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Suzy had seen him come in the restaurant several times from the kitchen where she worked. She had seen the owner give him preferential treatment and knew he was somebody. She had always been kept out of site, hidden intentionally because she was a “new half”, a Japanese “lady boy” only hired because she was an excellent cook. She was small, slender, with long black hair, very pretty, with a prominent bubble butt and small tits. With her size and innocent appearance, she appeared to be in her early teens although she was almost 22. Suki still had a cock with an inch of glans, 2 inches of shaft that would get semi hard. Her small balls remained very productive causing her to masturbate habitually since dates were few. Like many, she had joined a “T Girl” dating site, made a bland ad then browsed. She had been corresponding with a man called “Tiny”. His “likes” and interest profile attracted her, showing him as Dominate with kinks and only desiring a submissive Asian. She had described herself in detail without any pictures and he was dying to view her. Their communications had got hot and heavy. Little did she know that her site interest was the man in the restaurant. She didn’t connect his description of being 6ft 3in’s, 240 lbs. She had found out the man inside was Jake Johnson former NFL star, now a football talent agent.

They had corresponded and instant messaged for months, she had teased him more than he could stand. Tiny challenged her telling her that he would give her a sign that she couldn’t miss to prove his interest in her. She agreed, but he added he would show her if she looked toward the Wyatt Building at 2 pm Friday, then message him and set a time to meet her in person that night. On Friday at 2pm exact, a plane with a banner trailing read “I’m waiting”! It circled back through for 10 minutes, she messaged him “Pearson Park, 10 pm”. It was half a block from the restaurant, safe and decently lit.

She was seated on a bench at street side in a brown, casual, straight skirt and a loose fit white, button front blouse and short heels at 9:55pm. At exactly 10 pm a stretch Limo drove up shocking her! Out stepped Jake, he said “I’m Jake “Tiny” Johnson and little lady you kept me waiting”! Suki nervously yelped! He sat beside her saying “I get that reaction often but I’m the runt of my family, the Tiny one”. She was still speechless, he said “Come on” as he stood taking her small hand as the Limo drove back up. Her head was barely above his waist line. She looked up he grinned “don’t you ask me, how’s the air up there”? Suki finally relaxed then laughed as he opened the door for her.

Inside the Limo he made her chat as he forced her to talk saying “yes, you’re submissive, I have to force conversation out of you. As I’ve said, I’m a take control guy, I make things happen”. Suki smiled then softly replied “I need that”. Tiny grinned “you need to relax! He moved to a side couch facing her then said “spread your thighs”. She didn’t respond as her eyes grew wide open, he repeated “Suki, spread your thighs”! She slowly opened her thighs exposing her white Silk panties, Tiny grinned “good girl. Take it out and relax yourself”. Her mouth flew open, he spoke “Suki, I don’t repeat myself”, she uttered “I’ll make a mess”. He grinned, “that’s not your worry. I speak and you respond without hesitation”. He hand crept under her skirt, then rolled it back! Her fingers dug into her panties bringing out her small cock, Tiny said “look at me, don’t think! Just do”! She grasp her cock then slowly jerked it, Tiny said “you’re a beautiful little thing, I’m impressed” Suki smiled as her jerking pace picked up, He said “I’m doing this because you need it. You need to cum and relax. You love it, don’t you”, she quickly replied “yes”! “You’re going to feel so much better when you get that out of you”, he spoke. Suki moaned, “it’s going to be big! It hurts so much”. In a minute she was chanting his name “Tiny…Tiny…Tiny”, he said “yes my pretty pet”. Her hands flew into the air at her side as she whimpered throwing cum slugs as her legs flexed! Suki swayed back and forth whispering “Tinyyyyy” then flopped back as her cock drooled into her skirt. He moved back to his seat, scooped her into his lap then kissed her saying “you did good” as she snuggled into his chest. “Tiny, I came so much I’m tired. I’m sorry, but I needed that so much”, she whimpered. He smiled kissing her cheek saying “rest”. She woke the next morning hearing Tiny say, “breakfast, sleepyhead”. Her eyes blinked open viewing the finest room she had ever seen in her life. “Oh God, what time is it? I’m late for work”! He pulled out his cell saying “call them and tell them you quit”. She shouted, “I can’t do that! I have debts”! Tiny grinned “how quickly you forget that I don’t repeat myself”. Suki looked shocked, “please don’t Tiny, you don’t even know me”. He grinned “I know you’re mine, so make the call”. She called and quit, they sat eating, Suki said “Tiny, are you sure? I mean, I’ve done nothing for you”? He smiled as they continued eating, he said “you will, won’t you”? She smiled “yes, any and everything you say, without hesitation”.

They finished eating, he pushed her chair back saying “do it”! Suki instantly rolled her skirt back then rapidly jerked her cock! “It’s going to be so quick! It’s almost out of me already! Tiny”, she screamed! Her cock blasted as she rocked in her seat! Her cum flew as she shouted “you’re wonderful, Tiny”! In a minute she slumped back asking “where have you been all my life”? He grinned, “show me your pussy”. She instantly lifted her legs to her chest as she scooted down. Her fingers twisted her panties aside then sc****d her leg gathering cum. Suki pushed a slime covered finger in her asshole then strained her ass bud outward. She flexed several times until it budded outward like vertical lips saying “I have more but it takes a cock to bring it out”. Tiny smiled “you’ll get plenty, but now we need to go by your place, get you cleaned up and your place locked up. We have a flight out of here in about 7 hours”. Suki grinned “yes sir! Where are we going”? He grinned “Idaho to see a big potato fed boy then on to Vegas”, Suki screamed!

At her apartment, Tiny selected her clothing for the trip while she showered. She came out nude, hair in a towel, he said “stop”, then walked to her fondling her little tit bumps. “Careful Tiny, I’m on edge, anticipation has me making cum” she hissed! He walked around her, fondled her small, nicely rounded ass cheeks, dropped to his knees then tongue lapped her anal cleft. “Oh Tiny”, Suki moaned as his hands spread her wide then his tongue drilled into her asshole. He moved back and saw her small ball sack tightly smoothed and a long clear strand of thick fluid slowly stretching downward. It hung without breaking like a string slowly swinging. Slowly he turned her as it reached the floor, Suki said, “I’ll have to wear a condom today, I’m streaming too much”. Tiny grasp her hips as his mouth covered her small cock. “Tiny, no one sucks my cock, you don’t have to”, she whimpered. His long tongue, swept under her balls as he suctioned her strongly! Her hand softly grasp his shoulders as she whispered “Tiny, I can’t hold it. I’m sorry but here it comes”. He felt her thin jets fire into his mouth, then she moaned loudly as thick wads blasted as her weight rested on his shoulders! Suki cried, then sobbed as she spurted! In a minute, she crumpled to her knees then kissed him, scr****g her tongue in his mouth. Tiny arm wrapped her, then lifted her as they kissed! As their kiss broke, they looked in the mirror. He giggled “look at the little girl! Your feet are barely past my waist”. He saw a high back stool, sat her on it with his back to her, pulled her hips back as he leaned her over the backrest.

She heard his clothing rustle then said “take me”, he eased his cock between her ass cheeks then pressed forward slowly. He sank 10 inches into her as she moaned loudly “Yes! I want you! Don’t hold back, I’m dry but make me burn”! He withdrew fully then rammed back into her thrusting rapidly! His cock burned from the friction, she hissed “give me the pain of your lust! Own me! Know that you can take me any time, lubrication isn’t needed, I’ll burn, I’ll suffer to satisfy you”! His cock was almost sore before she naturally lubed, when she did she hissed “there it is, you’ve made my pussy come to you. Breed me”! He thrust slowly, deeply twisting his hips side to side, driving his glans into her sidewalls as she circled her hips. In a minute, he withdrew half his cock then gushed his cum wads into the empty space! “Yes Tiny, plant your seed! Fill me”, she whispered as her Ass Cunt coated in cum. Tiny groaned as his cock drooled, then stroked into his cum saying “Yeah Baby, that is Pussy”! In a minute, he pulled out as she cum farted and dribbled his cum out. He grinned “remind me to get a stool like that. You’re so little I’ll need one to keep from crushing you”. Later as she dressed, he saw her putting a condom on, she giggled “I really have to or I’ll be marking like a dog”.

The were 90 minutes into their flight, Suki was viewing out the window, chatting like a c***d in awe. Tiny slid his hand one her knees then under her dress, she smiled. He touched her condom hanging out of a pantie leg, plumped full, she giggled “that’s just drool, I haven’t cum”. Tiny fingered under her panties then pulled her condom off. She gasped as he held it saying “that has to more than an ounce”, she replied “I’ll need to replace that”! He told her that he had chosen the colored floral print dress because it wouldn’t show any stain. He glanced around grinning “do it”. Immediately, she grasp her cock, jerking it firmly and rapidly whispering “thank you”. In another minutes, she squirted several thick wads on cum into the dress beneath her. They looked at the white pasty puddle, then he smeared it into her dress and covered her. “I don’t deserve you, you treat me beyond my dreams” she whispered as she laid against his shoulder. Tiny saw a man a row ahead that had been constantly glancing back at them, knowing he watched Suki’s ass sway as they entered the plane. He told her to switch seats, as she moved he said “gap your knees a little”. She sat smiling to say, “are you flaunting me”, he grinned “yes”. He threw an arm over her snugging her against his shoulder then tilted his head back saying “I’m going to give him something to view” as his hand finger pulled her dress upward. Suki grinned, “you know I have on a G String, my ass will be out there. It may as well be completely bare”. His other came to her waist, gripped her pantie waistband then pulled it tight, she giggled “that little ass band is tight against my pussy”, he replied “bud it”. She grinned “oh lord! That band will disappear in me” in seconds she giggled “done”. Tiny was peering through his eyelashes as he inched her dress higher exposing her ass then said “slouch”. Suki eased her butt back and felt cool air between her cheeks whispering “my pussy is showing”. He grinned “I know”.

His head lifted as he leaned toward her shoving his hand between her thighs, he eyes squinted as she felt a finger tease her ass bud, she whispered “if that’s what you want, then do it”. Tiny shoved one then two fingers into her! As he saw the man had turned around to stare, she said “you’re making a fantasy real, I’ve wanted this treatment being used by a man, treated, flaunted and exposed like a slut. Finger fuck me”! “He’s watching, panting like a Race Horse” Tiny grinned. Suki giggled, “push your hand in me, I can take it”, Tiny grinned “are you sure, I have big hands”, she grinned “push”. He worked his remaining fingers into her, then folded his thumb and shoved! Her anal ring wrapped his wrist, she whispered “I’m cumming again”. Tiny felt her ring flexing tight each wad she jetted out! In a minute, he pulled his hand free making sure the man saw her asshole flowered. They sat back acting normal then a minute later the man passed by going to use the restroom.

They arrived in Idaho, took a Suite in an upscale Inn. Tim placed Suki on her knees, arm’s on the backrest of a Winged Chair. Dropping his pants, he thrust his cock into her as she snickered, “I came 3 times, got fingered then hand balled on a plane, flaunted, flashed and made a total slut before a stranger! Tiny, you’re spoiling me”! He rammed fucked into her, “you surprised me taking my hand”, she grinned “I have abused this body, used many things large, small and electronic to give myself what no one seemed interested to do”. He grinned “I’ll use you, abuse you, slut and whore you”. He thrust deep groaning as his cock throbbed! “Breed me Lover! Cum in your slut”, she moaned as his cum spurt inside her! He leaned over her purging his self then spun her around, lifted her on his shoulders. Suki crossed her ankle’s behind his back as she leaned over his head. Tiny mouthed her cock, sucking her gently, she whispered “make me suffer a little, make me hurt”. He lip chewed her cock as she trembled mumbling “yes! A little pain with pleasure is so exciting”. In a minute, she was softly wailing “it hurts so Damned good! Here my Lover, drain your Bitch”. Suki groaned as her legs tightened while her cock splashed inside his mouth! He sat her down, she smiled “do you really like that, taking me that way, sucking my cock”? Tiny grinned, “it’s you and it’s mine”, she jumped up hugging him saying “Thank You! I love giving it to you”.

They invited the “Idaho Farm Boy” to dinner with them in their suite. Tiny dressed Suki like someone his age playing the part of his assistant Intern. Her dress was short, tight and easily flashed her either sitting or bending. It was bright Burnt Orange that glowed on her pale legs, over tight cutting Black panties with an outer white lace trim and a whale tail rear. The whale tail dipped into her anal cleft disappearing at the top, exposing her bare ass cheeks. Checking herself she asked “am I going to fuck him”? Tiny smiled, she added “I can! I’ll have him in my ass before he ever suspects and pull his load before he wants”! He smiled “whatever it takes to seal the deal”. Zeke arrived, Suki let him in. Zeke burned her body with his eyes nearly stumbling in to meet them. Tiny played him like a violin knowing his interest to the college he represented. Zeke was all into meeting a Super Star Player and thought he would be just like him. Suki sat beside Tiny as Zeke eyes constantly viewed her Lace triangle. They ate, Zeke did the customary napkin drop then viewed her wide spread thighs. Taking a break before they got down to business, Tiny steeped out to make a supposed private call. Suki leaned over grabbing an album, flashing her bare ass before gaping her thighs as she shared Tim’s pictures. Tiny came in as he sat “red faced”. They talked business and Zeke was nearly signing but hesitant. Suki said “pause and make that call to the players union”, Tim grinned “Thanks, I forgot”! Suki whispered “I’ll be attending there when you start” she gaped her thighs saying “maybe we could be friends with benefits”? Zeke panted saying “really”, she told him that if he signed they could get to know each other better tonight”. He grinned “when”, she told him that she could get rid of him for a short while easily”. Zeke grabbed the contract and signed it! Tiny had seen everything and as he came in Suki said “you may as well make that promised “walk through” at the bar before we get started. It’s the time you promised and they’re probably waiting Mr Super Star”! He laughed, “Back in a few minutes Zeke! Now you see why I have an assistant”. The door had barely closed before Suki was on her knee’s getting Zeke’s cock out! She sucked his cock like she was hungry then felt his slime coat her mouth. She popped up, straddling him then rapidly dropped her asshole on his cock! He moaned as she rode him like a bucking cowgirl! In a minute she felt him surging thick toothpaste like cum into her! It poured into her steadily not seeming to stop, she thought “Damn! He’s been holding that a while”! His cock sputtered then drooped, she quickly got off him as he laid his head back wheezing loudly! Minutes later, he sat up grinning “whew”! They laughed as Tiny came in saying “finger cramps! Too many autographs”. Suki showed him the contract, Tiny gave him congrats and small talk until he was going out the door. Tiny grabbed Suki lifted her while kissing her and probing his finger into her soupy asshole! “Damn, you struck oil”, he giggled, she replied “I think he tried to blow his well out”.

The next day they took a slow scenic train ride to Vegas. It was a long day ride with lunch. She wore another light weight, multi print Summer Frock with a bright glowing Lime Green Thong. Several men and boys walked by glimpsing her thong and they intentionally climbed stairs giving them up skirt views going to Sky View area cars. Crossing an high bridge, she leaned forward as a man climbing behind her, viewed her bare ass then stopped! She shifted her weight leg to leg, wiggling her cheeks as he watched. Minutes later, he crossed behind her groping her as he passed. She turned then winked as she started talking to Tiny. Tiny whispered “I saw that”, she grinned “he’s bold”, he replied “bold enough to get in your panties”, Suki winked! The man continued showing up each place they went and Suki made sure to flash him. They were walking toward the “outdoor’ car and open air benched area. “Are you ready to cum” he asked, she replied “I’m always ready”. Arriving they saw no one there and took a side facing bench. They sat side by side, hugged as Tiny’s hand went under her dress. He stroked her cock as she said “he’s here, peeping through the door”, the man grinned, she pointed to the side restroom. He went in she told Tiny “catch it and lube me, he’s waiting”. She kissed Tiny as her cock squirted into his palm. “He’s standing in the door stroking his cock watching us. When I lay back, fist me”, she giggled. She laid back as he shoved his cum filled hand inside her, dumping her load into her! She sat up, kissed him as the man disappeared grinning, “bet I’ll get him in under 2 minutes”! Suki came in the restroom door grasping his cock and turning her back. He thrust into her saying “you’re wet, I knew you were making out”! The man rabbit fucked her, thrusting like a machine at full speed! He grunted, cumming and still thrusting at full speed! In seconds, he pulled his cock free as it hung stiff yet dripping and covered in whitish slime! She walked out the door while the man watched her get seated then crept out. Suki raised her dress, put her feet on the bench then cum farted his cum out as Tiny watched. It foamed out of her, thickly bubbling until Tiny smeared it into her dress. He kissed her saying “my wonderful fuck whore! You’re a total walking Fuck Hole”, she replied “yes I am”.

They arrived in Vegas with time to walk the streets. Suki saw many girls like her and thrived in the free atmosphere of metro/pan sexual people. As night fell, Tiny took her to the sleazy side of clubs. At a club, the bouncer recognized him, ushered them in to a booth that was shrouded in a thin black screen. They could easily see out, but viewing them was nearly impossible. People in the open area were in dim light, but could be seen. Straight and Gay people intermixed in activities freely. Suki nudged Tiny’s arm as she saw hand job’s being given, a waitress bent to set beer on a table and Suki saw her bare ass and hanging balls. “Tiny”, she giggled and pointed! On the waitresses leg was a Lace Garter band, as hand came behind her, stuck money in it then slid up squeezing her ass cheeks. The waitress bent to her elbows as the hand reached under cupping her balls then slowly pulling her cock. Suki gasped loudly, Tiny grinned, “if he paid enough she’s going to dump a load for him”. Suki watched as the man jerked until she slightly squatted then seconds later white cum almost glowed in the dim light, as it dropped below her! Suki trembled, Tiny said “she will make her money getting milked all night”. She glanced another table, saw what she thought was a woman, sitting slouched with her calf’s on the table. In a minute the man she was with slid under it, pulled her panties off, Suki saw her large cock flop out! She grabbed Tiny’s leg as the man pulled it several times then sucked it’s big glans! Tiny grinned, “he’s paying for that”! In a minute she saw the man’s head bobbing rapidly as the girl’s feet twitched! Seconds later, she was bringing her legs down as he handed her panties then walked away. Tiny grinned “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Suki snatched her dress back, grasp her cock, jerking it! She jerked and whimpered until Tiny’s head dropped in her lap! “Ohhhh Tiny….Tiny..Tinyyyyyy” she groaned as she soaked his tongue!

Tiny slid from the booth pulling her to stand as he spun her around and pressed her back against the screen. He kissed her she felt hands touching her against the screen. Tiny lifted her dress, exposing her ass as their kiss ended, then in seconds she felt hands on her bare ass. She smiled then returned his kiss as a cock plowed into her! The cock pounded into her as they passionately kissed, thrusting deep, punching in and out of her asshole! It suddenly spurted against an ass cheek, then shoved back into her shooting spunk inside her, then it disappeared! She tilted her face back looking into Tiny’s eyes as another cock slammed into her! It rutted into her for a few short minutes, then spurted into her and slid from her!Tiny smiled when she was pushed against him as another cock was slung into her! It rammed making her ass cunt fart each time he thrust! In a minute, it flooded her, pulled free as her asshole splashed cum behind her! Cock after cock came then dumped a load inside her until Tiny asked “had enough”? She smiled replying “only if you say I have”. He sat her back down, she said “I’m draining like water, it’s splashing the floor and I need to pee”. He kissed her grinning, “go right ahead”. Their lips touched and he heard her pissing like a cow! She leaned back giggling, saying “I’m piss and cum wet”, he grinned “it’s Vegas Baby”! They walked back to their Hotel, Suki asked “how many”, Tiny grinned “17”. She gasped “really! I knew it was many but 17? No wonder it felt like I had a quart of cum in me”. She stopped him saying “Tiny, I’m pussy! I mean I’m really pussy”, he laughed out loudly!

Suki woke feeling her legs being lifted then Tiny’s tongue swabbing her asshole, softly and lovingly. It pressed gently into her, held still as it;s tip curved upward, then down starting a slow stabbing in and out of her. “What a wonderful way to be awakened” she whispered. He ate her several minutes, then raised to capture her cock in his mouth. His head bobbed a minute before her began a soft suction of her small cock making her moan “I’ve rested well, it’s going to be rich and thick when you get it”. In a minute, Suki groaned “it’s brewing Lover, percolating up and…….it…..comes”. Tiny felt her cock get semi hard then jetting thick wads into his mouth! Each wad thrown caused her to softly squeal until she blew her last wad with a low growl. Holding her full load in his mouth, he looked down to see that she had flexed her asshole until it had fully flowered outward, fully prolapsed! A red, cup sized, meaty, rippled mass protruded from her. Pressing his mouth against it, he opened wide taking it in then swabbing her cum over it. Tiny surprised her as he climbed over her! He didn’t do this, always considering his massive body would crush her. His cock eased against her upturned ass as he held his weight on his arms then sank into her. His thrusting was short and rapid as she brought her knees together beneath him, trying to give him extra support and tilting her asshole more to align it to his thrusting. In seconds, they heard the wet slapping sounds of his cock stroking into her she whispered “I adore you Jake”. His cock blasted because she hadn’t ever called him Jake! Holding his body still, his cock threw ropes of cum into her! In a minute, he leaned back, on his heels dragging her with him as he pulsed a full 1st load of cum into her! Suki smiled as he spent out then slowly pushed her off his cock. He saw her glistening prolapse stretching out of her, still encasing his cock when she was back on the bed before him. “Are you OK? Baby that’s at least a foot of you hanging out”, he asked? Suki smiled, “Baby, I’m fine. You made that, It’s part of being a “special girl” something we expect to happen over time”. He grinned “I know, but I never expected to that extent”. He eased back slowly until his cock slid from her looking at the long mass laying between them. She said “it will take a few minutes, but I’ll draw it back inside”, he grinned watching as it withdrew so slowly he didn’t see it moving as they chatted.

She smiled speaking “the only difference to me is now I can flex the whole thing out to any length you have created”. Tiny grinned, “that length will hang below your hemline”, she grinned “I’ll hang it out or drop it down anytime you want! Even below my hemline”. He crawled beside her rolling her on top of him, kissing her passionately. “Have you ever considered getting married”, he grinned. She laughed “To who? I almost couldn’t give myself to anyone before you”? He smiled “me”! Suki sat up then spoke “Jake! Are you out of your Damn mind! Have you gone fucking crazy! I’m crazy about you but not crazy enough to fuck up your life”! He sat up, holding her on his lap, laughing uncontrollably then said, “Suki, you cursed”! She laughed “well, you Shit Head! I’m serious! It hasn’t seriously crossed my mind, I’ve had fantasies in dreams of being a wife but no! Not you! I would be a hinder to you”! He smiled “Suki Johnson has a certain ring to it”. She laughed, “yeah the phones would ring with the news that you married a half man! Super Star marries girl with cock! No! I’m not doing that to you”! He smiled, “we don’t have to tell them, she responded, “sooner or later it would be news”. He rolled them on their sides, caressed her face telling her that he didn’t care. He was smart, invested well, financially secure, completely out of debt and worked now not for money, it was something to do. She kissed him saying “No”! He smiled saying “OK but”, she shouted “No but’s”!

They were out walking when Tiny hailed a cab saying “old Vega’s”. As they rode, he groped Suki saying “you should have a full load” she grinned while he cupped her then finger probed her ass before withdrawing his hand. The driver tilted his mirror watching them making out then heard Tiny giving him a specific address that he knew well. Tiny whispered “spread your legs and get that out of you”. The driver swerved the car as he saw her jerking her cock! In a minute, she moaned “If you want it, take it…now”! Tiny’s mouth suckled her as she hissed “keep sucking…Keep sucking..Mercy, it keeps coming” until she whimpered loudly then lifted his head kissing him. “I’m addicted to you”, he whispered, she replied “I’m glad you are”. The cab stopped as she noticed the famous “Little Wedding Chapel” outside, Suki shouted “No”! Tiny got out throwing her on his shoulder as she beat his back! In 10 minutes, she heard “I now pronounce you man and wife” as she was still throwing punches at Tiny! Outside the driver opened their door as Tiny shoved her in the back seat. He drove off as she sat saying “what have I done”? Tiny d**g her to him kissing her grinning “you little whore, you just married me” as he pulled her in his lap, unzipped while the driver stopped the car to watch! He saw Tiny’s cock slid into her anal cleft as he said “push it out and take me”. The driver hissed as her saw Suki’s ass bud pulsing until it yawned open and her glistening prolapse slid out just enough to slide on Tiny’s cock! The driver hissed “Oh Fuck”, Tiny moaned, “believe me, she’s a great fuck”! Suki laughed as she pushed then pulled her prolapse on Tiny’s cock, literally jerking him off. Tiny hissed, she said “give me your babies”. The driver heard Tiny groan as his cock emptied inside her. In a minute, he saw white cum oozing below her red prolapse. Suki eased off his cock leaving inches of her prolapse hanging and dripping cum, the driver giggled “that’s some pussy you have Lady”. She kissed Tiny smiling “it’s hanging out” then rolled off to sit beside him. When they stopped, Tiny gave him a $50 tip.

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