The Black forest in Germany.

When I asked my wife what she was fantasizing about, when she orgasmed while masturbating, she took me back 5 years in time, when we were on a midweek vacation in the black forest in Germany.
We were hiking true the beautiful forest with its hills, hiking trails and an occasional small waterfall. Nature at its best. And no one around. We had been walking for 2 hours, and only at the beginning of our walk we encountered an elderly couple, though very fit looking.
We kind a got the impression that we were the only two souls on this trail and we were both in a playful mood. Although signs said, due to respect of nature, we should remain on the trails, I decided to propose to my wife, 30 years old, long blond hair and a nice figure, to climb a bit up the hill. She didn’t mind and followed my lead. I took her for about 100 meters from the trail, where there was a nice flat spot protect by trees, so we were out of sight from any hiker following the trail. Should one pass by.
I told her, looking at her ass, the whole time she was walking in front of me had me made really horny. I was in the mood for a good fuck, and we had never fucked in nature. But this forest was the ideal spot. No one around, but trees and birds. Small change of getting caught. And if so, it would just add to the excitement.
My horny comments were well received, but she was not wearing a skirt. Lifting a skirt is easy. Dropping a lifted skirt even easier, if anyone should spot us. I insisted she would take of her shoes, then pants, uncovering her lower body totally. After some hesitation, she agreed, if only I do the same. Same fun, same risk.
When I took down my pants, my cock was rock solid hard, and I was excited like I hadn’t been in a long time. It was only 17°c (63°F), so not really hot, and I felt the fresh wind around my cock and balls. My wife quiet teasingly, took down her pants and slip, sticking out her nice ass in my direction while doing so. “You like it better with our without pants?” she playfully asked. I saw small goosebumps on her thighs.
Later I remembered, I had heart a dog bark. Just once. One bark. From a distance. It did not alarm me at all.
We used our pants for her to sit on, and once on the ground, she opened her legs, as I asked her too. She revealed her pussy, nicely trimmed, and with her fingers she opened her small pussy lips. She started stimulating her clit, which for me was the sign to get down on my knees and take over with my tong. She tasted good as ever and when I started fingering her whilst licking, I noticed how wet she was. With my right hand I was fingering her, while my left hand I was stroking my own dick. Almost ready to go on top and start fucking her. She laid back, seemed quiet relaxed and enjoyed the moment. She even unbuttoned her blouse and pulled aside her bra, so her B-cup tits and hard nipples became visible to me.
Just when I wanted to make a move, someone cleared his throat. We were both startled by the sound, as it was clearly nearby, and when I lift my body to look around, only 5 meters from me was a tall man with a 5 day beard, looking straight into my eyes. He looked very friendly, smiled and said to me in German: “please do continue. I hope you don’t mind if I watch.”
He said he was the forester and his dog, a German Shepard, sitting at his foot, had alarmed him. We wanted to get up and quickly put back our pants, but as they were jeans that was not going to be easy and quick. He commanded us to stay calm and sit back down. I felt how my cock went limp, due to the stress of the situation. My wife and I exchanged a glance at each other and we were equally uncomfortable with this situation.
He said we should not have gone off the trail, because wild life regulations were kind a strict. But he saw we were just making out, and not destroying anything, so he would be mild. While telling all that he got his cock out of his pants and started playing with it. He sat down on a tree log only 3 meters from us with his dog next to him. Clearly a well-trained dog obeying every command immediately.
I felt quiet uncomfortable with this situation. I was no match for this man. He was half a head taller than me, and much more muscular. He could probably control me with only one arm. Both my wife and I were intimidated by his appearance, and his dominant way of talking. So when he ordered my wife to sit back down and spread her legs again, this is what she did. Without any protest. Again she revealed her nice trimmed pussy, but this time not only to me.
“Common man, relax he said. I won’t hurt you. Lick your wife as you did before, while I look at the both of you.” He seemed very reassuring , which made me relax and I suddenly felt some kind of excitement, which must be a bit like exhibitionists feel when they show themselves. My wife was still wet and although not as relaxed as before, started moaning and moving her pelvis up and down, as if making fuck movements.
I noticed she was looking at the forester who now was playing with his hard dick and enjoying the sight of my wife. Just when I was considering to get on top of her to push my dick in between her legs, he said: “Now it’s my turn.” He got up, gave a command to his dog, which now was beside me and looking at me in a way that scared me quite a bit.
“He won’t bite, unless I tell him to. So best go sit on that log and look at me pleasing you wife.” He took my place between my wife’s legs, and start fingering her with 2 fingers. She could not help but moan, even though she had never planned to cheat on me. She seemed to enjoy the dominant way this strong tall alfa male was going about.
He then tore open her shirt completely, tearing off the lower buttons and looked at her tits that were still partly covered by her bra. Before he could do anything my wife lifted her bra, so he would not hurt her when doing it himself. Her beautiful breast with hard nipples where now just in front of him and fingering her with one hand, he started squeezing her breasts with the other. She was now almost completely naked in front of this man.
He pulled down his pants, and opened up his lumberjack shirt, showing his hairy breast and muscular upper body. I saw his dick was upright and his glans was wet. Without any hesitation he put his dick between my wife’s pussy lips and pushed it inside. My wife clearly moaned with pleasure when he started fucking her, slowly in the beginning, but building up the pace with every stroke. Both her hand were against his hairy chest, not to push him away, but to feel his masculine body while he was riding her.
Then one of her hands slipped to her clit and while being fucked by the dominant stranger, in front of my eyes, she started masturbating. The forester noticed, and looked up to me with a grin on his face. He then said: “ I think she likes it”.
He then noticed my dick, again rock hard, started smiling even harder and said the my wife:” he likes it too.” Laying on her back, with this big man on top of her, she tried to look at me and noticed I was masturbating at the sight of her being fucked by this man. She could not contain any longer and her nipples became even harder when she started to shake and orgasmed for the first time.
He slowed down to let her enjoy it for a bit, then pulled his cock out and as if she was a little doll, turned her around and put her on all fours. She now was facing me, when he slit his cock back into her and started doggy fucking her.
I could tell he was enjoying the view on my wife’s nice round feminine ass. She again was masturbating and moaning and looking at me as if she was on another planet, while he fucked the hell out of her. I think I saw her cum 3 times within 5 minutes.
He was not exactly the gentle lover. No sir. He squeezed her buttocks quiet hard, leaving red marks all over them. Looking at my beautiful, pretty wife being fucked by this alfa male, made so hot and hard, that I seemed to enjoy it as much as fucking her myself.
I noticed tension building up in his face and with a loud sigh, he unloaded his semen into my wife’s womb. After which he slowly retracted his penis from her open vagina.
When she came upright on her knees, her head was al red and flushed as she looked at me with a rare combination of fulfilment and shame. I had my dick in my hand and as I noticed his sperm dripping from her pussy, I had sprayed my own cum on the forest soil.
He laughed and said: I fertilized your wife, now you fertilized my forest. I think there are no more debts between us. And then he laughed even harder.
He did not kiss my wife, nor did he shake my hand. He buttoned his shirt and pulled up his pants. Then called his dog, and off he was.
That evening my wife and I had dinner at the hotel. We didn’t speak to much, but the silence was not awkward. We went to bed and dimmed the light. Almost simultaneously we started masturbation and reliving the experience, each in his own way. And we orgasmed at the same time.
Although the forester did impose his will on us, we never argued or tried to defend ourselves. We would never have asked him to do to us what he did. But when it happened, with all the adrenaline, the excitement we got from it, it made for the hottest experience we ever had.
And 5 years later my wife still masturbates on that memory. As for myself. I made reservations in the same hotel. Haven’t told my wife yet. But I don’t think she will mind.

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