The Boarding School Years.
The cocksure troubled teen, Justin Barker, was taken to his bunkroom in the boarding school by a senior student. “Okay, well… welcome to your bunkroom. You will get to meet the rest of the group later…”
Justin looked around the bunkroom. It had 4 army-style bunk beds and some lockers. At the foot of each double bed, there were 2 lockable footlockers. Peter continued: “You must know that this institution has some stringent rules, Bieber… I need to check your bags for any contraband. And then I am going to do a strip search as well. Do you understand, boy?”.

“Sure, I do. But let me save you some trouble. Just let me bend over right away. Then you can fuck me already… Let’s get this over with… shell we?… I got better things to do!” answered Justin rudely. “I have heard the headmaster tell you what it is you need to do to me… I really doubt that’s legal… But I guess we have to obey the headmaster’s rules. Am I right?… So let’s get going… Can you even get it up?” asked Justin butch, as he dropped his school uniform pants and twisted his naked ass to the senior student.

Peter was thoroughly taken aback by the rude boy. His long-haired teen boyish-looks did not match his attitude at all. However, the sight of Justin’s smooth bubble butt and his shaved plumb balls locked Peter’s jaw wide open.
“What are you waiting for, man… Get on your knees and kiss my ass!” said Justin gruffly. Pulling his cheeks apart and making his hole wink at the senior.
Peter got enraged and unzipped his pants. A nice boy-prick flopped out, and he stepped toward the waiting butthole. Justin coyly smiled at the little twink. Knowing that he had much bigger things up there than the 5 and somewhat inches of little Peety. After 5 minutes of rough and rude fucking, Justin asked bored: “Are you nearly done?… Hurry the fuck up… I really got better things to do!” He squeezed his hole. Clamping the prick tight and making Peter scream. Somehow it had sent him over the edge, and Peety shot a dirty load over Justin’s back.

“Okay,… And now it’s my turn…” Laughed Justin meanly as he turned around on the lower bunk. Peter had seen the limp cock of Justin before. It was nothing special then, but it was flaccid even bigger then Peters 5 inches when it was fully hard. But the thing he saw prancing between Justin’s legs now was massive. The fat cock had grown to a full 7.5 inches. And it wasn’t even entirely hard yet! So when Justin made the thing grow to full tilt with a few strokes, Peter pulled up his pants and ran for the door. He wanted nothing to do with the fat 9 inches Justin was threatening him with. Peter did not even get to check Justin’s bags for contraband. And that was a blessing to him.

The boy, Justin, was everything the man Peter wasn’t. At least not in the comparative sizes of their cocks. The 21-year-old man, Peter, had a small boy-prick. Whereas the 17-year-old teen, Justin, had a man’s cock for sure!
No, Justin was truly blessed in the cock-department. And fully trained to use it as well. That was precisely one of the reasons why he was forced to stay at a boarding school for the offspring of inland skipper families.

Justin was born on board his parents’ ship. His father was an inland skipper. When Justin was old enough to start primary school, he was put up with good friends of his parents ashore. He called them aunt and uncle. Even though they were no relation to his parents. They had two sons of their own. One was 2 years younger, and the other was 6 years older than Justin. Things went okay until the lad discovered the joy of playing with his cock. He was just 12 when the 18-year-old showed him everything a young lad should learn about. Well,… and somethings he should not.

The troubles started when Justin was found stealing and got arrested for doing so. A few years later, he got caught having full-on sex with the brothers by his uncle. To them, that was nothing new. They did it regularly for years now. Though by then, little Justin had grown into a cocky teen that did not answer to no one.
Sure, he may have looked perfectly innocent with his Bieber-look. But Justin surely wasn’t.
Rudely taking whatever hole he could find. Even letting his young ass be used for cash by the sailors and truckers on the docks. Discipline was entirely out of the door.
So when his uncle had caught the 3 lads screwing each other’s brains out, he called Justin’s father to come pick him up. He was totally done with the unruly and oversexed behavior of the 16-year-old Justin. The only thing his guardian’s where pleased about was his academic skills. Justin always studied hard and had excellent grades. But the lack of a proper role model had left its mark on Justin.

Just after his 17th birthday Justin got enrolled in a boarding school. Justin’s own brother, Ross, was now running the ship with his father. And Justin’s mother had divorced him a few years back. She discovered he had a long-term affair with a homosexual deckhand they had working for them. Justin slept with Ross in the forward cabin. He was put up for a short working holiday onboard. Well, the two men didn’t sleep much once Ross had discovered his little bro was a rude gay fucker too.

The Boarding School Years. 2Ross had given him some brotherly advice the night before his father was going to drive Justin to the boarding school. “Make sure the first impression is a good one… You must enforce your dominance on the guys as soon as you step in the door!…” Had Ross told him.
“That’s easy for you to say, Ross. Look at you, stud! You’re the muscular brawn of the family.” answered Justin a little unsure of himself.
“That’s partly due to the way you look. If you want to be treated like a man, then act like one!… Get a cool new hairstyle and a tattoo. Even buy yourself a leather jacket and some tough boots… Then fuck the first guy that gives you any lip!… Your dick is plenty big enough to make a lasting impression… And these muscles of mine… Well, … you only get those with fucking hard work at the gym!” grinned Ross dirty as he brutally impregnated Justin’s asshole for the last time that holiday.

Early the next morning, the 3 men ate breakfast in the wheelhouse. “Are you ready, boy?” asked his father. Watching how Ross hugged Justin goodbye. Kissing him full on the mouth. “Come on, lads, I want to get going.” winked his father at the men. Ross handed Justin a leather rucksack.
“What’s in there, bro?” asked Justin. “Stuff every cool-cat needs to survive at boarding school!” winked Ross naughtily at Justin. When Justin opened the bag, he saw a nasty black dildo, condoms, and lube. But also some porn and a knife and other contraband. “Make sure you keep it well hidden!… And don’t let those guys walk all over you, little bro… Give ’em heck!” said Ross as he slapped Justin’s ass hard.

Justin’s father laughed as they walked to their truck. “You look worried, Justin… This is for your own good… Just behave, and when you finished school, I’ll let you choose whatever you want to do next… Boarding school may do you good. Just stay out of trouble for a couple more years… I don’t know what Ross has told you, but for goodness sake… Keep it in your pants, boy!… We don’t want a repeat of what happened at your aunt and uncle’s place.”

When the Barker’s arrived a the boarding school Justin prepared himself for what felt like prison. The school certainly looked like it. It even had bars on the lower windows.
Justin looked anxious at his father with puppy-dog-eyes that pleaded not to leave him at this place. But his father put an arm around his shoulder and guided him inside anyway. The lad already wore the awful-looking school uniform. Necktie and all. “Dad, I do need to buy me some clothes. I need a new jacket and boots as well as some more school supplies.” told Justin as they walked inside. His father nodded reassuringly.

The headmaster was already waiting for them in the lobby.
The distinguished elderly man greeted them. He talked to his father about Justin. For what seemed like forever. So Justin put on his headset and played his tunes. A song from Justin Bieber played a little too loud over the headphones. Making both his father and the headmaster looking angry at the lad.

“What?…” asked Justin. Faking surprise at their reaction.

“Don’t be arrogant, boy! I was talking with you.” shouted the headmaster at Justin. Plucking the headset roughly off Justin’s ears. His father grabbed the arm of the headmaster. Forcing him to hand the headphone back to Justin.

“Headmaster… Sir… My name is Justin Barker. And I am fully capable of answering any and all questions you may have about me. You were not talking with me. You were talking about me. Even though I stand right beside you.” answered Justin with fire in his eyes. He could see his stay here wasn’t going to be easy.

The man lifted his arm threateningly. And if it weren’t for Justin’s father grabbing the headmasters’ wrist, he would have given Justin a slap around the face for sure.

“Don’t you worry mister Barker. We will teach young sir some manners.” said the headmaster with an air of decadence to Justin’s father. “If you both would excuse me. I will arrange for someone to show Bieber around.” Before Justin or his father could correct the headmaster’s slip of the tongue, the headmaster called the senior student Peter over and talked with him in the reception office.
Justin was a well-accomplished lip-reader. And he simultaneously translated what was said in the office, through the reception window, to his father.

The headmaster said to the senior student: “Peter, take that asshole… I think he is called Bieber… or something like that. Show him around and take him to his bunkroom. Search his bags for contraband. And then nail the cunt into submission. Do it hard and painful. If he screams, then do him even harder… I hate that little sissy-boy already! He is a trouble maker… And break those damned headphones in two. We can’t have students running around listening to that degenerate pop-music.”

Justin’s father grinned dirty at what Justin told him and said: “You got my permission to ‘enjoy’ yourself, boy. Just remember Justin; ‘You never get a second chance, to make a first impression!’ Go scare him a little with that big log of yours… ‘Bieber’…” joked his father. Justin laughed hard. He knew what his father was saying, and he went along quietly with the senior student on a tour of the facilities.

After Peter had run away, Justin went back downstairs to the headmaster’s office dressed in his civic clothes. Jeans, a t-shirt, running shoes, and a baseball cap. His scraggly dark-brown hair poked out from under the cap. Nearly covering his eyes.
Justin found the headmaster with a nasty shiner. He had put a wet towel on his black eye. Surprised, but somehow pleased, Justin asked him for permission to go out and buy some school supplies and get a haircut. And without any opposition from the headmaster, he got the okay. “Yes, your father ‘told’ me you needed to go on a supply run. Be back as soon as your done, mister Barker. Dinner is at 5. And I do apologize for my inappropriate behavior from earlier, sir.” Apparently, Justin’s father had convinced the headmaster. Leaving him a ‘lasting’ impression of his fist on the man’s face.

Justin got a bus into town and went shopping. He got a cool crew-cut at a hairdresser. Losing the scraggly Bieber-look hairstyle. The hairdresser even dyed the hair. Giving Justin some modern spiky blond locks on top.
At an army-dump, Justin bought himself a vintage leather biker jacket and some black combat boots. Those combined with the new hairstyle made the 17-year-old teen look like the man he felt inside. Ross had been right. With his new look, he acted the man he wanted to be. Boldly stepping into a tattoo parlor and getting himself a large tribal tattoo on his right shoulder and forearm.

The Boarding School Years. 3With the school supplies in hand, Justin went back to the boarding school. The classes were just done when he got back, and Justin found the schoolmates in the yard. He introduced himself around a little. Most of the boys and young men were quite impressed by the new guy.
He walked up to the dorm room with his classmates, and they talked for a while. That is until the class bully Lucas walked in.
“Who the fuck are you!… Wait… Are you that Bieber guy that mister Peter told me about?” asked Lucas meanly. Making himself look taller and more butch than he really was. “And why the fuck are you not in your school uniform?” Lucas acted like he was all that. And the 5 other dorm mates were sort of afraid of the school bully Lucas. Justin let the tirade go unanswered. Getting himself dressed back into his school uniform for dinner.

Justin’s bunkmate got the full monty of his manhood as he changed out of the jockstrap into the tidy whities that came with the outfit. Justin smiled down at the guy on the lower bunk bed as he adjusted the semi-excited package to fit into the briefs. Ethan looked at the hot tool and then back up at Justin. Licking his lips and winking smutty at him. Giving his new bunkmate a fist-bump. Ethan wasn’t the tallest or the most impressive guy around. But Justin felt that he picked the right bunk. He had an instant click with Ethan. And that wasn’t to Lucas’s liking at all.
When Justin sat down on Ethan’s bunk to tie his shoes, he felt Ethan’s sneaky hand squeezing his buttocks. Justin looked at the happy face of Ethan. He surreptitiously stroked Ethan’s bulge. Both men thought the same thing. They had scored big time.

Side by side, the bunkmates walked to the dining hall. Chatting about the boarding school and the strict rules and regulations. Justin put his leather jacket on the coatrack next to Ethan’s black school blazer. He watched how the guy stroked the leather. “Are you into that shit Ethan?” whispered Justin to his mate. “I sure am… Great jacket, man… Where did you get it from?” Justin told about the army dump, and Ethan instantly wanted one too.

After dinner, Justin was introduced to the rest of the school. And he was told to go with his mentor to pick up his school books. When he got back to the dorm room, he found one of the classmates standing lookout at the door. He had to force himself inside. What Justin found was surprising but logical.
Lucas had Ethan’s legs tied to the upper bunk. With his naked ass hanging over the edge of the bed. And Ethan’s mouth was gagged with Justin’s Jockstrap and duct tape. The bully was about to take the hole when Justin came barging in.

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed one of the dormmates. Hiding himself under the sheets of his bunk. The rest was intently watching Lucas from a distance two. Knowing that any false move or wrong word would mean they were next on Lucas’s list.
Justin dropped the school books and kicked off his shoes. Dropping his pants and underwear as he walked over to Lucas’s back door. The other guys watched as Justin’s man meat grew instantly to its full 9-inch potential. Making them gasp in wonder and awe.
Justin removed the bully out Ethan’s ass with a controlled pull. Not wanting to hurt Ethan. He pulled a plastic bag over Lucas’s face and placed him on top of Ethan. Slamming his angrily throbbing dick bareback into the dirty hairy asshole.

“Ooh… Ouch… Fuck, what are you doing?… Stop it… Take it out… Ah… Oh… Argh… You’re to big, man… Stop… Umpff… Ouch…” complained Lucas loudly. As he felt the 9-inches ripping him apart. Without breaking a sweat, Justin started to pump the ass in an ever-quickening tempo. “Not so funny now that the shoe is on the other foot… Is it?” grunted Justin whispering in Lucas’s ear. As he viciously pounded the asshole raw. Making his balls slap against Lucas’s thighs. Putting a hand over his nose and mouth, smothering the ever louder grunts of the class bully. The dormmates were very impressed and cheered Justin on. Clapping harder and faster, encouraging Justin to nail the dirty cunt harder as well.
When he pulled out, the dormmates saw the thick creamy cum drip from the bully’s asshole. Justin had silently bred the bitch hard and deep. And his cock was covered in the brown ass-juices from Lucas.

“Fucking hell!” exclaimed Justin angrily. “You boys really need to learn to clean your asses!” He wiped the dirty dick clean on the back of the bully’s dress shirt. Leaving a nasty brown shite-mark stain on his back.
Justin released Lucas and barked: “That’s the last time you threaten any of MY MATES!… Shite-mark!… Now get lost!… If you look at me funny… Or if you tell anyone… Then I will make you bleed!” Said Justin gruffly. Pulling out the knife he got from Ross.

“Take Shite-mark to the showers, boys! And shove a cold showerhead up his hole. Clean him out good. Tonight you’ll get your own back!” barked Justin Barker at his men. They laughed at the nick-name Justin had given the school bully. Humiliating him to the bone. They pulled Shite-mark up off the floor and dragged him to the showers and worked on his ass for a long time.

The Boarding School Years. 4When they came back, the guys found Ethan getting it doggy-style from Justin. They all watched the kinky floorshow from their own bunks. Jerking themselves off to the live porn show Justin and Ethan gave them.
With a swift hand-gesture, Justin invited the horny guys to take Shite-marks’ ass once more. And most of the guys happily complied. One by one, they made Lucas submit to them. The two that didn’t want anything to do with it got told off by the other dormmates. But Justin quickly remedied that. “This is not an exam you have to take. Just leave them be. It’s okay if they only want to watch you do him! I know they will shut-up about it. Right?” asked Justin. Looking with squinted eyes at the man. And the two nodded reassuringly.
In the end, all of them got sucked by, or had fucked, Shite-mark anyway. And went to sleep in their own bunks. Well-drained and happy in the knowledge that the class-bully was no more threat to them.
Only Ethan and Justin spend a little longer together in Ethan’s lower bunk. Cuddle fucking each other. Justin had moved just in time to his own bed when the nightly inspection checked up on the men.

The next morning Justin was up earlier than the rest. He needed a wicked piss and a shower. So he undressed on his bunk. When Justin climbed off, he felt Ethan’s sleepy hand stroking Justin’s dick. It stopped him in his tracks. Then moving toward the lad’s mouth. Justin got a lovely wakeup call from Ethan. Making the tool semi-erect as he stuffed it lovingly deep into Ethan’s throat. Face fucking him a little while, before telling him to go back to sleep.

The Boarding School Years. 5Justin put a large bath towel around his waist and walked naked to the communal showers. There he found the senior student Peter with his uniform pants around his ankles and his dick in one of 3 younger schoolmates.
This enraged Justin no end. Even more so because the 3 boys were clearly unhappy with the rough treatment of the senior. Whimpering and crying as Peter forcefully face fucked the boys.

Justin grabbed Peter from behind. Covering the guys’ mouth and pushing the otherways fully clothed senior to the shower wall. “You abused your role here one too many times,… Little Peet. Your dick isn’t big enough to even please these boys!” said Justin humiliatingly to Peter. Turning on the showers. Drenching the senior student’s clothes.
“Take this… ” screamed Justin menacingly in his ear as he penetrated the hairy butt of Peter. “Stop your whining, boy!… take it like a man… If you even are a man… To me, your nothing more than just another school bully… And God!… I HATE BULLIES!… Take it… Ah… Tight hole… I’ll teach you some manners!… Ooh… Ahh… Fuck yeah… Take it, bitch… Let’s educate these juniors how to deal with assholes like you properly.” Grunted Justin roughly. He slammed the bully meanly.
The 3 young men sat around Justin. Watching every painful stroke of his cock up Peety’s butt. Cheering Justin on. Making him fuck Peter harder and rougher.

Peter tried to justify his action by saying he had caught the 3 boys circle-jerking each other off under the showers. “What do you expect them to do otherways?… That’s what those lovely boy-toys are for… A little wank never hurt anyone… Well, except… Except… for bully’s like you!” said Justin meanly. Grabbing Peters cock and balls and squeezing them so hard they turned purple. The senior dropped to the ground in agony. Making the 3 juniors laugh meanly. Justin tore Peters wet shirt in two. Dragged the senior to the urinals. Tieing both his arms very tightly to the water pipes above two of them. Instructing the juniors students to give him a piss and cum shower. The lads did just that. And Justin watched how the 3 boys emasculated the bully, while he got a hot shower. Before he left, he pulled one of the boys aside and pissed little Peety straight in his open mouth. “So that’s his bully breakfast done… Just leave him there for the rest to use him, boys… Go clean yourselves up and get dressed… playtime is over.”

The boy that was facefucked by Peter when Justin had walked in on them pulled him over. “Thanks, man,… We would have been… ” the boy stopped talking and looked ashamed to the ground. Justin put a hand under his chin and lifted the face up.
“Never let bully’s like this asshole walk all over you… You got rights… If people don’t give them, just take them!” said Justin to the lad and kissed him on his forehead. The other boy’s slapped Justin’s shoulder. Making Justin cringe. His tattooed hide still hurt a little. This was the first time anyone at the boarding school had seen his tribal tattoo. And their positive reaction pleased Justin very much.

Justin dried off and walked back to his dorm room. From the gasps coming from the shower room, he gathered that other schoolmates had found Peters cumhole. Before he walked into his dorm room, he even heard Peter scream as he got some more dick up his hole.
With a dirty grin and the bathing towel loosely wrapped around his hips, Justin walked in on 5 of his bunkmates. The guys were playing a forbidden gambling game on the floor of the dorm.
Their jaws dropped to the floor as they saw the man walk toward them. They admire the butch tribal tattoo of Justin as he walked in. The man saw the semi-hard tool slap from thigh to thigh as Justin came closer. One of them demanded Justin show them his cock in close-up. And boy… What a close up he gave them…

The Boarding School Years. 6

In less than 24-hours, Justin Barker made a lasting impression on the boarding school. All the bully’s were warned. Justin would protect any and all if they abused their rights. And it did not matter to him how old they were. When Justin was around, the rest felt protected. No matter what. His father and brother had been right. “You never get a second chance, to make a first impression. So you best make sure it’s a good one!”

In the 2 years, Justin spent at the boarding school, he kept it in his pants, as he promised his father. Well, for the most time. What do you expect? When the 18 and 19-year-olds go window shopping in the red-light district, there is bound to be a little action.
And only Ethan, his trusty bunkmate, was the one who got it up the ass occasionally. But without ever bothering the other student’s about it.
The bully’s where dealt with. And Justin made sure the rest knew how to behave politely. Helping the headmaster and the teachers keeping order throughout his stay there.

Justin finished his education with top marks. And his father kept the promise he made to Justin. The manly man choose to learn his father’s trade onboard their ship. Starting at the bottom, working himself up to his own skippers’ license.
Ross and Justin still shared the forward cabin on their ship. But they shared much more than that… The Gay Pride flag was waving proudly on the bow’s flagpole in every harbor their ship docked.

< The END >

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