At that time I was 21 and my aunt 45, I was staying at her beach house for the summer as it was closer to my work. One evening after dinner out at restaurant she was a bit drunk, when we got home she just removed her dress and crashed on the bed with panties and bra, after a while I started to get excited by her perfect ass.
First I was caressing her ass, it was amazing the feel of her soft and big asscheeks, then I got bolder and taking out my now hard dick I started brushing my dick on her ass, the more I did the more I felt I was about to cum, suddenly without warning my dick started to shoot semen on her ass…it was incredible.
Two days later we had nice dinner at home eating fresh fish and drinking wine while talking about everything, I was making sure her glass was always full and I could see my aunt was starting to feel lightly drunk. What the dinner was over I was helping my aunt in the kitchen, due to the hot weather she was wearing just a short petticoat and I could see she had no underwear. First I noticed that when in front of the fridge she bent over, immediately I could see her ass sporting out without and sign of underwear. I had just my summer loose shorts without underwear as well and my dick was starting to rise looking at that big ass in front of me. When we moved to the sink she started to wash the dishes then suddenly a glass fell on the floor beaching into pieces, my aunt started to clean up with one hand on the sink and her whole body bent over, in that position her ass was incredibly exciting so I got behind her asking if she needed help, when she turned to answer she backed up a bit and her soft big and hot ass touched my dick.
It was incredible to feel her ass cheeks brushing my dick from left to right, I was about to loose my control when she stood up and asked me to go to sit on the sofa as she was bringing icecream and an homemade spirit.
After 1 hour on the sofa, half bottle of handmade spirit was gone, my aunt was now pretty drunk and getting into a comfortable position she just rested a bit.
After few minutes I looked at her, she was on her side on the sofa, her ass pointing out and her petticoat was revealing most of her ass cheeks, I got excited and kneeling in front of the sofa I started to touch her ass, after a few minutes I took out my now hard dick and started to push it on her ass, like last time it was amazing. This time I wanted more, so I slowly started to make room for my dickhead between her huge ass, the feeling of her ass cheeks parting and hugging my dick was incredible then I could feel my dick touching her asshole. I was pushing slowly but I needed to lube my dick, so I quickly took the aftersun cream just next to the sofa as my aunt used it before to freshen up her body and applied it to my dick and her ass. Then I started again pushing on her asshole, suddenly I could feel the hole with my dickhead then it was slowly opening to accommodate my dick and suddenly I felt my dickhead being sucked in….my big dickhead was inside her wonderful ass. I just froze staring at the scene, my 45yo aunt laying on the sofa with her bare white big butt pointing out and my 8 inch dick trying to get inside her asshole. My aunt still didn’t make a move, I could hear her breathing and while standing with my dickhead inside her asshole without moving I suddenly felt my aunt moving…her ass was rotating against my dick and I started to push a bit more now 2 more inches was inside her big ass … that was the most exciting thing it ever happened to be back that time, my dick started to spit a huge amount of cum inside her asshole, I could see my white cum leaking out of her asshole…that image drove me crazy and I pressed my still hard dick even more in her ass…now with the huge amount of semen my dick went all the way inside her ass, my balls was in contact with her hairy pussy and my dick never went soft. Suddenly my aunt started to move, I quickly took my dick out of her ass and run to clean myself. When I came back she was still sleeping and I quickly cleaned her cum covered ass. It was the situation or the smell or her ass but my dick was hard rock again. While staring at her ass she just moved on the sofa so that now her front was pointing at me. Immediately I was lost looking at her face and her big red lips, as she slept her mouth was slightly open…
Nothing else happened that night as I was worried about my aunt waking up, besides I already did enjoy her sweet and huge ass.
So my mind was being focused on her lips and thinking about her mouth engulfing my cock gave me instant hard on, I had to have that mouth, was my thought as I stroked my 8inch cock in my bed.
The day after was running as usual, I went to work in the morning while my aunt was getting ready to enjoy another beach day. Let me spend few words describing my aunt, as I said she was 45yo about 1,60cm tall, and 53kg weight (as she told me once), she had small breasts which didn’t really get my attention. The part of her body that gave me the most exciting feelings was her ass, it was huge on her small body frame…and looked like it was exploding. So that day I got back from work in the early afternoon, my aunt was very happy to see me back that early and said we’d enjoy the whole afternoon on the beach, I agreed and went to change into my swimsuit.
After 20 mins we was both enjoying the warm sun breeze on the beach. On that beach there was rental of those small boats where you sit and pedal to have a ride on the sea, beeing bored there I asked my aunt to go to have a boat ride. She immediatly agreed and in 5 mins we was pedaling on the sea with such small boat.
That’s the kind of thing we went on http://img13.imagesh….us/img13/7135 /23082010.jpg.
After a while my aunt suggested to stop pedaling and relax on the back while getting our suntan. She was down on her stomach and I got next to her, after 2 mins she asked to get her suntan cream and lube her back… I was getting excited by looking at her ass so I slowly started to lube her legs first. then I moved up, due to the unconfortable position I moved to the front and kneeled again, in that way I was kneeling in front of my aunt’s head and started lubing her shoulders again.
My cock was getting harder any minute in that position, my aunt’s head was about 10 inches from my groin and when I bende over to lube her lower back my groin was getting extremely close to her face.
Then it happened, while lubing her right leg I sort of gave her a tickling sensation so she suddenly moved quickly and her right cheek bumped in my groin, it was wonderful feeling and my cock was almost tearing off my swimsuit. She pretended to ignore the event but I didn’t. So I started to find any excuse to get close to her face with my groin, other two times I hitted her cheeks and lips with my bulging groin. After a while she just fell asleep…and I was wondering what to do while staring at her big ass and half open mouth in front of me…So I was there on the back of the small boat, sitting on my knees with a huge hard on in my swim suit looking at my sleeping aunt laying in front of me. Her big ass was even more exciting now shining with the suncream. Her head was laying on the side of a big towel that acted as a pillow and her soft mouth was slightely open. I knelt next to her face with my groin very close to her mouth and started massaging her shoulders after few minutes and no response from her I took out my hard dick from my swimsuit. Now I was kneeling with my hard dick in hand leaking precum only 10 inches from my aunt half open mouth, so very slowly I got close and gently touched her right cheek with my dickhead, I could see traces of precum left on her cheek. I did this few times, now her cheek was wet with my precum and I was terribly horny.
So I moved my dickhead to her lips, the warmth was so exciting and I could not stand any more, I lost my control and started to push my dick in her soft willing mouth.I couldn’t belive what I had in front of my eyes, myself kneeling with my hard dick pushing into the half open mouth my sleeping aunt, suddenly I felt her head move and her eyes staring at me. I froze not knowing what to do, while my aunt took my dick with her right hand and removed it from her mouth. So she was staring at me with at angry look, when suddenly she started to scream what kind of pig I was,doing something like that to her,all of this happened while she was still down holding my cock which was loosing the hard erection. The she said something I didn’t expect from her, still in her angry tone she said: “you must keep this monster dick under control, I’m scared what this big weapon might do to me”. That sent me a 20.000volt shock, my cock was again throbbing in my aunt hand and without hesitation I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth on my dick.
She tried to stop me but after 3 tries I succeeded to plug my hard cock half way down her throat.
She lost her inhibition as well and started to suck and jerk my cock like the most experienced whores, in 2 minutes I could resist no more and tried to pull my dick out of her mouth, as soon as it was out my semen started to shoot on her face and open mouth, after the third spurt she took again my cock in her mouth to receive the rest of my enormous cumshot. I saw my cock only 5 mins later when it came out of her mouth totally clean and soft.That day, in the evening, her husband arrived at the beach house. After my experiences and specially after the last one with my aunt awake and conscious I was even more horny than before.
Of course nothing was possible as her husband was there, so I thought.
That evening we all went out for dinner and we was joined by another couple friends of my uncle and aunt. The man, Fred (name changed), was colleague of my uncle and his wife (Ginny) was an hot 42yo lady, she was a bit chubby and dressed with a very sexy summer dress perhaps a bit too tight for her size, the result was that her big swinging ass was squeezed by the short pale orange dress. Her tits was also impressing at least 38DD size and clearly squeezed by her tight dress.
After a nice dinner where we enjoyed lot of good wine and food, we all started to have a walk on the main street full of people and small markets, then at the end of the promenade there was an amusement park, those seasonal amusement park that move to summer locations to entertain people on vacations.
We all decided to go there and enjoy some rides. The place was quite crowded and while in line for some attraction I was just behind my aunt and Ginny, while both husbands were in front trying to make room for us. The sight of those two mature asses in front of me gave me an instant hard on, so I took the chance and leaned close to my aunt from behind with the excuse to tell her something. My dick was already hard and having my summer shorts without underwear made me even more excited. My aunt prolly was as excited as I was since as soon as I touched her ass with my hard dick she just rotated her full ass on my throbbing erection.
Then Ginny asked my aunt what was she laughing at, thinking I made some joke and as my aunt wasn’t responding she just turned her head to me asking the same question. Due to the loud music from a close attraction I couldn’t hear her very well, so I leaned close to Ginny asking her to repeat what she said. She turned her head and still with her back at me she started again to talk, I had to get closer and suddenly my head and left hear was next to her half turned head. I could feel the heat from her mouth as she spoke less than 1 inch from my ear, my dick was now throbbing in my short pants so as she was talking she suddenly broke into a laugh…this made her body move slightly to the back. The result was that her chubby big ass hitted my hard dick, immediately I saw the lust in her eyes and felt her ass moving on my dick, the fantastic feeling was interrupted by my uncle and his friend asking us to quickly move over as they got tickets for our entrance.
Once inside I immediately noticed how dark the place was, it was some sort of horror house. while walking in thed dark I felt an hand on my groin…touching the whole length of my hard dick. At that point I thought my horny aunt was willing to entertain my hard dick again…so I just enjoyed the moment ….
Then the hand started to slide inside my shorts searching for my hard dick, once found it was immediately taken out of my shorts, I was so excited so I started to touch the hot body of my aunt in front of me, first thing I noticed was that the tits was much bigger than my aunts and the ass was much bigger as well. I couldn’t believe it, it was my aunt’s friend Ginny the one jerking my cock while I played with her tits. Worried about my aunt I tried to focus on her in the dark as my eyes was getting used to the dark. The image I saw was even more exciting, my aunt was behind my uncle and in front of Ginny’s husband, which had is cock out and was touching my aunt’s ass with it. My aunt had her hand behind and was stroking his dick pretending to listen to her husband in front. I don’t know if Ginny saw that, nevertheless she immediately got on her knees and started sucking my dick there in the dark. The situation was so exciting for me that took only 3 mins to shoot down her throat a huge amount of semen. Once she stood up..while still holding my dick..she said she wanted it in her pussy and her big ass very soon.

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