” Donnie, do you have any rubbers?”
“No, I didn’t expect this to happen today, Sylvia.”
”That’s okay, I’ve got my diaphragm with me, I always have that thing. Will you excuse me for a minute, In spite of the fact that I talked to you about fucking my ass while my face is over the toilet, your toilet is very clean, by the way, despite that, I still like to have a little bit of privacy for some things, wiping my ass, changing my tampons and putting this thing in. Would you give me a few moments? There is nothing that says I’m serious about fucking you more than me doing this.”
I went into the bathroom with my backpack, closed the door, found the little bag with the “D” in it. Putting it in involves some bending and pushing to get the fucking thing up there, but I’ve been doing it for a long time. Sometimes I used birth control pills, but they were new then, and they made me feel yucky, so I just packed the diaphragm everywhere I went. I had a can of spermicidal foam, and I always shot some of that stuff up me too, just to get the little sperms that tried to sneak past Miss D. I looked in the mirror, fluffed my hair, fluffed my pubes and pinched my nipples. I walked out, back into Donnie’s room.
He was gone. Just gone. He left me a note. “Sylvia, I had to go. You scare me. I think you are crazy.”
I was so pissed. No boy, none not ever, had done me this way. I was the one who was supposed to be running this thing, making Donnie do what I wanted him to do. If I get to the point in sex where I get my fucking diaphragm up me, I’m ready for sex, I really am. I had been teasing him for two hours, but I was also teasing myself. I guess it’s strange to be all cock-hungry, but at that point in the afternoon, I wanted it, and when I walked out the bathroom with my pussy curls all fluffy, I wanted to see Donnie waiting for me with that cute dick with the bend, sticking straight up in the air. I went back to the bathroom, took Miss “D” out and sat on the toilet, trying to figure out what I was going to do next. I’ve been horny lots of times, but this was ridiculous. I got off the toilet, after I had cried for a while, and still naked, walked over by Donnie’s bed. The sheets with all the stains. I wanted some damn stains on me! He had a little table next to his bed. I thought for a minute about whether he would be back soon, and then I decided I didn’t care. He had told me he had no condoms, but when I opened the drawer of the little table, there were so many. What was he doing? After I found his collection of forty or fifty, I was not only furious, I began to feel really spiteful and mean. I’m not usually like that, but today was special. I thought about getting dressed collecting all my stuff, my term paper on Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the formula that Amy had given me to make semen taste good, all of my stuff, and heading right back to Ida’s house on the other side of town. But I thought: “Okay, Donnie, you fucker, I’m going to leave something for you…”
I walked into his grungy kitchen, with a week’s worth of dishes piled everywhere. I opened the refrigerator. I ate a bunch of his food, but that’s not what I was looking for. I found what I was looking for. It was big, but not too big. It was cold, so I put it in the oven for five minutes to warm it up. What was it? A nice fat cucumber, about as big around as any penis that has ever been in me, but that was fine with me. When it was warmed up, I took it, and the baby oil, to his bed. I put some baby oil on the thing. I looked through his condom collection until I found one that said: “ribbed for her pleasure” or something like that. I got on the bed, did my best to change my thoughts from pissed to pleasure, and began to masturbate with two fingers. I really wanted to teach Donnie how to do this. He needed to know, like most guys, that my clit had the same kind of nerve endings he had on the head of his cock. It looked as if I wasn’t going to get the chance. He was never got to get the chance to get in my ass or puss ever again! I got his pillow and slid it under my ass. I’ve been beating off, whenever I need to, for my whole life. I can’t remember when I wasn’t able to get myself off that way. With my ass on his pillow, I rubbed my clittie and pussy until I was really wet. I was starting to feel better. I told my ther****t once how much I like to chase my kittie, and she just laughed. She said she did, too! I put two fingers up and kept going. I wanted something to dribble out of me onto his fucking pillow. I beat off until I had a come, but I wasn’t close to done. I was pretty wet by then, but I wasn’t done. I was going to put a wet spot on his bed and pillow he would remember for a long time. I put some baby oil on the cucumber, and then I slid his ribbed condom over that. It took a little doing before I could get that thing in me, but once I figured out what I was doing, my puss stretched and took the whole thing…wide and fat and about eight inches long. I was fucking myself with this thing, and after a little bit, the pussy juice was running off my butt cheeks and soaking his pillow. I thought he might come back, and find me in this ridiculous situation, but I didn’t care. I needed to get my girly rocks off. and I was going to soak that fucking pillow so completely that he would never be able to put his head on it without getting a big whiff of me right up his fucking nose. I came about four or five times. Then I wiggled around till I got the cucumber in my ass, along with the baby oil , and more ass and pussy juice. I don’t know how many times I came, but it was a lot. When I come off my period, I’m a fucking fuck machine. I wiped my puss and my ass off all over his sheets. It was a warm afternoon, and it was really fragrant in his little room after I made sure all the windows were closed. I turned up the heat, got dressed and left him a note: ” Why didn’t you tell me you had condoms? I left something for you.” The cucumber, with a red ribbon tied around it, with the condom still on it, was on his pillow. I got on a bus and went back to Ida’s. when I told her what happened, Ida laughed so hard she wet her pants!

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