Waking up the next day, Jack and I traded numbers and spent the entire week in almost constant contact. Just like Jin had said, there were more than a few videos of the evening making the rounds on campus. They’d been pulled quickly from most platforms, but there were definitely more than a few making the rounds. To be fair, a few were actually pretty good, and one in particular was a great view of me getting spit roasted right up until both guys finished within a few seconds of each other.

Classes were a little awkward, to say the least. The entire school only enrolled around 1500 students, so literally everyone knew or had seen me and my now infamous gangbang video. As the week progressed, I had an idea about how to just end all the discussion and speculation once and for all. Or at the very least, give them all a front row seat to what they only wanted to whisper about. Jack was on board, and he said he could wrangle a few friends into the mix, but we felt it would be better if I wasn’t the only girl.

I asked Jin, and she laughed and flat out refused. There was no way she wanted that much publicity. But she mentioned her friend Kait might be interested and that I should talk to her. I’d met Kait in passing before, but never really spent a lot of time around her. I didn’t have anything to lose at this point, so I shot her a text and asked if she might be interested. “ABSOLUTELY!” came her reply. In light speed quickness, too. I explained the when and where of it and she agreed to meet up at the party the coming Saturday.

Saturday came and it was time to get ready. I made sure to shave everything bare again, and this time, I put my hair in braided pigtails; it had gotten to be a mess last weekend, and I wanted it to stay decent if I could manage it. I also made sure to give my asshole a good filling of lube this time and kept it in with a 3” butt plug. No point in not making this enjoyable from the start. This week, I opted for thigh high sheer black stockings and a grey wool thigh length skirt that ended just above the top of the stockings. A tight, button-up school-girl shirt topped it all off. I was as ready as I was going to be for this stunt, so I headed over to meet Jack and Kait at his house.

When I arrived, Jack was sitting on his porch waiting; apparently Kait hadn’t arrived yet. He confirmed as much when we hugged and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“So, I got the wrist bands made, and everyone who gets one has passed their med screens. You probably got more than a little lucky last week. This should give us a little more piece of mind.” He said, rather to the point. I wasn’t going to let it dampen my mood though.

“That is reassuring, cutie. It honestly didn’t cross my mind last week, and I’m glad you thought of it.” I smiled. “How many bands did you have made?” I asked, not too subtly.

“250.” He said, again straight to the point. My face must have dropped because he laughed when he turned to me. “There aren’t 250 guys coming!” he said hurriedly. “It was just the smallest quantity I could have made up, that’s all.”

“Oh, well thank God for that.” I said lightly, and more than a little relieved.

“54 guys signed up and passed their screens, though.” He said, trailing off.

Kait pulled up just then. She got out of her car, waved to us, and began walking in our direction. I’d seen her a couple of times before, but I guess I hadn’t been paying much attention to her. She was beautiful. And not in a made up, spent hours doing her makeup way; she was naturally gorgeous. All of 5’2” and maybe 110 pounds, her blonde hair was probably shoulder length and done up in almost identical braided pigtails to my own. She had those light blue eyes that could pierce through anything, and the cutest button of a nose that turned up slightly at the end. Her tits were massive, but in perfect proportion to her frame, counterbalanced by an amazing looking ass. And she wore an almost identical replica of the outfit I had worn the week before: pleated skirt with knee high socks and a tight, white spaghetti strap undershirt. Without looking I would have bet she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, either.

“54!?” I said “That’s….that’s….a lot of cocks.” I struggled for words.

Kait had drawn to speaking distance and gave us both a cute little wave from the elbow. “Suzanne and Jack?” she asked

“The very same.” Jack replied. “Nice to meet you.” He extended his hand to shake hers, but she just walked past it and grabbed him in a huge hug.

She turned to me, coming in for another hug and said: “I am SUCH a huge fan of you. I’ve watched every video of last week I could get my hands on!”

She stepped back to regard me and I could feel the red spreading across my cheeks.  My forehead felt unnaturally hot all the sudden.

“Oh my gosh, no! Don’t be embarrassed! Seriously, ever since you texted me the other day I’ve been super anxious and nervous to meet you! I can’t wait until tonight!” she said in what was the sweetest, most sincere tone I’d ever heard.

Jack spoke up first and said “About that. We should probably talk about how we want to do this.”

“What is there to talk about?” Kait asked, faking innocent. “This porn star and me are going to fuck dudes until we run out, right?” she turned to me.

“Well, yeah. That’s the plan. But supposedly we have a lot of fucking on our plates tonight.” I said

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” She replied. “I haven’t spent all week doing koegles and pussy aerobics just to bang a few guys. How many are we talking about?”

“54.” Jack said. To the point as always.

Kait turned to me smiling and said, “I’m up for a challenge if you are.”

“Let’s drain the bastards.” I said.

We headed into the house to finish setting up and enjoy a little bit of the calm before the storm.


As the party started rolling in, Kait and I made our rounds, enjoying a couple drinks and getting to meet our “suitors” for the evening. About an hour into the evening, we made our way to the center of the main room. The crowd wasn’t terribly raucous just yet, and the music was more ambient background noise than anything, so, with a little effort, I could be heard above the din.


A s**ttered cheer went up, and Kait and I looked at each other questioningly.  “Do they know that means come fuck us?” she asked.

“I bet we could give them a bigger hint if you’re game for it…” I smirked at her.

“Fuck yes! I get to go down on you first, though!” and without any more warning than that, her skirt fell to the floor and her shirt was over her head.

I was quick to follow, and she shoved me back into the couch. I sat down hard, and she followed close behind, burying her face between my legs and going to town on my pussy with vigor.

Our “suitors” quickly took the hint and didn’t waste any more time. Without much delay, I had a cock in my mouth and greedy hands pawing at my tits. Kait already had a guy fucking her from behind, and the moved up to the couch so she could suck off another over the back. My guy used my pigtails as intended and directed my head to where he wanted to sit on the couch. I knelt on the floor and let him throat fuck me while another came in behind and slid his rock-hard dick balls deep in my swollen, dripping wet pussy.

My guys lasted all of a few minutes before they were spent and another pair was looking to take their place. I climbed up onto the couch and swallowed the next hard dick I saw with my pussy. Another came up behind me to fill my asshole, but the butt plug was still in. I don’t know if he shrugged, but that was the mental picture I conjured as I felt him shove his cock into my pussy with the other guy and start pounding away. It felt amazing and my pussy showed them its appreciation by squirting everywhere.

Kait looked to be having a similarly fantastic time with a cock in every hole and slowly beating off a fourth. Her tits bounced in rhythm to the pounding she was taking simotaneously in her pussy and up her ass. Her pigtails were also being used to fantastic effect as handles. For a while, the room was filled wit the sound of one or another or both of us gagging on cock.

I’d  managed to get the butt plug out finally, and was rewarded by having my asshole filled right back up with more dick. And he had a vendetta to settle the way he was pounding it. Deep, and from every angle, I could feel it slowly losing its elasticity the harder and longer he fucked me.  He reached around and grabbed both my tits in his hands, squeezing both nipples between thumb and forefinger as he did. With a few deep thrusts, I felt his warm load explode into my asshole and at the same time I began to squirt uncontrollably. Each finishing thrust sent another wave gushing from my gaping, dripping cunt. It wasn’t lost on Kait for a second. When her studs finished flooding her holes, she came over to where I was getting ready to reverse cowgirl a guy on the couch. She grabbed his cock and guided it into my asshole and then pinched both of my nipples firmly. Each thrust of his shaft up my ass sent another wave gushing from my pussy.

“Mmmmm…..let’s make a mess…” Kait smiled. She cupped her hands under my pussy and waited for a few pumps and then threw it on my chest. She ran a few fingers in and out of me and licked at my tits before latching onto a nipple lightly with her teeth.

“OH FUCKKKKK!” I moaned loud enough for the whole house to hear.

“Beg for more cock…” I heard Kait whisper loud enough for me to hear. “Beg for them to pound you so hard.”

As our eyes met, I knew she meant it. She was getting off on seeing me get used like a cum dumpster. So I did the only thing I could think of. I did what she asked.

“PLEASE, FUCK ME! USE ME! PLEASE MAKE ME A CUM DUMPSTER! PLEASE! PLEASE! FUCK! MY! HOLESSSS!!!” I shouted, loud enough for the entire campus, this time.

The entire room seemed to pause as they looked at us. The guy in my ass had just finished, and I rolled off him onto my knees on the couch. I was promptly greeted with someone grabbing me by the pigtails and shoving his throbbing cock down my throat. I tried to relax everything in my body and just let them pound my fuckholes into cum filled craters. The room was filled with the sound of me loudly gagging on cock. Someone from behind began to fuck me hard up the ass, grabbing my hips to maximize each deep thrust. They blew their hot, salty loads into me and were replaced again, and again, and again. Each group seemed determined to outfuck the last two. Kait had moved off to the side to spectate by this point. It seemed I was on my own, at least for now.

After about 20 minutes, my legs were shaking too much to continue to kneel. I couldn’t form words and my entire body felt like I was made of putty. Looking down, my once black stockings were soaked and covered in jism and cum. My ass and pussy both felt a mile wide; a fact Kait was ready to take advantage of. She went down on me again, licking my ruined cunt and cleaning up the loads that ran out of it. And then she ran her fist up my ass. Actually, I barely perceived that’s what she had done. As she made to hold back one of my legs to get a better angle, someone came up from behind and held them both back for her. And shoved his cock down my throat. I made a passing attempt at sucking him off, but it was easier to just let him use my throat like a cunt. At the same time I could feel, but more hear Kait fisting my gaped asshole. “fhwup, fhwup, fhwup….” A steady, sucking rhythm as she plunged her balled hand in and out of the cum filled crater my ass had become.

The guy in my throat finished by pulling out and leaving a hot sticky load all over my heaving tits. As I looked down at Kait, I realized she’d been doing this the whole time while guys kept fucking her up her ass and pussy.

“Ride my face..” I said to her in a barely audible, raspy whisper.

She smiled up from the mess my pussy had become and started to move. But not before she reached up and gave a nipple one last squeeze to send a wave gushing into her face and down her throat. As she put her dripping, equally ruined pussy over my mouth, another guy came up behind her and slid into her asshole, sending a torrent of cum flooding out and down her pussy lips and into my mouth. I swallowed it greedily and began to clean her out with renewed vigor. She must have gotten her fill of cum, because she sat up and let someone come in and start fucking my cunt again. Her stud finished deep and hard when she shifted positions, and as he pulled out, her gaping hole emptied itself onto my neck and chest.

She looked down and saw the puddle of cum she had just deposited on me and laughed. “I meant it when I said let’s make a mess…”

She backed off me to let another guy have a ride and reached for the puddle with both hands, massaging it into my tits and rubbing a healthy amount on her own. “A few more to go and your Jack owes us a good cleaning..” she whispered into my ear. I reached up and grabbed her tits as they swung back and forth like meaty pendulums. We sat like that for a moment, each of us holding the others’ soggy, cum soaked tits while the last few guys finished dumping their seed into us. I’d never felt so at home and so alive as I did right then. I knew this is how I wanted to spend my life.

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