This is a Ture Story that Happen this Past week. Names have Been Changed.

              I was Working out of town over the holiday.  Had a Nice 4 day week end coming up I figured I would Check some sites for a hook up that night. Hell I had a nice hotel and can host why not, so here I was In Boston relaxing in my room. For the past yr now I have been getting back in touch with my cock Craving, cross dressing side. I hit the gym hard losing 25 lbs and Really hitting up my ass and legs hard I look Awesome in 6 in Heels. And my ass Is to die for I think Round and firm I do legs and ass 3 days a week yes ass and excises to make my ass look good.

    I decide to hit the Gym. I wore a light blue thong (all I wear is thongs and gstings these day) and black running shorts (the ones that spilt up the sides so my legs look good. and t-shirt and trainers. I head down to the Gym and begin my leg work out their are a few people there a couple a few guys my age and 2 older guys.  I saw a guy behind me on a machine while I was doing squats I racked the weight and turned to the mirror squatted so I can see the guy and twerked my ass one side at a time. then I  did 4 set of iso’s with no weight make sure to pop my ass at its lowest. then went on my way of working out and I was all only while finishing up my run. I head to the locker room for a soak and a steam.

    I sitting in front of my locker and take my shoes off then my noshow stockings for shoes. the old guy walks by looks at my feet and sees them in a high gloss clear coat. I take my shirt off still a lil over weight I have some b cups if I wear the right corset. I don’t care about my shorts they dry fast. to the  spa hoped in couple of the younger guys were in there talking about the club that night they were hitting they left I stayed 10 more mins. i was getting out and i saw they had a tanning room I went 30 bucks 10 mins I said sure swept my card and in I went, AS I went in I saw my Stalker coming out of one of the rooms wearing a towel. I go in Drop My shorts and work on my Thong Line Make my ass look better i think.

      Done with the Tan I decide on a Steam I leave the shorts off and just wrap the towel around me and I head to the steam room. My ass really bounces when I if I have a tight waist U really see it . I enter and There he is My stalker Now I Seem like one being he left the room now here I am. I sit Across the room from him he has 2 towels one d****d across his lap and one around his neck. We talk some about what we do and how long were here he oversees company mergers. Big money seeming he said he had a suite and was there for 3 months. he wasn’t a large man about 5’6 clean cut Salt and pepper hair very fit. god like body. for 55. then there Me 6’2 280 bald goat tee Solid lower half. he asked if he can turn up the temp i said sure. As I lean my head back and close my eyes not paying him any mind relaxing.

        A few Mins Go by and I hear “SUCK IT BITCH” I look up and he standing on the bench with a horse cock soft it was 8″ and thick. He Said “SUCK THIS COCK BITCH U CANT TEASE ME ALL NIGHT SUCK IT”. I open my mouth and sallow him whole to the hilt and he groans. A few More secs in my throat and he says “I Know U were a bitch when i saw your Thong U Tease. Something I pride myself on is my Head Game I can sallow 11” like a Porn star loads of training on didos. As hes getting harder its getting harder to go deep hes getting really thick to the point i can barely suck the head. my big ass hand cant close around it I never seen one this thick i was getting harder. As i Was getting in to it he forcing it in more saying “Use them Teeth let me know U cant handle it Bitch”  I look up and Say I can and will I open more and push down I get half and gag scr****g the whole way Hes starts to fuck my face more.

   As he fucking my face I slide off the bench and remove my towel now standing bending over some he sees my thong and goes faster Saying Loudly “OH shit your still wearing U SLut”. He pulls out and sits. I bend at the waist and start to bop On his 12″  coke can of a cock. hes moaning getting closer and we hear someone out side i stand up towel up and he says” room 2202 10 mins Slut” and walks out. I hurry to my room put on my Slut G-string, Black fishnet seamed thigh highs, my Harley Quinn Booty shorts and my Bood Red corset that gives my hips and tits. throw on a sweat suit and up i go bag in hand.

         He Opens the Door in a Hotel terry cloth robe I walk in and say i need a min and go in the bathroom. I out on my fast slut look makeup and my Red Bob wig. slip on my strap up Claves 7″ heels to show them off. Take one last look grab my poppers and take 2 big hits and walk out. There is Jim sitting on the couch using the biggest Penis pump ever hes said he can get it to 14″ and even thicker I go hard ( I love huge cock and toys) he pulls off pump there it is HUge Hard and god like. He says Wow U are a slut. I say Yes sir I am SLut for huge cock Sir. He says well Lube it up then i walk over to him. Half way there he says Wait turn around slut show me that ass. i do and he says shake i start to twerk like in the videos and on my hands and knees after 10 mins of ass shaking i turn around to see him grin stroking it. he said i took a blue pill I’m going to wreck You tonight. I said I here all week Sir. I crawl over and can barely get the head in my mouth. i get it all wet and he says take off the shorts. I slide them off. I remarks and he tans Like a Slut winner winner chicken Dinner SUCK IT SLUT”. I 2 fisting worshiping him Sucking his balls Licking his ass BAck to sucking the head. 

         He Stands Up and tells me to bend over the Dresser at the foot of the bed and grab the bed post. I do and he pulls down my G-string and start to eat my ass slaping my cheeks Im moan like a slut pushing back and then he stops and i feel cold liquid on my ass its oil he rubbing my ass and my Boy pussy. starts to work fingers in my At my height in these heels my ass is al most chest level on him. He works all 4 fingers in me turning them I moaning louder as i feel him stop and he says ready . I say one sec and take 2 more big hits of my poppers and say OK. He lines up and says Pineapple is the safe word.  and starts to push in little does he know IS it goes in easier then he thought still tight but a well worked ass that opened up on poppers. working inch by inch hes streching me open even more I start to pant and grunt and laughs and pushs more till all in and out the back in in one slow movement those this for about 20mins. till he can go in faster. then he starts to fuck me standing on the dressing bench Fucking me in long steady strokes. i’m moaning and Saying Fuck me Fuck me GOD YESSS FUCK MMEEEEEEE.

        I start to drip with every Stroke Now. steady Strokes I say PINEAPPLE. Hes like WTF. I turn and say I thought U were going to make me your Bitch and Wreck This Hole. Your Making fucking love. I want to be fucked Like a Whore. now FUCK ME.  He Slaps Me and Says On the Bed Bitch Ass Up I arch my back chest down ass UP he stand Be hind Me and squats down. Lining Himself up He Plunges in Balls deep hard and fast. I Yell OUT YEESSSSSSS FUCK MEE LIKE A SLUT. He Starts to pound me Hard and Fast like a pile driver I cumming in waves like a whore eyes rolling back and I moan FUCKKKK MEEEE FFFUUUUCCCKKKK MEEEEE YES YES YES YES YES . He gets hard and cums in my ass I man cum 10 Good Gushs its leaking out of me as he pulls out now Gaping I feel the air enter. and i start to slean his cock like a good slut and when hes Clean I say Round 2 Stud

To be Cont……..

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