Way back when I was a lot younger, I had one of the best summers I’ve ever had and coming up to my 49th year I’ve had quite a few. This is a six part story from the summer of 86.

I was on my way home from the town centre not really paying attention to what’s happening around me or who was passing by just totally oblivious to the world. To get a sense of the area where I lived it is classed as a new town in the north east of England where the housing estates are built up around the shopping centre. Its built around a wooded valley that edges so far into the centre and extends far out and around the outskirts of the town. I had just walked out of the woodland cut when I heard someone shout my name. “Hey! Are you deaf? I’ve been shouting you for ages”. Turning around I saw it was one of my sisters Friends Celia. She is about 5ft in height with blond shoulder length hair average build wearing a pair of red framed glasses. Quiet outgoing and sometimes loud she was one of my sisters closest friends and not just in locality as she lived across the road to us but her and my sister were inseparable doing nearly everything together.

“Ay up, what you up to” I asked looking at what she was carrying. “ I’ve been to get my baton re-tipped and now I’m off to practice”. Celia and her sister were the lead baton twirlers in the towns jazz band group and all them pair did most days was twirl and throw the batons in the air practicing new routines. “Are you not seeing Percy tonight then?” she shrugged her shoulders and said he had gone away for a long week end with his mum and that she was bored. “What are you doing tonight” she asked. “I’m baby sitting and it will be a long night”. “Nothing really” I asked why she was asking. “pop around if you like around 7:30pm”. I told her that me mam and dad are off out and our Tracey was in by herself but I can slip out. Celia smiled and we spilt going to our respected homes. The time was here and at 7:30 I was outside of the house knocking on the door.

Celia opened the door and dragged me in before anyone saw me. The house she was babysitting in was only 4 doors down from her own house and she didn’t want her sister seeing me as she had a crush on Celia’s boyfriend and would tell on her given half the chance. I got in and made myself comfortable and while Celia was up stairs sorting the k**s out I got myself a can of pop and turned on the tv. I was probably at that stage still naive as I was not expecting anything but Celia had other ideas. I was transfixed on watching a film of some sorts and didn’t notice her come in. When I turned around Celia was Completely naked. I spat my drink out in shock of the site not because it was ugly but she had an amazing body and it was covered in very light freckles which I never really saw however as she approached and she sat down next to me I began to notice more of Celia and she was covered all over her face in these light freckles which made her look so delicious. She leaned forward and kissed me her nipples were hard and as she leaned into me I could feel them sticking into my chest. I reached up and started to play with them. The feeling was un imaginable as I had never felt skin so soft they were so just there in front of me I couldn’t stop rubbing the nipples and massaging the breasts between my fingers I was totally hooked.

Celia stopped and asked me to strip. I got up nervous. My cock sticking up for all it glory and although I was still a bit nervous and somewhat shy while taking off my cloths Celia was looking at me her eyes squinting as though she was summing me up ready for something. Once naked she asked me to get on the floor and she straddle me. I looked up at her and her fanny was directly over my face. I wanted so much to reach out and touch her, but I couldn’t I was transfixed with this site before me. Her small mound of light ginger pubes was glistening in the side lamp and I could see her lips starting to peak out. She turned around and while still stood up now facing towards my feet she crouched down over my face and told me to lick. She grinded her fanny into my face. This was new ground for me. Going down on a girl and licking her out in that position you are in control now Im lying there totally in her control struggling to breathe while a very wet pussy is being rubbed hard along my face and I was loving it. This feeling was out of this world and after getting myself into a rhythm I started to stick out my tongue. The taste was a mixture of sweet and slightly bland at first as my tongue touched her pussy and then to her arse and back again repeatedly. Soon the taste became one and I licked as only a young horny lad could do.

I was slurping and moaning while taking in gulps of air when possible and all Celia could do was moan and groan and grind her face harder. I couldn’t see what she was doing as her arse was in the way but she was sat upright and then she stopped grinding and adjusted her body slightly as she leaned forward. I felt a warm wet sensation on my cock as she started to suck on my cock. She wasn’t just licking it, no it was down her throat and her head bobbed up and down. As she bent down her pussy moved forward from my face and her smell from her sex struck my nostrils for the first time and I’m sure I felt a twitch in my cock that seemed to make it bigger. I stuck 2 fingers into her hols and shoved them in and out in time with her bobbing on my cock. The odd gag from Celia made the whole scene more real and I rubbed my finger down over her clit. Her legs trembled with each stroke which when I saw her reaction I continued to do it over and over again. I was in teen heaven then suddenly there was a thump on the front door.
Celia jumped up and told me to stay still and not say anything. She grabbed a nightshirt which was on the sofa, put it on and went to the door. I could her mumble chatter for around 5 minutes then the door shut. My cock although still glistening with her saliva had gone soft was not resting on my belly.

My face still covered in her juices and I could still smell her sex when the door opened and Celia walked in. “Right, where were we” she said as she pulled off the nightshirt and again was naked. She laid down on the floor next to me and grabbed my cock and starting to wank it leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth her tongue went straight in and found mine where after a good couple of minutes she went on to lick my face. “ I love the taste of my pussy” as she licked more and when she got to my ears she went to work on them sticking her tongue right in and really going to town. My hand once again found her pussy and I shoved my thumb in and started to move it quickly back and forth and the slurping noises her pussy was making got louder and louder and soon my hand was soaking. Her breathing had started to become short and heavy and with a quick movement of her leg she was sat over me. Celia’s dripping pussy now resting on my belly was coating it with her juices and she then started to move lower. My cock seemed to know what was coming as it lined up perfect to her pussy and soon just as the tip of my cock was touching Celia’s open pussy she leaned forward down towards my face and ran her tongue around my mouth and spoke. “Fuck my cunt I want to feel you inside of me” and before I could do anything she sat back and my cock sank right up her. God it felt amazing and the noise Celia made on me entering her almost made me spurt which I knew would be much longer especially the speed she was riding my cock.

I sat up to get a better look at her and she flung her arms around me and really went to town. She was a fantastic fuck and she knew exactly what to do she was in full control. She sank her teeth into my neck sucking hard when she started to shake. “ I’m cumming, im cumming” she started to squeal. “cum now for me” and I didn’t really need her permission with her cumming she had already triggered me to let rip and boy I didn’t disappoint. I just kept pumping and pumping and Celia moaning load and shaking we both came together and once subsided we fell still together to the side. “God that was amazing” Celia said as she kissed me. “ We have got to do that again soon” she muttered as she started to get up. It was quiet a comical site as when she tried to stand up her legs were like Jelly and she struggled to walk. Holding onto the sofa she eventually got her legs to do what was needed and turned around putting back on the nightshirt and said “Percy couldn’t even make me cum and he has never made me quiver as you did”. I just laid there still trying to catch my breathe taking everything in making a mental note labelling it as ‘the best shag ever’ and smiling back at Celia. I eventually got up and got dressed finished off my can of pop and went to leave. Celia stopped me and said that I couldn’t go out of the front door as the person whom knocked on the door was her boyfriend Percy and he was lingering out side.

My only alternative was to climb out of the first floor window and onto the garage roof into a neighbouring garden. This bit I didn’t expect and really I was shitting myself. Percy was not a big build of a bloke and he was 3 years older than me but he was hard as nails and would kick 10 bags of shite out of me. I pulled it off and managed to get back to the house and back in my room. My sister was still living in her own world and oblivious to my disappearance. I laid on the bed and thought about what had happened gaining another hard on I started to have a wank not realising the summer had just started.

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