I’m Karen Fields 39 years old and recently divorced. Green eyes, red hair, 5’4” 38d, 28,36. Never had k**s. Married 14 years to a very successful man. The last four years he was a cross dressing sissy. That isn’t why we divorced. Matter of fact I had a lot of fun helping him perfect his image. I pegged him almost nightly with a 12” black cock that he purchased himself. As his ability to get hard diminished he used a smaller version of the same on me which kept me satisfied. No the divorce was all his idea. He sold his business and set me up for life so he could move to Las Vegas to live this life full time servicing men full time.
I live in a fully secure gated community. Have a brand new Lincoln Navigator and a sporty little BMW to drive. A generous monthly check leaves me wanting for nothing. Daily running and exercise classes along with hanging out with girlfriends worked for a while. Of course everyone constantly was trying to hook me up with a man but I resisted that. Instead an acquired selection of dildos ( mostly black and large) keeps me sexually satisfied. Over a short time I’ve become quite an exhibitionist. My jogging attire barely covers anything and lots of cleavage is there for a gawking neighborhood. I’ve always loved sexy high heels so I always wear them when I’m out doing anything. Tight short skirts and blouses that show off my large tits are daily attire. I’ve fell in love with exposing just enough to be still legal. Then I go back home and punish my pussy with a large dildo and be totally satisfied.
One of my favorite games is teasing the gate guard Jerome, a gorgeous 30ish black man. Ex army ranger or something like that, very tall and muscular. He’s always very business like but I know my exposed cleavage and thighs drive him crazy. How do I know you ask, because I always make sure to stop and roll down my window to talk to him and I’ve watched what must be a very large black cock start to strain at the fabric of his well fitting uniform. My pussy gets soaked thinking about that black monster. I always make sure I bring something for him, cookies a cold drink or something like that.
Yeah I have always been intrigued with the idea of fucking a black guy but I’ve never acted on it. Plenty of opportunities to do so in my life. Going all the way back to Junior high I have always had plenty of attention from all guys and I always made sure that the black boyz knew that I enjoyed talking to them. A lot of them asked me out but I never accepted. But I also made sure they knew that I appreciated their friendship and attention. I was very popular and it seems that at age 39 I’m still popular. Especially with the men. I love it. The attention I mean.
Anyway I had become a little bored and needed something extra to do. I did earn a teaching degree in college and decided to put that to use. I applied for a substitute teaching position in the local district. Soon I got a call about a open spot but not in my area of town. It was at a school on the other side of town in what most people would say is a black neighborhood. After a while I decided to go to the school and talk to the principal. I dressed very conservatively, a black business suit but I did still wear some sexy black heels. The school was not in the best of conditions and the principal was a rather large unkempt black man who almost seemed rude. But I did catch him staring me up and down. School had already let out so he asked the custodian to show me to my potential classroom. Ruben was a very polite older (65 maybe) black man. Probably 6’4” 240lbs but you could tell he was still in shape. I felt comfortable and safe with him escorting me. He addressed me as Mrs Fields and I quickly corrected him it’s Ms and I prefer Karen I said as I showed him my barren ring finger. I’m sorry Ms Karen I just assumed anyone as pretty as you would be taken. I was but now divorced and I prefer it that way. Ruben said this probably ain’t the best place for a lady like you but if you take the job I’ll watch out for you. That made my decision for me. I’ll take the job especially since it’s only temporary.
My first day I wore my hair up and dressed conservatively again. Even still my shapely figure was notable. Ruben met me in the parking lot and escorted me to class. Still I received a lot of uneasy attention which made me second guess my decision. Ruben reminded me that he was going to keep an eye on me. As I looked at an all black class of 10th grade k**s I found myself relieved it was a remedial reading class and I was not going to have to teach math or science. I found myself really nervous but desperately trying not to show it. Where’s Ms Black some of the k**s began to inquire. Don’t worry I’m sure she’s going to be back very soon I said. I doubt that about half the class responded while kind of laughing at the same time. You won’t stick around very long either WHITEY was blurted out from the back of the room. About that time the door swung open and Ruben stepped in, everything okay? Yeah Ruben she be alright so just go sweep the hallway said one of the larger older looking boys said. With that Ruben walked right up to the k**s desk and said That’s Mr Ruben to you and I’m keeping an eye on you all day everyday boy. There was no response from him or anyone in the class. I’ll check back in Ms Karen he said as he exited the room. Again from the back of the room I heard Yeah old Ruben got that all blocked and then laughter erupted. Emboldened by Ruben’s support I slammed my hand on my desk and said that’s enough let’s get to work. (I can’t wait for this day to end.)
At lunch I found myself talking to Ruben. I found out that he retired from the Marines. He said that most of the k**s know this and are somewhat scared of him. That explains some things. Like why he still looks so fit for someone his age. And why most of the k**s seem to listen to him. I also came to learn that this class had the poorest attendance. Before lunch was finished one of the girls (Betty) approached me. She said Ms Karen you’ll just gotta give them a reason to be there. Like what I said. That’s up to you Ms Karen. Ms Black used to give the boys what they want but now she ain’t here no more. With that she strolled away. WTF I thought to myself. Also one of the things that burn today first day on the job was attached was a single class that lasted all morning then the afternoon I was supposed to do tutoring to anyone that wanted it. Make my way back to class I found the man young man sitting there the one that had confronted Ruben in my classroom I found out they called him Smallz. Smallz stated that he was there to get some tutoring. I found myself sitting behind the desk and he approached me and came around to the backside of the desk and stood there, so you going to tutor me teach he said. I couldn’t help but notice a rather large bulge in the front of his pants and I’m sure he was trying to make sure that I noticed it. I garnered my courage and told smallz to go sit back at his desk. He then said to me oh you don’t like black boys. To which I responded no I like black boys I like black girls I like black women I like black men I like them all just fine. I just don’t like you standing here behind my desk. With that he just left the room.
So now that I was alone in the room my thoughts focused on that rather large bulge that I had just seen. With nothing to do but sit there and think about it I wondered what would’ve happened if I had just reached out and grabbed it and then I came to my senses. The rest of the afternoon passed without incident.
Ruben showed up to my door and said it’s time I walk you to your car. Ruben commented on how much he liked my little car and I said thank you. Ruben what happened to the last teacher I asked. He said Miss Karen are you sure you wanna know to which I responded yes. Well Miss Black got her self into some trouble she let smallz and a couple of the other boys talk her into some private tutoring. Well to make a long story short she ended up in a family way if you know what I mean, and her husband made her quit and then they left town. Don’t know what happened after that. What was she like, oh she’s like you but maybe just a little bit younger She probably be maybe 30 or so. What do you mean like me, do you mean white. Yeah that’s what I mean she was white just like you. That’s why I told you this probably ain’t the best job for you. So let me get this straight Ruben you’re saying the teacher I replaced and thank you for the compliment about her being just a little younger than me but anyway you’re saying that she’s having a baby by one of these k**s at school. Well that’s the story ma’am. Well you’re gonna be back tomorrow Ruben asked . I responded definitely I’ll be back don’t worry Ruben I’m not gonna do any specialized tutoring and get in a family way. I was impressed with Ruben’s concerned about my well-being it made me feel very comfortable In the surroundings. My hand went out to reach and touch his arm to let him know that I appreciated him but before I did I dropped my keys Ruben immediately bent down to pick up my keys. He complimented me on my shoes and he said those are sure some Pretty shoes, I do love to see women in high heels. I said well Ruben to tell you the truth I love to wear high heels so you’ll be seeing a lot of sexy heels cause I plan on being back around here for a while. Well that’s real nice to hear Miss Karen. I said Ruben you can just call me Karen if you’d like. And he said no ma’am that’s just not my way. Well Ruben I can see you’re a true gem thank you. Then I got into my car and began the long drive home through what was a somewhat shady neighborhood. As I drove towards home I couldn’t help but think about that bulge on that young man’s pants, god what was he packing. As I approached the security gate there was the familiar face of Jerome. Then as I rolled down my window Jerome approached as always I smiled at him and he said well Miss Fields you’ve been out all day today. I said Jerome I guess I didn’t tell you that I started a job today. Oh really what kind of job Miss Fields. Oh I’m a substitute teacher at Bettis and Jerome‘s eyes widened so I’m guessing he’s familiar with Bettis. Now Ms Fields why would you wanna go and do something like that. Well I was kind of bored and I was trained to be a teacher. I thought it would help occupy some of my time and besides it should only be temporary. Well you be careful, you know things can get rough especially for someone like you. I kinda turned my head to him as if to say what he meant but then I thought I know what he meant. Don’t worry Jerome I’m going to be real careful. Hey but just in case, can you keep an eye on things for me and if somebody comes to visit me make sure you clear it with me first. Yes ma’am you know I’ve got my eye on you all the time. Thank you Jerome that’s sweet.
As I pulled into the garage and shut the door i just sat there for a moment soaking in everything that it happened today then I went inside. A Long hot soaking bath would be really nice so I ran the water. I I got undressed I was admiring my body in the full length mirror. I knew that’s what all the men wanted, to get a shot at that body. I do look good for my age, I look real good. I started massaging my breasts and then I touched myself, yes I was immediately wet. I ran and turned the water off in the bathtub. Then I returned to the bedroom and got the large black dildo that I had Nicknamed Jerome. I brought Jerome up to my mouth and licked the head and got it nice and wet and then I started pressing Jerome against my very wet pussy as Jerome started to slide in the tensions of the day melted away and new sensations began to flood my body. First one inch then 2 3 4 5 6 7 and finally 8 inches of Jerome was up inside me. Just two more to go and I began to work Jerome back and forth back and forth with each thrust a little more of Jerome was entering me until he was balls deep. I just lay there with 10 inches of Jerome was inside me, making feeling so full. I had to get with it, So I begin to work Jerome in and out, tip to balls tip to Balls, picking up the pace faster and faster. My ass is coming up off of the bed and I was getting close it didn’t take long. And then it happened a powerful orgasm hit me. I shook and sweated and cried out fuck me fuck me fuck me you black bastard fuck me. I’ll lay there spent half of Jerome still up inside me God I needed that I really needed that. As I stood up and watched Jerome slip out of me and hit the floor. Don’t worry baby I won’t leave you there I’ll come back for you here in just a little bit. I let the warm water surround me and closed my eyes and then oddly I thought to myself what am I going to wear Tomorrow. Then I thought about what Betty had said to me. Give them what they want and they’ll come to class. What they want I wondered. A bunch of horny young black guys. I’m sure I know what they want but do I dare give it to them. Well I guess I’ll just see how I feel when I wake up in the morning.
I stepped out of the tub and wrapped my thin satin robe around my still wet body. I loved the way it clings to my body. Just then the doorbell rang repeatedly. I rushed to the door and peaked out. It was Jerome. I couldn’t open the door in this condition. I look like I’ve been in a wet T-shirt contest. But then again. Jerome deserves a little peak. After all he served our country. I looked down at my tits. You could easily make out my nipples. A deep breath and I opened the door. The look on his face was everything I hoped for. He couldn’t take his eyes off of my breast. I interrupted his stare by saying is there anything i can do for you Jerome.

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