My wife Donna has all ways had two fantasies that she talked about on a regular basses. The first was that she had all ways wanted to be with another woman at once in her life and the second was she wanted to be taken to a whole new level of kink.
So this year with out knowing a thing I had something set up for her that I hope would blow her mind. Our anniversary is Saturday the night will begin at seven on the dot. Every year we do the same thing we go eat exchange gifts and go home for a night of passion. tonight will be no different except the passion part.
Dinner was great Donna looked amazing her long legs grabbing the attention of every guy in the restaurant. Her beautiful long red hair falling just over her shoulder as frame work for her ample cleavage showing. Afterwards we went for a short walk and talked then I gave her a gold anklet she had been admiring for sometime.
When arriving home I blind folded her letting her know I had one other surprise waiting for her. We entered the lights were dim the room was silent. I closed the door behind us and softly kissing her neck from behind unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor. she was wearing my favorite panties the black ones with lace she knows they turn me on.
I laid her down in the floor in the middle of the living room she tried asking why but i would not let her speak. Pulling her hands out away from her body and tying them with the soft rope. Then spreading herr legs and doing the same she looked like a angle flying.
I turned on little music and that is when the show began. Linda a good friend of ours slipped up and told me one time that she would o get with donna some time and tonight was the night. I also had a good friend Brian there he was my best man at my wedding. a tall well built strong black man. Which I had seen Donna staring at many times with that look when she wants something.
Linda stripped down and so did Brian still not making any sound. Linda was gorgeous nice round ass large tits standing straight out and very erect at the time. All I said to Donna was this was a gift from me I hope that she enjoys it. Linda put her legs on either side of Donnas head and lowered her self down till her mound was just touching her lips. Donna tried to resist at first till Linda announced who she was.
Linda began moving her hips back and forth across her lips a soft moan came from Donna as she began to taste her wetness. The Brian got between my wifes legs and began licking her softly at first then faster and more furious. I sat there and watched my my dick in my hand.
Brian was hung like a horse and when he was ready he got up on his knees. His cock was as big as my fist and at least ten inches long.
With one push he was in stretching her to the fullest. Donna let out a scream that quickly turned in to loud moans. Linda was still riding her moans were getting louder as well as her hips thrusted faster and faster. The Linda came with a vengeance I could see her moisture running down the face of my wife. Donna was trying to take it all. When Linda bmoved to the side I took her place forcing my dick deep into her throat.
Removing the blind fold she tried to see who was fucking her but couldn’t. Brian was steadily pounding at her soaked pussy the aroma of sex was definitely in the air. I was thrusting her mouth making her gag and choke she could do nothing about it. Her moans were muffled from my dick.
Linda came behind me and squeezed her way between Brian and my self and began licking my ass. It sent me over the top shooting massive loads of cum down my wifes throat.
We untied her Brian flipped her over to her knees and raised her cute ass in the air.Linda brought him a tube of lube I knew then what he had planned. His large dick pressed against her tight little ass she let out a loud scream with a mixture of moan as he entered her. My wifes ass was being violated and she was loving it. it was not long before I was hard again.
Linda came over to me and got on her knees and put her ass up in the air. before i knew it I was fucking her ass. at the corner of my eye I seen Brian shove one last time and shot his load deep in to her ass. His cum was dripping from her she backed up to Linda grabbing her by her hair and pulling her head towards her. As I was fucking her ass hard she began cking the dribbles of cum from my wifes stretched ass.
when we were finished we laid there there relaxing Brian and Linda staid the night and it started all over the next morning.

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