Susie tutors Abe
For Susie and Chris

Susie made another trip to the front door, her third in the past twenty minutes. She was anxiously anticipating the arrival of a new tutoring student, a young black male named Abe. She was using her connections with the schools to help students who showed promise, but were having some difficulties in certain areas. Maybe he missed the bus, maybe he was skipping out on his lessons.

Susie straightens her dress, making sure the front was unbuttoned to expose just enough of her creamy white chest to be alluring. She checked her hose once again, making sure the seam was straight up the backs of her legs.

There he was, that tall young male, lanky, yet slightly muscular, with that black dude swagger of all the young males like him. She pulled the door open, and encouraged him in.

“Good afternoon, Abe, I’m glad you made it,” Susie said as she slipped her arm around his and walking him into the dining room that she had converted into a study room with computer, books, and table, plus a couch.

“We’ll get started in here,” she said pressing her left breast against his right arm, a firm muscular arm. She felt a tingle in her nipple as they walked into the study.

As they made their way around the desk, she had to release his arm so he could sit, and that is when she took first notice of his cock swaying inside the silky material of his basketball shorts, a cock that moved with authority.

Susie began taking about his grades, and how he was doing in school, and how she, and others wanted to see him succeed since he had some real sports talent. As she spoke to him she made sure she bent forward, allowing the top of her dress to gap open, showing him her cleavage.

Abe’s eyes hardly left the down top view Susie was giving him, and her pussy was reacting to the exhibitionism. She could also see a slight rise in his shorts as she continued her movements. She felt her vagina begin to become moister, her brain beginning to think of what her next step in her seduction would be.

“Okay, that’s the basics of what we will be doing, any questions, Abe?” Susie looked at his eyes, still focused down her top, she jiggled her shoulders slightly, making her tits wobble inside the soft bra she wore.

“Ugh, nope,” he stammered, a boyish smile on his face, obviously because of the candy he had displayed for him to see.

Susie sat on the edge of the table, pushing her left leg onto the table top, allowing her right foot to hold herself steady. She knew she was exposing a lot of her right, nylon encased, thigh to his eyes, something she had practiced with her husband. She trained herself so that she could easily show a good amount of skin, enough to be naughty, or plenty to be brazen.

Susie could tell his eyes were on her legs, looking, studying, and seeing the tops of her hose. This made her pussy drool just a bit more. She also saw his cock flinch a few times as she swung her lower left leg back and forth. This was easier than she had thought it would be, but why not, young males with raging hormones always like seeing women displaying themselves. Her husband had said this many times, and helped her in training to be more of an exhibitionist.

Susie chatted a bit more over the next several minutes, taking note of the young man’s slight uneasiness. She moved her legs a bit more, knowing he should now have a nice view of her upper thighs, and hopefully her creamy flesh above her hose tops. Then she deftly undid another button on her dress, exposing more of her breasts. It was working, there was a dark spot on his shorts about where the head of his dick would be, she was having the right effect on him, one that her husband emphasized.

“Well, Abe, do you have any questions? Is there something more I need to show you?” Susie asked hotly and bluntly as she spread her legs just a bit further as she moved to get off the table. As she did she hoped that her position was correct, she wanted him to be able to see her bare pussy as she had no panties on, quite intentionally.

Abe looked up at her from his seat in the chair, his right hand reached out, hesitantly touching her left knee with his fingers.

“Do you like my legs?” She asked allowing her legs to spread a few more inches.

Abe did not speak, he placed his hand more firmly on her knee, then moved it up to a couple of inches above her knee on her inner thigh.

“Mmm, your hand is warm, do you like the feel of my nylons?” She asked as she undid two more buttons of her dress, now open to her waist.

Susie could see his cock growing inside his shorts, making more of a tent of his shorts.

“You can feel my leg more, sweetie,” she said as she was breathing heavier as each moment passed, and his hand was roving more, now almost to her hose tops.

The young black male became bolder, his left hand on her right thigh, pushing her dress a bit higher. Susie spread her legs more, exposing herself to this young black stud.

“You are a hot bitch, aren’t you?” He was running his hands up and down her inner thighs as she scooted over in front of him, legs now spread wide.

“That is some hot pussy, never had any white pussy before,” he declared as he ran the backs of his hands across her shaven mound, the flaps of her labia glistening in her juices.

“Do you like what you see, lover?” She had her dress fully undone, the hems of her dress to her sides. Without hesitation she unclasped her front opening bra, letting her tits free, swaying obscenely for the young, black man.

“You got mature tits, bitch, love to see titties wobble around,” he reached up with one hand and roughly mauled her right tit, pulling at the nipple, making her wince a bit, but also making her pussy get juicer.

“Suck my nipples, honey, make them hard,” as she cupped her hands under her globes lifting and pushing her nipples to her black lovers face.

Abe sucked on one nipple, then the other making them hard as rubber erasers, and wet with his spittle. Susie half them for him, squishing them against his face, rubbing her nipples against his young, male stubble.

“Lay back, bitch, time to be fuckin’,” he said, pushing her back onto the table as he directed her.

Susie lay on her back, her ass at the edge of the table, legs spread as the tall young black moved up between her thighs. He held his cock in his right hand as he moved it up and down her gash, making her wetter by the second.

“Nice pussy, slut, you gonna love my ten inches of black meat in this white cunt,” he spoke crudely as he began to inch his black cock into her pussy, she moaned with pleasure as he was shoving his cock in her slowly, deliberately.

“Oh, yes, fuck me with that black bat of yours, God it’s big!” Susie exclaimed.

She let out a little ump as he found bottom in her womb, then he began pulling out, just leaving the head of his cock in her. Then pushing back in, all the way till his balls were against her ass.

He continued this way for a good ten minutes, slowly, sort of teasing her. Then he began increasing the pace, in and out a little faster. He held her legs so her calves were over his shoulders, continuing his fucking motion.

Susie lifted herself up on her hands, her ass still on the table.

“Ahh, fuck, this is good, I wanted to see your big, black cock sliding in and out of my cunt,” she said as she watched it disappear and re-appear, the pace quickening.

“Hope you don’t want me to pull out, I only fuck a bitch and pump my load deep in her cunt,” Abe said as his balls were now making the distinctive slapping sound against her ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Susie screamed, “so, fucking hit watching your black dick sliding in and out of my while cunt!” She bellowed as she began her climax, Abe now pistoning in and out of her like a mad man.

“Ah, fuck, yes, bitch!” He bellowed as he made one final thrust into Susie’s hot cunt, pumping his load deep in her belly.

Susie felt his hot cum filling her, and his cock beginning to soften slightly, sliding out of her.

“Ahh, you are a good fuck, now let’s see if you are a good cock sucking slut, too,” Abe announced as he pulled his cum covered cock from her now drooling cunt. He quickly moved to the side of the table pulling Susie to his cock as she lay on the tabletop.

“Now that is what I wanted to see,” declared another male voice. Susie recognized her husband voice as she opened her mouth and eagerly accepted the slimy black cock in her mouth.

“Man, you can fuck her while the bitch sucks me off,” Abe said, never missing a beat as he now had her head hanging over the edge of the table, fucking her mouth. Chris did not hesitate, he quickly moved between his slutty wife’s thighs, his cock sinking instantly to the hilt in his wife’s sloppy cunt.

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