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It is a warm spring night in a medieval village. The town celebrates a new wedding.


The crowd, full of relatives, friends, and family applauded as the newly wed couple ascended the stairs, as a symbolism of the end of the ceremonies, and the beginning of a healthy, childbearing marriage.

Aria loosely held Bodwyn’s hand, nervous of what was to happen next. Nervous and angry, to be correct. How could her parents force her to marry a man? What happened to child hood stories of love?

She looked down as the sounds of cheering silenced. The stone walls, luminescent with hung torches, surrounded them as they walked up the stairs. The dark red carpet lined the floor, leading them to the room where they would legitimate their marriage. Once they reached the top of the stairs, she faltered as she saw the door to the couples’ room at the end of the corridor. Bodwyn’s hand held her tighter, sensing her tension. He stopped and faced her. She was still looking down, now blushing under his sight. She hated it. Why had she to marry now? At the tender age of 18. She was not ready for this! She had heard of girls willing to give themselves away to men, desiring a man’s touch. She was a quiet, independent girl that did not have such cravings. She just wanted the simplicity of her life, cooking, cleaning, reading, and singing.

And him, of all men! As the small town’s blacksmith, he was all brawn. As he stood in front of her, she felt he was more than a foot taller than her and twice her size. His arms were gigantic, full of muscle and his chest, with curly hair showing through his collar, was like a huge field. She felt small, insignificant, and overwhelmed in his presence. Other women would be attracted to such a height and build, but she could not help but feel intimidated. She imagined herself with someone as small as her frame.

He seemed to be an athletic type, unconcerned with the beauty of poetry, the loveliness of nature, and the social events taking place of the time. He seemed to barely speak at all, except for the occasional grunt. He was solely devoted to his work, despite the amount of women who fawned over him. His life was the metal he worked with.

It was one day, and to her unfortunate day, that he happened to look up from pounding of metal at Aria, who had casually walked by to pick up an order made by her father.

She had come by, in a simple dress, hair down.

“Excuse me, sir. I have come to pick up an order by Mr. Godfrye.”

“Mhm” he grunted, still pounding at the metal. After a few minutes, when he was down, he went over and grabbed the order. Without looking at her, he handed it over.

“Thank you, sir.” She said politely. Before she walked away, he looked up at her. She was taken aback – he seemed so indifferent and aloof that eye contact surprised her. He kept looking, intensely. She didn’t know what to do – why was he looking at her for so long? She immediately looked down and blushed. “Thank you,” she repeated under her breath, and walked away, still feeling his eyes follow her.

The next day, she was to be married to Bodwyn Fletcher.

She was still looking down at the top of the stairs, hoping that this was all some dream she could wake up from. He walked a step closer, and she trembled. He held her hand tighter and started to lead her towards the room. She grabbed onto her necklace her grandmother had given her. She was a great woman, and would have probably given her good advice about this. She gently tugged on his arm as he pulled her towards the room; she didn’t want to go.

He stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked at her.

She could not meet his eyes. She could feel their intensity boring into her. How could she bed with such an intimidating man? The fear was starting to turn to anger. She was not going to do this.

“I won’t.” she said softly, surprised at the sound of her own voice.

He walked closer and she could hear his heavy breathing.

“You are my wife.” He said simply; strong and straight -forward.

She still looked away, and started to turn around. He held her hand tighter and gently pulled her towards him. For him, “gentle” wasn’t so with her frame, and she stumbled over into his chest. She gasped and backed away quickly. She was about to run but he grabbed her waste and pulled her back to him.

“No!” she yelped as he pulled her into the room. He didn’t really put that much effort, as she tugged pulled away with all her might. His strength was overwhelming, and she felt a bead of sweat run down her neck as she fruitlessly struggled against his arms.

Once they were in the room, he closed the door and faced her. She looked at him now, fear shadowing her face.

“Please. No.” She pleaded softly, shaking her head.

He did not say anything, just walked forward and put his hands on her waist. He hungrily gazed upon her, for the first time, neck, breasts, and waist. His hands slid up and down her back as he felt the lace that held her dress together. She couldn’t handle this; she pushed her hands against his shoulders with all her might. He was taken aback by this move at first, but managed to get a strong hold of her before she ran away again.

“Get away from me!” she yelled as he grabbed her from the back. She tried to pry his hands away from her waist. But he just held her closer, fully wrapping his arms around her. He nestled his face into her neck, kissing it and smelling her hair.

“Stop it! I won’t!” she attempted to yell, but the feel of his lips on her bare skin sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t control it or understand what was going on – the heat was overwhelming. He continued to kiss her neck and felt tingles all over her body. She just couldn’t understand what that was!

“St-” she attempted to stay over and over, but couldn’t finish as he continued to kiss her.

He mercifully let her go and she bolted for the door again. It was no use, she was pulled back in. He faced her, with that same hungry look in his eye. He was looking at her all over.

“I said, I won’t do this!” she cried, tears starting to sting with her anger.

He stepped closer and she backed up into the cabinet next to the bed. She was trapped. He got extremely close and looked down at his bride. It was too hot, she thought, it was just too hot! Beads of sweat continued to trickle down her body.

“Aria, I am free and have the right to enjoy my wife. My beautiful-” he said, nuzzling her neck again “-wife” he finished. She struggled against him again, but felt her arms go weak as he stuck his tongue out and lick her shoulder. What was this feeling? Why had she gone weak?

“I am not your wife!” she cried, ignoring the logic of her own exclamation.

“You are” he replied simply, now starting to suck her neck. Her legs started to shake and she felt herself suddenly become moist in between her legs.

“St-st-” she could not finish; her voice would just go out. It was just so hot.

His arms found their way to the back of her dress and to the ties that bound it together. As he continued to nuzzle her neck, he untied each one.

“Stop it, stop it,” she whispered, desperately trying to make her quavering voice work. She was tingling all over; her body seemed overtaken by emotion. He untied all the knots and pulled down her dress. That only left the corset and bloomers.

“No!” she cried. A man seeing her so exposed made her blush a deep crimson. She wrapped her arms around her breasts, hoping it would make her feel more secure from his gaze. He examined her entire body, head to toe. He gazed at her shoulders, and her large bosoms, filling the corset to the brim, as if they were to burst out. Her hourglass shape made her waist small compared to her wide, curvy hips that turned into thick thighs. Her skin was smooth and a slight darker shade, unlike most other girls in the town. She was perfect to him. He wanted every single part of her.

She was breathing heavily; nervous and afraid. He looked deep into her green eyes, his eyes black with intensity. He had a sharp, square jaw that looked like it was clenched, as if holding in his desire. He stooped down and lifted her into his arms, placing her on the large bed. She quavered in his arms. As soon as she was on the bed, she looked around desperately for an escape. As she started to crawl over to the other side to leap over, he grabbed her wrists and brought her to him.

“I want you.” He said, this time softly, as if he was telling her a long-held secret that has been burning him up inside.

She yelped as he kissed the hands he was holding strongly by the wrists. He let go and took off his shirt. She looked away; he was huge. She didn’t know if she could handle it. She looked at him again, as he placed his shirt on the bedside table. He had more muscle than she thought, his wide chest toned and his shoulders broad. Would he kill her?

He leaned over to her on the bed, still standing up. He reached down to her bloomers and pulled them off quickly.

“Gah!” she gasped, pulling her legs together and backing away. It was only her corset now. He looked down at her and joined her on the bed, towering over her. “Ah! Stop!” she cried, trying to push him away. He was so big on top her; she was afraid she couldn’t breath. It’s too hot! she thought. He tugged another string from her corset, almost fully exposing her breaths. He stopped after that; she supposed he liked it on her.

He continued to gaze upon her, slowly caressing her thighs and up her waist. Her body was tingling crazily at his touch. Such large, rough fingers somehow managed to touch her skin softly and gently.

“No,” she moaned, feeling more and more wet between her thighs, which she kept shut together. She tried squirming away as he placed his lips on her navel, but felt weak again. She couldn’t take it anymore! He continued to move his lips down her navel, traveling down her body.

She screamed for him to stop as her triangle. He opened his mouth and licked. “Gah!” she cried, pleasure starting to rip through her body. What was this feeling? she thought.

Suddenly grabbing her thighs, he pulled her legs open, exposing her dripping slit. She screamed and gasped.

“Don’t, stop! Don’t look at it!” She struggled, but he kept a strong hold on her thighs.

“Aria,” he moaned, ecstatic from her arousal. With a hungry look he swept down and ravished her. She pulled and squirmed and screamed as he licked her parting lips, swollen and wet with arousal. He made his way into her slit as far as he could go, getting to taste her and smell her amazing scent. She gasped and screamed. “No!” she cried, exploding with pleasure. Her body was extremely hot and pulsating all over. She squirmed, but her body fell weak to his tongue. He was controlling her in every way. She shut her mouth to stop her cries of pleasure; he would not be rewarded. But she muffled through her closed lips, as the pleasure continued to build and build. She could not take it anymore, and screamed out. “Uhhnnnhhh. N-n-noo” she tried to say, but he started to move his tongue in and out of her, licking her clitoris as he came out. What was this? Why was he doing this? She arched her back involuntarily; her whole body was reacting to him, at his whim. She could not help but moan; it just felt so…so…she didn’t even know!

“Please stop it!” she gasped out, out of air. “It’s dirty! Stop it!” She felt herself building and building…and then, suddenly, her whole body burst into an intense orgasm. She screamed at the sensation as he licked and sucked her roughly. He lifted himself from her and looked up at her sweating, heaving body. She looked down at him, and the corner of his mouth lift up into a small smile. She swallowed hard, overwhelmed by her body’s reaction to him. She was exhausted.

“Are we done?” she managed to say through heaving breaths.

The other corner of his mouth lifted into a grin. She had never seen him smile before.

“Aria,” he said with a little laugh, and put his head back down. He went on for what seemed like ages, Aria squirming and riling as she orgasmed one after another, seemingly overlapping. She begged for him to stop, but he wouldn’t. The heat was taking over her and she didn’t know if she could take it.

He finally stopped and crawled on top her again. His mouth was glistening with her juice. He licked it off his lips and looked down at her. She met his eyes with fear and vulnerability.

“What-what are you going to do to me now?” She stuttered, fear clouding her voice.

He softened his expression and leaned down to kiss her jaw and neck. He came up again and started to remove his trousers. She gasped at the sight of him; he was huge in all aspects!

“Oh my God.” she cried and immediately backed into the headboard of the bed, wrapping any extraneous sheets around her body. “No, you’re too big. No! It won’t fit!” she cried in horror, shaking her head.

“Yes it will,” he said calmly. “You’re wet enough, now.” He leaned over and examined his bride, wrapped barely in the white sheets. She was gorgeous, and he would have her.

He grabbed her ankles, which were snuggled to her body, and pulled her towards him.

“No! You’re too big! You’re a..a monster!”

He smiled, knowing that he aroused her.

He grabbed her thighs and ripped them open. He pressed his tip to her lips and felt his way around them. She moaned and gasped, begging him to stop. The tingling sensation left her breathless. With a swift motion he pushed himself inside of her. She screamed.

“Gahh! Uhh, uhh” she gasped. “It hurts! It hurts!” He dug a little deeper at her words, making her scream more. “No!! You’re too big! You’re too deep!” Her back arched, as she felt all of him inside her. He started to thrust in and out of her slowly, going as deep as he could with each thrust. Her eyes widened as he pushed himself all the way in. “Ahh!” she moaned. “It hurts!” She couldn’t believe something so big was inside of her. She was stretched. She felt she would tear any moment. But she was truly very wet, and he still glided in and out her. He continued to thrust slowly and deeply. She was left breathless to say anything, unable to tell what was pain and what was pleasure. Her orgasm was building up, but slowly.

Suddenly, Bodwyn grabbed her thighs tighter and started to thrust in and out of her rapidly and roughly. She screamed at the pain. He was so strong and rough that she was being lifted from the bed at every thrust.

“Bodwyn!” she screamed his name. This only aroused him more, and he went faster. Suddenly, she screamed, reaching her orgasm. It pulsated throughout her entire body; the most euphoric feeling she had ever experienced. He had not reached his yet and continued to thrust, occasionally grunting.

“You’re so tight,” he grunted. “You’re beautiful.” She gasped with each thrust, her breasts fighting out of her corset. He watched her body shake and move with each thrust, becoming more and more aroused. “I’m almost there,” he groaned and finally orgasmed, leaning in deeper and spewing his semen into her. She felt her fill up to the brim and moaned at the sensation. He was releasing for long time, filling her up more, until it spilled out of her.

He kept himself inside of her until he went limp and then took himself out. He looked into her eyes, tired but satisfied. He let himself lean on her. She felt she could suffocate, but he made sure not to lean all his weight on her. They stayed that way for a while, panting and heaving and sweating.

He finally got up and sat up, leaning against the bedpost. As Aria lay there, gathering her breath, he scooped her up and put her on his lap, laying both legs on ether side of him. She held onto his shoulders to steady herself. They stayed there.

He looked at her lovingly, an expression she never thought she would see.

“My beautiful wife.”

Aria immediately looked away and blushed. She was angry; he had won over her and pleasured her.

“Aria,” he beckoned, leaning his head over to get a better look. She timidly looked up at him. “I will take care of you,” he said softly. “I will make sure to get you everything you need. I am your husband.” He was trying to win her over with his kindness as well.

“What do you know of my needs?” she answered sharply. Surprised at herself, she looked back down.

“I want to learn. I want to know everything about you,” he said slowly, his fingers now playing with the lace binding her corset.

She swallowed, trying hard to maintain her hatred for him. She would not meet his eye.

“What? Do you find me..unnattractive?”

“No! “she said a little too quickly, and blushed. “You’re very attractive,” she muttered under her breath.

“What?” he edged with a smile, knowing full well what she said.

“You’re..you’re very…”


“You’re very attractive” she finished reluctantly, quickly meeting his eyes before looking down again. He grinned “But you’re…you’re too big for me!”

He leaned in and kissed her neck, “I think we fit very well together,” he said into her long light brown hair. Her hands found their way to his chest, feeling how strong he is. Whatever it was, she would never be able to tell, but his lips made her go crazy.

“You’re gorgeous,” he moaned, kissing down to her breasts. He grabbed the remaining tied lace and ripped her corset off. He sucked on her breasts and kissed them. She tried to pull away, but his hands were firmly on her back.

She tried not to moan, muffling through her shut lips. A cry escaped as he gently bit her hard nipple. “Mnnuhh” she moaned as he continued to suck on her.

She let her arms down from his shoulders and they accidently brushed his shaft. She immediately pulled away. He stopped kissing her and looked up with a smile.

“It’s fine,” he said. “You can touch it.”

“No,” she muttered. But something in her had a burning curiosity of the thing that brought her so much pleasure. She peaked down and then back at him. He nodded to show it was fine. She gently touched it and he heaved a sigh. They were both so sensitive to the touch. She wrapped her fingers around it, testing its size. She gasped, wondering how this monstrosity was inside of her. He closed his eyes, getting more and more aroused at her touch. Her hot breath on his cheeks felt amazing. He hardened in her hands and she gasped again.

“Wh-” she started to ask but he interrupted and pulled her underneath him.

It was the beginning of a long night.

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