This Friday, I’m going to be given a really good hard fucking whilst tied to a couple of ‘carpenters’ horses with the addition of three well upholstered planks to support my hips, middle and top of my chest and head.
It’s not the first time Adrian has used this arrangement before, and then had two friends come in to breed me properly. I’m tied up, lying face down, naked, tits hanging toward the floor, ass held up, legs stretched well apart, so that a man can easily stand behind me, and then use either my cunt or asshole with no effort.
I’m always well lubed with my own juices, thinking of what is to come. The thoughts of the way they will breed me, really excites me, so much so, that it almost feels as though my gash is itching, but with an itch only a few good hard cocks will scratch to my satisfaction. My outer cunt lips are shaved, but the rest of my pubis has been left hairy, so the guys can see my pouty sex organ, but still have hair to stroke if they wish.
I’ve been masturbating on and off for an hour before being tied up, almost reaching my peak at times, but not quite, always letting my excitement subside at just the right place. Men I believe, call this edging when they are jerking whilst watching porn, I call it ‘preparing for the best orgasms I can get’, but I do make sure not to make my clitoris sore before the actual sex! After I had showered in preparation for tonight and before I had started rubbing myself after the guys arrived, I had drunk two litres of water. just water, so my bladder is almost full. This means when I finally cum hard, I will definitely squirt, guys love seeing this, and I love the feeling of just letting go as I cum.
Adrian’s two male friends who are going to use me now that I’m tied up and ready to go, have been avidly watching my playing. I’d done a strip for them, shown my asshole to them, shown off my tits and gash, and now they were watching me vibrating my cunt. My cunt is heavy, puffy with my excitement, it’s aroma hot and intense fills the air of the room, I can smell their cocks, their pheromones are tingling my nose, filling me with unbridled lust. As soon as they popped their shafts out to stroke at them as they avidly watched my gyrations, the scent of their balls, and unfettered bell ends reached my nostrils, gorgeous, sex is a combination of feeling, taste, smell and actions. My labia are already puffy, distended, stretched out with all the intense vibrations from my Hitachi, I’m often told by my users, the guys who breed me, that I taste sweet, and that they delight in licking and sucking up my vagina’s juices. My vag will be bright red and very sticky by now, hot and in need of a good licking, or a good ferocious fucking, no holds barred, cock rammed to the hilt time after time, until my pubic mound gets reddened and even sore.
According to one of the men, he’s just crouched down and had a really good look at my old well used gash as I vibe my clit, and he’s just probed it roughly with three fingers, the outer edges of my cunt lips are almost purple because they are so full of blood. Before standing up he has pushed the same three fingers into my asshole crudely, working them in and out rapidly, before burying them as deep between my large white buttocks as he can. He now grunts and suggests to the other man, that he might start by fucking me first, if that’s okay with him?
He explains he might just like to have his cock sucked later by me, whilst he, the other guy takes a turn at fucking me. The other man seems quite happy with this arrangement and walks to stand by my head and waves his cock in my face.
I can see his cock properly now, he’s about thirty I’d guess, and his cock is sturdy and long, the head that appears shiny and well lubricated with his own excitement, is well flushed with blood, almost blue in his obvious excitement. He moves nearer and his cock slaps my mouth, rubs across my lipstick lips, smears them with a little of his tasty pre-cum.
My hands are tied tightly beside my sides, so I cannot touch it even though I would like to stroke it, but also at the same time I cannot stop the guy from doing anything he wants with my tits, mouth, cunt and asshole. My tits are swinging freely, and I feel my nipples harden, they tingle in my excitement, and I know that they are extended, stiff with the knowledge that I am going to be fucked and used hard.

My husband is sitting on one of the couches, his cock in his hand, already stiff from watching me exhibiting myself to the men, and then from tying me up naked. He will closely observe my use by these two friends of his, even going to the bother of getting off the couch to watch as close as he can, any cock that goes in and out of my cunt or asshole. Adrian particularly likes to see me fucked doggy, spit roasted, speared by two cocks, one either end, giving me a hard workout sexually. He is passionate about seeing me bred bareback, loves to see me pumped full of hot spunk, but if he doesn’t know the guy/guys, it’s condom time unfortunately. I’ll freely admit, I love a guy/guys to cum in me bareback, love to see their seed fall/dribble back out of me, knowing they have bred me well. I was on the pill for many years, but Adrian had me sterilised a few years ago, so that when I really got into group fucking, there was no chance, pill or condom, that I would fall pregnant. I’ve never wanted c***dren, but I’ve always wanted breeding. My favourite sex.? Is me being the only woman available and being used bareback by as many men as possible! Luckily for me, we know these guys sexual history, they are both local and we’ve known them for decades. Both are heavily married, and they have both fancied me for years, so they jumped at the chance to have me on the quiet. The chance to fill me up, fuck me, suck me, have me blow them, use me regularly without their wives knowing, lured them into my fleshy web of cunt. This is ‘Not’ the first time they have used me, not by a long shot, they both had ample use of my body, and I’ve sucked them off, jerked them, had them up my ass, and been ridden often by them on a Friday/Saturday night. This has been going on for over ten years, they were a little reluctant to really use me at first, fucking me just like they would their wives, with respect, until I goaded them into having me properly. Now they know that they can pop in, have a coffee and a quiet chat, unzip, have me kneel, and then unload their balls into my mouth, zip up, walk out and not have to worry.

I feel the friend who’s behind me, rub his stiff cock between my butt cheeks, it’s slick head slides over my dark pink puckered asshole, and then as it slips back away, I feel his thumb enter my lubed up ass tunnel, he leans in on his digit using his full weight, and shoves it harshly all the way in, at the same time he enters my cunt with his cock. I grunt at his thumb action and groan as his girth stretches me. My head is lifted by the man in front of me and he pushes his penis roughly against my now slightly open mouth. I open my lips willingly, allowing his access to my hot mouth, and his cock glides inside and to the back of my throat.
I’m such an old slut, I just don’t seem to be able to expose myself on the internet enough or get enough cock in all my orifices to satisfy all my urges, but I do try hard. The enjoyment of having no limit to the men who can fuck me, being able to repeatedly have more than one man at a time fucking me, this really excites me. Having more than one man’s cock in my mouth in a full evening’s sex, having more than one man cum in my cunt, and having all this cum mixing inside me just as if my vagina is cement mixer. Having one after another cum in my mouth, swallowing their salty spunkiness as the next man in line watches and waits his turn, which I know excites them, because some only manage a couple of strums on their own shaft before cum erupts from their nob.
Adrian is watching me being mouth fucked, his friend is taking full advantage of my tied position, taking my mouth, using it as if its my cunt, driving his cock in and out, from his bell end to balls, and with me gagging as it reaches my the back of my throat, and then him forcing it even further in and down my throat. I love being throat fucked on my back, with my head over the edge of the bed, or on the arm of a couch, feeling a man’s cock making my throat ripple, and then after he’s had enough, being vigorously fed my dinner of sticky seed.
The guy behind is still thumbing my asshole, but his cock is smoothly ploughing my gash, the speed increasing until he takes his thumb away and firmly grasps my chubby hips as he starts to fuck me even harder. My head is now being held steady by the man in front of me, and with it in this locked position, he is using my lips, mouth and throat like a masturbatory toy, a human fleshlight. This guy no longer seems to be in control of his hips, I guess he is enjoying my mouth and throat so much, he is no longer even thinking, just going through the motion of pure sex. Each time I am impaled forcibly on his turgid fleshy rod and when it reaches my throat, I feel his foreskin peel back from his bulbous cock head. As his penis blocks my throat, I imagine the engorged head of his penis, as the skin unwraps as he enters my throat. On some of his avid out of control thrusts, it feels almost as though he is getting right into my tummy before he pulls back. On some occasions when he is right to his balls deep in my head, he holds his position, my mouth distended, bubbles of my saliva and his pre-cum popping out past his turgid rod and my stretched painted lips. When he is thrusting in abandon, I can feel his balls slapping against my chin as he pulls my face into his groin, his bell end will be purple with pleasure by now, and a huge spurt of his cum will be erupting into my throat. I suspect I will probably gag on his spunk as I am forced to ingest it, and that some will probably dribble from my overextended pouting bottom lip, before continuing on to the floor in gluey threads. He is completely overexcited as he uses me, staring down at his distended cock that he is face fucking me this, this alone without the feeling, driving him on to his orgasm as he rides my face even more vigorously. I know my husband will have his first orgasm at hearing me gag on cock, and from seeing his friends cum mixed with my saliva, hanging in sticky ropey strings from my mouth as his mate fucks away hard at my swollen painted lips, using me like the total slut that I am.
Behind me I feel the guys hands grasping at my big white ass, fingers digging in as I choke on cock, I feel his cock thrusting into me, thumping into my cervix, hear the guy groaning and calling me a “fucking slut!”. He leans in, fingers of one hand working roughly at my clitoris, I cum hard, I cannot do anything! I squirt hard, my piss spurting past his girth, dripping to the floor, luckily, we have a wooden floor. I love being used as a cum dump, fucked purely for a man’s pleasure, and not mine, but I do love my orgasms, so if I don’t cum being used, Adrian will always make sure that I get what I need. I cum hard again, pissing myself in my pleasure, hear it hitting the wood flooring just like rain, and cum again and again!

As I cum, gagging on cock, the guy in my mouth grunts out his pleasure, cum fills my throat once again, a lot however is shot into my mouth as he withdraws before thrusting inwards again, he can now use his own cum as extra lubrication mixed in with my copious saliva. He grips the back of my head as he cums a huge spurt in my throat, withdraws again, I hastily choke it down just before he thrusts inwards again filling my mouth and throat and I cum again, more splattering noises on the floor as more piss is ejected from my urethra. The man behind leans even further forwards in his efforts, grabs at my saggy tits with his other hand, yanks on them like a cow’s udders, with his fingers spread he tightens his grip on the right one, runs them down is swollen length before squeezing it hard and then tugging strongly on its stiff nipple. If I’d had milk to disgorge it would have been squirting in full flow from my stiff nipple. He’s just close enough now to whisper in my ear, “I’d like to fuck you on my own, own you, fuck you, lick you, bareback you until you can’t take cock for another week afterwards!”
If I could have, I would have told him to get in the queue, but my mouth is still full of cock, but cock that is beginning to lose its stiffness now.
Later I’ll tell my present rider, that he can come back and take me, use me, on his own if he wishes, but he already knows this, but if nothing else, I’m a good host. I just need to arrange a time with Adrian, and of course I will just need to tell Adrian afterwards all that is done to me in great detail, and then he will most likely fuck me himself, getting great compensation from my lurid descriptions of my whoring as he explodes into one of my fuck holes, if I’m lucky, maybe more than once.
I cum again, more pee on the floor, looking sideways now that the cock has finally left my mouth, I see Adrian has a massive hard on, and that he is stroking it rapidly as he watches the actions of my lovers.
The guy mounting me from behind, his whispering obviously excites him over the edge and into his own orgasm, and he shudders as he pulls upright holding my hips hard, gripping the soft fat that covers them callously, and shouting raucously “You’re a fucking whore, I’m gonna fill your cunt with my seed bitch, make you pregnant!”
I love it when men say dirty things as they cum or call out my name, tell me they love me!” He shouts my name really loud; I hope the neighbours don’t wonder what we are up to? And then he is thrashing up against my spread buttocks, he cums, jerking and groaning, calling my name loudly over and over, calling me his bitch, his whore, and then he slips back from me and I am left with a cummy mouth, and I would guess that I have a large cream pie of cum and my piss running from my well-bred slit.

After two or three minutes, my husband unties me just enough, and I can see the two guys sitting on the couch grinning inanely. My husband rolls me over onto my back, and then firmly reties me, he then places two of his fingers of his left hand on my mouth gently, before he slowly pushes his all his fingers between my cum covered lips, and carefully, but firmly, he forces my mouth open wide with his hand. I look up into his eyes, and he looks back into my face, He doesn’t see me though, he sees a waiting hole to be filled with his jism. Adrian calmly and slowly jerks a full load of his hot tasty cum into my spread mouth, his moaning is loud, I know his enjoyment is great, and that makes me happy.
His bell end delivers copious amounts of ejaculate, that lands on my lips, tongue and the outstretched sides of my greedy mouth. When his cock subsides and the last sticky strings have been shaken carefully into my held mouth, he gently gathers up the cum that has missed, combined with the other guys cum and he slips it all into my mouth. Now he reaches behind, and inserting his fingers, he scoops any cum from my cock holster that hasn’t dribbled to the floor, and lefts it to my mouth. I taste this new cum, mixed with my own juice and piss, it’s delicious and is a very special present from him. I show him the mixture in my open mouth, and then swallow like the good girl I am, he loves this. I show him my now empty mouth, he softly strokes my cheeks with his bell end, and then he allows me to suck and lick it clean, followed by his fingers, and then he walks away, leaving me still tied and on show until the two men get up to dress and leave.
At the very last moment, one turns back to me, undoes his zipper on his jeans, pops his cock out, and hastily jerks another, if smaller load over my face, smiles, zips up, thanks me, and leaves with his friend.
A quarter of an hour later after I have been untied, stretched and then licked lounges wooden floor clean of any bodily fluids, I’m on our marriage bed in missionary position, my big white thighs outspread. Adrian is slamming his hips down onto me as his now huge cock is ploughing into my still sticky cummy cunt! I’m being fucked very hard by my husband, he is raised above me on his muscular arms, and he is busy telling me what a slut I am, what a good wife I am for letting other men use so that he can watch! He is watching my large pale, pink nippled tits slapping up and down on my chest, he is literally shagging the tits off me due to his such vigorous thrusting, and he fills me with his seed as he tells me he loves me.
I’m content.

The Carpenters Horses 23/5/2017 A true tale of my

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