An afternoon i am in the car with my father, he drives and i’m sitted next to him at the passenger seat, at a certain point we stop at the edge of a square because we pick up my sister that is exited from that square, we were in the late spring toward end of may i remember :-P, the climate it’s enough temperate, and my sister has a jacket at half sleeveds with a long black skirt that ends under the knees, naked legs and black shoes open and bare feet, after that she’s got into the car (on the posteriors seats), for talking, she leans a little with the bust placing a bit herself behind the front seats, i turn and i notice that she has, from under the jacket, a black t-shirt of type body with the neckline quite wide but without the downblouse :-P, but what i notice the most is the color of her bust quite white and also the neck quite white. after us returned to home i head to the dining room where there is my mother with the iron and there is also my sister who is sitting on a chair next to the table (with something of her own on the table) and with frontal view πŸ˜› namely toward our mother that was front she and wears a nice heavenly and fairly tight-fitting tunic and bare legs with sporty smalls socks white that end at the ankles and low hooves, and so i begin to wander around the room because i want to see the legs of my sister that are nude and white (like the neck and the bust, as i have said before, when we were in the car :-P) maybe shaved recently πŸ˜› and nice tonics and fleshy, and tight in that tight tunic :-P, at a certain point our mother ends with the iron and goes away to leave the house, so my sister, always sitting on that chair next to the table with view frontal, calls me for ask me a small commission out of home, and so i approach her, a bit of a side and a little front her, and I talk with her, and i see her from above to down while she looks to another part with her big glasses :-P, and she has her arms extended to down and hands united that leaned more or less at the center over the thighs tonics and fleshy tight in the tight tunic and, with the bottom of the skirt of tunic a little more above of the knees, she has the bare and white legs open wide or well spread apart (as you prefer :-P) and bended, and the feet they was bended above the tiptoes on the lows hooves, the small socks white sporty tight on skinny ankles, and the calves exploded at balls and nice white and nice tough (over the nice knees fleshy and nice white and nice tough) at that moment, for really, my cock is inflated automatically, and, very quickly (istantly :-P), extends to the max, and very hard to the max like the diamond of the rock (the hardest mineral in nature :-P), and in way uncontrollable, with pulsations very strong and uncontrollable, and to pound very strong, flickering :-P, and with shivering that started from the balls and then for all the cock, i think the best erection of my life, fortunately i had long and wide sports boxer :-P, incredible how it came me so strong and at the sudden :-P, i don’t know if i it had already tough enough before πŸ˜› but i seem myself of not :-P, i had loose it before πŸ˜› to initial state :-P, unfortunately i couldn’t put myself at the ground to be able to admire that beautiful position at the best and also the sofa was not towards that direction :-P; but then if i had done such an action would did do discovered myself :-P, but already that i had could see that beautiful position that had made me literally explode my cock (other that the viagra :-P), not that i did not knew before having the sister hottie, indeed :-P, but anyway i couldn’t to thank her for that beautiful position :-P, not was never happened before and still now if to have a similar erection i had always beautiful and satisfactory erection that’s is sure πŸ˜› but that time there there was certainly the best erection of my life :-P. during the brief commission that my sis had ask me out home i still thinked at that incredible erection that had provokated me my sister with that beautiful position also because i had it still hard and wet :-P, back from the brief commission i return from her to the dining room where she’s, with the TV on, sitting on the couch, normally πŸ˜› namely with the legs normal :-P, i speak in front of her always staring a little her beautiful tonic and fleshy and white legs that come out from the tunic, she laughs a little :-P, i then, with the excuse to see the TV, i sit next to her on the couch, after a while she puts her legs above the sofa and towards my part :-P, so, while folds and unites them, i looked there in the middle and i saw her beautiful white panties, i remain always very much vigilant to be able to scrutinize it all the time, so i could see other times her beautiful panties that was white-limpid :-P, then after a while our parents arrives and so i, very happy, i go to my room and i do a very nice masturbation thinking obviously at that beautiful position on the chair with her legs practcally open with the calves and at her white-limpid panties on the sofa :-P, and the cum it was nice enough intense and hot :-P. The next morning, early in the morning :-P, i go out of my room and i intersected my sister for the corridor, she always has that nice tight heavenly tunic and bare legs with low hooves but no longer had the small white sports socks :-P, after she passes me in front I turn around like a dead dog, so much so that afterwards i will have pain in my neck for that quick torsion, because Iiwanted to see her from behind, under at the legs, for to see if i could see the shape of her calves, and then she entered in the bathroom, and i returned to my room and i was wrapped up in very pleasant thoughts πŸ˜› and this pleasant thoughts then accompained me in that late spring and begin summer for to peek my sister in particular for to see her legs and calves but also at the others parts πŸ˜› given also the occasion of the begin of the hot season in that moment :-P.

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