it – the texture, the warmth, the erection, the throbbing. I shove the bikinis under her testicles and wrap my index and middle finger around the slippery shaft of her cock. Mel is moaning louder now and she pulls the top up until her firm rounded breasts jump out in freedom. She starts to play with their nipples. She pinches them with gentle twists and pulls. I am enjoying the show while not stopping to suck her cock.
Suddenly I pull out her throbbing clitty from my mouth.
‘What the fuck are you doing?’ Mel says with clear fierce in her voice.
‘Getting rid of something.’ I answer.
I pull down the bikinis. After this I dive back between Mel’s legs. She opens them widely. I can’t describe how beautiful her cock is! Shiny, wet, throbbing, hard, pointing to the sky… I want it badly back in mouth feeling my own cock bursting and rubbing against the fabric of the cooking apron. I am sure it has already made a good large wet spot from the pouring precum.
‘Fuck yes! Suck me!’ Mel screams when I drive her clitty inside my warm mouth.
I touch the center of her sphincter with the tip of my index finger throwing her body in the air. Oh yes! She likes this a lot! I start making small circles with my finger but am not yet entering the hot cave. Mel is hugely sensitive there. A longer play and I’ll send her in a mind blowing orgasm that will definitely fill my mouth with semen. Stress relief program as I said earlier.
My index finger slowly penetrates Mel’s anus. I don’t rush. She is already lost her control and is in a beautiful state of ecstasy. I press the magical point of her prostate and suck her cock really hard at the same moment. This was it!
‘God damn you! Fuck!’ Mel screams like crazy and a powerful streams of sperm shoot from the slit of her clitty directly in my throat forcing me to swallow them immediately.
Mission accomplished! Stress relieved!
‘Thank you!’ Mel says after two minutes with hoarseness in voice while I am still playing with her softening cock, ‘I needed this… break and breakfast!’
‘Everything for you!’ I say and finally remove her clitty from my mouth.
‘How is your dicklett?’ Mel asks.
‘Painfully hard, babe!’
‘Good. Good! Well… study break is over. Thank you and you can leave now.’ The dominant Mel.
There is no need to argue with her so I simply nod with my head saying: ‘Yes!’
‘You really are rock hard under this apron!’ Mel exclaims giggling.
My cock is about to burst and I can feel every rub between its glans and the rough fabric of the cooking apron. Every move I make causes more and more teasing to my poor cock. It’ll be a painful case of blue balls the moment my cock starts to soften and I know it. I took the empty plate and leave the room hearing Mel’s silent laughing as she returns to her studies.

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