Yo this ya boy Kelvin hit me up stayin in a hotel 10 in black dik here for ya……..

The top was a reply to my ad last month and I replied back and sent him my number …cool give me a call I said

Ring Ring a short while later and I answered…..Yo this Kelvin you sent me yo number……Yeah hey how’s it going I asked……Nu much right now just trying to get in some ass that was your pic on the ad he asked….Yeah that’s me in some girly stuff you like it ? I asked……Yeah so what you bouts ? You good to come to me or what he asked…..Yeah sure can come by later where you staying ? I asked …….Close to the Airport here in a hotel he said….So I asked him his age and looks…….26 yo black /medium build straight dude in town for a few days he said…….Sounds hot when you free ? I asked…..Free anytime tonight he said…..Cool how about 8 ? I asked …….That good he said ………Well send me your room number and a pic of you I asked him ……I can do that he said…..So I said ok see you then……..

Some time later he sent me an e-mail with a pic and his room number…….His dick pic got me all hot as I checked it out his hand was holding up a nice looking big black cock…….

Some time later I got a few things ready and headed out to his hotel he was on the second floor end of the hall and I knocked on his door……The door opened hey Kelvin I asked……hey what up as he motioned me inside with his hand…..

So what up he said grabbing his crotch thru his shorts……Well it looks like you are up I said with a lil laugh looking at his crotch…Look like you got a stiffie going on there I said looking at his cock pressing on the shorts…..Yeah I got that going on he said…..Well gonna use your bathroom for a minute I said as I walked towards it with my lil bag……He had the tv on watching ESPN as I heard it from the bathroom as I got dressed in some girly panties and attire for him……

Some minutes later I came out and he was kicked back on the large bed buck ass naked with his 10 in rod in his hand watching the tv he glanced over at me as I was looking at his nice big dick It wasn’t too fat but had some girth and I knew it was gonna hurt my butt a bit as I never took on a 10 inch one …….

Wow that’s a nice big dick you have can I feel it ? moving closer to the bed……Yeah rub on that dick he said lets see that ass you got back there too as he sat up and moved across the bed as I went down to feel his cock he moved behind me somewhat and ran his hand under my white loose fitting panties and rubbed my ass….He fixed his pillow as I layed close down by his cock taking it in my hand and admiring it ….His cock had a nice light complected cut cock head and was darker the rest of the way down to his nuts feeling and jerking on it slowly he had more girth than it looked at first…..He was still rubbing my asscheeks and I needed to get a taste of his cock as I parted my lips and started sucking the head slowly working my way down more….. AHH YES ! he said as I sucked on his rod his cock was really stretching my mouth ……….YEAH GET THAT DICK he said as I pleasured his rod and he rubbed my ass……

He soon went for my asshole with one of his big fingers as I raised my ass up a lil to accept it in my hole and this made me go further down on his dick in my mouth…..AH SUCK THAT MUTHERFUCKER he said……Yeah that ass is tight he said as he buried his finger up my butt. I bucked up and down some more as he finger fucked me….It was turning me on working on his black 10 incher as I slobbered and slurped on it best that I could and worked my hand on it and down to his balls and feeling his thick vein under his ball sack as his prick was in my mouth……..

A few minutes later he slid his finger out my ass and said…That’s enough of that shit got to get up in yo ass he said getting out the bed and standing up…….He directed me up on all fours and got my lube out of my bag…..He stood off the side of the bed as I looked into the big dresser mirror he was greasing up his erect prick…..Yeah you got an ass like my girl back home he said as he lubed his cock to poke my asshole…….Soon he ordered me to back up a bit more as he took aim and his head pressed against my asshole he held my back with one hand…..It felt a bit like a cucumber as he pressed in……AAAHHHHH OOOOOOHHHHHH ! I yelled out ….OH SLOWLY SLOWLY I blurted out…..Back on into it he said…..Oh yeah that ass tight don’t run from it now he said…..So I slowly backed into his black cock while wincing and glancing at the mirror at the sight of his 10 inches I was submitting to…….SHIT YOUR DICK IS BIG ! I said as he slowly penetrated me I felt my asshole expand as he worked his rod in. I grapped a pillow and put in under my stomach as I arched over some more…..He grabbed my asscheeks and went in further I felt like I was gonna shit or something and he got all up in my ass and started his black rod prodding in and out of my white ass….Yeah how you like my dick in yo ass he said…..You like that dik in yo ass huh he said again….Looking in the mirror at the black stud getting my asshole was hot…..He now had me broke in and was working me over with long strokes of his rod as I felt my asshole being turned out by his rod he slipped out and ran it back in with slosing fart sound….Yeah get that black cock back in there I said…..He had me hot down there and my balls were blue as hell…..

He soon stopped and ordered me flat on the bed with my legs apart as he mounted me on top from the rear and dug his 10 up my sloppy lubed asshole again……UH UH UH UH UH UH I said out as he was fucking my asshole again …..Yeah you just like a girl taking all my dick he said ………All I knew at this time was my asshole was his and he was putting it on me good as I was being his white sissy bitch for the night…..

Some seconds later he pulled out with a fart sound as I felt my asshole clench back up .He got up and jerked his slippery cock and said turn over let me cum on that mouth open it up for this big nut as I turned over I grapped my aching dick and got down to recieve his load of sperm with my mouth open and me jerking my dick. He jerked his 10 in rod for another few seconds as I had my hand on his balls massaging them and felt them tighten up as he aimed for my mouth and face……..AAAAHHHHHH HERE CUM THAT NUT !!!!!! he blurted out in pleasure his nuts were tight as shit all drawed up tight as his cum poured out the first shot hit my forehead as the rest my open mouth and face as it ran everywhere followed by more blasts of his white cream….I was like WTF is he ever gonna stop cumming as he flooded out my mouth and face……Soon after with his juice everywhere I managed to get my out load out of my blue balls while jerking his going limp black shaft…….

He went to the bathroom as I heard him taking a long piss and wooing from the large nut he had busted all on me…..
WHEW that was some good shit he said……coming out the bathroom ……I layed there on the bed and asked him for a towel for my face and he handed me one I also went to the bathroom and cleaned up…

Some minutes later after some small talk I left and went home thinking about Kelvin’s 10 inch black dick………

Taking Kelvin's 10' in Black Rod

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