I can see that Henrietta wants George’s cock and I back away slightly but carry on holding it upright and she ducks on to it and starts to suck it. Within a short space of time her head is bobbing up and down. George is wriggling and squirming underneath her and when she slows down I hold her chin and kiss her on the mouth, tasting George’s juices. I push my tongue into her mouth and our tongues writhe round each other. When I release her she goes back to sucking his cock. I climb onto the sofa and kiss George.

” I am so pleased you came back, George.”

“So am I.” He laughs. He flinches as Henrietta finds a sensitive spot. ” I have liked Henry ever since I first delivered to him. I always wanted to do this with him but I never realised that he liked dressing as a woman and meeting other men that liked to do it as well. That is amazing.” His back suddenly arches. “Oh God! I am going to cum.” I slide down onto the floor beside Henrietta. She has taken his cock out of her mouth and is wanking it hard. George grunts and then cries out as his cum flies thickly through the air and splashes onto his belly. Henrietta and I lick it up and then climb back onto the sofa to share it with each other and George.

“You are so horny, the pair of you.” George laughs. He stands.

“Where are you going?” We ask him.

“Home.” He says, puzzled with that air of ‘I have cum now, so it is time to leave’.

“What did you tell your parents?” I ask him.

“That I was going to carry on working a bit longer as we were busy.”

“So you work another hour or two and then nip into the pub with your mates who you work with, so they wn’t expect to see you for a while.”

“You want me to stay?”

“We want you to stay. I am sure Henrietta would love your sweet cock in her man pussy.” He turns to look at me with a shocked look on his face.

“Oooh! George! Would you?”

“It has gone soft, Mr Jo…..Henrietta.” He says.

“Then let’s go to bed.” I suggest. ” Henrietta? Have you any brandy or anything like that in the house?”

“Yes I have. It’s only a cheap one but it is quite nice.”

“Nothing like a brandy to make you randy.” I laugh. She explains where it is and I pop some into three glasses and return. Henrietta and George are already in bed, cuddling and I sit on the edge of the bed and hand them a glass each. I take a sip of mine! “That is lovely.” I say. “Tastes even nicer with the taste of George’s cum in mouth.” I see George’s Y-fronts and socks at the bottom of the bed and realise he must be naked. i check on Henrietta and see that she is still fully dressed. I walk out to the spare room and pull out the two baby dolls that I have brought with me and then return to the main bedroom. Sitting on the bed again I show Henrietta the baby doll I have brought over for her.

“That is fabulous!” She says. “I haven’t got any nighties.”

“I know. This one is for you.”

“What are you going to wear?” I reach down and hold mine up. George is sitting up now, his knees drawn up and watching fascinated. I stand and beckon Henrietta out of bed. She suddenly goes shy and insists that George not look. I gesture to George to turn is head away and seeing that Henrietta is studying the baby doll I wink at him. He grins and turns away dutifully. I help Henrietta to strip off and then help her on with her baby doll and the thong. I try not to make it to obvious that I am checking George but he has watched most of the time. When she climbs back into bed, she momentarily uncovers George and I can see that he is getting hard. I strip off and put on my baby doll and then sitting on the side of the bed I pass our brandy’s round again. We clink glasses and i give the toast. ‘To Henriettas man pussy.’
We drain our drinks and I climb across the bed to take my position at the far side. We have the bedside lights on but the main light is still on so I climb back out to switch it off. They both watch me as I walk back. So I put one hand behind my head and sashay back and they both laugh. I climb into the bed and snuggle up to George who is lying on his back between us. I slide my hand down to his cock which is hard now. We kiss but I think Henrietta is getting a bit paternal about George and wants him all to himself.

“How are we going to do this?” Henrietta asks.

“Spoon, is the best.” I say. Once Henrietta has turned round and pushed his arse against Georges hip, George and I kiss again before he too turns onto his side. I turn onto my side as well and snuggle up against George so that my stiff cock rubs his arse cheek. When I collected the baby dolls I brought the lube and some condoms as well just in case anybody wanted them. I squeeze lube onto my finger and leaning over George I lube Henrietta’s arse and even poke my finger a short way in. Then I lube George’s cock. I kiss him and tell him that Henrietta is ready. Both are obviously new to this. George has his arm over Henrietta and is rubbing her cock. When Henrietta flinches strongly I urge George to be gentle. Slowly I tell him. He tries again and when Henrietta cries out in pain, I stop George where he is until the pain lessens and then to gently push again. I apply more lube and we try again. When I look I see that George is as far in as he can and I tell Henrietta to push her bum into George’s body. He pulls out and then slowly pushes in again. George is very aware of Henriettas gasps and grunts, but there are no more cries of pain and he starts to slowly pump in and out. I am lying hard up against George and his bum keeps banging into my cock. I stroke his thigh and then Henrietta’s. The slap slap of skin against skin and suddenly George cums again but this time deep in Henriettas arse. She cleans herself up with a tissue as she doesn’t want cum stains on the sheets. We lie on our backs as George sucks our cocks and wanks us. I cum first and then a short while after Henrietta cums.

George kneels on the bed between us and looks down at us.

“When are you going home, Janice?” He asks me.

“Sunday.” I tell him. “Probably lunchtime or early afternoon. I need to help Henrietta get the place straight before his wife gets home.”

“If I come round mid morning would you let me fuck you?”

“Yes. Of course I would, George. But what about one of us fucking you?”

“I am not sure about that.” He replies. I grin at him.

“It’s a date.”

“I better go home.” He tells us and stands on the bed. He carefully steps over Henrietta and then goes round the house collecting his clothes and dressing. We lie together watching him and then he kisses us both on our lips and thanks us profusely and leaves.

“Wow!” Henrietta says, “this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.”

“That is what I thought when we first started chatting online.” He grins at my pretended lack of understanding of what he meant.

“You know full well what I meant.” He laughs.

“Yes I did.” I admit.

“I really enjoyed him fucking me.” he says.

“Yes. I thought that you might!” We kiss. “How about another brandy?” I ask him.

“What a great idea.” He sighs. “I love this baby doll.”

“You look really good in it as well” I reply as I pick up our glasses and head out to get the Brandy.

Part 4 coming soon.

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